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Chapter 87: The Threat that Appeared

Mia and I watched at the pillar of light blankly on the back of the Centaur Knight who is flying towards the north from the city.

The pillar of light disappeared after 10 odd seconds.

After a blink, another blinding pillar of light rose again in the same place.

That is the whirlpool of the flowing water.

At the center, a certain huge thing stood.

It is bigger than the Giant by a size.

His full height is about 6m.

If I was to describe it in a full sentence, it would that it is a four-armed Centaur.

Its face is hidden in the helmet, so I can’t see it clearly.

From the chest to the horseback, it is covered in leather armour.

The 2 arms on the top are carrying bow and arrow, and the lower 2 arms are carrying a sword and shield.

All its 4 arms are carrying weapons.

「Sa..Satan Cross……」

Mia muttered.

No, please keep your words to yourself.

What will you do if that unknown language translator registered Satan Cross as its name.

Luckily such a thing did not happen.

The soldiers that were carried by the butlers are mumbling「Mekishu Grand」.

「Is it the monster’s name?」

I asked the soldier.

Mia said 「that person stopped the soldier from attacking me」

I see, so he is more reasonable than the others?

「Yes, Great Magic User-sama.」

He is a middle-aged man.

Looking at him carefully, he seemed like an uncle from the gambling den.

But just with golden hair and tea-green eyes.

「The 4-armed giant from the legends, the Evil God’s vanguard, the Mekishu Grand. His bow can slay a dragon, his sword can destroy a city…… I didn’t expect it to really exist.」

Oh, so that’s it……

Or should I said that it is great that Satan Cross has not become his name. What kind of nonsense is this, being at ease for such a thing?

No, before that, who is the Great Magic User.

Who said it, just who……

I turned my eyes towards Mia whom I was hugging.

Mia stuck out her tongue and mumbled.

「It is very important to bluff, you know?」

「Just wait and see!」

「For the sake of convincing the people who are in fear, the beginning is very important.」

Hmmm, mmm, once you said it like this, then it is very hard to grumble about it.

Mia has struggled really hard after being slashed by a sword.

And bluffed the others about me being a Great Magic User.

But then again, Mekishu Grand?

This is the first time that a monster appeared with a name that we do not know.

And from the words of the soldiers, it is also a monster from this world’s legend.

Just where did such a thing appear from?

No, I know what is going on vaguely.

Just that I don’t wish to admit it.


The Globster that was called by the Hobgoblins at the last moment.

The Globster that caused us to come to this place.

At that moment, what it used was an instant teleportation ability.

Not only that, that thing still have the ability to transport?

I still have a question.

Mekishu Grand is not the only one that appeared.

What happened to the Globster that was caught in the flood?

If that sort of thing continues to appear consecutively, we can only despair.

But even now I have already lost my fighting spirit.

We have barely escaped and wished to put some distance between us just like that.

Hence first we have to decrease our flying height.

And try to make ourselves less obvious.

I ordered the familiar butlers and maids to descend slowly.

We have already flew to outside of the city.

There isn’t any water here, so it is fine to decrease our height, but the main thing is for the convenience of our escape.

Flying magic can make us move at the same speed as birds.

To prevent the people whom we had just saved from dying, we should concentrate on getting further away.

Mekishu Grand began to move towards the east.

Is it because we have decreased our flying height, or it did not even care about us since the beginning?

Or perhaps it is purely trying to resist the flowing waters.

Even if it is a 6m giant, it cannot move easily in such situations.

And are the monsters there still alive?

Or are they all washed away?

The Mekishu Grand did not seemed to care about such small things and began running towards the east.

Towards the mountain.

In the midst, it stabbed its huge sword into the water.

A bright flash appeared.

And a sharp female shriek sounded.

「Probably the Water Elemental is defeated……」

Mia muttered.

Is it the Water Elemental that is controlling the floods?

Was it discovered by the Mekishu Grand and defeated?

The movements of Mekishu Grand is unstoppable.

It jumped across the city wall, reaching the foot of the mountain.

And stopped.

It drew its bow at the mountain.

Huh what is it aiming at?

Can it see the controller of the Water Elemental?

No, if it is that, then we can’t explain the reason for its movements……

But if that is true, then this guy’s eyes are really incredible.

With that, if we can’t escape outside of its vision, then there is no other way to escape.

The arrow in Mekishu Grand’s hands began to burn with flames.

What is that.

Is that a magical bow and arrow, or is it the ability of the monster?

The Giant Centaur shot out the huge arrow.

The arrow of flame drew an arc towards the mountain top and entered the forest.

A second later, a huge explosion happened in the depths of the mountain.

The trees are blown away.

