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BIFMSMTK Volume 4 Chapter 84

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Chapter 84: Battle of the Fortress City 8

Returning to the pier, Mia immediately questioned the kids.

Regarding the current situation, there is a need to ask them for more information.

I got down from the back of the Centaur Knight and kept a lookout.

Ah, it seems like it is very hard to defend in this place.

Before this, we had decided to gather here because it was easy to recognise this place.

「Which building should we move to? For instance, a sturdy building…..」

While saying this, I remember the Giants’ strength.

Is there a building that could withstand those idiots’ strength….. There is none.

「Anywhere is fine, as long as it is not too striking. While the enemy has yet to discover us……」

「Discovered, Owner.」

After saying and without waiting for my orders, the Centaur Knight shot the arrow.

A Hobgoblin fell in the shadows about 20m away.

After seeing their comrades get killed, out of the 3 left, one escaped.

Wow, they really have some good training.

These fellows are from the scouting team.

They will not push it and instead, they will directly report it to the main troops.

What should we do, should we chase them?

After hesitating for abit……

「There is no need to chase. Let’s hurry up and move.」

That was what I said.

I had judged that compared to the time spent on chasing, it is better to hide.

Also we need to consider the possibility of the escaping Hobgoblins leading us into a trap.

We brought the kids, and entered a 2 storied building a bit further away.

The deciding factor is that there are exits everywhere.

We can also escape through the roof with flying magic.

Mia asked the kids alot of questions. And below are the things they knew.

-The name of this city is called Hesshu・ Reshu・ Nashu. This is the same as we heard in the white room

-The monster army is recognised as the Maou Army. Regarding the question on what is the Maou, the answer is that he should be the monsters’ King? They answered with a question feeling. Which is to say, they don’t really know. Well we don’t know if it is a translation problem or what.

-As to the matter about this country and the world, they are unsure about it. As a mention, there is nothing like a school. With no education, well this situation is also possible.

-In this year, everything changed. The interaction between the humans decreased, the price of the products from the merchants increased. The number of monsters increased. Finally, this city is assaulted by groups of monsters. I see, so this world wasn’t in this state in the beginning.

-Yesterday, the soldiers left in the city, was suddenly reduced to around 20. The rest disappeared with the Lord. The Lord instructed the commander to receive the attacks from the monsters the next day. Then the group of monsters appeared. The people in the city discovered that they are used as bait.

-The soldiers in the city are those who are distant with the Lord. Ah, it’s like this. Just a mention, the commander died in battle during the defence battle at the city walls. So there is no one leading the defence. Maa, it probably would not have been of use. The commander’s death pummelled the soldiers’ morale, and these kids happened to overheard the plan that the Lord had from a soldier.

-The kids’ parents have already died in battle. So without discussing with the other adults, even if it’s only them, they also wanted to escape. But the city is already filled with Hobgoblins. If not for Mia who happened to pass by, they would probably have been killed.

-The Lord’s mansion is a simple castle in the city. The rest of the citizens are all there. About the people left in the city, many of them escaped into the city after they saw the figures of the monster group . And nobody knows who they are.

-Currently there are about 100 citizens in the Lord’s mansion. Most of them are females and kids and the elderly. The men who could move, are already fighting to protect the city. The ill-equipped people that I saw during the crow’s scouting, are probably the hastily conscripted soldiers. To boost the numbers, they roughly completed a 100 man army…… then they are wiped out.

So it can be roughly said like this.

I glanced at my watch.

After transferring here from the cave, 1h 20mins have already passed.

I should say, only 80mins.

There are still 40mins left to go to use Summon Magic to call for reinforcements.

Before that, we probably would not be able to defend the Lord’s mansion.

If that is so, then before that, the flood attack will began.

After using to butlers and maids to help the citizens, we must do something to the monsters that are closing to the Lord’s mansion.

Then we will be able to escape through the air.

The monsters will be swallowed by the flood, and the people who are bait will survive.

If it is successful.

Actually, we still have to convince the citizens.

The kids called me the「Monster User」

And they are still a bit afraid.

If there are soldiers in the Lord’s mansion, then we can converse with the soldiers….. That seems possible hmm.

No, even if we consider it, there are no other methods.

In this timing, the monsters are advancing in the city.

No matter how sturdy the defence of the mansion is, to the Giants who are able to destroy the city walls, they are probably useless.

