Adorable Consort – Chapter 159

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Chapter 159 – Traveled through time because of you

Chu Qing-Yan was somewhat surprised. The Retired Emperor actually wanted to look for her to have a private chat? This was too much of a thriller okay!

She took a glance at the Big Block of Ice at her side, she only saw him nod towards her indicating that she should not be nervous.

As a result under the Retired Emperor’s urging, she immediately rushed to follow him.

They walked directly to a courtyard where the Retired Emperor stopped under a Chinese parasol tree. He unhurriedly turned around, his expression was not as careless as before, it carried a slight seriousness. “Yan girl, do you know the purpose for which I called you over?”

Chu Qing-Yan stared blankly for a short while, then smiled to say. “Grandpa Emperor, how would Qing-Yan know?”

The Retired Emperor stroke his beard, his pair of eyes had a trace of shrewdness when looking at her. “Could it be you don’t want to ask me about the matter of the bestowed marriage?”

Chu Qing-Yan raised an eyebrow, and felt the person in front of her didn’t treat her as a ten year old child. She also put away her simple and innocent smile as her lips bent up to ask. “Then would you tell it?”

The conversation between smart people didn’t need beating about the bush.

The Retired Emperor laughed out loud. “The mysteries of the heaven must not be revealed. Yan girl, I can only say, set your mind at rest to be the little consort. Things you ought to know, sooner or later you would know.”

Chu Qing-Yan’s lips curled. Wasn’t this the same as not saying anything?

Seeing her dejected face, the Retired Emperor’s heart was very satisfied. The sullenness he had repressed for these several days was finally able to be released. Only he wasn’t that kind of narrow minded petty person that would only search for opportunities to retaliate. (Author: Really? The Retired Emperor lightly coughed to gloss over this.)

The Retired Emperor linked his hand behind him, with his back to her and a tone that was somewhat serious, he said. “Yan girl, I know you come from a different world. I also know you are not part of Chu family. I violated the laws of heaven and brought you over to Tian Ying continent, in the hope that one day, you can help lend your strength to my grandson.”

Chu Qing-Yan immediately become stupefied on the spot, what? That she was able to come here was all under the Retired Emperor’s control. She opened her mouth, her heart had many questions. But she knew he still had words to say. She also knew that no matter what she asked, he was unlikely to tell her. In the end, she could only narrow her eyes and wait for what he wanted to say.

“It is in defiance of the natural order to change fate. In fact it was not simply for Xu’er, it was also for Western Xuan. However, at the bottom of what the reason is I can not tell you. I only wish you could treat Xu’er well. Since his birth, he never got proper happiness. I watched him grow up but was powerless to do anything. Life was often like this. He was destined to face more disasters than other people. I had already left the royal family, and also violated the heavenly laws. I already can not interfere in these matters. Therefore how the future will turn out depends on what you two alone take responsibility for. Happiness or maybe sadness, to live or die, will all depend on you guys’ interaction.” The Retired Emperor said his sincere and earnest wishes.

Chu Qing-Yan heard these words, was somewhat flabbergasted and also somewhat disbelieving. If he didn’t say she came from a different world, maybe she would once again think the person in front of her was a swindler or a fortune teller.

Could it be that the concept of modern world atheism and the notion that science was not a supernatural being had no impact in this place?

In defiance of the natural order to change fate? What the heck was that?

What does happiness or maybe sadness, to live or die, will all depend on you guys’ interactions mean?

Did the Retire Emperor come to make a joke?

But she couldn’t manage a laugh.

“What does it mean by lending him my strength?” She was merely a rice weevil that didn’t know how to do anything. The skills she was good at in this ancient world wasn’t of much use. Moreover, she didn’t believe that just based on her abilities, she could help Big Block of Ice with anything. Big block of Ice was so strong, in his hands were his commanders that outsiders would envy. Where would he still need her to help?”

As if he saw through her doubts, the Retired Emperor smiled to the side. “The you right now is so stupid, naturally doesn’t have any abilities. But it’s hard to say you won’t have it in the future.”

Although hearing those words made people uncomfortable, she knew now was not the time to bicker over it.

“Then what ought I to do, what shouldn’t I do?” She lifted her head and asked with a serious expression.

“Just following your heart will suffice.” The Retired Emperor turned around and replied a word for her sentence.

Chu Qing-Yan was stupefied, wasn’t this the same as not saying anything?

When she still wanted to ask something, she saw the serious expression of the person in front of her change. He stroked his chin with a very gluttonous appearance. “That’s right Yan girl, the pastries you made this morning were pretty good, are there others? I want to try it.”

Chu Qing-Yan seemed to wilt in the wind, shouldn’t be played like this ah!

But she knew, the other side had already finished saying what he wanted to say. If she continued to ask and he won’t say, then it would be boring.

Although the conversation today gave her a feeling of being shot out of a rubber band, at least now she knew why after waking up from sleeping in the makeup room she would suddenly crossover. Confronted with this main culprit, she couldn’t get angry at him. At least, he already compensated her with precious family love.

Only it was really somewhat incredible!

Forget it, since she can’t prevent it, may as well sit back and enjoy it. It’s best she went to make pastries for this old urchin that suddenly popped out!

Everything that remained, she’ll hand it to the Heavens to arrange!

Seeing her obediently go make pastries for him, the Retired Emperor stroked his beard, able to adapt to circumstances, pragmatic, astute and also farsighted. The person he chose wasn’t lacking!

Only how to walk the road after this? He could not predict it, however he could only wait and see!

Returning to the courtyard, she saw Big Block of Ice sitting in the master position. A dazzling yellow like flame was softly draped over his shoulder. It reduced his lonely and cold aura by a bit. His silver mask also seemed less mysterious. He was wearing a black robe, giving off a leisureliness of being at home. Chu Qing-Yan gaped at him, how blind were the women in the capital? Why would they say her family’s Big Block of Ice was terrifyingly ugly? Just based on his good figure, it was sufficient to toss those young masters who boast of being beautiful, graceful and smart several streets over. While she was thinking of this, she had already walked in unconsciously.

“Grandpa emperor has finished speaking to you?” He put down the book in his hand and looked at her.

“En, said some words that I couldn’t comprehend too well.” Indeed, some of what the Retired Emperor said sounded very incredible which made it hard for her to accept all at once. Or it could be said she still hadn’t comprehended them.

Xiao Xu laughed in spite of himself. “Don’t need to pay attention to him. I’d guess he had been terribly idle and came to find you to play with or tease.”

If it was like that, then it’ll be fine. But she could faintly feel matters weren’t that simple. At least, the Retired Emperor wouldn’t summon her from the modern age for no rhyme or reason. But this old urchin’s style of handling matters had an eccentricness that made it hard for people to fathom. Not being able to protect against distress was really senseless, in passing, he enfolded her into his arms. If it was like this, then wouldn’t she be too grieved.

Originally, Xiao Xu didn’t take serious the matter of Grandpa Emperor looking to talk to her. But now that her expression was somewhat wrong, he couldn’t help but frown slightly. “What did Grandpa Emperor say to you?”

She snapped out of it and wanted to discuss it with him. But if she was to say outloud the matter of crossing over, she reckoned Big Block of Ice would think her mind was feverish and she was babbling nonsense!

As a result, she blinked her eyes strangely. “Grandpa Emperor said I came because of you.”

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