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DB – Chapter 82

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Pressing her face into her pillow after jumping into bed, Shizuna cried.
What was making her sad?
It was certain. Carla made a child.
Carla suited Ria well. It was vexing, but she had to agree with that. There was no other human that Ria could entrust her back to than to Carla.
That’s exactly why she wasn’t able to endure the thought of Carla being with another man.
“Shizuna, it’s me. May I come in?”
It was the voice that she wanted to hear the least. She didn’t even want to talk.
“I think there’s been a misunderstand, so we should talk.”
What misunderstanding could there be? She believed there was nothing to talk about.
However, Carla was obstinate, gently calling Shizuna many times, as well as lightly knocking on her door.
Finally, Shizuna yielded and opened the door.

Shizuna had already taken off her dress and was standing in what was pretty much just her underwear. She didn’t appear to mind someone seeing her.
“May I enter?”
“Go for it.”
As-is, Shizuna sat on her bed. Carla, who thought that she was going to use the sofa, sat next to her.
“Shizuna, you have misunderstood something.”
“Misunderstood? You shook your hips with some man and got pregnant, what’s there to misunderstand?”
Her manner of speech was intense, but Carla didn’t appear to be hurt by it.
“It’s a misunderstanding. I will also tell you about the living beings known as dragons.”
Shizuna looked her straight in the eyes, not breaking away from Carla’s gaze and enduring it.
Carla’s eyes were like they would breathe her in. As if there were no ill feelings between them, they were fixed on Shizuna.
“To begin with, the cause is the mine and Ria’s dragon ancestry.”
That the dragons were originally living creatures that were all female and would change into males to leave a descendant if necessary.
That Ria and Carla who inherited the blood of dragons also appeared to have this characteristic.
That after Carla fought against a demon and was dangerously close to dying, their feelings for each other rose.
As a result of all of that, Carla, who shouldn’t have been able to birth a child, was able to have one.
Thanks to repeating this explanation many times over in her head, she was able to smoothly tell Shizuna everything.

However, Shizuna was dissatisfied.
“You know, I… before you met Ria, I slept with her.”
It was her sole superiority complex.
Even so, Carla’s expression remained unchanged.
“It didn’t happen with you, though.
In other words, Ria at that time did not seriously desire Shizuna.
When Shizuna thought about that, she almost cried.

Carla gently held Shizuna’s shoulders.
“There are several reasons I have thought of, but only one that can easily be proven.”
Just as Shizuna blinked from the surprise, Carla spontaneously stole a kiss.
“… Eh?”
Carla pushed the stunned Shizuna down onto the bed.
“Uuuuuuh—um, Carla, I-I don’t have this kind of hobby!”
“It doesn’t matter either way.”
Carla’s hand stripped Shizuna of her clothing in a refined movement. Shizuna started to call for someone… when she realized that it was incredibly complicated and hard to do.
“Aaah, umm, why!?”
“I’ve been watching you, thinking the whole time.”
Carla stared at Shizuna motionlessly.
“I want you—”
Ria’s eyes were eyes that dominated everything. Contrasting that, Carla’s eyes were eyes that absorbed everything.
Hostility, malice, even hatred.

Draining it.
Washing it all away.
“—Shizuna, I love you.”
“Eh, but you’re, Ria’s…”
“The people that Ria loves, are people that I love.”
Shizuna was confused. However, she found that she couldn’t put energy into her body.
Carla took off her own dress as well. Shizuna, seeing Carla’s dew-like naked body for the first time, held her breath in surprise.

The thing that was below Carla’s abdomen was something that should have been on a man.
“When I felt like I wanted to comfort you… something hot came from inside my body.”
Carla’s bare face was flushed.
“Like Ria loves me, like Ria loves you, I also want to love you.”
Carla’s caress was similar to Ria’s. As though to answer that, Shizuna’s body heated up as well.
“Shizuna, thank you. Staying like this would be painful, so please… accept me.”
Saying that, Carla did truly look as though she were in pain and sweating, she was somewhat cute.
Shizuna spread her legs.




After doing it several times, Carla removed any and all traces of the act and put her dress back on.
Shizuna was laying on the bed naked with her eyes closed, but there were marks from Carla’s mouth on hidden areas across her body.
“Come to think of it, what was it… that made it successful this time?”
Carla touched the hair of the muttering Shizuna. Shizuna felt good with just that much, going into a fit.
“There are several things that I can think of, but…”
The first one, although it was a horrible one as far as Shizuna was concerned, was that when she had slept with Ria at that time, Ria still hadn’t made her resolution.
It was also possible that the ability appeared due to Ria mating with Carla.
Moreover, there was also a problem on Shizuna’s side of it, too.

Shizuna shook her head. She couldn’t think of anything.
On that first night, Shizuna intended to devote her everything to Ria from the bottom of her heart.
“Yeah, however, unlike dragons, humans have a breeding cycle.”
Dragons decided their breeding with their own intentions. Looking at it another way, they did not mate without the intention to breed.
“For a long time now, I have thought of you as dear. However, in truth, as for thinking about wanting to mate with you, that was just now.”
She had only tried to comfort her until now.
“Though perhaps… with that just now, you may have conceived a child.”

Her words may as well have been an attack.
Shizuna stood up, but her head felt dizzy like she had anemia.
Carla hugged her closely.
“Bad… this is bad…!”
“What is?”
“Because, I am Ria’s bride…”
“I don’t see the problem.”
Following that, Carla said something wise.
“What is Ria’s is mine. What is mine is Ria’s.”
Carla continued despite the astonishment Shizuna was going through.
“You, who Ria loves, is loved by me who Ria loves. There is no problem. If anything, I don’t mind taking responsibility for everything.”
“No, that would be bad for me…”

Carla was calm even at a time like this, but she wondered what Ria would think.
“Let’s talk with just the three of us this time. We shouldn’t consult anyone else about this…”
Although that is what was tentatively decided for now, there unexpectedly wouldn’t be a chance for the three to talk.
The reason?
Ria would be heading to the dwarf’s village.


