Adorable Consort – Chapter 176

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Chapter 176 – Having an elder in the family is like having a baby

Chu Qing-Yan walked over to the resting place, and saw Big Block of Ice and grandpa emperor both sitting on the chairs she specifically asked Wood Spirit to make. A burst of gladness came from her heart.

She had just sat down when she saw grandpa emperor’s both cheeks bulging out. Don’t know what he was chewing, but when she saw the ground meat at the corner of his mouth, immediately her forehead was full of black lines.

“Grandpa Emperor, did you go take a Rou Jia Mo and eat it?”

The Retired Emperor immediately shook his head. If you beat him to death, he won’t admit to it that a person of his noble status would pilfer food!

Chu Qing-Yan sighed. “Grandpa emperor, your speed is too fast. Originally I had wanted to teach you another way to eat it ah!”

The Retired Emperor’s pair of eyes gave off green light as if he was an hungry wolf that had seen its prey. He used a lot of effort to swallow the things in his mouth. He impatiently said. “What other way is there to eat it, quickly say it!”

Just as he finished speaking, the Retired Emperor felt he had been tricked. Because the Yan girl in front of him was currently casting him disdainful glances.

The Retired Emperor tossed the bowl and was not happy, so he turned his head towards his grandson to cry for help. “Xu’er, quickly come and control your family’s girl. So impudent, now she dares to treat one’s elder like this, in the future, maybe she would dare to not let you eat!”

Xiao Xu looked at him indifferently. “Grandson wouldn’t pilfer food.”

A bolt from the blue ah!

His family’s grandson had become more black bellied, he was been led astray by his family’s little wife. He was full of being wronged, he pouted and in a whisper, blurted out. “Wasn’t it just pilfering then eating one Rou Jia Mo, really stingy!”

Chu Qing-Yan looked at the Retired Emperor drawing circles on the side and couldn’t help but feel this was really funny. She felt that she needed to explain it a bit so she passed over a soup that Huang Yi had just made, smilingly saying. “Grandpa emperor, Rou Jia Mo is too dry. Afterwards, you should drink a bit of soup before eating another one. Otherwise if you choke on it, then it’ll be bad!”

The Retired Emperor smelled the delicious flavor and the haze on his face immediately cleared off. “Yan girl, I know you are the best!”

Chu Qing-Yan felt that this Retired Emperor was really like an old urchin, she couldn’t help but say. “In the future, whatever you want to eat, just take it as you wish! Don’t be polite!”

The Retired Emperor suddenly glanced at her, then lowered his lids in a low voice to ask with uncertainty. “Really can?”

This expression of being very cautious and careful made Chu Qing-Yan’s heart soften. She seriously nodded. “Yes.”

The Retired Emperor opened his eyes wide, his face was radiant with delight. Immediately he turned his head to say to Gu Rong. “Help me take all the pastries in the last horse carriage and bring it into my carriage!”

Hearing this, Chu Qing-Yan’s raised head almost knocked against the tree behind her back. Fortunately, Big Block of Ice’s eyes were sharp and his hands were fast to cover her head.

Gu Rong was the personal guard Xiao Xu assigned to the Retired Emperor.

The Retired Emperor waved his hand at her. “Yan girl, thanks oh!”

Looking at the immensely proud of himself Retired Emperor, Chu Qing-Yan had no choice but to admit, ‘ginger is spicier as it gets older’! She was really too naive!

In the future, she won’t play with him anymore!


Xiao Xu watched this scene, don’t know why he just wanted to laugh.

A whole family’s joyous and harmonious appearance with regards to him was really very rare.

“Big Block of Ice, I prepared some pastries that aren’t sweet. Originally, I wanted you to use it to pass the time on the road, but now I’m afraid you can only drink tea accompanied by empty air!” Chu Qing-Yan looked at Gu Rong whose hands held bags, arms carrying bags and the sacks on his shoulder, she couldn’t help but turn her head to sigh and say this to him.

Xiao Xu, hearing this, laughed in spite of himself and rubbed her head. “No matter.”

Chu Qing-Yan turned her head to cast a glance at the Retired Emperor happily drinking the soup, and she also couldn’t help but laugh.

Having an elder in the family is like having a baby.

The group of people rested for a bit after they finished lunch, then prepared to set out again.

