Adorable Consort – Chapter 90

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Chapter 90 – Little Great Aunt, I admire you

When they went down the Star Picking Tower, she was still carried down on Xiao Xu’s back.

Wood Spirit had heard a lot about this famous Chu Qing-Yan, but when he saw with his own eyes how his master did not oppose her, and even carried her intimately on his back like a child. He finally believed it, that master treated this little girl doll differently from other people indeed.

Out of the corner of his eyes, he swept a look at the cloud jade that Chu Qing-Yan was playing with in her hand in passing and was immediately stunned.

At this time, he heard her tilt her head to ask his family’s master. “Body protecting pearl doesn’t sound like a good name, can I change its name?”

“Whatever you want.”

“Then I’ve decided, ‘stars’ it is!” Chu Qing-Yan smilingly said.

Xiao Xu did not comment on it.

Afterwards, Wood Spirit stared helplessly as Chu Qing-Yan tossed the pearl up and down. Little Great Aunt, you are playing with something worth a city in your hands ah! When he saw her carelessly stuff the pearl into her sleeves, Wood Spirit’s two eyeballs almost popped out.

He used his eyes to ask his family’s master, did you not tell this little great aunt that there are only three pieces of cloud jade that have been discovered in this world, and that among the pieces was the one in her hand?

Xiao Xu shot him a faint glance, does it matter if he told her or not?

Wood Spirit really wanted to poke his eyes out, if he had known this earlier, even if you beat him to death, he wouldn’t have helped master to grind this cloud jade into the size of a pearl and let this little great aunt play with it like a marble!

Chu Qing-Yan could feel that Wood Spirit’s gaze was always on her, so she raised her brow and looked towards him. However, to her surprise, he had already turned his gaze away. She originally wanted to build a good relationship so later she could secretly learn from him. After all, their craftsmanship was really too outstanding! If in the future she left the prince’s manor with nowhere to go, she could still use this craftsmanship to make a living!

And at this moment, Chu Qing-Yan heard Xiao Xu coldly command. “Tear it down.”

“Yes.” Wood Spirit accepted the order and waved towards the people behind him. The people immediately swarmed up, dashing up the stairs, and quickly and efficiently started to tear it down.

Chu Qing-Yan looked on dumbstruck, in a blink of an eye, she saw three floors had already been torn down.

She somewhat came to a realization. On top of this high mountain, a tall tower appeared mysteriously. It was built very quickly with an elaborate design, very likely it would arouse other people’s suspicions. Therefore, it was better to tear it down after building it to avoid people with aspirations in getting information to use against him. Moreover, Xiao Xu’s identity was right there, if this was to spread to Western Xuan’s Emperor, she feared that there’d be more veiled criticisms. She looked at the Star Picking Tower that was lower by a huge chunk in an instant with sorrow in her heart.

It was the first time she had gotten so close to the endless sea of stars.

The very first time that someone had really built a Star Picking Tower just because of some nonsense she made up.

She couldn’t help but recall a classic story, it was the play “The feudal prince bestows fire”, where King You of Western Zhou kingdom, in order to get a smile from Bao Si his concubine, one of the famous Chinese beauties in history, he did something preposterous. And Big Block of Ice, for her birthday actually wasted so much manpower and physical resources; wasn’t he just like King You of Zhou?

Because of their interaction for this period of time, she wasn’t as careful and meticulous around Xiao Xu as before, or it could be said that she just blurted things out.

When she came to her senses, she had actually said those words without thinking and at this moment, she saw Wood Spirit stumble a bit, lifting his head to look at her in alarm. Clearly, he was frightened by her words, she immediately feel somewhat regretful, she was a bit too audacious. Don’t know if Xiao Xu was angry at this comparison of hers.

But Xiao Xu’s mood didn’t seem to have any big changes. He faintly said, “Three days, using the resources at hand, couldn’t be considered wasting a lot of physical resources. Moreover, these twelve people recently have been too idle, this king just happened to pull them out to do practice drills.”

Chu Qing-Yan choked, cough cough, she turned her eyes to survey the somewhat empty hilltop. She could still tell that before, this was a dense forest.

She felt as if an arrow was shot deep into her knee. Indeed, he did not need to waste a lot of manpower and physical resources.

Wood Spirit who was currently directing the tearing down of the tower also felt an arrow piercing deeply into his knee. Several tens of floors of a tall tower, although not a lot of energy was wasted, but master had requested to preserve the character and quality, and to complete it in three days! They had really wanted to hold each other in a group and cry bitterly.

