Adorable Consort – Chapter 192

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Chapter 192 – Grasping a flower’s smile was the most intoxicating

The machete of the cook with the knife scars stopped in mid air. Hearing that, he said with a foul mouth. “Which person hasn’t grown eyes and dares to block this uncle’s road?”

But the moment he turned his head, he stared blankly.

Chu Qing-Yan’s chest ached very painfully, she lightly coughed. But every time she took a breath, it would pull at the injury on her shoulder. Her whole person sucked in a breath of cold air.

It was also thanks to this pain that she preserved her clear headedness, so that she wouldn’t pass out.

She lifted her head to look in the direction where the sound came from.

Who could it be that would suddenly appear?

One could see that not far away, on the surface of the river, a light boat floated down from up ahead. On it stood a young monk dressed in white. In his hand, he grasped a plain paper umbrella. The downpour of rain seemed to have been isolated by him to outside of the umbrella. A string of water droplets linked into a line and fell down from his umbrella and was blown away by the wind in an instant. The bead sized droplets were like pearls, quickly blending into the wind and rain again.

One couldn’t see his face clearly, but there was no need to see clearly. One only felt he was a white light that pierced through the horizon. He was the only magnificent pearl in this dark world.

One person, one umbrella and one boat rode the wind and treaded on the waves to come over like an immortal that flew from the heavens.

Chu Qing-Yan was all of a sudden stupefied in place.

Was it because she was wounded and started to see hallucinations that she would see Xu Xian who ought to be in the capital? The God’s rod?

“Three benefactors, the sea of bitterness has no bounds, turn your heads to see the shore!” Without borrowing the strength from any boat oar, that small boat just like this stopped in front of the ferry crossing. Xu Xian had an umbrella in one hand, and the other hand had all five fingers close together with the hand placed vertically, saluting the people on the shore.

Familiar voice, familiar intonation, familiar appearance.

The first thought that flashed through Chu Qing-Yan’s mind was how did Xu Xian, this God’s rod fly from the capital to here?

“Great master, save us!” Once that old boatman saw Xu Xian, he immediately crawled up to kneel and cried out for help.

The fat guy, seeing this disliked the old boatman for saying too much, and he couldn’t help but rotate the ax in his hand to hack toward that old boatman.

Seeing that the ax was about to land on that old boatman’s body, Xu Xian lifted his hand and waved. The water in midair formed into an arrow shape and flew toward that ax. The water arrow and the ax locked together in a battle. But in the end, the ax in the fat guy’s hand was no match for the water arrow’s power. And just like this, it was sent flying. That ax turned for half a circle in midair before ultimately inserting itself into the wooden plank.

This move by Xu Xian clearly was too unexpected. All at once, this deterrence made everyone stop. Shrewd woman and the others just now had completely disregarded him. Now that they saw him use one move and it was able to send the fat guy’s weapon flying, they immediately became guarded.

“This great master, we are just dealing with work, we ask you not to interfere!” The shrewd woman’s voice was coy as she tossed a coquettish glance at him, trying to persuade him to leave.

Chu Qing-Yan rolled her eyes at the sky, she was already middle aged yet she was still trying to imitate a young miss to act coquettish and cute, this was simply too shameful.

Xu Xian heard this and still held the salute of five fingers gathered together with hand vertical as he said. “Three benefactors, to harm someone’s life, Heaven’s laws would not tolerate it. In you guys’ hands, there are too many ghosts demanding vengeance for grievances that still haven’t been reborn. If you guys can’t lay down the butcher’s knife, what awaits you guys would be Ceaseless pain, one of the hells of Buddha.”

If being soft won’t work, then use force.

The cook with knife scars heard this and angrily said. “From where did this stinky monk come from, actually dares to manage our business. Do you know who we are?”

“Whether your identity and status is noble or ordinary, you are merely a grain in the vast ocean of time. This is not other people’s business. You guys harmed innocent ordinary people, you have already sinned gravely.” Xu Xian walked slowly up the ferry crossing as the small pagoda bell floated carefreely. The crisp sound was like an immortal musical note, cleaning up the filth in people’s heart.

