Adorable Consort – Chapter 152

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Chapter 152 – Father and son once again looked at each other in the depth of the palace

The Retired Emperor stroked his beard and watched as everyone looked confused, flustered and at a loss. However when he saw that small figure, he raised an eyebrow. “Yan girl, you recognized me since earlier?”

Once she heard Yan girl, these two words, Chu Qing-Yan knew that she had passed his test. She immediately lifted her head to respond. “Reporting back to grandpa emperor, in the beginning Qing-Yan wasn’t certain.”

Once she said this, loud laughter came from the Retired emperor. “Worthy of being the wife I chose for my grandson.”

Chu Qing-Yan blushed with embarrassment, if it weren’t for you this old soothsayer, she wouldn’t be living in an abyss of suffering among politics.

“Grandfather Emperor, then His Highness’s matter?” Chu Qing-Yan didn’t act coy and directly asked.

In any case, since this Retired Emperor actually appeared at this time, then it was proof he had thoughts of saving Big Block of Ice.

Retired Emperor glared at her with discontent. “you let me eat my full and drink my full and then plan to put me to use?”

Chu Qing-Yan lightly coughed, not willing to admit it.

The Retired Emperor seeing this, waved his hand and stood up. “Not going, not going. I still haven’t rested yet! It’s not like that muddled boy has never eaten bitterness. With regards to the royal prison, it’s not considered much to him. A person won’t die from staying there another day! Where is my room?”

Chu Qing-Yan felt this Retired Emperor was too headstrong, however the other was the most powerful and she could hear his closeness to Big Block of Ice in his tone, so Chu Qing-Yan’s heart relaxed. She no longer persisted on this matter and instructed people to prepare a first-rate room and let people bring him to it.

Seeing her own daddy was about to follow him, Chu Qing-Yan pulled him to a stop at once. “Daddy, you should also quickly go and bath, then rest! It’s already late in the day!”

Daddy Chu rubbed his plump belly from having eaten his full and felt this suggestion by his daughter was really good. As a result, he drew out the large knife at his waist and placed it in his daughter’s hand. “If that Retired Emperor is going to break into jail, you give this large knife to him. I have polished it until it’s really sharp.”

Chu Qing-Yan held the large knife that was ground away until you couldn’t tell which side was the blade and which side was the back, she wanted to cry but lacked the tears and nodded.

After a night passed, Chu Qing-Yan had just finished washing her face and rinsing her mouth when she heard Hong Yi come to report. She said the Retired Emperor had already entered the imperial palace early in the morning.

Hearing this, Chu Qing-Yan smiled, it looked like grandpa Emperor was more anxious than her.

Western Xuan emperor had just finished morning court and entered the imperial study when he saw a figure casually sitting in his seat. He was just about to get angry when he saw clearly who was sitting there. He was somewhat in disbelief.

“Father Emperor, why did you return?”

The Retired Emperor who had his eyes closed nodding off, heard this and lifted up his head to slant him a glance. “Not return? Could it be I should watch as you treat my grandson unjustly until he dies?”

“Father Emperor——” Western Xuan Emperor smiled embarrassedly.

The Retired Emperor saw this expression of his and immediately, his heart became angered. “Kneel down.”

Western Xuan Emperor felt he’ll lose face doing so, but afraid of Father Emperor’s pressure, he still knelt.

When he kneeled down, the documents on the table all smashed down with pitter-patter sounds. Western Xuan Emperor didn’t dare resist, he could only stiffly receive it.

“You this unfilial son, I gave you the country, the title of Emperor and power, why are you messing around? Do you know how much grievances I suffered this time? In order to rush back, for three days I didn’t eat my fill, eating wind and sleeping outside. I didn’t even get to bath! You this unfilial son, is this how you treat me?” While the Retired Emperor smashed things at him, he also scolded him.

Western Xuan Emperor wanted to cry but lacked the tears, It turned out Father Emperor was complaining about him, finding fault for him to suffer. “Father Emperor, please stop smashing things. In the end, this son is the ruler of a nation. First let this son get up!”

Hearing this, the Retired Emperor raised an eyebrow. “You can’t endure it after kneeling for such a short time? Then why don’t you think whether they could endure it when Xu’er and my granddaughter-in-law was kneeling?”

