BIFMSMTK Volume 4 Chapter 81

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Chapter 81: Battle of the Fortress City 5

The Maou Army.

The thing that I heard from the Hobgoblin after using 《Many Tongues》 was this.

What is this. I have suddenly heard something very chunni.


What kind of era is this, still using words from Dragon Quest.

《Many Tongues》, just how are you translating this.

No, wait.

I calmed down and considered it.

I wanted to throw something.

This translation, from what Mia said, like the names of the monsters on the computer, there is a high possibility of “being replaced by words that we are the familiar with as the native’s words”
For example, when I first knew the name of the orcs from the computer, someone in the mountains has already recognised that pig-face monster as an orc, hence the computer registered the monster as ‘Orc’.

What I want to say is that, is it possible that someone among us had recognised this as a “Maou Army”?

Even if we have some translation method like 《Many Tongues》, this group has already been registered as “Maou Army” in the translation method.

Or it could be that when they first met the orcs, they called out「what the heck, is this a Maou Army!」

Mmm, it is not that it will be like that.

Just that I don’t really want the strange thinking of something like a Maou is really real.

Ah, because……


If we got to such a world with that sort of thing, what can we do…… ah I don’t even want to consider about it anymore.

My expression must have been strange?

Mia gazed at me.

Ah right.

Compared to what there is a Maou or it is just nonsense, first we must consider the real problem.

「If we stay here, there will be danger.」

「So we retreat?」

After Mia hesitated for abit, she spoke「above」 and used flying magic on herself and the Centaur Knight.

I see, no matter if we escape or not, it will be different if we have the mobility of flying magic.

I am not good at flying so I sat on the back of the Centaur Knight.

「Then I will leave it to you, Centaur Knight.」

「Leave it to me, Owner.」

I jumped onto the Centaur Knight’s back.

Mia and the Centaur Knight flew into the sky.

The 2 Wind Elementals followed.

Oh, my familiars are flying better than me…… ah.

What was that deep-sounding voice just now.

……huh? Just now, did this guy spoke?

I looked that the face of the Centaur Knight.

The deep red eyes of the familiars also looked towards me.

「Perhaps this is also due to 《Many Tongues》?」

「Yes, Owner」

I see, until now I have been communicating with the crows with something like telepathy, but some other familiars are completely unable to speak.

But the familiars should have their own languages as well right?

Ah, ermm, but.

If we can speak like this, then I will hesitate if I use them as disposable pawns.

「Master, our bodies here are only substitutes. Our real bodies are somewhere else. So there is no need hesitate and use us as pawns to the utmost.」

「Okay I understand.」

Okay, in a second, my thoughts are read.

Ah ah, in front of the familiars, to talk about how to treat them as disposable pawns.

Is probably a thorn in the familiars’ hearts.

Honestly speaking, the concern from the Centaur Knight is really rare.

Right now, if my thoughts slowed down because of weird thoughts, then it will be quite dangerous.

They are pawns, convenient pawns that can be disposed of.

If I don’t think of it like this, then I may not be able to protect the things that are important to me.

「Oh, right, the Wind Elementals……」

「Yes, please give us the orders.」

Ah, indeed they could speak.

I get this feeling that I knew it.

But this is fine too.

「The 2 of you will move to the rooftop of the house on the left and right, and check out the movements of the enemies.」

The 2 Wind Elementals separated after listening to my instructions.

Mia looked at me, saying「I want it too! Give me《Many Tongues》.」

Ah, right.

It is better to give it to you too.

I used the magic on Mia.

Mia who have gotten 《Many Tongues》, immediately start a small chat with the Centaur Knight.

「Girl with big boobs, girl with big butt, which one do you like?」

「Oi oi. You can choose not to answer.」

「Chiii. ……then Ken-chan, how much do you know about this world? For example if we want to know about things in this city……」(TL note: Chiii = Mia staring, Ken-chan = Centaur Knight as in Japanese, Centaur is kentauros)

Ken-chan? Oi.

Although it’s reasonable.

And the problem is very direct.

「It is a pity that I am not an existence of this world. If necessary, you can continue with the details later.」

「Hmm. Next question. Can we summon you again the next time?」

「In the current situation, I may not be the next Centaur Knight that is summoned.」

「”Current situation” huh. Then there is a method to summon you again the next time?」

「If we have an exclusive contract, then it can be done. But I don’t know that method.」

「I see……」

How should I say this, Mia is incredible.

Although it is the thinking of a gamer, but she developed thoughts that I have never even considered.

What is an Exclusive Contract.

But now we cannot create that kind of contract……?

It is pretty good to summon the same familiar many times, and we can also use it as an information source.

Then we will treat it as a topic for future investigation.

Maa, that will be the thing to do afterwards.

For now we have to take care of the Hobgoblins before us.

What we saw when we reached the rooftop of the buildings, were the Hobgoblins separating into 2 teams to pincer attack us at the narrow alley.