Shrewd woman’s group of three saw him leave the boat to walk ashore, one by one they retreated back several steps. That was the fear they had for the aura released by a strong expert. They couldn’t bear it and were forced to retreat.

One step one crisp sound, one step one lotus flower.

Chu Qing-Yan laid on the ground, watching the person not far away approaching step by step. The rain was too heavy so she couldn’t see very clearly.

But why would that faint smile at the corner of his mouth enter her eyes? Without sadness, without joy, without complaint without anger. Lofty, unsullied and proud, the corner of his mouth blossomed like a snow lotus.

Grasping a flower’s smile was the most intoxicating, this sentence suddenly popped up in her mind.

The young monk came, lightly stepping on the boat, hand grasping a plain umbrella. One step was a lotus flower, one smile was like the spring wind.

This scene formed a root in her memory, everytime she recalled this, what filled the sky wreaking havoc wasn’t rain and wind, rather it was one petal after petal of pure and holy lotus flower.

“Do you want to place down your weapons and plead guilty to repent?” Xu Xian stopped when he was seven steps away from them. The plain umbrella just so happened to block off Chu Qing-Yan who was surrounded by a curtain of rain. He had a serious expression as he looked at the three people before him.

“You this bald donkey, mind your own business. Step aside for us, we still need to hurry on!” The fat guy became somewhat impatient, he ignored the shrewd woman’s gaze that hinted at him and directly roared at Xu Xian.

“Since you guys still obstinately persist on going the wrong way, then this poor monk will offend!” Xu Xian in a low voice said “Amitabha Buddha”.

When that three heard this, they exchanged a glance. In a flash, they raised their weapons, if the time keep being dragged on, those people from the inn may get here in a short while. If the worst came to the worst, they didn’t want that little young master brother. No matter what, they had to cross the river.

The momentum of the rain gradually intensified.

Everyone was drenched until they were thoroughly soaked. Besides Xu Xian’s plain umbrella in hand, his whole body was clean and dry, standing between heaven and earth. And the umbrella in his hand protected within ten centimeter range.

Chu Qing-Yan lifted her head, the person at the side was simple, neat and noble. He had already far surpassed those three very fierce exhausted people among the curtain of rain.

“Great master, if you are no match for them, then quickly escape!” Chu Qing-Yan’s voice was hoarse as she whispered.

She had never seen Xu Xain fight, only felt with his appearance, chanting sutras and praying to Buddha was more suited to him. Fighting, this kind of thing completely couldn’t be connected to him.

Even if his martial arts is outstanding, these three were not people that were easy to deal with. One he may be able to deal with, but three people joined together would be somewhat thorny.

So in order not to implicate too many people, Chu Qing-Yan whispered this explanation to him.

Although the sound of the rain was loud, but the voice coming from behind those people still entered his ears very clearly.

He smiled faintly. “Don’t be afraid. If you dare not look, then just close your eyes.”

Hearing this, Chu Qing-Yan couldn’t help but sigh. She had exhausted her words, hope this God’s rod wasn’t showing off. After all, these three were famous villains in the Jianghu.

God’s rod against villains, this scene was too beautiful. She dared not look!

Having witnessed the miscalculation by the fat guy from before, the three decided to go up simultaneously.

Ax, broadsword and short spear, one after another were hurled toward Xu Xian.

One only saw Xu Xian dodge to the left and avoid that heavy ax, one hand hit toward his wrist and the ax then landed on the ground. His hand turned and with a push using fifty percent of his inner force, he hit the cook with knife scars on his chest. Borrowing the force of the broadsword, he turned and caught the shrewd woman’s short spear. That short spear was sent flying from the vibration of his inner force.

In only a brief flash of time, he had already disarmed the three people. And he still remained in the same spot, not having moved a single jot.

“Amitabha Buddha, good, good!” Xu Xian said with his eyes closed.

Chu Qing-Yan was somewhat stupidfied. Although she was very close in distance to him, she still couldn’t see his moves clearly. She could only say his movements were very fast, not something the naked eye could discern.

And just at this moment, the three people flew into a rage out of humiliation and with empty hands used their fists to strike toward Xu Xian.

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