Western Xuan Emperor’s expression changed slightly, the Retired Emperor didn’t want to continue making things difficult for him and carelessly waved his hand to let him get up.

“All day long idling about, not properly delving into government during morning court. Thinking only of those trivial matters. Sooner or later, there will be a day Xu’er, such a smart and obedient prince will be tossed around endlessly until he is dead. When that time comes, there will be enough for you to cry about!” The Retired Emperor pelted down the abuse.

Western Xuan Emperor did not say a word, he certainly wouldn’t say anything extreme in front of Father Emperor. Moreover, he didn’t believe Western Xuan empire would be affected if Xu’er was gone. Only that he didn’t dare say these words in front of Father Emperor.

After he finished venting, the Retired Emperor stood up and looked at Western Xuan Emperor to say. “Enough! the mysteries of Heavens must not be revealed. I won’t say more. If you don’t release Xu’er, then I won’t recognize you, this son!”

“This son understands.” Western Xuan had no choice but to agree.

Inside the depth of the royal prison, Xiao Xu heard the prison door being opened. Eunuch Cao walked in and he couldn’t help but frown.

“Your Highness Prince Ying, His Majesty asks to see you.”

“En.” Xiao Xu agreed.

He exited the royal prison and entered the imperial palace.

Xiao Xu saw the person sitting in the Emperor’s seat, his body bowed to kneel down in salute. “Paying respects to Father Emperor.”

Western Xuan Emperor sized up the person on the ground, his body was pure and cold. Several days in prison didn’t break his spirit a bit. Western Xuan Emperor’s lips moved, his forehead was still in extreme pain from being hit by objects Father Emperor smashed over. He sarcastically said.

“These several days caused you to be wronged.”

Xiao Xu’s pair of eyes moved a bit, replied in a low voice. “Father Emperor exaggerates.”

Immediately Western Xuan Emperor was somewhat disappointed. It seemed this son never knew to act like a spoiled child in front of him. He also didn’t know how to use soft words to chat, he was too lacking compared to Ran’er. This son had never been close to him, Western Xuan Emperor put away his self blame. He sat upright on the throne and restored the imposing manner of a monarch.

“The matter of your fourth younger royal brother being attacked by assassins, the real black hand behind the scenes has been found. Upon investigation, this matter had nothing to do with you. You should feel reassured.”

Xiao Xu’s swordlike eyebrows moved slightly, what happened these several days to make Father Emperor change his mind?

That’s right. He didn’t believe based on that person’s means that Father Emperor would so quickly find the culprit. Therefore, this black hand behind the scenes was merely a scapegoat and nothing more.

“Many thanks to Father Emperor for returning this son’s innocence.” Xiao Xu respectfully replied without a trace of being wronged and resentful.

Western Xuan Emperor nodded in satisfaction and said soon after. “Since it’s like this, Father Emperor has a matter that needs to be handed over for you to do.”

“Ask Father Emperor to say.” Xiao Xu replied.

“Yesterday, a spy came to report that a trace of ore was discovered in the Fu Li mountain range region. Father Emperor wants to send you to check. If it really has ore, than it would raise Western Xuan’s military strength by another level.” Western Xuan emperor stroked his beard and seriously said.

The color of Xiao Xu’s eyes suddenly darkened, immediately it became as deep and dark as the night and hard to distinguish. But very quickly, he cupped his hand and accepted it. “This son will do as you bid.”

“Good, but along the way this emperor has other things to hand over to you.” Western Xuan Emperor said in a good mood.

“Then Father Emperor, please instruct.” Xiao Xu said faintly.

That day, Prince Ying Xiao Xu stayed with Western Xuan Emperor for a whole day in the imperial study. No one knew what they talked about.

When the door to the imperial study opened, Xiao Xu walked out welcoming the sunlight. The bright light could not illuminate the desolateness in his heart.

“I the emperor will postpone the matter of naming an heir to the throne, so you should feel at ease when you go.”

This time going, afraid he would never return.

A mine?

A secret mission?

Xiao Xu mockingly laughed at himself, and increasingly felt this palace was so cold as to make people feel unfamiliar.

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