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Chapter 88: Mekishu Grand

Mekishu Grand began shooting fire arrows at us on the cliff from a few kilometres away.


Mia’s magic 《Tempest》 once again swayed the aim of the arrows.

The arrows landed on the plains on the left side of the cliff and created a giant explosion.

The terrifying afterwave of air assaulted towards the cliff.

The people from the city who are taking cover behind the cliff cried out.

Maa, they are already hidden. So they should be fine.

Arisu and Tamaki hid their head and screamed, resisting against the wave.

But after seeing the crater in the centre of the explosion, they took a deep breath instead.

「Ah, Kazu-san, what is going on? What is that monster? And the screams behind the cliff, those are……」

「A lot of things happened, to put it in simple terms, that is the boss of the monsters, Mekishu Grand. We need to defeat that monster. The situation will be said in details in the white room.」

In the white room, to us, that is the magic language.

Noticing the lack of time and the meaning of talking about it later, Tamaki nodded.

「Ah but can we defeat it?」

Arisu talked to me while using heal on Mia and having cold sweat.

Without any preparation, and suddenly seeing that scary explosion, it is normal to be anxious.

That can’t be helped.

Even if I take a look, I don’t really have the confidence to win.

Moreover even with Arisu and Tamaki’s support, I judged that it will be a tough battle.

But we must win.

The enemy will not let us escape easily, and behind us, there are numerous innocent people.

No, there isn’t any duty of obeying whose orders, but……

The Lord knows that we are not the enemies and fought for time for us.

Then, if I don’t reciprocate that, I will feel bad.

And…… I looked at Mia.

Mia nodded while looking at me with “Nnn”.

She gave off a sound filled with her spirit.

「If it is just a long range attack, we can defend against for any number of times. We will not let that arrow cause more deaths.」

「Then again, we don’t have any way to attack from a few kilometres on our side.」

「If the other party notice that his attacks are not working…… he will probably approach.」

That is what Mia said.

The Centaur shaped monster began running towards us with its huge hooves.

The distance is shrunk rapidly.

「Ah, right, Kazu-san.」

Arisu hurried said.

「On the other side of the cave, there is a Wasp Hive. We defeated many enemies there, and erm, Tamaki-chan’s Sword Skill is now Rank 8.」

「That is really reassuring. Tamaki, I will depend on you.」

「Mmm, mmm, I…… erm, will do my best.」

So Tamaki’s Sword Skill is already Rank 8.

Then perhaps we can succeed.

I gave Arisu and Tamaki the basic strengthening magic.

《Physical Up》,《Mighty Arm》and《Clear Mind》.

Then I casted 《Resist Element: Wind》and 《Resist Element: Fire》 with《Deflection Spell》.

Along with 《Deflection Spell》 and 《Fly》 by Mia.

There is still time before the enemy is here. So I will add more support magic……

Just I was thinking about that, the Mekishu Grand released a fire arrow here.

Mia used 《Tempest》again to blow it aside.

But compared to before, the distance that was much closer.

The fire arrow landed near the cliff and the mud along with the blast of air came over.

The people who are hiding behind the cliff are screaming loudly.

「Waiting here is not good.」

「Mmm. We should hurry up and get closer.」

I added 《Haste》 with《Deflection Spell》  and jumped onto the Centaur Knight.

Thanks to Arisu’s healing magic, I felt that my body had became lighter.

「Set off!」

While shouting, we dashed towards the boss separately from the cliff.

Arisu and Tamaki went ahead of us as a flash of red light.

Then behind are the 2 Wind Elementals and Mia.

「Arisu, Tamaki, listen to me. The enemy is the Mekishu Grand who is from the legends in this world. It can use the fire arrows and thunder slashes, a monster who can see through everything.」

I kept the names Evil Blaze Strike, Evil Thunder Slash and Evil Dragon Eye from them.

Even if I used these names to refer to them, they probably will not be able to remember it.

「So tactics like using magic to obstruct vision will not work. Invisibility will not work too. The thunder slashes are unknown so you need to take care on that. If you rely too much on the resistance, it will be dangerous.」

「Yes, I understand!」

「Nn, leave it to me!」

The both of them are only energetic when answering.

Maa, Arisu will probably be careful as how she had replied.

I really hope that she can also take care of Tamaki’s portion too…… ah.

Well there are still some chance for victory.

Rank 9 is the limit in this world.

It is really a good thing that Tamaki’s Sword Skill had gotten to Rank 8.

No matter how much destructive power the Mekishu Grand has, once we get closer then it is just about close combat.

This has been proven in the battle with the Giants.

No matter how strong the Mekishu Grand is, with Tamaki the close combat specialist, he should also have a close fight.

