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BIFMSMTK Volume 4 Chapter 86

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Chapter 86: Water Attack

After returning to the catapults, I immediately ordered the familiars to retreat, and jumped onto the Centaur Knight’s back.

The Centaur Knight ran toward the Lord’s mansion.

The Wind Elementals also followed.

The water attack had already began, so now every second counts.

Before long, the walls at the mansion appeared before us.

The Wind Elementals hugged me and flew up.

While the Centaur Knight circled around the crack at the walls.

I glanced that there are shadows of Hobgoblins on the route of the Centaur Knight.

「Kill them too!」


A reliable reply.

There will be no problems if we leave it to him.

I was carried up by the Wind Elementals and flew past the walls towards the courtyard.

There are about 100 people gathered there.

There are about 3 soldier-like guys.

With swords and spears in hands, squatting on the ground.

They are bandaged everywhere and those bandages are stained crimson red.

Are those who are decent at fighting, scattered around the city?

Probably this is all their leftover battle strength.

But it is because of their efforts, that is why they managed to stop the Hobgoblins’ advance.

Although they did not know that we are here.

All of these are a coincidence.

Of course, Mia’s “saving” under this sort of situation could be considered as a devil’s temptation.

It can be said that Mia has done well under this situation.

I saw that the native housewives are bandaging Mia’s shoulder.

Her breast area is completely exposed.

I hurriedly turn my sight away from Mia.

A middle-aged female came before me.

And lowered her head.

「We will obey you. No matter what, please save us.」

Those words contained deep fear.

I completely do not know what Mia had said to them in this short time.

But she had done a difficult job splendidly.

That is enough.

After treating Mia’s wounds, that female stood up and looked at me.

And slowly lowered her head.

「Kazu-chi, please.」

「Ah. Now I will call those that will transport you.《Summon Servant Team》」

Butlers and maids, a total of 100 people appeared.

The people in the city opened their eyes wide.

Even the 3 soldiers are dumbfounded.

But there is already no time left.

I felt the howling of the wind from the east side of the sky.

Ah ah, I can hear that sound already.

The destruction is approaching.

Before long, this city will meet its end.

I used all my MP and casted 《Deflection Spell》 with 《Mighty Arm》.

I have to strengthen the butlers’ and the maids’ strength.

The expanding magical light engulfed the arms of the butlers and maids.

At this time, the Centaur Knight arrived.

「Owner, 3 Hobgoblins are killed.」

「I know, thanks.」

The soldiers became alert but after seeing that I was talking with it, they seemed to have relaxed.

Okay, we can’t stay here and waste time.

「Mia. We will change the plan, and use 《Fly》 instead of 《Wind Walk》」


I hurriedly and cast 《Deflection Spell》  for Mia.

Mia casted the flying magic on us and the familiars before casting it on the entire servant team.

The butlers and maids’ bodies floated in the air lightly.

The reason for giving up 《Wind Walk》 is that the moving speed is different.

《Wind Walk》 which slowly rises like going up the stairs could give rise to the possibility that they may not escape in time.

《Fly》 can move like the speed of a bird, which is comparatively faster.

The butlers and maids brush into the crowd, each grabbing a person and flying into the air.

Just like a scene in the movies.

Due to the heavy leather armour that the soldiers are wearing, everyone of them are carried by 2 butlers.

It is really great that there are only 3 soldiers.

I have to fly by myself, and for an instant, I hesitated……

「Kazu-chi. Admitting your weakness is also courage.」

「Damn, thanks for your precious suggestion!」

With Mia’s scolding, I hopped onto the Centaur Knight’s back honestly.

Yes~ yes~, my sport skills are non-existent, and I am really sorry about that.

Just a mention, the butlers and maids that I summoned, beautifully controlled their bodies and carried a person each and flew into the sky.

Mia used Rank 3 Wind Magic 《Control Wind》 to create a upward current.

The uses for this magic is very limited, but there is a feeling of being considerate for the people.

The Centaur Knight led everyone into the sky.

While overlooking the butlers and maids that are rising.

Then I looked toward the east mountains.

The greenery on the mountains are being pushed down by a tea-coloured wall.

And the tea-coloured wall is slowly rising up while tearing the thick forest apart.

