Adorable Consort – Chapter 178

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Chapter 178 – To destroy the root and branch, the order to kill

In the depth of the night.

Inside Moon Palace hall, a figure stood under the palace lamp. The figure was generously curved, so it was possible to recognize that it was a female figure. Moreover, it was a female with a very good figure.

The wind blew and blew open the thin palace dress, revealing the person’s appearance inside.

It was Concubine Yue with a calm face that was restless.

She stood for a while as if she was waiting for someone.

Suddenly the candle flame flickered slightly. Concubine Yue couldn’t help but close her eyes. When her eyes opened again, a black cloaked person had already appeared in front of her. He was covered by the cloak from head to toe, one couldn’t tell his appearance or stature. One only felt that this person was very tall, but he exuded a gloomy aura full of death. Only when Concubine’s gaze turned to him did the gloominess from his body disperse by a lot.

“At this time you ordered people to pass on for me to come. Do you have some important matter?” Neither age nor gender could be determined from the deep and low slightly hoarse tone, as if the voice was intentionally changed to be ambiguous.

Once she saw the person, Concubine Yue’s face revealed a smile. “You came! I knew you would come.”

“En.” The cloaked person nodded. “But you are still too brazen. The palace is heavily guarded, it’s best to still be careful first!” The cloaked person said.

“Based on your martial arts, entering and exiting the palace should cost no effort at all.” Concubine Yue was unconcerned. Then she cut straight to the topic and said. “Xiao Xu had been dispatched to the Fu Li mountains to scout out a mine. What do you think of this matter?”

“It’s nothing but to throw away one’s life.” The cloaked person carelessly replied.

“Throw away one’s life?” Concubine Yue was puzzled.

“For so many years the Fu Li mountain range had accumulated heavy layers of snow. It’s near the South nation’s border. If there were mines, it would have already been completely excavated. How could it have waited until now?” The cloaked person stood with his hands behind his back, helping her analyze the situation.

“Then His Majesty’s meaning is?” Concubine Yue was somewhat confused. Since there were no mines, then why let Xiao Xu go search for one? Suddenly, both of her eyes had a pleasantly surprised expression as she said. “Could it be that His Majesty wanted to send Xiao Xu away, then use this period to cultivate Ran’er’s political influence? Let him follow him into the imperial court?”

The cloaked person nodded in slight agreement. “It’s not completely that, one reason is to cultivate Ran’er. Wanting Xiao Xu to disappear from this earth is also another reason. But I feel there is still another reason. However right now, I still haven’t found it from the investigation. I have no choice but to say that Western Xuan emperor is really good to you pair of mother and son. All of his thoughts were spent on you guys’ bodies.”

“How to let Xiao Xu disappear?” Concubine Yue immediately asked. Right now she was most concerned about this. Xiao Xu was the thorn in her eyes and flesh. She must remove him as soon as possible!

“Do you know why the news of him going to seek for a mine in Fu Li mountains is known by everyone?” The cloaked person asked.

“It can’t be because his Majesty sent people to spread it?” Concubine Yue shook her head. Although His Majesty didn’t like Xiao Xu, he still wasn’t vicious to that degree.

“Western Xuan Emperor didn’t give the command, but he knew someone would go and do it. Those that are jealous of Xiao Xu, those that couldn’t co-exist with Liang family, these people would all go do it. This way, everyone under the sun knows that there are mines in Fu Li mountains. Those that had ambition for the royal family. Those profiteers that want to become rich and powerful. Those bandits that are not afraid of death. All of them would turn their gaze toward Fu Li Mountains and become restless. At that time, Fu Li mountains would become a slaughterhouse!”

“But there aren’t any mines there ah!” Concubine frowned and said.

“So what if there isn’t any ore? A lot of people don’t know the truth, they’d rather believe there is ore than not believe it. They’d rather mistakenly kill three thousand rather than let one go. If by chance there really is ore, no matter what, they must get a part of the profits. Besides, if they can’t get it, they also won’t let others get it! This is the psychology of human nature!” The cloaked person gave a cold laugh, because he changed his voice, it has to be said that the words sounded very strange. Hearing it, a person couldn’t help but have their hairs stand on ends from head to foot.

