BIFMSMTK Volume 4 Chapter 83

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Chapter 83: Battle of the Fortress City 7

The Centaur Knight that I was on, ran through the city that was filled with enemies.

We can see fallen natives all over the place.

Anyway, these were done by the Hobgoblins, as they all suffered deep arrows and sword wounds.

Occasionally, there are some that are still moving, and some that are groaning.

But I ignored them.

Now we don’t have any user of Healing Magic, or the thoughts of deliberately learning Healing Magic.

If we need to heal the familiars, then my magic is fine. Although I am slightly injured, but if its only this extent, I can endure it.

Compared to the pain from the 《Lightning》 just now, it is nothing serious.

Though it’s painful, but I can endure it.

I, who is over level 20, is probably ranked even higher than the General.

Although I don’t feel it, but I am probably very tough.

Which is already past a normal human.

Then skill points are the only lifeline that we have in this world.

Every single skill point that we have, exist for the sake of protecting our comrades.

My Support Magic is, so is my Summon Magic. They existed for the sake of my comrades.

So if it is someone who is not our comrades get injured, or even die, we will not feel guilty.

This was what Mia and I have decided.

Now, Mia is probably also moving through a different route.

This is good.

If we think about each other, then we can keep our spirits up.

We will help the others, but only after we have confirmed our comrades’ safety.

Among the corpses, there are kids who are younger than Mia.

And a person who has arrows in his back.

Beside him, is a quiver with 10 odd arrows inside.

Was this soldier shot by stray arrows when he was on a mission?

I ordered the Centaur Knight to stop.

And had him pick up the quiver.

「At least, these arrows will be used for us. Use these arrows to kill the Hobgoblins.」

「Understood, Owner.」

The Centaur Knight began to run again.

I bit my lips strongly and the taste of iron began to spread in my mouth.

The back of the Centaur Knight is still shaking violently.

Damn, I clenched my fists.

「Owner, there are 2 on the rooftop at the house on the left.」


We should have ignored them.

But I ordered him.

The Centaur Knight, following my orders, released arrows as we passed by.

The 2 Hobgoblins are killed consecutively.

Beautiful skills.

The 2 Hobgoblins also prepared their bows and arrows, but before they could even shoot the arrows, their throats and chests were pierced by arrows and they fall towards the ground powerlessly.

We don’t have the time to pick up the gems.

The Centaur Knight took a glance at his preys’ dying moments and passed from the side.

I faced forward.

If I turned, I will see the face of the kid who died, so I kept looking forward.

At the gathering place, the pier, Mia’s figure was seen.

It seems like the 2 Wind Elementals are properly following the orders to protect her.

But Mia is not alone.

Beside her, are 3 boys and girls who are around the same height as her.

Although I said so, Mia’s age….. They are probably 10 to 12 years old?

They are all shaking in fear.


Mia used a sorrowful expression and faced me who was on the Centaur Knight’s back.

「These kids seemed to have escaped.」


「The centre of this city. At the big house there.」

Ah ah, the place like the mansion of the lord that was surrounded by sturdy walls.

The people who are like commoners seemed to be hiding there.

But….. ah, what is going on.

Where did they escape from?

My doubts were discovered and the scared kids began to speak timidly.

「That, Knight-sama…… escaped…… Water Magic User-sama…… at mountain, dam…… going to, water, wash away the city……」

Who is Knight-sama.

No, forget it.

Riding on the Centaur Knight is the truth

But the meaning of his words……

Thinking about it, I finally understood.

「The reason why there is no water. The Water Magic user. That guy is now…… making a water attack?」

「Ah. The people in this city are left, as bait for attracting the monsters.」

「We are also fools for biting that bait.」

This is the reason why this city is exceptionally empty.

The reason why the people fought so desperately.

All sorts of unnatural reasons are finally solved.

Maa, the Lord-sama’s army is on the east side of the mountain, setting up a dam.

The Water Magic user under the Lord, is manipulating the accumulated water, causing a flood.

Sinking this entire city in water.

With this, they can wipe out all the monsters.

These kids, the people in the city and the soldiers…… are bait for this.

To them, this is a necessary sacrifice.

From the strength of the Giants and the soldiers who could not match up, this strategy……

Ants…… ah.

Because if they fail and are wiped out, the citizens in the town will also be killed by the monsters, so at least let them be of use as bait.

Although it sounds harsh, but there is no other way for them.

If they fail, they will lose everything.

This is no longer a situation where they can care about their methods.

At least I understand this.

And understood it perfectly.

Until yesterday, we are also like that.

To help who, and to abandon who?

We are often forced to make that decision.

Actually, we have already made a few decisions to abandon others.

The reason why we could survive through those 2 days, is because we have been accumulating our power while the orcs are focused on other areas.

I can’t forget about those things.

The people on my side who are sacrificed, I will definitely not forget them.

But, before that, I deliberately say this.

「Mia. The people in this city are not our comrades.」

Mia held her breath and looked at me who was on the Centaur Knight.

I still smiled.

「I am afraid of losing my comrades. Moreover, Mia, that’s you.」


Mia bit her lips tightly.

「Mia, answer me. Even if so, do you still wish to help them?」

Mia hesitated and stared at me.

She understands it, that it is just something hypocritical, and not only me and her, there are still others who are waiting for us in the Cultivating Centre. This is an action that will expose them to danger.

After helping the people who are abandoned by their Lord, then what? Bring them along? And keep protecting them?