Fire Spirit walked over and lightly patted his shoulder, empathizing with him to say. “If you had come into contact with her father, you would feel that your life right now is still blissful.”

Wood Spirit had also heard of Chu Family’s foolish father who was able to anger the dull Earth Spirit until smoke was coming from all the orifices on his head. It could be assumed that his destructive power was extremely strong, so he couldn’t help but cast a sympathetic look at Fire Spirit.

A pity, Wood Spirit couldn’t guess that though he was pitying other people today, he was going to pity himself soon.

Chu Qing-Yan swept a look forward without thinking. The next moment, her eyeballs were about to pop out, where was the Star Picking Tower? Where did it go? When she looked again, she only saw an empty land. Then she saw a stack of wood piled up on the side.

Fire Spirit and Wood Spirit were just directing others to tie up the wood into small piles, then had them carry it on their backs.

“What are they doing? Destroying the corpse to erase all traces?” Chu Qing-Yan asked, pointing towards Fire Spirit and the other servants.

“Utilizing waste material.” Xiao Xu said, before turning around and dashing down to the foot of the mountain. “Hold tight.”

Chu Qing-Yan obediently held onto his neck. Then she looked back to see Fire Spirit and the others carrying piles of wood taller than them on their backs and lithely following behind. She thought, if someone woke up in the middle of the night and saw these huge monsters, perhaps they would be so scared their souls would fly out!

The next day, someone really was scared until her soul flew out.

Huang Yi looked at the stack of wood piled as high as a mountain in the courtyard and the kitchen, her eyeballs almost fell out. Yesterday she did ask people to deliver some firewood over, but she didn’t ask for this much ah!

Oh, Heavens, how long is it going to take to burn all these firewood ah!

Sitting on the bed and listening to Xi Ning report on Huang Yi’s exploding expression at that time, Chu Qing-Yan burst out laughing. Big Block of Ice was really a fine youth that was diligent and thrifty.

Quiet and calm days passed just like water. What didn’t change was that her parents would occasionally come and visit her. Her daddy still caused a ruckus in the prince’s manor as if chickens were flying around and dogs were jumping. Those servants were angry at him, yet helpless because the other party had the prince’s manor’s little princess behind him. Xiao Ran would also come to look for her from time to time. However, recently his schoolwork became busier, so the number of times he visited prince’s manor suddenly decreased. Speaking of this, it had already been several days since she last saw him. On the contrary, she actually missed him somewhat. And what changed was, the weather got hotter and hotter, and also the injury on her foot , after recuperating for a full two months, had healed more or less.

On this day, she and Xiao Xu were having a meal together, and her mind was wandering elsewhere. Xiao Xu looked at her and said. “Don’t eat with your mind elsewhere.”

Chu Qing-Yan stuck out her tongue and felt that this Big Block of Ice had more and more potential of being someone’s father.

She scooped up two mouths of rice, her eyes rolling as she probingly said. “Your Highness, the injury on my foot is more or less healed, can I go out to play?”

Xiao Xu took a glance at her, Chu Qing-Yan saw the unconvinced look in his eyes, so she immediately stood up and turned around a few times for him to see. “Look, I can now run and jump already, okay? Will you please let me go out and walk around a bit? I’ve been staying inside for these past two months in the manor so much that grass has started to grow!”

Xiao Xu’s gaze looked up and landed on the top of her head. “When the flowers bloom, we’ll talk about it again!”

Chu Qing-Yan choked. “It’s just a figure of speech ah! Please just let me go out and play! It’s alright if you won’t let me out, how about you accompany to play?”

Xiao Xu raised a brow, its seemed that after raising her for several months, her temper had made progress. She actually dared to threaten him! However, after reading the classics of child-rearing, he also knew that it was normal for little children to want to play. She was cooped up in the manor for a period of time, he ought to let her out for a walk or else, she would quickly enter the rebellious phase. The Classics of Child-rearing concluded that rebellious phase of a child brings the most headache to parents!

“Bring the imperial guards from the manor with you.”

Chu Qing-Yan felt that her mood was as if she had sat through a roller coaster ride. She immediately jumped up. “I just knew Big Block of Ice is the best!”

Big Block of Ice?

Having heard this name so many times, he seemed to have already gotten used to it.

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