A huge giant dust cloud rose.

「Ah…… what is that. Is it a bomb?」

「According to the legend, the hell flames of the Evil Blaze Strike released by Mekishu Grand will scorch everything.」

Evil Blaze Strike?……. By the name only, it sounds impressive….

Of course it’s with the chunni meaning.

「Ermm, then do you know about his other abilities?」

「Yes yes. Mekishu Grand uses 3 types of magic. The Evil Blaze Strike is as mentioned. The other 2, is Evil Thunder Slash released from the sword, and the Evil Dragon Eye that can see through everything.」

Evil Blaze Strike, Evil Thunder Slash and the Evil Dragon Eye.

The naming sense is really bad but the abilities are even worse……

Even if we add in the resistance, mmm, only 2 of them can be done……

No matter what, the Evil Dragon Eye is too dangerous.

So to say, anything that hides, he will be able to see it……

Mia is also considering about the same problem.

「Just now, I had just learnt 《Greater Invisibility》……」

Mia lowered her head and sulk.

Ah, yes.

That is the strengthened version of 《Invisibility》 in Rank 7 Wind Magic.

A dream-like magic that will not break even with intensive movements.

You can peek as much as you want.

Of course I did not do that.

Mia will not let me do that too.

Then I had considered the strength of having an invisible battle method for a moment.

But that method is easily sealed with the presence of the Evil Dragon Eye.

No, not that way.

I must change my thinking.

「Compared to deciding before moving, it is better to confirm it before deciding what to do.」

「Mmm. I understand, but.」

After the Rank up just now, we did not use Rank 7 Magic before.

Even so, the method to seal our quick attacks was found.

Even Mia is shocked.

「In a normal situation, the new magic learnt will be the Victory Flag for the next battle.」

「But reality will not be that smooth.」

「Damn, unforgivable.」

「Maa, before that, we need to see if he is willing to let us go……」

At that moment, the Mekishu Grand turned towards our side.

The red glow deep in the helmet stared at me..

A chill ran down my spine.

「Mia, 《Tempest》!」

「Huh? Ah I see.」

Rank 6 Wind Magic《Tempest》 is a magic that uses violent winds to blow away something that moves in a straight line.

The problem is that it is also a storm that can blow away an adult in an instant.

Even so, it is just blowing away only.

Honestly speaking, there is such a magic even at Rank 6……


The storm rushed towards the direction of Mekishu Grand

The distance is pretty considerable, so it is unable to reach the enemy.

But at least, he will be obstructed by the strong wind during his route here.

Then, the Mekishu Grand released a flame arrow.

The red flare that flew towards me is slightly derailed due to the wind……

Luckily, the distance between us is great.

The little change in angle during the movement, will result in an error of over hundreds of meter.

The fire bomb landed on the right side of the direction that we are heading to.

An intense explosion happened.

The airblast from the explosion assaulted us.

Under such a strong wind, even we are almost blown away.

While hugging Mia, I grabbed onto the back of the Centaur Knight tightly.

The people around gave out cries.

After opening our eyes to look, the violent wind had blew away a lot of the butlers and maids.

The people who were blown off my familiars are falling towards to the ground.

Sounds of bodies being smashed.

Sounds of bones being broken.

Their finals cries were echoing.

The Centaur Knight barely managed to lower his body to resist against the air flow.

The servants, who had did their best to protect the people, landed first and covered the people.

My familiars have done their best.

Even so, there are still many sacrifices.

Looking from the horseback, it is a scene from hell with cries and groans everywhere.

People with their heads twisted in odd directions.

People who are bleeding profusely.

Finally the blast from the explosion stopped.

The huge volcano-like crater was formed in the center of the explosion.

Such a chilling power.

What is with this absurd might.

Ah, wait wait, stop, I need to stop.

What can I do about such a guy.

No matter if it is to fight or flight, the destructive power of the enemy’s weapon is too strong……

Anyway, we are going to reach the peak of the mountain soon.

The people who are still safe, should head behind the cliffs……

But Mia and I.

「Ah, ah, ahhhh……. ah.」

Mia is trembling with her eyes wide opened.

The wounded state of the people who were barely saved were rolling about on the plains, and Mia stared at the tragedy in the surroundings.

「Mia! Get yourself together, Mia!」

I patted Mia’s cheek lightly.

Once again, I hugged the slender girl’s body though I am going to break her.

Mia sighed.

「Wh..why. I…… have already worked so hard.」

「I know. I understand that Mia has done her best.」

「Then, why, did this happen.」

「Keep your senses! There are many who are still alive! If we keep dilly dallying, the next attack will come, let’s protect those who are still alive!」

Mia stared blankly at me with her unfocused eyes.