A deep smiling expression flashed through Concubine Yue’s pair of eyes. “Looks like I don’t need to insert a foot in. This matter has already spread until it has become hot. Haha, looks like this time I don’t need to move yet Xiao Xu is already not far from the time of his death!”

But once these words were spoken, Concubine Yue frowned again. “No, I still don’t feel at ease. Everyday that Xiao Xu doesn’t die, my heart wouldn’t be peaceful for another day.”

“What do you want to do?” The cloaked person’s tone rose as if he somewhat didn’t approve.

“If you don’t destroy the root and branch, once the spring wind blows it’ll be born again. Before I thought he would die in the battlefield. Before time and time again I sent assassins after him to dispatch him. But everytime his lifeline would be great and he would escape. This time, the opportunity is so good that I can’t let it slip by in vain. Therefore——” Concubine Yue looked toward the cloaked person and said in a tone that didn’t allow dispute. “I want you to order the kill, thoroughly help me dispose of Xiao Xu! To let me sleep peacefully!”

The cloaked person muttered. “The order to kill isn’t impossible, but you really want to do something superfluous?”

He met Concubine Yue’s beseeching gaze, finally sighed. “Forget it, I’ll let you be willful, it’s been so many years.”

Concubine Yue saw him compromising and couldn’t help but be happy. “I just knew you treat me the best!”

Black clothed person smiled bitterly and shook his head. The person that treated you the best is Western Xuan Emperor. Even a wild beast would protect his young. He had repeatedly made exceptions for your mother and son pair.

The cloaked person waved and his entire person disappeared in place. Concubine Yue looked at the open window and laughed in a low voice. Liang Yuan, this time I want to see how you will fight with me!

Inside a palace hall.

Xiao Hou had a white Go piece in one hand and the other hand had a black Go piece. He was playing Go against himself.

“Master, Prince Ying has arrived at Qi Li.” A subordinate kneeled in front of him and reported.

“En.” Xiao Hou placed down a white piece, as if he wasn’t paying attention to what the subordinate reported.

The space heater burned, the entire room was warm like the spring.

The place people switched in a new cup of tea, it was Bi Luo Chun. Xiao Hou picked up the teacup, sliding the teacup’s lid back and forth softly, brushing away those floating tea leaves. His movement was leisurely. He lived very nobly and luxuriously. It would be hard for people outside to imagine the weak with fragile health on the exterior Third Prince that always seemed weak and sickly. Now the corner of his mouth was hooked into a smile, only his slightly opened large eyes were like that of a measured feral wolf that would lie in ambush at the side, waiting for the opportunity to come out and take a bite out of you.

“Master, at present everything is all quiet. Should we make our move?” The subordinate suggested.

Xiao Hou put down the cup and accepted the brocade handkerchief handed over by the palace maid. He wiped clean the corner of his mouth and faintly said. “No need. Now is not the time. Moreover, there are plenty of people unable to hold back. Why should we be the ones to stand out first among the group.”

“Yes, master’s consideration is more complete than this subordinate’s.” The subordinate lowered his head to respond.

Xiao Hou continued to play Go, his gaze landed on the Go board. The hand that grasped the Go piece paused slightly. After staring and pondering deeply for a short period, he slowly said. “However, I think this isn’t a simple journey to find a mine this time. Father Emperor must have given him other orders. You dispatch people to secretly pay close attention to every movement by Prince Ying’s people on this trip. Find out their secret mission!”

“Subordinate obeys.” The subordinate immediately withdrew after accepting the order.

Xiao Hou placed the last Go piece down, finalizing the game’s situation.

The white pieces completely enveloped the black pieces. The black side was defeated.

A moonless night with high wind, how many conspiracies were there? One after another was staged.

The night was too cold, the wind was too cool. The people on a long journey, was it possible to have a safe trip with everything going smoothly?

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