Then some of them discovered that we are on the rooftop and they shouted to communicate, with the troops heading to another rooftop.

It seems like they wished to use arrows to decide the victory.

There are a total of 20 Hobgoblins approaching us.

But one of the important thing to say is that, among the words of the Hobgoblins, there is「Call the Inju over.」

「Inju, what do you think about it, Mia?」

「Inju….. Ah, no no, don’t bother me,l my ears. If the meaning of these words are translated to Japanese…… then it is something like Curse Troops」(TL note: Inju sounds like pervert beast in Japanese.)

Ah ah, although I don’t really understand it, but I get what it meant.

「Magic users huh?」

「Probably…… So Kazu-chi.」

I know, Resist right.

The type of magic that the enemies used—— according to the result of our investigation—— we roughly know some of them.

At least they know fire magic.

At this timing, the Wind Elementals returned.

Seems like no other enemies appeared.

「《Deflection Spell》……《Resist Element: Fire》」

I will not be stingy with the MP here, so I will put 《Resist Element: Fire》 for everyone first.

Just like the Mage Orcs, there is the possibility of the green-skinned Mages having all sorts of attributes, but the attack by fire causes the most damage.

And if it is Earth Magic, they can do disturbing actions like 《Heat Metal》.

So being wary is correct.

After 《Resist Element: Fire》 is casted on all the members.

Countless of fire arrows flew over, roasting the skin of the Wind Elementals that are slightly above us.

We were really lucky.

Thanks to 《Resist Element: Fire》, the Wind Elementals are nearly unscathed.

Towards the direction where the arrows of flames are released, a total of 4 robed guys are seen.

They are standing on the roof of the buildings about 30m away.

「Mage huh?」

If this drags on, it will be troublesome.


「Centaur Knight, attack. Wipe out those fellows.」

「Understood, Owner.」

I sat on the Centaur Knight who is nimbly using flying magic to rush towards the Mages.

The Mages panicked, and released fire arrows at us without caring for the sturdy body of the Centaur Knight……

Instead, the Centaur Knight flashed its sword.

The arrows made of flames are cut.

Oi oi, you can even cut magic.

This could be because of 《Resist Element: Fire》, but even so it is amazing.

After we got closer, the Mages released 《Fire Bomb》 towards us.

This is a wide range explosion magic when it reaches its target, it can be said as a Magic Grenade.

The difference with a hand thrown grenade, is that its shooting range is quite far……

Hence, before the Centaur Knight that I rode on, the 《Fire Bomb》 exploded….. But before that, the Centaur Knight threw his sword.

The sword split the ball of flames into halves.

The fireball disappeared before exploding.

The thrown sword continued forward, towards the chest of the Mage.

The Mage panically shrink his body into a ball.

Tsk, he dodged it.

But thanks to that, his long robe was peeled off.

Green skin, and hairless.

With a flat nose, flat face, sharp ears and a wide mouth.

And oranged coloured eyes.

Until now the Hobgoblins have been covered by their helmets, so now we finally saw their faces……

This is the face of a Hobgoblin?

This guy is indeed the Hobgoblin mage.

Anyway we will call it as Mage Hobgoblin.

The other 3 Mages, jumped around in order to put some distance, attempting to escape to some other building.

Is this 《High Jump》?

If so, then they can also use Wind Magic?

Shit, if we are hit by something like 《Lightning》, I will feel the pain too.

No, I believe that it will definitely be painful……

The long spear that the Centaur Knight had, pierced through the Hobgoblin in front.

The Mage gave a final cry, and his body began to dissolve.

After the Mage disappeared, a blue gem is left.

Immediately, the 3 Mage scattered in the buildings around, released 《Lightning》 at me continuously.

Ah, did they think that I am the commander.

Correct, you beasts!

My chest, shoulder and wrist are hit by 《Lightning》.

The intense pain swam in my nerves, stiffening my entire body.

I screamed, but…… endured it immediately.

It was tough that I did not fall, but now I am in the state where I am desperately clinging onto the Centaur Knight.

Ahh, damn!

「Wind Elemental!」

The Wind Elementals listened to my instructions and attacked the Mage on the left and right.

The Mages wanted to escape, but our side are faster.

The Centaur Knight also chased after the last one.

The Mage desperately released 《Lightning》 at me……

But I endured it too.

My teeth are chattering but I am fine.

The pain in my heart is concentrating, but I am still alive so I must be fine.

Hmph, don’t underestimate the HP of a level 23!

And if these Mages are defeated……

After closing the distance, the Centaur Knight killed the second Mage Hobgoblin.

Slightly slower, the Wind Elementals killed their targets.

The 4 Mages are wiped out.

The Centaur Knight picked up the sword that was left on the rooftop.

I breathed quickly, almost unable to use any strength.

Ah, it’s so painful.

But we killed the enemy’s magic users.

Considering the situation after this, this is a big advantage for us.

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