Adorable Consort – Chapter 185

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Chapter 185 – In dreamland, believe in one’s lies

Rain continued to fall down non-stop, the black clouds pressed down heavily on the city, indicating that today’s rain wouldn’t stop that quickly.

Looking outside, besides a curtain of rain, nothing else could be seen.

If she didn’t know the time of the day, she would still think it was very late at night.

And inside the shabby inn hung a few broken lanterns. When the wind blew over, the light of the lantern flickered unsteadily. If she wasn’t in the middle of this, she would have thought this was a scene from a ghost movie.

There were no other guests in this entire inn besides them. Fortunately, they had a lot of people, otherwise it would be very cold and cheerless.

Chu Qing-Yan gave a light sigh, she felt that doing nothing seemed to be very boring.

And the Retired Emperor’s mouth never stopped from eating pastries with gusto and full of contentment.

Chu Qing-Yan truely didn’t understand, the Retired Emperor that was accustomed to seeing all the fine food under the sun, how could he have such passion for her pastries?

Xiao Xu who was sipping tea on the side, looked at the pouring rain outside, the expression in his eyes still remaining indifferent, as if this huge rainstorm that arrived didn’t affect him at all.

Suddenly his sleeves were tugged at, he turned his head around and looked at the person by his side. He used his expression to ask.

“Big Block of Ice, has the Retired Emperor always liked to eat desserts?” She was still puzzled about this question even after much pondering.

Xiao Xu heard this, lifted his eyes to look at Emperor grandpa who was eating with extreme joy, and an expression of having difficulty saying things welled up from his eyes. “Grandpa doesn’t like deserts, only grandmother liked to eat them. She also liked to make them herself, after grandmother died, grandpa started to try to eat desserts.”

“So it was like this.” Chu Qing-Yan nodded.

And at this time, Xiao Xu added a sentence in a faint voice. “The pastries you made has similar flavor to the ones grandmother made.”

Chu Qing-Yan stared, she bit her lips and looked at the Retired Emperor who held pastries in one hand while the other held a teacup, sipping tea. That expression was full of satisfaction as if enjoying the best thing in the world. But those were merely the most common pastries and nothing more.

Several successive Western Xuan Emperors had all passed on the emperor’s position to their successor just before death. Only the last regent abdicated his position to the crown prince who is the current Western Xuan emperor while still healthy and middle aged.

She recalled the rumor in the capital, the previous emperor’s empress passed away from a serious illness, the Retired Emperor who immersed himself wholeheartedly in the nation’s affairs was heartbroken from grief. After he finished arranging his beloved empress’s funeral, in less than a month he passed on the emperor’s position to the current Western Xuan emperor, travelling all over the world because of being broken hearted.

Only realized through the strong intoxication of wine, knowing its depth only after having loved.

And only when you lose it do you realize its value.

Chu Qing-Yan’s eyes turned slightly red, this was why the Retired Emperor would travel far from the place that broke his heart, to roam the world and consider it home.

Thus he would like her pastries because it had empress grandma’s shadow to follow along with them. He used every kind of tricks to get these pastries into his own hands.

Then in the future, should she prepare a bit more pastries to use to coax grandpa emperor to eat?

Seeing the little fellow’s eyes were red, Xiao Xu couldn’t help but to say. “Don’t need to especially meet the needs of grandpa, just pretend you don’t know any of this!”

Chu Qing-Yan had an emotionally moved expression, living in her own world, imagining the food he was eating was made by the person he loved, a feeling of happiness ought to fill his heart!

“But grandpa is very pitiful.” Chu Qing-Yan gave a light sigh.

“At that time he didn’t treasure her, now he regrets his past deeds, what reason caused this seed to be planted will get the same kind of result.” Xiao Xu’s eyes showed a complicated mood. Only that when talking to the little fellow, his tone was still indifferent as if it had no emotion.