After sending out the crow to investigate, we confirmed that there are no Hobgoblins before we took flight.

After casting flying magic, I ordered to Wind Elementals to survey the surroundings for enemies, and after confirming, we slowly advanced.

Even so, the city is filled with Hobgoblins, so battles are unavoidable.

And we have already battled twice.

We defeated a total of 5 Hobgoblins, and Mia rose another level.

After keeping the skill points, we returned to the original place immediately.

Mia: Level 18 Earth Magic 4/Wind Magic 6 Skill Point 5

In the 2 battles, the number of Hobgoblins that ran was 0.

This is all thanks to the Centaur Knight closing the gap in a instant.

His sword and bow skills are incredible, but his mobility is his greatest weapon.

Like this, we proceeded cautiously for 5min.

The walls of the mansion that was slightly east of the centre of the city, appeared before us.

But, that wall has already collapsed.

What was seen, are the 2 Giants that are walking in front, towards to soldiers who have survived in the courtyard.

Luckily there are no signs of Hobgoblins.

Is this…… a chance?

「Restrain him」

「Ah. Leave it to me.」

I left the guarding of the surroundings to the 2 Wind Elementals.

And ordered the Centaur Knight to increase his speed.

「I will be depending on you.」

「Leave it to me, Owner.」

The Centaur Knight strike at the Giant who had just tore apart a soldier’s body.

At nearly the same time, Mia released her magic.

「《Stone Bind》」

The stone in the courtyard, is binded to a Giant’s leg.

In this timing, the Centaur Knight made contact with the other one.

The spear pierced deeply into the shin of the Giant.

The Giant cried out in pain, waved his arms about.

But the Centaur Knight had already put some distance swiftly, circling around for another blow.

The Giant kneed powerlessly.

The Centaur Knight dashed at that neck, and with a nimble strike, his spear stabbed in.

This is definitely a lethal blow.

Although there are the effect of 《Haste》 and other support magic, but the Centaur Knight has slaughtered the Giant with overwhelming power.

Next, the other Giant howled.

Dragging the 《Stone Bind》, he closed the distance between him and the Centaur Knight.

The Centaur Knight has yet to put out his spear from the previous Giant.

「Mia, cover.」

「Ah. 《Lightning Arrow》」

6 《Lightning Arrow》 dived into the Giant’s body.

The Giant’s entire body numbed.

The intense pain, turned his conscious blank for a moment.

But that moment is enough.

The Centaur Knight pulled out his spear from the Giant’s corpse and took distance.

The Giant chased determinedly, but before that, the Centaur Knight’s assault began.

Their distance shrink and increased.

The Giant pressed on his knee that was pierced with the spear and kneed on the ground.

The Centaur Knight circled back, and slashed at the Giant’s neck with his sword.

The Giant gave out his final cry.

The battle ended.

His methods have became quite good.

The Wind Elementals which are surveying the surroundings around the buildings returned to my side.

「Left 2 Giants.」

「The situation on the Hobgoblins.」

「They seemed to be scattered around the place. Two commander-like figures are gathering their subordinates.」

Ah, yes.

To the enemy, we are unknown opponents who could finish off the Giants.

Gathering the troops and resist us as a group, that is their intentions.

But the Giants did not consider that.

The perfect collaboration does not exist.

This is a chance.

「Restrain the 2 Giants. If the Wind Elementals see the Hobgoblins, then give us a sign.」

Suddenly the 2 Giants stopped their movements.

From how the Wind Elementals saw it, the Mage beside the Commander Hobgoblin casted some magic.

「Perhaps that is 《Whisper Sound》」

《Whisper Sound》, a Rank 3 Wind Magic.

A magic that could talk with a faraway target……

I see, so to the army, this is a very convenient communication method?

Maybe they could use it just like a mobile phone.

This time, they are depending on it to transmit the commander’s orders?

That, is very bad……

「Kazu-chi, this is bad. What should we do?」

「I know. Mia, bring the kids, be it the soldiers or the citizens, just find someone who can negotiate.」

The worst situation is that we have to abandon them and escape.

When I thought of this, the Hobgoblin army…… is dangerous.

「You will go and convince them.」

After Mia slightly hesitated, she nodded stiffly with a「yes」expression.

Together with the kids, they went into the mansion of the lord.

Then, with this……

I have to buy some time alone.

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