Adorable Consort – Chapter 89

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Chapter 89 – You have undertaken the job of the entire ocean of stars

At first glance, a tall, lofty building stood on the peak of the mountain.

The second time she raised her head to look, one floor, two floors, three floors…She already couldn’t count the number of floors.

Since when did the capital have this kind of building? If there was, she would’ve heard of it before.

She got down from within Xiao Xu’s arms, her foot had gotten a lot better, she limped a few steps and raised her head to look up.

Looking carefully for the third time, she noticed that the tall building was built with wooden planks. One plank after another of the wooden pillars mutually supporting each other, all kinds of lifelike scenery were curved on it. Celestial beings soaring on clouds and sailing through mists, realistic looking sticks of candied hawthorn and carps frolicking in the water….

Everything was sculpted from the point of view of a child’s preferences.

Seeing up to here, no matter how stupid she may be, she could guess that this tall building was recently built because the wooden plank on top was brand new. Even the soil on the ground was moist from just being turned over.

She was astonished at this superb craftsmanship and was also astonished that such a capable person actually existed, that was able to build such a skillful and large pavilion that soared to the clouds in such a short time.

“Big Block of Ice, this, this must’ve taken a great amount of effort right?” She stood in front of the tower, stunned and barely able to voice her wonder.

Xiao Xu did not reply and at this moment, one person answered. “It didn’t take too long, only needed three days.”

Three days? It simply smashed Chu Qing-Yan’s understanding!

Wait, this voice?

She turned towards the voice and looked. She saw an 18-19 year old boy wearing a black cloth that covered his head, smiling at her and cupping his hands in salutation. “This subordinate Wood Spirit greets Ninth Miss Chu.”

“You are?” Chu Qing-Yan looked at Xiao Xu, then looked at the boy who claimed to be Wood Spirit. Only now did she realize that at this moment, there were 10 other males in grey clothes bowing and waiting quietly near the tall building.

“This subordinate is the head of the cavalry’s artisan, carpentry, blacksmith and other similar disciplines. These people are this subordinate’s skilled workers. This time, the construction of Star Observatory was built by their hands.” Wood Spirit saw her doubt and couldn’t help but explain.

Immediately both of Chu Qing-Yan’s eyes showed stars. Wow, she admired craftspeople the most. In the modern times, just a diploma couldn’t determine if a person could live a Mr. Perfect’s life. But with a craftsman’s ability, to go on a rampage in society was completely not a problem. On top of the fact that this building’s technology was excellent, Chu Qing-Yan simply wanted to kneel down in worship.

Quick, Accurate, Beautiful!

“Really Awesome! You guys are amazing, I give you guys 32 thumbs up!” Chu Qing-Yan blurted out.

Xiao Xu, who was on the side, originally thought that Chu Qing-Yan would be very thankful to him. He never expected that she would salivate at his group of subordinates. His face darkened and he extended his hand, dragging her by the collar and heading towards the tall building.

Chu Qing-Yan was caught unprepared by this lift of his. Her hands danced and feet tripped, feeling that she was about to suffocate. Why did this person’s face change so suddenly for no reason? He simply doesn’t understand a bit of how to be tender and protective to the opposite sex!

Xiao Xu saw this and tossed her back. Her whole body laid on his broad back, after saying a sentence “Hold tight”, he leapt into the door and after finding the stairs, he quickly bounded up the stairs, ascending one floor after another.

Chu Qing-Yan’s head knocked against his back and she immediately felt somewhat dizzy. She obviously saw him clearly before, but after that bump, she obviously knocked into some hard muscle. She couldn’t help but hug his neck with one hand while rubbing the small bump on her forehead, really don’t understand how to feel tenderness! While she was cursing secretly, out of the corner of her eyes, she saw the structure inside the tower. She originally thought that a tower built in such a short time, the interior would be very simple and crude. She didn’t expect that every corner would be so refined with wooden tables, chairs, pots, cups, flower vases, even the flowers inside the vases were carved from wood, vivid and lifelike. Once again, she really admired the profoundness of the craftsmanship in ancient times.

