Adorable Consort – Chapter 153

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Chapter 153 – Waiting for you is the only matter

“Reporting to master, His Highness Prince Ying has already been released.” The black clothed person respectfully bent at the waist while making his report. And standing in front of him was the sickly Third Prince Xiao Hou who held some fish food, feeding the goldfishes in the pond.

Xiao Hou wore snow white embroidered princely robes, clearly it was early autumn, but he still had on a cloak over his clothing. This made him look even more pale, if Chu Qing-Yan was to see this, she would certainly think he was a sickly beauty. He had a beauty that would captivate the birds and beasts.

Hearing the subordinate’s report, Xiao Hou smiled as if it was expected. “After you failed to assassinate Fourth Prince, I already guessed this would be the case.”

“Yes, this subordinate is guilty of dereliction of duty, unable to complete the mission.” The black clothed person kneeled on the ground, blaming himself.

Xiao Hou lifted his hand. “You already received your punishment, but accidentally it let First older royal brother lose his trust in Father Emperor. The gap between First Older Royal brother and Fourth younger royal brother, the gap between Concubine Yue and the Empress will also become wider and wider. I will be glad to see it happen!”

The black clothed person nodded and asked. “Then master, His Majesty dispatched First Prince to Fu Li mountain range to scout out a mine, do we need to make a move?”

Xiao Hou heard this and said with a smile that wasn’t a smile. “Fu Li mountain range this delegation, you really think it’s to scout out a mine? It’s just one of Father Emperor’s stratagems and nothing more. Sometimes, I also very much sympathize with First Older Royal Brother.”

Father Emperor treats him, Xiao Hou with complete indifference.

But with First Older Royal brother, he presses in step by step.

All of a sudden, he somewhat looked forward to that day in the future, what kind of variable would occur?

The black clothed person was somewhat puzzled.

Xiao Hou felt it was not necessary to explain to his subordinate. “So keep all the actions down, be still and look for a change.”

“Yes.” the black clothed person withdrew.

Xiao Hou lowered his head to look at the goldfishes swimming carefreely in the pond, revealing a faint sneer. Death is at hand and you still don’t know?

In passing, he tossed the fish food in his hand and it landed in the pond. The shoal of fish flocked over to scramble for the food.

Xiao Hou smiled cruelly, afterwards he turned around and left.

Afterwards, one after another white bellies floated up on the fish pond.

The massacre ended.

Inside Prince Ying’s manor.

Chu Qing-Yan couldn’t sit still, from time to time she would go out then return, anxiously waiting for him.

“Oh my, I say Yan girl, you shouldn’t always sway back and forth in front of this old man. This old man’s eyes has almost become several flowers because of your movement!” The Retired Emperor had pastries in one hand and the other hand held a teacup. His mouth was full of pastry crumbs as he mumbled this.

Chu Qing-Yan shook her head. “I’m just worried and can’t sit still.”

The Retired Emperor rolled his eyes and turned his head to ask Daddy Chu. “I say Huai-Yuan, your daughter walking back and forth I can understand. Why are you following behind her to foolishly walk about?”

Daddy Chu scratched his head. “I’m also worried about my family’s inserted-in-backwards scallion and can’t sit still!”

Retired Emperor sprayed out a mouthful of pastries, inserted-in-backwards scallion? What kind of thing was that? He imagined a bit, his own family’s grandson was tall and strong, then he became a stalk of scallion. That scene was too beautiful, he dared not think about!

“Yan girl, this old man has already told you. Today, your family’s Highness will be released. You should feel at ease and just wait. If you feel you have nothing to do, then go make several plates of pastries for this old man. Last night’s preserved egg pastry and green tea tart were pretty good, I want several more plates!” Recalling those pastries of last night that he had never seen before, his saliva couldn’t help but almost flow out.

Chu Qing-Yan’s pair of eyes lit up, as if she saw something, and without thinking of agreeing, she said, “I’m afraid Qing-Yan doesn’t have the time!” Saying this, she ran forward, leaving behind a trail of smoke.

The Retired Emperor slapped the table, this girl, was really too cheeky!

