BIFMSMTK Volume 4 Chapter 82

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Chapter 82: Battle of the Fortress City 6

The Mages are killed but the Hobgoblins who were scattered, have completely grasped our location.

Arrows flew over from every direction.

And now we are being separated.

「We will retreat for now! The Wind Elementals will protect Mia, and listen to her orders! The gathering point is……」

I surveyed the surrounding from the back of the Centaur Knight.

What came to my sight is the north pier, at the opposite of the city.

So that is a river?

If we look at it carefully, the river seemed to have flowed in the past and now the city wall are built outside of the pier.

Only the moss at the northern walls are lesser.

So that place is the newest?

If that is true, then the defence there is the strongest.

Because of that, the Hobgoblins did not attack from there.

Should we set the gathering at there?

Although we said so, but now we are currently in effect of 《Many Tongues》.

If we say out the location, the enemy will discover it.

「Mia, we will talk about the gathering place after leveling up.」

「Okay, understand.」

The Wind Elementals flew towards Mia.

Mia will explain clearly what they needed to do.

I instructed the Centaur Knight to land on a suitable alley.

「Towards north. Defeat that 2 Hobgoblin on the way.」

「Understood, Owner. Be careful not to fall.」

After being told, I hugged the Centaur Knight’s back tightly.img_5065

The Centaur Knight ran suddenly.

Turning at a corner, it dashed out into a street which is considered quite wide.

One Hobgoblin happened to be backfacing us at the rooftop.

The movement on our side is so fast that the other party did not even have time to react.

The Centaur Knight hang his spear on the hook on his waist.

I immediately passed the bow on the back to him.

「Thanks, Owner.」

The Centaur Knight pulled the bow and released the arrow.

The arrow aimed towards the deep area in the helmet of the Hobgoblin who finally turned back, entering through the left eye.

One shot kill.


I could not help but praise him.

The Centaur snorted with pride and pulled out another arrow, increasing his speed.

While I hugged his back tightly.

An arrow was shot at us by a Hobgoblin from the shadows about 10m away.

But it was nothing to us who are travelling at high speeds.

The retaliation shot by the Centaur Knight was repelled by the Hobgoblin’s helmet.

The Hobgoblin fell back.

The Centaur continued forward, with his hooves stepping on the Hobgoblin’s head.

With sound of the bones shattering, our bodies began to float gently.

The Centaur Knight followed the motion and continued forward.

I turned back and look, and the Hobgoblin with fatal injuries faded.

That instant, we are transferred to the white room.

Mia leveled up.

In the white room, there is no fear of being overheard by others.

I told Mia that the gathering place is the pier.

「The pier……」

Mia tilted her head.

「The city remained even after the river is gone?」

「When the crow was scouting, there is a river further north. Perhaps the river flow changed. Like having a river is hard to defend or something.」

「If you shut your gates and don’t move, then wouldn’t it be hard to get water?」

Hmm, that’s it.


I was wondering and thought of a possibility.

「《Summon Water》?」

「Ah I see. Magic.」

Hmm, perhaps the common sense in our world is not suitable.

I can summon water and food.

It wouldn’t be strange if the people in this world can summon too.

There are mountains on the East side, so in the past, water should have flowed from there.

Or perhaps at a certain stage, they no longer needed the river.

All of this are just speculations.

「Also, Kazu-chi. Although it has already been awhile, call out the familiars, I have alot of things that I want to hear.」

「Ah, I see. I would like to listen too.」

Which familiar should I summon, after thinking while, I had just learnt Rank 7 Summon Magic, 《Summon Servant Team》.

A magic to summon a team of butlers and maids.

Hence, aged butlers who stood straight with their swallow tail coats, and young maid in their western maid dress appeared.

A total of 100 people.

「That’s too much!」

I shouted out unknowingly.

The size of the white room is about a classroom.

So matter what if 100 people is inside, it is too cramped.

Luckily we can keep the necessary number of people and send the rest back.

I am really sorry since it was hard for everyone to come, but we left 3 butlers and maids and sent the rest back.

We asked the remaining 6 questions.

「Where are you summoned from, and what happens if you die?」

「We familiars, are souls with a temporary body. We wouldn’t be anywhere normally.」

The butler replied me gracefully.

I looked at Mia.

Mia touched her mouth with her hand, mumbling「sounds like Fate?」. (TL note: should be referencing to Fate stay night)

What is that.

I know it is nothing good, so there is no need to clarify.

「Can I also ask a question?」

「Ah. Everyone, also answer Mia’s question.」

「The maids there, if Kazu-chi wants to H, it is fine with that order?」

「Yes, of course……」

I knocked Mia’s head.

I told the maids that there is no need to answer those kind of questions.

「You, are really……」

「I am asking the question that Kazu-chi really wanted to know only.」

「A pity, I can settle that myself.」

It is really good that Arisu and Tamaki is not around.

No, when you have relationships with multiple girls, it is already too late.

Or perhaps when I heard the reply from the maids, I was a bit excited…… No, this is something that can’t be helped.

We refocused and returned to the real problem.

First is the matter about this world.

The answer is 「don’t know」.

This isn’t a story about a spirit who lived in this world.

Then from another viewpoint, I tried asking about the Exclusive Contract that Mia had heard from the Centaur Knight.

「The Exclusive Contract is a special agreement that we give to a chosen person to summon us. If you have the ritual and a special catalyst then you can use it.」

「How can we get the ritual for the Exclusive Contract?」

「I don’t know.」

Is that so.

Ah ah, so there is something needed. Well the good news is that we know that we are lacking something.

Although this means that we have to put this matter aside for now.

「Just asking, are you butlers and maids able to fight?」

「No, we do not have combat skills. So we will not be able to help you.」

Maa, even if it is not like that, I can’t summon 100 people at once.

Even if they have the power to clear rubble.

To be able to do exhausting work but yet unable to fight, seems to be a mismatch…… Does familiars also have that kind of restrictions?

Anyway just like they explained, they are not suitable for combat.

Rank 7 familiars need 49 MP.

Then how will we use that 49 MP.

To enjoy luxurious stuff in the white room?

What I can think of, is only that much……

This magic is a Rank 7 Magic 《Summon Feast and Set》 .

It can be said as a buffet for a 100 people.

Luxurious tables and chairs, along with dishes and alcohol, such an extravagant party. If you want everything include the party meal set, it only need 7MP.

Butlers, maids and a feast……

What is this, this Rank 7 summon magic……

Maa, forget it.

I ordered the servants to wait, and discussed the future movements.

First we need to meet up quickly and then what.

「The battle line of the enemies that are chasing us will widen. Then shall we start with the enemies that caught up?」

「If they keep chasing relentlessly….. The leftover Giants should be arriving soon?」

「When the Giants come, if it is just one, defeat it. If two, restrict one. If three and above, escape.」

Hmm, this sounds right.

After all, we can only use guerrilla tactics to separate and defeat the enemies.

「The soldiers in the city and the people who gathered at the centre, are they still safe?」

「I really want them to work hard as bait.」

Everyone, please look.

These are the words that were said by someone who had wanted to be a 「hero」just now.

This girl, in the end, is still lacking something hero-like.

I looked down at Mia.

Mia understood the meaning of my gaze and stuck out her tongue.

「After all I am bad.」

「Now it is a good thing to play our hands. At least, this is to help me do my best.」

Mia smiled with a 「then, we will settle this issue like this」.

Mia: Level 17 Earth Magic 4/Wind Magic 6 Skill Point 3

Mia pressed the return button.

We returned to the city that was in its death struggle.

In different places.

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