What is that.

Is…… that the river water that is released after being blocked by the dam?

What did they do to make it like that.

「Is it the Water Elemental magic user?」

Mia flew to my side and said.

「Is it, that is….. After using magic huh. The water magic user under the Lord……」

「He is one of those known as one of those who uses the Spirits of the Forest.」

「Spirit User…… specialised in Elementals? Or is he just making it seem like that?」

「They are completely different from our magic system?」

Maybe that is so.

If defeating monsters, leveling up and getting skill points are our special ability, then it is very likely that our magic system are also different.

Now that I mentioned it…… I have done a pretty shocking thing.

Freely controlling the Elementals, which is to be able to control Wind and Water like that.

A large amount of water rushed down like a wall.

That sentry tower that is at the edge of the forest, which was around 10m tall, was just swallowed by it.

It is going to react the city wall.

「Hurry up and evacuate!」

The butlers and the maids are shouting out.

Looking down, I saw a young woman beginning to run towards to the mansion now.

「My child has yet to come back! The maid who went to find her, has yet……」

The maids hurried and chase.

Mia is about to land.

I grabbed Mia’s shoulders, stopping her.


「But Kazu-chi.」

「There is no time. Leave the rest to the servants.」

Compared to that, I looked towards the Hobgoblins.

Just what are they……?

Looking to the west side of the city, I was silenced.

The Hobgoblins that were gathered in the park, formed a circle.

In the center of the circle, the Hobgoblin which was equipped like the commander was reading a curse like thing,

The commander Hobgoblin began to release blackish-red light.

Then…… the space before the commander Hobgoblin, began to twist like it went through a convex mirror.

The space continued to twist and slowly, a pink object appeared.

We understood after looking.

That is……

「The Globster……」

Mia swallowed her saliva.

Her body is trembling.

I reached out from the Centaur Knight’s back and hugged Mia tightly.


「It’s alright…… it will be fine.」

「Ah…… Yes, that will also be sunk into the water soon……」

Turning our sight to the east, the huge water wall has swallowed the east part of the city and is currently approaching the mansion.

But…… the female who entered the mansion has yet to return.

The 2 elderly that were still waiting for her in the courtyard are still there.

Shit, there is really no time left.

Mia and I were shouting in the air.

Hurriedly rushing them.

Hearing that, the butlers began to convince them.

One of the elderly asked the butler to carry himself up.

As the butler was flying up while carrying him……


The menacing water wall passed the outer wall of the mansion and devoured the mansion in an instant.

The elderly in the courtyard, the elderly that just flew up, along with those who are carrying them, disappeared into the muddy water instantly.

Mia suppressed her laments.

I hugged her body tightly and ordered the Centaur Knight to fly higher.img_5119

The water wall continued forward with the cliffs at the south side as its target.

And soon it reached the far side of the city.

The Hobgoblins, the 2 Giants left, and the Globster, are swallowed by the huge flood.

The trap that requires a lot of preparation and baits, have succeeded beautifully.

The move by the Lord is amazing.

If it’s Shiki, then she will probably smile and wave.

While kicking herself under the table.


Ah, damn.

I hugged Mia’s slender body tightly.

「Kazu-chi, painful.」

「Ah…… Sorry.」

Mia bit her lips and raised her head to look at me.

With an expression that is about cry.

I felt an intense pain in my heart.

A weird sense of feeling that she is going to disappear.

Without thinking of the consequences, by reflex, I pressed my lips onto Mia’s trembling lips.

Mia opened her eyes wide.

I separated from her face immediately.

「Sorry, just now, that.」

「Mmm……. Thanks.」

「No, which is, that……」

「Did you feel that I was being broken?」

Yes, that.

Although it is like that…… Mia, you……

「Mmm. So thanks.」

「That, Mia, really……」

「I am comparatively satisfied.」

But Mia smiled shyly.

「Thanks to Kazu-chi, I relaxed.」

At this moment, a glaring light shone from behind.

Turning back, around the center of the city, a pillar of light is erected.

What is that.

I noticed it.

That is indeed the place that the Hobgoblins are gathering at.

The place that the Globster appeared at.

What exactly happened?

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