However, before he could open his mouth to reprimand her, she had already run far until she was nowhere to be found.

He couldn’t help but ask Daddy Chu. “What’s wrong? Where did she run off to now?”

“She went to welcome my family’s inserted-in-backwards scallion!” Daddy Chu’s mouth was cracked open in a smile as he said this.

“Then why didn’t you go too?” The Retired Emperor asked with some doubts.

How was he to know that once he said this, he would receive a roll of the eyes from Daddy Chu. “I don’t want to go and become a big lantern!”

“What do you mean?” The Retired Emperor thought that sometimes when this father and daughter pair talked, no matter what he wouldn’t understand it. Was it possible that since he hadn’t been in the capital for a long time, he couldn’t keep up with the changes?

“Just a light bulb (1) ah, however, even saying it like this you won’t understand!” Daddy Chu waved his hand. Looking experienced, he had his hand clasped behind him as he walked into the inner courtyard. “I need to go tell Mother Dan that son-in-law has returned!”

The Retired Emperor stroked his beard, his face full of anger! This father and daughter pair were too impudent. Didn’t they see that his status is the Retired Emperor ah!!!

He very fiercely took a bite of the pastry, He must have his grandson take charge and give him fairness!

On the other side, Chu Qing-Yan rushed over and threw herself into a sturdy chest for a hug.

Perceiving that faint smell of ink, that faint warmth in the hug, the tears she forbore fell down like a broken string of pearls.

Only until this moment did she dare to relax, believing that everything was not a dream, Big Block of Ice really came back!

Xiao Xu had just entered the door when he could see a figure from far away rushing towards him. When he saw clearly who it was, he couldn’t help but halt his footsteps. He opened his arms, the corner of his lips had a smile as he welcomed the little guy rushing towards him with full momentum!

When the person knocked into his hug, he stared blankly for a moment, as if deep in his soul something was bumped. His finger trembled slightly, it was as if he was holding the most precious treasure in the world in his embrace. He lowered his eyebrow, both hands tightened as he laughed gently.

After this several days, his empty chest was finally filled.

Longing, at this moment this wish was fulfilled.

So it turned out the one he was concerned about throughout, apart from the person in his arms, there was no one else.

“Big Block of Ice, I have been very obedient staying at home. Didn’t do anything that would make you angry!” Chu Qing-Yan choking with sobs, said.

“Really didn’t do anything?” He held her head and said in a soft voice that had a trace of not being convinced.

When Chu Qing-Yan heard this, she immediately shook her head. “Nothing, waiting for you was the only thing I did, I swear!”

His chest shook slightly. The warm tears of the person buried in his chest seemed to have flown into his heart. It brought an irresistible warmth and heat to his heart.

In so many years, this was the first time he felt the meaning of returning home.

“Really?” His tone trembled. “Didn’t eat well, didn’t rest well and still dared to say you didn’t do anything to make this king angry?”

When she ran over, he had already seen the blue-green color under both of her eyes. When he held her, he clearly felt she had become thinner by a lot. Only it seemed she had also grown a bit taller.

Hearing this, Chu Qing-Yan stuck out her tongue. Not caring a bit about his taboo, she wiped the tears on his clothes. Her large eyes spun as she said. “It’s all your fault, it’s because you make people worry!”

“You even twist the words to suit your logic? Before, who said that the body is a person’s asset, without it how could one live long?” Xiao Xu raised an eyebrow and mockingly said.

Hearing this, Chu Qing-Yan buried her face in his chest and compromised by saying. “Okay, okay, I’m wrong. You returned. I’ll eat properly, rest properly! Guarantee I’ll grow to be pinkish and plump!”

Now Xiao Xu was satisfied.

“Report to master, this subordinate didn’t see anything!” Don’t know how long Fire Spirit has been watching before covering his eyes with his hand, exposing cracks in his fingers to say.

“The same!” Earth Spirit’s body was slightly slanted, but his gaze was on the two people’s bodies.

“The same!” Wood Spirit and Air Spirit stood beneath a tree, beaming with smiles as they said.


1) Light bulb is a slang for “unwanted third wheel” or a third party on a date or in a relationship.

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