Xiao Xu continuously carried her up, she thought that if it wasn’t for her injured foot, he would have made her climb all the way up. She wouldn’t know how long it would take her to reach the top, now she had this free “elevator”, this injury really came at a good time!

Xiao Xu’s speed became faster and faster so that Chu Qing-Yan couldn’t the scenery around her anymore. The wind scraped by, making her eyes hurt so she couldn’t help but close them. When the sound of the wind stopped, she slowly opened her eyes and was immediately shocked.

She didn’t have time to care about her hair that looked like it had just been shampooed, cut and blow-dried. She looked blankly at the starry sky over her head. It seemed as if she had arrived in an ocean of stars. If she reached out her hand, she would be able to touch those twinkling stars.

The wind blew, making her fingertips slightly cold before she reluctantly lowered her head to look down. What entered her view was Xiao Xu’s slightly raised side profile. Under the cover of the silver mask, a fine peek of his delicate side countenance was revealed, she was unable to think before she reacted. “This is?”

Xiao Xu then put her down, settling her onto a wooden chair fixed on top of the roof. He put his hands on his back and stood. “Star Picking Tower.”

Chu Qing-Yan heard this and looked all around. This was a open- top style building, in addition to the fences that did not have a cover. Looking down, the people below had already become the size of fists.

She suddenly recalled a poem she learned when she was young. A tall building one hundred chinese meters high is dangerous, but the fingers could pick the stars. Don’t dare to speak loudly, afraid to startle the people in the sky.

Building a high rise tower on top of a mountain, thinking about it, only him would dare to do so.

She was moved that he had spent so much effort for her. She looked up at the vast sky full of stars above her head.

Then she looked at the person beside her, his embroidered clothes looked as if it was about to fuse with the night sky. However, the immense pressure given off by his body made it hard to ignore his presence. She couldn’t help but think of the tyrant chairmen described in romance novels in the modern world who would then talk about setting the world right for her.

The entire sea of stars has been taken over by you.

Haha——Chu Qing-Yan praised her own imagination, but very quickly, she suppressed her laugher, otherwise Xiao Xu would’ve thought she had gone crazy from being happy.

She mischievously stretched out her hand as if she could really pick those stars.

And at this moment, a grape sized pearl bead was stuffed into her hand.

Chu Qing-Yan looked quizically at the person beside her and only saw him standing with his back to the light looking down at her as he said in a low voice. “The star that you want.”

Hearing this, Chu Qing-Yan subconsciously looked at her own hand, because she was clutching it, there was a faint light shining from the inside. She was curious and immediately opened her hand. Immediately, a brilliant radiance quickly shone out, like a white lotus that bloomed in an instant, wave after wave of light aura blossomed out, dazzling her eyes.

She waited until her eyes grew used to this light before she could clearly see that it was a smooth and round white jade pearl. It felt cozy to the touch as it laid snug in her palm. It carried a slight warmth, as if this heat source would flow directly into her blood from her palm. Could it be this was the rumored high quality, unpolished jade that was able to adjust the body warmth to be warm in the winter and cold in the summer?

“What is this?” She pulled on the sleeves of the person beside her and cheerfully asked him, full of curiosity.

Starlight passed through the cracks of her fingertips and illuminated her eyes, brightening the pool of water- like eyes that were as bright as beautiful stars.

Xiao Xu smirked, the corner of his mouth hooking up.

“The cloud jade that was sculpted into a bead that protects the body. It could keep away poison, calm the heart and nurture the body.” Xiao Xu explained.

Cloud jade?

She hadn’t heard of it before but she felt that the name was quite classy. Perhaps it was her that was inexperienced and ignorant.

“Is this for me?” Chu Qing-Yan stared wide-eyed at him.

Xiao Xu smirked. “What do you think?”

It was rare for him to use such a gentle tone on her. Chu Qing-Yan hugged his arm and happily said. “Big Block of Ice, you’re really good!”

Xiao Xu bent down and stroked her head. “Qing-Yan, Happy 10th Birthday!”

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