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  1. Pyrok says:

    another futa scene

  2. Keitaro hutako says:

    I must say… After reading this and the previous chapter, I have a very indescribable feeling inside of me… And whenever i try to let out my voice, I always stutter which is very rare for me….

  3. AuroraSky says:

    I don’t know why, but I didn’t like that. It felt like they were cheating. All of the other women got involved with Ria knowing about the other people she was with. This happened behind Ria’s back. Carla even did this with the intent to have a baby with Shizuna. Ria accepted the other women because of their strong feelings for her and rejecting them would break their hearts. But this happened out of straight up lust. It’s kinda disappointing because I’ve liked everything the author did until this.

    • rockinroll39 says:

      I 100% agree with you. This is cheating completely. Ria is married to both Carla and Shizuna, but they are not married to each other, therefore what they did is still cheating, both cheated on Ria with a person Ria is married with. I personally would feel real betrayed if i was in Ria’s position. I really want to know how the author moves forward with this, I doubt it will be a simple shrug off, but if it is, It will be a HUGE disappointment.

    • rockinroll39 says:

      Forgot to add something. At least Shizuna feels super guilty about this, but Carla is trying to make it sound justified. “You, who Ria loves, is loved by me who Ria loves. There is no problem.If anything, I don’t mind taking responsibility for everything.”
      I hope this “responsibility” actually happens, and its more then some minor “I forgive you”

      • AuroraSky says:

        Thanks for the reply, I thought I might be the only one thinking that way. This felt so sudden and random and it really cheapens what happened between Ria and Carla. Ria spent a while getting to know both women before they took that next step. Especially with Carla. After all that time and effort growing closer to Carla who apparently didn’t feel much for anyone until Ria and she just randomly fell in lust with Shizuna? Are you kidding? Then what was all of that with Ria? How can them sleeping together have any meaning if she did it so easily with Shizuna? And how could Shizuna sleep with a virtual stranger despite claiming to love Ria so much? She literally “opened her legs” for Carla just because she looked cute when she asked for it.

        • AuroraSky says:

          At least Shizuna had the decency to feel guilty about what happened. Carla just brushed it away with some half-cocked reasoning that she wasn’t even sure Ria would accept! She didn’t even hint to Ria or anyone else including the readers that she had feelings for Shizuna until this chapter. I vote Ria dumps both of them and stays with Fio. At least she knows that girl will be loyal.

          • rockinroll39 says:

            SPOILER:I read ahead in the raws, and FOR NO REASON Ria just shrugs it off as if its nothing, what a disappointment, and Shizuna KNOWS its nothing but cheating. Shizuna feels uneasy about it, despite Ria shrugging it off. Like wtf man, if your wife cheated on you with your best friend and got pregnant with their child, would you just shrug it off? I certainly wouldn’t, I would be pissed, and would never forgive them so easily. Idk if i would forgive them at all, i mean i may waaaaaaay later but not just like that. What a shame, i liked this novel up until this point, oh well.

          • rockinroll39 says:

            And i agree with you, I was hoping with all my heart, that she would dump both of them as well, but nooooo the author has to make it as happy as a story as possible, and apparently Ria’s wives cheating on her with each other and possibly having a child because of it is A OK.

  4. anon says:

    the important question is, will Ria also receive some ‘love’ from Carla.

    Soon they will all be pregnant…

  5. Mahezyd says:

    Just delete this chapter…

  6. Tavonis says:

    In my opinion, this was not cheating because they were both married to ria. In marriage, the bride and groom are considered as one entity–everything that one owns the other also owns. ria is in a polygamous relationship with two other woman. regardless of whether one turns futa, they are still part of the same marriage, and as such are indirectly married.

    • Samderi says:

      Same here, i mean that i simply dont understand the thinking behind the “normal” harem. For example 1 husband and 2 wifes, the wifes love the husband but do they also love each other, or are they geting only along? Would it not be better for everyone in the relationship to at least love each other, not only for husband to wifes but for wife to wife?

  7. Nhan Sieu says:

    Anyone remember where is Irina?

  8. Ivanator the Great says:

    Anything is much better than the scene where Ria sipped some puss from some soldier as an act of benevolence…

  9. Marjva says:

    This chapter ruined the story , they both cheated on Rea , Carla dose not love Rea after a month she cheated on her with the second wife, Rea made shizuna love her and turned her into a lesbian then in one sentence she spread her legs and excepted another person WTF

    • Samderi says:

      They are both married to Ria so its not cheating. Or do you think that only the “husband” should love the wifes and not wife to wife?

    • Shamefur says:

      I have to agree with you 100%. I’ve gone as far as dropping this story. To everyone else who thinks this isn’t cheating, well that’s fine and you may have a point. But the sense of betrayal I’m feeling at the moment probably won’t change.

  10. Perfectly Simple says:

    This is actually kind of refreshing. Polygamous ships are often written off with the wives trying to kill each other. While this keeps the envy many feel when another is getting attention, it also adds in a sense of harmony. Why do people think only the “man” should benefit this way from the relationship? If everyone loves each other, no one is left feeling discarded and everything is fine.

    Also, in response to an earlier commenter, Shizuna wasn’t “turned into a lesbian” it was explained earlier that she doesn’t feel like she is with a woman when she is with Ria. Which makes sense considering everything.

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