The giant noticed that we are approaching and the lower hands with the sword and shield went on guard.

Other than that, the hands holding the arrow were preparing……

「Don’t think that you can keep shooting.」

At this time, he was already within range of Mia’s magic.

The distance between us is about 200m.

「《Electric Stun》」

Before the giant could release his arrow, she made a preempt electric strike.

That was the Rank 7 Wind Magic that she had just learnt. An electric strike that travels through the enemy’s entire body, numbing him for an instant.

The range increases by 30m for every Rank.

This high Rank magic is not really conspicuous…… that was what I had thought.

First of all, this magic is irresistible if resistance magic isn’t applied.

The instant of being numb, could create a fatal opening.

Mekishu Grand suffered that blow and lost his target.

The released flame arrow flew in a wrong direction, exploding in a faraway place.

The intensive blast of air assaulted our back.

But taking the chance of the gap, Arisu and Tamaki rushed in.

「Let’s go, Arisu!」

「Yes, Tamaki-chan.」

Tamaki’s silver sword clashed intensively against the Mekishu Grand’s sword in his lower right hand.

The sound of the swords grinding against each other echoed in the surroundings.

At the same time, Arisu’s spear is defended by the shield at the lower left arm of Mekishu Grand.

「Che, he guarded it.」

Mia mumbled.

Oh, he could defend against Arisu and Tamaki’s attacks simultaneously after taking《Electric Stun》……

This guy is not simple.

Or rather, Tamaki’s Rank 8 Sword skills are being suppressed.

Don’t tell me he is Rank 9?

If that is so…… then this is bad……

「But it seems like his power is not that strong.」

Mia did a smooth flip in the air and returned to my side where I was riding on the Centaur Knight.

「That is when compared against a Giant.」

That is really true, although Arisu’s strike was repelled, but Tamaki is fighting evenly against him in the air……?

No, Tamaki had shaved off the enemy’s power with her sword skill.

But I did not judged so from seeing from her skill with the sword.

It was the Centaur Knight who told me that.

Honestly speaking, I can’t see the intense fight that Tamaki had with the Mekishu Grand.

Their movements were so fast that I can only see their blurred after images.

That is the territory of those who are above Rank 8.

Is this a fight between those who are at the top?

It seems like Arisu had a tough time approaching.

She is different from Tamaki who had specialised in one area, with her Spear Skill only at Rank 6.

For the sake of the party, there is no other choice, after all she had raised her Healing Magic together.

「Wh..what should I do, Kazu-san.」

Arisu retreated to ask for my instructions.

「How do we break through the statemate?」

I asked the Centaur Knight.

I have to ask the expert for this.

「The enemy is better at the sword. But this seems to be limit of what the Mekishu Grand can do against Tamaki-sama with his body.」

I see, he has 4 arms, but there is only one body……

That could be crucial point of our attacks.

If that is true.

「Arisu, get to Tamaki’s opposite!」

「Huh? Ah, yes!」

Arisu understood my intentions immediately.

She took a big roundabout to get behind Mekishu Grand.

The enemy had changed his position to prevent Arisu from getting her way.

But his attention  towards Tamaki has been scattered.

Tamaki took the opportunity to attack……

Just a bit.

The Centaur shaped giant had his arm with the bow injured.

Mekishu Grand cried out in pain.


I clenched my fist happily.

But in the next second.

Tamaki was blown away with a scream.

「Huh, oi, what is the situation?」

「It’s a thunder strike, Owner!」

The Centaur Knight panicky turned around.

Mia grabbed onto my waist in a second.

And Mia and I ran to the ground on the Centaur Knight……

The area that we were just at, was impacted by the area thunder attack.

We have just barely avoided it.

The raging winds blew over us.

There is a slight burnt smell in the air.

That was a terrifying strike by the sword of Mekishu Grand.

The grassland that were behind us were torn apart by the invisible slash.

And the cracks that appeared on the ground had a metre deep of blackened ditch.

「 Evil Thunder Slash」

Mia mumbled.

Ah, that name, did you have to use it.

Honestly speaking, if Tamaki did not have the resistance placed on her, then it would have been very dangerous.

It is different from the flame arrow, the main problem is that it is hard to avoid it.

Although the attack range is not that wide……

So actually this guy did not have any weakness at both close and long range.

No, even so, it is better to have close ranged battle than a long ranged battle.

The main thing is that we did not have take any serious injury with that attack.

Especially since that attack can’t hit Arisu who got behind.

The attack range is roughly about 180 degree slightly to the right from the front.

It is already quite wide.

Tamaki who took the direct blow is spinning in the air to adjust her posture.

Then immediately she charged with a cry.

She did not seem to have suffered any serious injury but her movements are slightly slower……

But Tamaki knows that.

