BIFMSMTK Volume 4 Chapter 89

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Chapter 89: Punishing the Monster from Legend

I left Mia and ordered the Centaur Knight to go to the place where Arisu landed.

Or rather I hugged the Centaur Knight’s body tightly and left it to him to descend.

The 2 Wind Elementals also followed me.

While Mia continue to support Tamaki who is fighting alone.

First for caution sake, she kept using Rank 1 Earth Magic 《Earth Bound》 to use the grass to bind the Mekishu Grand’s feet……

Mekishu Grand gave a roar.

Tamaki jumped up like a ball.

The moving grass were broken in an instant.

Ah, indeed he has that.

The roar to dissipate magic.

And Mekishu Grand’s roar has a stronger effect than I have ever seen before.

Even I who was quite far away from him, was shaken by it.

This dissipating effect is without doubt, much stronger than the General and the Giant’s……ah.

We don’t know what is the effect of this ability.

The General defeated Rank 2 Wind Magic 《Silent Field》.

The Giant did so too, but Rank 4 Earth Magic 《Stone Bind》 was not broken.

Although I had wanted to use 《Stone Bind》 on the Mekishu Grand, but it is unlucky that the surroundings are just plains.

If we wanted to test, then we should use something like Rank 5 Wind Magic《Poison Smog》, but it will drag the surrounding in it.

And now Tamaki is having close combat……

Ah, no, Tamaki was sent flying.

「《Poison Smog》」

Mia took the chance to make poison smog in the enemy’s surroundings.

Mekishu Grand’s body was engulfed in the smog and he doesn’t seem very comfortable……

The giant centaur gave out another roar.

The poison smog was dissipated immediately.

So that was useless too……?

If Rank 5 is ineffective, then everything else is a waste.

Mia had no other methods and decided to use 《Lightning Arrow》and《Electric Stun》to attack directly

Without realising it, I reached Arisu’s side.

Near Arisu’s landing site, there are only the blackened soil on the ground.

The girl sat up and casted healing magic on her hands and legs.

Her gym clothes were in tatters.

Both her upper body and lower body seems to be seriously injured.

I had the Centaur Knight land beside Arisu.

I jumped down from the Centaur Knight’s back and ran to Arisu’s side.

「It is already fine, Kazu-san.」

Arisu raised her head and looked at me while looking abit shy.

「There is a slight fracture in my leg, where the bone came out…… It is very painful, so I wish to heal it first so that it will not interfere. 」

「Rather than talking, just hurry up and heal yourself!」

And, there is no need to describe it in detail.

Just listening to it, makes my heart ache……

From the looks of it, the damages on the gym clothes are near the leg.

Of course, it is covered in blood.

But, the fracture or what…… seems tough.

Evil Thunder Slash.

Just like its name, Evil Thunder Slash, the damage from taking it head on is too great.

It is really good that Arisu is still alive.

Although it is a thin shield, but it is really great that it was up before it hits.

Anyway, the firepower of Mekishu Grand as compared to the other monster until now is at a completely different level.

There are ways of reflecting, but considering the timing, I do not wish to try them.

I am not even sure if 《Reflection》 can reflect the flame arrow back.

And this fellow is so big and yet he is so nimble.

Suddenly jumping to the back, all of a sudden rushing in and blasting Arisu away, I almost thought my heart would stop beating.

Because it has 4 legs, so it’s rush is very strong.

Moreover, he has 4 arms so it can handle both long range and close range.

Anyway, it has no weakness, so it is hard to give a decisive blow.

Ah, no wonder it only appeared in the legends.

Then again, how is it defeated in the legend?

If only I had heard it from that soldier.

No, actually if there is anyway of defeating it, please do tell me.

Isn’t there any detailed records or perhaps it was something like a Hero who used his power to defeat it?

No matter what, we have already come to this.

So let’s just put that aside for now……

Then we have to create our own attack method.

「It doesn’t hurt anymore?」

「Ye.. Yes. I am almost completely okay.」

I stared at Arisu’s eyes without moving.

Ah I am a bit afraid.

「Heal until your pain are gone. If you try to endure it, then there will be a punishment game later.」

「Ah, that, that…… ah, a punishment game huh.」

Arisu is panicking.

Why are you blushing, miss.

If you become like Mia, then I will cry you know.

This is to say that your body being perfectly fine is the most important thing in this battle plan.

So now you have to concentrate on healing.

Other than that, please listen to me.

「Actually, Mia is hiding a trump card. A surprise attack that can only be used once. We must decide our victory with this.」

Looking at the battlefield, Tamaki is already full of wounds, but yet she is desperately restraining the Mekishu Grand.

Perhaps 《Haste》is about to end.

《Fly》 is still active, but it will not last long.

In the worst situation, we have to end it before 《Fly》 ends.

There shouldn’t be another chance for us to gather to add more support magic, since the enemy will not allow me to do that.

I explained to Arisu on how the plan will proceed in a plain manner.

Though I said that, the things needed to be done are very simple.

It is to use Mia’s magic to catch him off guard.

Taking the opportunity when the opponent’s posture is broken, then attacking all at once.

It is just that.

