Adorable Consort – Chapter 193

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Chapter 193 – Finally waited until you arrived

The three people’s martial arts was deep, they simultaneously shot toward Xu Xian. Each of them stood in one direction, their rapport was mutually supportive, not allowing him to have any opportunity to defend.

Xu Xian in a low tone recited Amitabha Buddha, after this his body flew up. The tip of his foot stepped on the cook with knife scars’ shoulder. He lightly pressed and the legs of the cook with the knife scar became powerless and he kneeled on the ground. Seeing this, the fat guy kicked into the air, Xu Xian lifted a hand to block, using a yielding move to change the force of the hard kick. That force directly sent the several hundred pounds fat guy flying out and he smashed into the ground.

When shrewd woman saw her own people were all subdued, her heart was alarmed and angry at the same time. Out of the corner of her eyes, she saw Chu Qing-Yan who was half sitting on the ground. Suddenly, a plan was born in her heart. Her hand extended out, wanting to pull Chu Qing-Yan in front of her.

Just when her hand was about to touch Chu Qing-Yan’s shoulder, a sharp arrow arrived breaking through the sky. It penetrated the palm of the shrewd woman.

“Ah——” Shrewd woman’s miserable shriek pierced the sky.

Chu Qing-Yan turned her head. Among the haziness of the torrential rain, she saw the person on the fierce horse who had put down the bow and arrow looking at her.

Big Block of Ice.

The corner of Chu Qing-Yan’s mouth couldn’t help but curve up. Finally waited until you arrived. Fortunately I didn’t give up.

The people Earth Spirit brought quickly surrounded the entire ferry crossing. The three Tian Di killers saw this and all had ash grey faces, as if they were at a funeral. Originally they could have escaped, but how could they have known that half way there a monk would attack!

Xiao Xu got off the horse and quickly walked toward Chu Qing-Yan.

When he crouched down to be at eye level with her, he saw the little guy whose face was pale smile at him. “Big Block of Ice, you came.”

Before Xiao Xu could reply, the little guy in front of him lightly coughed out a mouthful of blood. Afterwards, her entire person fell to the side. He extended a hand and caught her tottering body. Now both of her eyes were tightly closed, without a trace of color on her face. His eyes tightened. “Air Spirit!”

Air Spirit quickly rushed over, putting his finger on her wrist to read her pulse. A moment later, he lifted his head and said to his family’s master. “Little young master suffered a bit of internal injury. Needs to be treated as quickly as possible.”

Xiao Xu’s expression was gloomy and terrifying. And just at this moment, Earth Spirit came forward to ask for instructions. “Master, how to deal with these three people?”

Xiao Xu bent at the waist and carried up the person on the ground. In an icy cold tone, he said. “Abolish their martial arts!”

“Don’t ah——”

“Don’t abolish our martial arts ah!”

When the three people heard, this they immediately started to beg for forgiveness out of fear. Once their martial arts were abolished, then they would be useless people!

Earth Spirit turned and saw before him these three cruel fiends already trembling and regretting that they had provoked these several huge Buddhas. He coldly said. “It’s too late to regret it. This is the price!”

He waved his hand and the black clothed people behind him stepped forward and prepared to execute the command.

“Great master Xu Xian, many thanks for once again extending a hand to save.” Before Xiao Xu got on the horse, he nodded toward him.

“This poor monk accepted a trust to seek people in a family that had been missing for a long time. Originally, I also wanted to look for these three killers. But I just so happened to meet Benefactor Chu at the ferry crossing in danger. It was a slight effort on my part and nothing more. Amitabha Buddha.” Xu Xian said with a smile on his face.

“No matter what, I still need to thank great master. Now the heavy rain still hasn’t stopped. If great master doesn’t mind, then also come to the inn and rest for a night.” After Xiao Xu finished speaking to him, he easily got on the horse. He turned the horse’s head around and returned in the direction he came.

And at this time, a guard led a horse to Xu Xian. Xu Xian thought a bit and accepted the reins.