And her best friend Arisu also knew that.

「Please, Arisu!」

While swinging her sword at Mekishu Grand, Tamaki cried out.

Arisu read her intentions, and used magic.

「《Range Heal》」

This Rank 4 recovery magic that has 25m range is suitable to be used when fighting against the enemy at close range.

Bathed in Arisu’s magic, Tamaki’s body is surrounded by a light.

In the end, Tamaki recovered her strength and continued her powerful attacks at Mekishu Grand.

On the other hand, Arisu is threatening the giant from behind.

At the area where the enemy’s shield cannot guard against……

Mekishu Grand suddenly retreated.

Arisu hurriedly disengaged to prevent being taken down.

「It’s coming, Owner!」

The Centaur Knight cried out.

Mekishu Grand pulled his bow.


「Nnn. 《Tempest》」

Mia’s violent wind shook the atmosphere greatly.

But Mekishu Grand continued to release his arrow.

This time, we don’t even have a distance of 50m between us.

The violent wind from 《Tempest》 did not seem to have reduced the power of the arrow at all, and the flame arrow rushed towards us directly.

The flame arrow exploded in this close distance.

Arisu and Tamaki were blown away while screaming.

The ground before us were smoking.


If that is so, then who cares.


While chanting, I understood it.

I was too slow.

The air blast from the explosion passed through the magic shield, assaulting us.

The Centaur Knight used his body as a shield, preventing the blast from reaching me.

He groan with a “guu”.

But my familiar was unable to block the hot air completely, and it burnt my skin.

Before long, hooves sound could be heard from the opposite of the smoke.

I cried out hurriedly.

「Dodge! Escape now!」

The smoke screen screen was broken through, and the Mekishu Grand who had his skin slightly burnt, rushed out.

Shit, did he calculate the explosion of the flame arrow too.

He used the smoke screen and wanted to defeat us individually while we are affected by the blast.

While Mekishu Grand is rushing out, he swung his sword at Arisu who is nearby.

The sword began to shine.

Shit, it is a thunder strike.

While Arisu is adjusting her collapsed posture, she also saw Mekishu Grand’s movements clearly.

The enemy is too close so it is hard to avoid him.

「《Flower Coat》」

What she did was to open a light barrier to protect herself.

This is not really a strong defense, but, Arisu probably has no other method.

The girl forcefully used the handle of her spear to guard against the sword that was charged with electricity.

Tragic scream of the girl echoed through the battlefield.

Arisu’s body was blown away, spinning through the air, towards the ground.

When the girl landed, a cloud of dust rose.

The Centaur Knight looked at the enemy’s movements carefully.

I ordered it to dodge to the side.

And he did an emergency spin in the air.

For the sake of not being thrown off, I cling onto his back desperately.

Mekishu Grand ran in a straight line to put some distance between us.

The Centaur Knight finally fixed his posture.

Tamaki did not wait for me to say before rushing towards Mekishu Grand.

The long range battle is not advantageous to our side.

That is the correct choice, since she needs to buy some time.


I called out Arisu’s name, causing the Centaur Knight to turn…..

「Wait a moment.」

His actions were stopped by Mia who had approached.

Mia used her tiny hand to grab my shoulder.

「Arisu will be fine. Now, we need to win.」

Mia muttered “Kazu-chi” and approached me……

Mia reach out and kissed me lightly.

A surprise fast kiss.

But that is enough for me to regain my calm.

Was it a return gift for just now?


「Nnn. Just love me properly in the future.」

「That is kind of hard.」

Mia stuck out her tongue

I knocked on her head lightly.

「But now you are really of great help.」

「I am slightly used to being Kazu-chi’s hero.」

「Hero….. Is it.」

I smiled bitterly.

「That is something that can’t be done by that person, but if it’s a hero, then he cannot not do it.」

Mia said so while peeking at my eyes.

「I, must be Kazu-chi’s hero.」



Mia pouted slightly.

On the other hand, Tamaki stopped Mekishu Grand’s attack.

She is having an intense fight with a 6m long monster alone.

She was blown away a few times, and then she will rush in again.

「《Electric Stun》」

Mia gave support at times, and thanks to her, we are maintaining the resistance.

The Centaur Knight, Wind Elementals and I can only observe the intense battle from the side.

But if that is so….. Then it will be tough.

What should I do?

Should I have Mia used her trump card?

「Kazu-chi, I will leave the judgement to you.」

Mia peeked at the chance to enter and raised her head to look at me.

「If it’s now, it is fine to go help Arisu, you know?」

「But just now.」

「The Kazu-chi just now, was not calm at all.」

Ah, indeed.

I smiled bitterly……

And said our next move.

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