Adorable Consort – Chapter 166

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Chapter 166 – To take revenge ten years is not too late for this older sister

Exiting Chu Manor, when Chu Qing-Yan recalled those people choking on anger and not daring to speak appearance, her heart felt a burst of happiness.

“Big Block of Ice, just now you were super handsome!” Chu Qing-Yan praised from the heart.

On the surface, Xiao Xu looked calm without a single ripple, but in fact, he was immensely pleased with himself inside. Ever since he learned the word handsome from her mouth didn’t mean the highest ranking commander in the military, but rather had the meaning of being so handsome as to make people breathless, he was always very glad to hear her describe him using this word.

“If you want Chu family to return the residence that belongs to you guys, this king can hand it over to Fire Spirit to do it.” Xiao Xu looked at her pair of bright eyes and said in a low but gentle tone.

“Unexpectedly, she shook her head. “Now you are in the heart of the struggle, and also on the verge of leaving for a long journey. I’m unwilling for you to be misunderstood by people because of this matter. What if those people that hide in the dark maliciously slander you by saying you used your power to forcibly seize other people’s home? I’m afraid those people that don’t know the truth of the matter would misunderstand you again.”

This was something she was unwilling to see. This was also the reason she had delayed moving against Chu family to punish them for their loathsomeness. Because her current identity is the future Princess consort Ying. Every one of her movements would represent Big Block of Ice’s meaning. If she insisted on getting justice, perhaps she would trap Big Block of Ice as being unjust. She didn’t want to do that.

She wanted to wait until the time was ripe in the future, then take it back bit by bit.

Xiao Xu never thought that she didn’t move because of her consideration for him. Among the ice-cold royal family, he hadn’t experienced this feeling of having someone cherish you in their heart for a long time. His heart softened and his tone softened as he asked. “Don’t need to worry about this king. You just need to follow your heart. Answer this king, is your heart willing?”

Having your home being taken over by others. Having been driven out of the family for ten years, leaving against your will. You suffered bleak bitterness, are you willing to allow them to get away with it? To enjoy everything that originally should belong to you?

As long as she shook her head, he would get everything back for her.

Outsiders’ misunderstanding of him, and their evaluation of him, he never cared about it.

He had never lived within other people’s eyes.

Chu Qing-Yan hearing this was somewhat startled, Big Block of Ice’s tone was very gentle. If he would be like this normally, then how good would it be? Afraid she would drown to death in his tenderness!

But thinking back to the topic, she still deeply pondered his words. Soon after, with a face full of a confident smile she said, “The sky is huge and won’t surrender, and people’s endurance is also like this. Afterall, pain will depend on one’s will, labor will depend on one’s body. Free time and being tired depend on one’s life. Walking this life of disorder is also based on one’s appointed place. Therefore I believe these things I encountered must have their reason. I have never complained and those people that did those unforgivable things to us, I won’t let them off.”

“But I will personally take back the things that ought to belong to me. A gentleman taking revenge, ten years is not too late!” Wait until she was powerful enough, don’t need to borrow any amount of strength from others, she will personally get back one by one from their bodies the pain and bitterness her family suffered long ago.

Xiao Xu looked at the resolute little guy whose eyes flickered with rays of self-confidence. A burst of gratification suddenly rushed up from his heart.

“Good!” He’ll wait until she broke through her cocoon to become a butterfly, to be reborn bathed in fire.

No one could rely on someone for a lifetime. Only when you yourself become indestructible can you protect yourself and protect all the people you want to protect.

Although Gu Rong and Gu Yi weren’t likable, but the speed with which they handled matters was very impressive. After several trips, they had moved all the stuff onto the horse carriage. Daddy Chu and Mother Chu followed behind them and also exited Chu family’s door.

Daddy Chu carried a huge black cat and ran over bouncing. “Inserted-in-backwards scallion, Cai Cai, this is the friend daddy adopted several days ago. It is called little flower.”