And just at this time, a black clothed person appeared in front of Xiao Xu.

“Master, the horse carriage dispatched according to your requirements has already left the city in another direction. Inside are all people that were disguised, it’s unlikely people would notice the difference.”

“En.” Xiao Xu answered faintly.

Hearing this, Chu Qing-Yan mulled over this in her heart. Today when they exited the city gate, she discovered more than ten horse carriages following behind them. Afterwards, they all disappeared. She thought this must be Big Block of Ice’s smokescreen. No one knows what will happen on this journey. Best to do everything very carefully!

Only her heart became even more uneasy. From the moment she exited the city gates, in her subconscious there was a voice telling her of danger!

She closed her eyes, since they have already left the city, then just let nature take its course!

At her side is a very strong backer, she’s not afraid!

At this time, Xiao Xu had already entered the horse carriage. Seeing the little fellow with her brows wrinkled into a bundle, he couldn’t help but ask. “Are you still mad that grandpa Emperor took away all your pastries?”

Hearing this, Chu Qing-Yan snapped out of it, and smiled slyly. “Do I look like such a stingy person? Besides, after a few days when we arrive at Jiang Nan, if we want any kind of delicious food we’ll just buy, buy, buy. At that time, if grandpa Emperor couldn’t finish eating the pastries in his carriage, then I won’t allow him to eat the new pastries we will buy! Wasting food is very shameful oh!”

Xiao Xu shook his head. “Yes, you aren’t a bit stingy!”

Chu Qing-Yan, who had eaten and drunk her full lazily leaned against the carriage wall. Hearing Big Block of Ice making fun of her, she shrugged. It was not like she wanted to get into a fight with the Retired Emperor, she only felt he had concealed too many secrets related to her. Maybe following this, they will encounter countless suffering, it was just too excessive!

But everything was just for fun. The Retired Emperor was like an old urchin, she liked to play together with him!

And just at this moment, Gu Rong’s voice came from outside the horse carriage. “Little consort, the Retired Emperor invites you to sample the pastries together.”

Chu Qing-Yan, somewhat surprised, lifted up her eyes. And at this time, the pastries had already been passed into the carriage.

After Chu Qing-Yan accepted it, she inspected it from top to bottom to check if it had any problems. In the end she confirmed there was no problem, so she picked up a jade plum cake and placed it in her mouth, and somewhat puzzled, asked the person in front of her. “This action by grandpa emperor seems to be a bit strange.”

Did he suddenly discover a conscience?

But it didn’t seem even a bit possible ah. He regarded pastries like his life’s blood, as if his life depended on it. Just now he was wild with joy. He was remarkably like the ancient version of Eugénie Grandet (1).

Xiao Xu hit the nail on the head to solve the mystery. “Grandpa emperor returned to his senses. He felt you may have a move after this, so he first offered the pastries in surrender, hoping that following this, you would give him lenient treatment.”


Chu Qing-Yan couldn’t swallow the pastry in her mouth. She took a glance at the three pieces of pastries on the plate, counting the one in her mouth it was a total of four thumb sized jade plum cakes. And this was difficult for grandpa emperor to send out?

This wasn’t the way to bribe people ah!

“Do you think there is still time if I return these pastries right now?”

“Already too late.”

Boo hoo——

Chu Qing-Yan felt she was struck again with a mental blow. She needed to be comforted!

Seeing the little fellow drilling into his arms, Xiao Xu gently patted her head. He thought about it, maybe grandpa emperor’s idea of traveling together with them wasn’t so bad. At least this can slowly temper this little fellow’s IQ!

As a result, the normally over protective His Highness Prince Ying decided that from now on, he would not interfere with the little fellow’s mental fight with grandpa emperor!

If Chu Qing-Yan knew of Xiao Xu’s thoughts right now, maybe she would spit out blood!

To fight with the Retired emperor to increase her IQ?

And he would look on without lifting a finger?

How could he be so heartless, okay?

As a result, the journey passed with such buffoonery.

While Chu Qing-Yan and the others welcomed their first night after leaving the capital,

the nightfall in Prince Ying manor welcomed a group of mysterious people.


1) Eugénie Grandet: So this is a French novel about a miser, never read it so people who are interested in the book the author referenced, here is the wiki page.

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