I asked her「Mia, you said it just now. That you wanted to be a hero.」

「I did, but……」

Mia was perplexed.

Currently she is swaying between her scale of reasonings and emotions.

What she wanted to become and what she really is.

She is swaying intensely between these 2.

She clenched her little fist, with her head lowered.

Her shoulders are slightly trembling.

Mia is very smart, she is too smart for a person who wanted to become a hero.

And a hero is a person who can make the impossible possible, and even if he is rash, he will just be himself.

But, that is just winning a lot of gambles.

A fool who is uninformed and had no plans, surpassing a mountain that is normally unsurpassable.

The smarter you are, the more helpless you will be. And that is something unforgivable.

Moreover, what you are gambling with, is not only your own life, so that is even worse.

No choice, I have made my choice. If she is unable to decide……

I look at the Centaur Knight.

「Attack, kill.」

「Understood. Owner.」

The Centaur Knight placed the arrow on his bow.

Mia, then the kids, opened their eyes.

The arrow that the Centaur Knight shot, dived into the chest of the Hobgoblin that approached from the shadows.

Without knowing, 2 Hobgoblins have approached.

The Centaur Knight rushed at the other Hobgoblin, and abandon his bow, picking up the spear on his waist.

With a thrust, he pierced the chest of the Hobgoblin that was preparing to escape.

I leveled up.

This is fine.

With this, we can give Mia time to think.

In the white room, Mia and I sat and faced each other.

Mia, had her mouth slightly opened.

「Thanks, Kazu-chi」

「No worries…….Then, Mia, let’s discuss.」

「Ah…… To abandon those kids or deal with it?」

「And also, including the information of the water attack, what should we do?」

We can use magic to fly, so if there is any situation, we can just fly to escape.

If Mia wanted to help these 3 kids, then she could just help them fly.

Although there will be the problem of whether if these 3 kids will be able to provide the information that we need.

A common consideration is that we should seek adults if we want to obtain information.

For example, someone like the commander of the soldiers, as he would know more stuff.

「Actually, there is no need to hear the words of the people in the city.」

「Hmm, huh?」

「Because there are people who built the dam, are at the east in the mountains. The one who holds real power will definitely be there.」

If we stay in this city, it is akin to suicide.

For a person who decided on such a merciless plan, there is no way for us to hope that he will commit suicide like this.

Maa, there is also the possibility of having the aesthetics of dying with his city.

But I feel that that is only escaping his responsibility.

That hell that we have went through until yesterday, we had to clench our teeth to endure through all the difficulties.

What is a suiciding commander, it is nothing but being spoiled.

Probably it was due to seeing Shiki-san.

Even after being buried in the stones, she continued to fight, seeing her like that made me realise it.

But she is slightly self-deprecating, and likes inflicting wounds on herself……

However with that, it further enhanced her imposing figure of going against the waves.

That is the figure that a leader should have.

I should not comment on her thoughts, but the result is, following her, many students are saved.

The Cultivating Centre group that is filled with mob-like characters, even if we, the main force left, they are now able to protect the Cultivating Centre without any problem.

They became strong, and that could be due to Shiki-san’s stubbornness.

So, I feel that a leader should be in a safe area.

If he is that kind of a leader, then he will be in a safe place. For the sake of carrying on the responsibility of his decision, now he is probably looking at the city.

Mia said「that kind of thing……」

After Mia slightly considered……

「I have thought about it since the past, but Kazu-chi really liked Shiki.」

「That is definitely a misunderstanding.」

「Then you are bribed by Shiki?」

「That is…… possible. My first evaluation of her is that she will be killed one day.」

「So Kazu-chi is a tsundere……」

「I have said that a man as a tsundere is only disgusting.」

Mia shrugged her shoulders.

I regretted that I felt that it is okay to have a girl as a tsundere.

Mia looked at the patterns on the ground and raised her head.

「Then, Kazu-chi, I have a proposal.」

「Say it.」

「Like those kids said, there are about 100 people gathered in the centre.」


「Help everyone.」

I frowned.

If it can be done, then it will not be so tough on us…… I think.

Mia should have understood it.

「How should we do it.」

「Use 《Summon Servant Team》 to summon a hundred butlers and maids, then after each of them carried a person in the city, we will cast an area flying magic.」

I see and nodded.

Then immediately I used 《Summon Servant Team》 to ask the servants if this plan is workable.

The butlers and maids also displayed slightly unexpected strength, and got the reply that “if it is about the weight of a fatso”.

In reality, the maid alone, could pick me up.

I am quite heavy. But she used both hands to hug me up.

A pair voluminous breasts appeared before my eyes, and I tried to ignore it.

Mia used 《Wind Walk》 on the maid when she was in this state.

And she walked in the air normally.

When walking, the maid’s soft boobs touched my cheeks, that part is really naughty!

I should not talk about that for now.

Hmm, if I can be lifted up by the maid alone, then the butler-sans should be able to lift men up.

If it is a slightly heavier person, then he can be carried by 2 people.

If not, we can also use 《Mighty Arm》 along with it.

I praised Mia’s strategy as amazing.

「I had thought about it desperately.」

Mia’s changes in expression are still very little.

But I know that she is happy.

Or rather, me who was swallowed by the darkness of the boobs, can’t say anything, and that is the proof of her nervousness.

Kazuhisa: Level 24 Support Magic 5/ Summon Magic 7 Skill Points 5

After we discussing a bit more deeply on the plan, then we returned to the original place.

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