Xiao Xu brought the little fellow who was ice-cold all over into his chest. The usually healthy rosy lips now gave off a slight purple color because of the frigid cold. The color of his eyes deepend. One hand protected her, the other hand grabbed the reins and he quickly rode to the inn.

Air Spirit and others were all left behind by him. No matter what, they couldn’t catch up.

Arriving at the inn, everyone waiting saw master come back, his body giving off cold air, as well as the drenched from head to toe little consort. Everyone was startled.

Xiao Xu’s footsteps didn’t stop as he carried the person in his arms up the stairs, while instructing. “Huang Yi, prepare some ginger soup. Xi Ning and Lu Yi, prepare some hot water and clean clothes!”

“Oh, yes, yes, yes!” The several people being pointed out by name immediately separated to follow the order.

Xiao Xu’s feet kicked open the room’s door and placed her on the bed. At this time, Xi Ning and Lu Yi had already entered. He immediately ordered. “Change her out of the wet clothes. Be careful of the wound on her shoulder!”

“Yes!” The two people promptly complied at once.

Xiao Xu stood on the side watching them do it.

Xi Ning was just about to take off her master’s outer clothing when she saw the Highness standing inside the room like a honorable god of the doorway. She weakly asked. “Your Highness, could you go out first?”

Xiao Xu frowned. “Why should this king go out? Don’t dawdle, hurry up!”

Lu Yi twisted the cloth dry, hearing this, she smiled slightly and cleverly said. “Your Highness, your clothes are also drenched. First return to your room and change into a clean and dry set of clothing. Otherwise, after the little consort has finished changing clothes, she would then be infected by your cold air. Afraid that won’t be too good.”

Xiao Xu felt this sounded a bit reasonable, after leaving several sentences of orders, he turned around and went out.

Xi Ning gave Lu Yi a huge thumbs up. Lu Yi smiled, shook her head and said. “Let us first change the little consort into a set of clean clothing!”


The two people quickly changed Chu Qing-Yan out of her wet clothing and used hot water to wipe down her body. Then they quickly covered her in clean clothes.

After successfully accomplishing this task, Lu Yi opened the door to the room and let the person outside come in.

Xiao Xu brought Air Spirit in. Air Spirit examined the wound on Chu Qing-Yan’s body. Immediately after, he took out his needles and said to his family’s master. “Little consort’s shoulder received a heavy injury. The blood has clogged up her meridians. This subordinate will first unblock her meridians, to let the blood flow unhindered.”

Xiao Xu nodded, both eyes staring fixedly at that pale little face. When Air Spirit’s silver needles were inserted into her acupuncture point, bead sized sweat appeared on her forehead. The lush and moist lips now almost broke from her subconsciously biting on it. Xiao Xu sat down, his pair of hands tightly gripped the hand she used to clench tightly to the quilt. He want to pass her the warmth on his body.

Air Spirit had practiced medicine for a long time, never once was it this difficult. It was merely a simple procedure of smoothing out the meridians, but a thin dense layer of perspiration also appeared on his forehead. The main reason was that the pressure from the person at his side was too strong, causing him to consider carefully before inserting each needle. Clearly he already knew these acupuncture points by heart, he could do it with his eyes closed okay?

Air Spirit sighed. If his junior sister was to see this scene, he reckoned she would make cutting remarks for quite a while!

After one hour, Air Spirit let out a breath of relief and retrieved all the needles. He got up and said to master. “The little consort is fine, wait until this subordinate wraps up her wound, then everything will be complete.”

Xiao Xu glanced at the little guy whose breathing had started to even out. He finally put down his suspended heart.

But when Air Spirit walked over with medicine and gaze, Xiao Xu ordered him to place it on the table. Afterwards, he could leave.

Air Spirit cast a glance at the unconscious little consort on the bed, then cast a glance at his own family’s master. His heart suddenly understood a bit.

It seemed with matters relating to the little consort, His Highness still preferred to do it himself.

Don’t know after the last time when His Highness used the little consort as an experiment, if his abilities had improved or not.

He was somewhat looking forward to it, but now the most important thing he needed to do was go drink a bowl of ginger soup.

“Ah choo——”

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