Arisu stopped her healing magic and said “it is already fine…… really.” and stood up.

I looked into her eyes and nodded.

Ah ah, why am I so self-importance.

I am just purely afraid that Arisu may push herself too much.

And in this time period, Tamaki is also getting injured.

Mia is also desperately battling.

It isn’t strange that Arisu will be worried about them.

Now she is sitting there looking at me while feeling uneasy.

She probably wanted to hurry back into the fray.

「Sit on the back of the Centaur Knight. It is better to be together until we are abit closer.」

「Ye.. yes.」

I sat on the Centaur Knight together with Arisu.

I was at the front while Arisu is at the back.

If it is like this, then she can jump off anytime.

Arisu’s chest area is tightly pressed onto me.img_5160

That voluptuous breast and the pressure that is on my back…… No, really, no matter what, it is great.

Let me repeat myself, no matter what, it is great.

For the precaution sake, I gave Arisu 《Haste》.

The Centaur Knight flew into the sky.

「The chance is only for an instant, and there will only one chance. If it doesn’t work, then we will retreat, is that okay?」

「But, the people behind the cliff……」

「We will escape and ignore them.」

I said it clearly.

Arisu took a deep breath.

I cannot compromise on this.

There is no meaning to a battle without any chance of victory.

So there is only one gamble, if it doesn’t work, then we must escape no matter what kind of sacrifice we have to make.

I already don’t wish to see any more of my companions get injured.

Or even worse, die.

Hence, I can sacrifice as many strangers as I can.

After Arisu hesitated, she nodded.

She probably understood my feelings.

「So it means as long as we win, then everything will be fine.」

「No, hmm, maa, it is just like that.」

She took it too far.

Maaa, it’s okay.

Just as she said, as long as we win.

The Centaur Knight passed Mia who is continuously firing magic.

Her face looks pale.

She is probably tired after using so many magic.

Afterall this battle cannot be dragged for too long.


At around 50m diagonal of Tamaki, I shouted.

「We are about to do it, coordinate the timing!」


Tamaki heard our voices, I believed that, and she began to attack Mekishu Grand even more aggressively.

The 4 armed giant blew Tamaki away in retaliation……




Mia release her Rank 7 Wind Magic 《Gravity》at Mekishu Grand.

Which is the so called gravity magic.

The giant monster’s surrounding is engulfed in an area where the gravity changed.

Mekishu Grand’s weight suddenly increase over ten-fold.

The giant’s movements became slow.

This magic is only effective for about 10 seconds……

The grass are tightly pressed onto the ground.

The ground in the surroundings are slowly sinking.

Mekishu Grand groaned, and……


No matter how the giant who is immobilized, shouted, there is no change to the gravity.

Good, he cannot break Rank 7 magic!

Even so Mekishu Grand used his entire strength and attempt to break free…..

Soon, 10 second is about to be up.

「Now, Mia!」

「Nnn. 《Reverse Gravity》」

This is the Rank 7 Wind magic that corresponds to 《 Gravity》, and 《Reverse Gravity》 is released.

The effect is creating a space that is completely different from 《Gravity》.

Which is to say……

Mekishu Grand’s giant body floated.

The giant who was using all his might to resist against the gravity, had his posture destroyed, and began to spin in the air.



Arisu held her spear and dashed out like an arrow from the Centaur Knight’s back.

These magics that were taught to her in advance.

Arisu who had mastered the three dimensional movement of flying magic quickly.

I believe that if it’s her, she will be able to move in the abnormal gravity space.

Mekishu Grand released his fire arrow at Arisu who is rushing in.

But now that giant monster’s body is spinning in a complicated manner.

His aim was off.

In the far off area behind us, a big explosion occurred.

Hence the giant changed to use his sword to release his thunder strike.

The blow that injured Arisu badly……


Mia released her storm at Mekishu Grand who is spinning.

Normally such a thing will not affect him, but now there is no gravity around that monster.

Mekishu Grand’s body began to spin in the opposite direction, and the thunder strike went to the wrong place.

Naturally, Arisu who is nearby, is affected by the storm, but the girl fixed her bearing quickly after she was affected and flew towards the enemy who is below her.


With her sharp cry, Arisu proceeded in a straight path like an arrow.

Her body and her spear hit Mekishu Grand’s arm who is holding the sword as one.

The giant cried out in pain.

The sword fell.


「Nn, leave it to me!」

After Arisu’s strike, the enemy’s attack stopped.

Taking chance of the gap, Tamaki closed in and her white sword torn open Mekishu Grand’s chest.

Blue blood sprayed out.

After that, the battle became one-sided.

Mekishu Grand against the 2 of them who got close, he is unable to move his body as he wished, and was one-sidedly slashed and stabbed……

That time 《Reverse Gravity》 has already ended, but he is still rolling on the ground. It seems like the enemy has yet to recover from his confusion.

I don’t know which blow or the dozens of wounds became the fatal injury.

Giving its final cry, the giant monster laid on the ground.

Then its body disappeared without moving.

What was left, is two yellow gems.

At the same time, we entered the white room.

Seems like Arisu and Tamaki leveled up at the same time.

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