Chu Qing-Yan looked toward that Retired Emperor who was amusing himself and shook her head. Then she’ll pretend she doesn’t know this, maybe like this, with regards to the Retired Emperor who lived in the past, this was the only thing she could do!

A person who lived in the past still was happy.

If this pillar that made him want to continue to live was smashed, maybe his life would lose hope, and he would live in anxiety interwoven with remorse.

Immersed in the nation’s affairs but neglected his most beloved to the extent that he had endless remorse. This kind of regent was a wise ruler in the eyes of the common people, but was a unqualified lover in his wife’s eyes.

“Big Block of Ice, I’m going to accompany grandpa to play five-in-a-row chess!” Chu Qing-Yan picked up the chessboard, using quick steps to walk over to the Retired Emperor.

When the Retired Emperor saw her walking over energetically, he immediately protected the pastries in front of him. “Stinky boy, what do you plan to do? I’m telling you I won’t give you these pastries!”

If it was in the past, she would definitely have said she simply doesn’t care about them. But now that she knew the truth, she would not bicker with him over these. On the contrary, she felt this kind of Retired Emperor was so cute as to make a person feel sad.

He took off the emperor’s robe, he could finally live for himself, but the person that could make him feel all kinds of emotions was no longer by his side!

“Grandpa you should feel at ease. I’m not thinking about those pastries. Come, come, come, let us play chess!” Chu Qing-Yan opened the chess board, Xi Ning immediately placed two boxes of black and white chess pieces.

The Retired Emperor suspiciously seized her up. “You know how to play Go?”

“Don’t know.” She had never touched Go.

“Then why would you want to play chess with me?” The Retired Emperor rolled his eyes.

“We are not going to play Go.”

“Then are you going to play marbles with me?” The Retired Emperor rudely mocked her.

Retired Emperor, you are too much!

“Let us compete with five-in-a-row chess!” Chu Qing-Yan finished speaking and explained the rules under his doubtful gaze.

How was she to know when she just finished speaking, all she would get would be a burst of laughter from the Retired Emperor. “Stinky boy, you will be beaten terribly by me!”

Chu Qing-Yan felt she was being underestimated, at least she competed in it in the modern world okay?

“Whether it’s a mule or a horse, take it out for a stroll and you’ll know right?”

“Okay, since you are seeking defeat wholeheartedly, then I will help you accomplish it. Come, I’m older, and as the proverb says ‘respect the old and cherish the young.’ Then I won’t be polite and use the white chess pieces to go first.” The Retired Emperor took the small box of white chess pieces, took the lead and placed one piece down.

The corner of Chu Qing-Yan’s mouth twitched, the Retired Emperor simply displayed shamelessness to the peak.

But the other side had already placed down a piece, she also started to seriously play chess.

Xiao Xu’s gaze was recollected back from the wind and rain outside and landed on the noisy breathing small world by his side. The little fellow was racking her brains, while grandpa emperor was drinking tea and singing a folk tune, occasionally giving a mocking laugh.

The rumbling sound of thunder and rain by the ear gradually faded into the distance, the sounds of them two using their mouths to repeatedly wage battle could be heard.

But Xiao Xu’s heart felt that now was incomparably peaceful.

“I won again! Stinky boy you own me another plate of snow jade cake! Hahaha!” In the entire inn, besides the sound of rain, was the Retired Emperor’s immensely satisfied sounds of acclaim.

The people that didn’t have tasks were also attracted by this lively scene. They surrounded this table.

It is rightfully said that the so called “watching the chess and not speaking” is truly noble, but on the side was endless chatter like in a food market.

“Little master, this move of yours will give older lord a quick foot to climb!”

“Little master, you made the wrong move, over there, over there!”

“Aya, tragic ah, being occupied!”

Fire Spirit and Wood Spirit started to jump around anxiously on the side!

Chu Qing-Yan wanted to cry but lacked the tears, she was the person that really wanted to jump around anxiously okay?!

May I ask, are you guys the rescue soldiers sent by monkeys?

Give this young lady the chance to play triumphant music!

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