Daddy Chu finished speaking, he lifted up the front paw of the big black cat, and waved its paws at the two of them. “Come, come, come, little flower, say hello to inserted-in-backwards scallion and Cai Cai.”

This large black cat had a very aloof appearance, it didn’t even want to look at them. Daddy Chu became hopping mad. Only Xiao Xu and Chu Qing-Yan felt as if a group of crows had flown over their heads, ah, ah, ah——

Seeing the aloof cat wasn’t willing to cooperate, Daddy Chu could only give up. And at this time, Chu Qing-Yan ran over to help her mother sort through their stuff. Daddy Chu held the aloof cat and stood by the side of his son-in-law. Suddenly, he said.

“Inserted-in-backwards scallion, just now in front of everyone, you recognized me as your father-in-law. Then you should learn from Cai Cai and call me daddy for me to hear!” Daddy Chu opened his eyes wide with a face full of expectations.

“You heard wrong.” Xiao Xu said without a change to his expression.

Daddy Chu frowned, impossible ah. One, he wasn’t too old, two, he wasn’t deaf, how could he have heard wrong ah?

But looking at inserted-in-backward scallion’s appearance it didn’t seem as if he was lying. Then did he really mishear it?

Daddy Chu was confused and Xiao Xu, seeing his appearance of not knowing if he should ask, smiled.

But Daddy Chu didn’t forget the real business, and he once again seriously said. “Inserted-in-backwards scallion, this time you are going far with no date for return, you must take good care of Cai Cai. She is rather foolish and easily bullied by others, therefore ah, you must look out for her a bit more.”

Xiao Xu raised an eyebrow and looked at the little guy by the side of the carriage. He declined to comment on Daddy Chu’s words. Afraid that along this journey, there was only the possibility of her bullying others.

When the group of people separated, Daddy Chu reluctantly lifted up the front paw of the aloof cat to wave at them.

Chu Qing-Yan couldn’t bear it and the rim of her eyes turned red. Xiao Xu lifted a hand to rub her head. “This king promises you that I will certainly let you return safely.”

Whether he dies or not, he would protect her to return safely.

Chu Qing-Yan was immersed in the sadness of parting and didn’t sense the oddness in his words. Why let her return safely and not bring her back safely?

“Okay.” She nodded.

And on the beginning of another road.

“Mother Dan ah, why is it so hard to hear my son-in-law call me daddy ah?” Daddy Chu was very distressed.

Mother Chu laughed in spite of herself. “Always thinking about this? There will be a day.”

Daddy Chu immediately became more spirited. “Then when?”

“The wedding of His Highness and Cai Cai ah!” Mother Chu pursed her lips and smiled.

Daddy Chu immediately started to count on his fingers. “Twelve years old, golden hairpin age. Thirteen years old is girls budding beauty year. Fifteen is when she would reach marriageable age. Then that’s still five years away ah! Waiting until my hair is almost all white ah!”

Hearing this dejected tone, Mother Chu couldn’t help but lightly pat the back of her husband’s hand. She placated by saying. “Time will pass in an instant, five years is very fast.”

How time flies, the moon and sun continuously cycles.

Time always passes very quickly.

And when Chu Qing-Yan and Xiao Xu returned to Prince Ying manor, Xi Ning who was waiting walked up. After making her salute to the two people, she said. “Master, Fourth Prince came, he wants to see you.”

Chu Qing-Yan was somewhat surprised. The time from Xiao Ran being attacked by an assassin had already been ten days and she hadn’t seen him once since then. Originally, she wanted someone to bring a letter for him before she leaves to complete this period of friendship. She never expected that he would run over himself.

She lifted her head to look at the person by her side, and only saw Big Block of Ice nod towards her. “Go.”

She agreed and followed Xi Ning to walk to a side courtyard.

Don’t know why he would choose the side courtyard and not the front reception hall.

When she arrived, she only saw a person wearing eunuch clothing with his back to her. She didn’t see Xiao Ran and couldn’t help but be confused.

And just at this moment, that person who had his back to her slowly turned around and in a low voice said. “Qing-Yan.”

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