Shit, what should I do.

With Mia in this state, how can I face that monster to buy some time?

At most I can get a few minutes.

No, even if I managed to hang on, then what will I do afterwards?

If we try to escape, can we escape from it?

Against such an outrageous long-ranged weapon?

Then what if.

We ignore the people from the city and use them as bait to escape now……

I ordered the Centaur Knight to fly into the sky again.

While ignoring Mia who is groaning 「ah, no..」.

A few butlers followed me into the sky.

At this timing.

Large amount of arrows rained down from the mountain.

Together with Fire Magic and Lighting Magic.

Ah, what is that.

What is going on.

I am confused.

「It’s Lord-sama’s army!」

The middle-aged soldier from just now was carried by the butler that flew up, and came beside the Centaur Knight to talk.

He was pressing on his left shoulder.

It seemed to be very painful.

Did he break it during the blast just now?

I hope he didn’t fracture it……

No, rather than that, what did he say?

「The Lord-sama is taunting the Mekishu Grand!」

I didn’t expect that, since the Lord had used the city as bait……

No, no.

I must not misunderstand it.

The Lord wanted to defeat the monster army even if he has to use the city as bait.

The Lord did not use the city as bait to escape.

He wanted victory even if he has to sacrifice his citizens.

That plan succeed halfway.

His calculations were wrong and Mekishu Grand, an even more troublesome monster appeared.

To the Lord, he wanted to defeat the enemies even if he has to sacrifice the city.

Since there are survivors.

No matter what kind of sacrifices he has to made, he can only choose to attack.

Even if there isn’t a chance of victory.

Mekishu Grand’s attention is attracted towards the mountain again.

To the enemy that has enough power to cause despair, the attacks made of arrows and magic did not seem to reduce.

「Now is the time! Fly with all your strength!」

I ordered the servants to bring the people to the cliff to avoid.

Luckily until the evacuation is done, Mekishu Grand’s attention is kept to the front.

The survivors from the city managed to reach the opposite of the cliff.

Good, this is fine.

Even if there is another of that explosion, the lives of the people can be saved.

After it is done, I recalled the servants.

Now even a little bit of MP is precious.

「Mia, are you okay?」

「Mmm…….I……Sorry, Kazu-chi.」

「Don’t mind it. I will let you do anything later, so do a good job for now.」


Mia nodded powerlessly……

And steeled her determination.

Then she shook her head vigorously to the left and right.

Won’t such a movement snap her neck?

「Okay! I am fine now!」

She clenched her 2 fists before her chest and shouted loudly.

Then she smiled at me slyly……

「Say, Kazu-chi. You did say anything is fine right?」

「Oi oi.」

I knocked on Mia’s head.

Mia smiled shyly.

Mia and I, stood on the cliff again to observe the situation.

Mekishu Grand shot many fire arrows towards the mountain.

With every shot, the retaliation from the Lord’s army decreased a little.

Until the mountain turned completely silent, it has taken over 20mins.

Even though it had took on the attacks from the Lord’s army, there is not injuries to Mekishu Grand’s body.

Such an overwhelming gap in power.

Is the Lord army too weak or is Mekishu Grand too strong?

The Lord probably saw us bringing the people from city to safety.

For the sake of helping the people in the city, he challenged the Mekishu Grand even though he knew its reckless.

Or to say, they believe in us, and tried their best to buy the time?

No matter what, their sacrifices are not in vain.

There is a meaning behind their futile attacks.


「Two hours have already passed.」

After completing my preparations, I stood on the cliff and announced.

It was at this moment that Mekishu Grand turn to our side.

I used my magic.

「《Summon Circle》 」

A red colour 6 sided star appeared below my feet.

White colour light pillars are erected.

Though the scale is small, but it is the same light as when the Mekishu Grand appeared.

In the faraway place at the circle formation in the Cultivating Centre.

It is a Rank 6 Summon Magic to bring the people and items inside here instantly.

Of course until the promised time, the people must arrange it…..

I know it.

My comrades, will not betray me.


The sound that came from the whirlpool of light.

「Wah, wahh wahh, it’s so bright.」

「Yes. But this is definitely..」

A nostalgic voice.

Though only 2 hours have passed since we separated.

I had felt that this 2 hours is very long.

The light disappeared.

Now on the cliff, before me, there is some luggages and 2 young girls.

A girl with black hair and a spear, Arisu.img_5137

A girl with golden hair and a white sword, Tamaki.


The 2 of them call out at the same time.

I nodded.

And look towards the faraway Mekishu Grand.

「We can talk later. Now we have to defeat that monster.」

I smiled fearlessly.

「Our full strength has assembled. Time to retaliate.」

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