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BIFMSMTK Volume 4 Chapter 80

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Chapter 80: Battle of the Fortress City 4

First we have to confirm the situation.

Currently Mia and I are on the rooftop of a 2 storey building, observing the enemy.

The 4 Giants left attacked the place that we are at together.

They followed the route, destroying the buildings and the stone pavements.

Perhaps, at the Giants’ feet, there are rows of Hobgoblins.

「It is really great that we don’t have to intercept the attack continuously.」

「Hmm. Retreat with each attack. We can’t stop moving.」

We can relax for the moment and considered what to do for the next battle.

「Although we wanted to scatter the enemies and defeat them respectively.」

「If the natives attacked rashly……」

Mia mumbled.

Is these the words that the person who wanted to be a hero, should say?

Maa, her words, have always been emotionless once she started planning for the strategies as she will change into the mindset for gaming.

Truly reliable.

If she sunk too deeply into consideration, all I needed to do, is to call out to her.

We will support each of our weakness.

「But if the natives could cooperate, then it will be easy!」

「Hence we need 《Many Tongues》…… As long as I leveled up, then it will be fine.」

We can only use the Mia Vendor after we leveled up and entered the white room.

The next one to level is Mia.

After some rough calculations, she still needs about 3 to 4 Hobgoblins.

At this time, there is some changes in the enemy’s camp.

The wolves howled. There seems to be some grey creatures approaching us in a terrifying speed in the alley.

「Can you see the faraway beast?」

Mia and I got ready to intercept.

If that wolf-like monster followed us with its sense of smell, then it will be a hindrance to our battle plans from now if we don’t eliminate it now.

I casted 《Keen Weapon》,《Physical Up》,《Mighty Arm》 on the Centaur Knight that was just summoned.

All the 3 weapons, the spear, the sword and the bow are strengthened,

According to the information from the computer, if we strengthened the bow, then the arrows shot will also be strengthened.

Actually I had wanted to use 《Hard Weapon》 and 《Hard Armour》, but I had to endure it as I need to save my MP.

Depending on the situation, there may be a need to summon another Centaur Knight.

From the corner of the building, 2 wolf-like monsters appeared.

Their bodies are bigger than my gray wolves by a size.

Their red eyes shone.

The 2 wolves howled and their fur stood up.


Their bodies shone with greenish white light.

Ah, this is bad.

I ordered the Wind Elementals stand in front of us.

In the next second.

The 2 wolf-like monsters clashed with the Wind Elementals.

After that glow disappeared, they rushed over as though the 15m were non-existent.

The Wind Elementals who suffered a heavy blow, gave a female-like shriek.

The familiars used their hands to grab onto the wolf-like monsters that came over.

Although they are full of wounds, but they protected their owner with their bodies by hanging onto the wolves.

The wolves gave out the sound of pika pika from their bodies.


If that is so, then just now is……

「It seems to be using the special ability of electricity to shorten the distance in a breath.」

Mia groaned.

「But if that’s true, then it will not be too effective against the Wind Elementals. We are really lucky that their attributes are similar.」

Perhaps that is true.

The Wind Elementals has natural resistance against the Wind attribute.

The other Elementals are similar, having their respective resistance.

But the Wind Elementals who have the same affinity suffered considerable injuries when they took the attacks.

Is that the power of the monsters?

If it is really that…… then we cannot miss this chance here.

I order the Centaur Knight to attack quickly.

The Centaur Knight drew his sword and it flashed across his body, severing the 2 wolves.

It is a one-hit kill.

The Centaur Knight only drew his sword and the wolf-like monsters are bisected.

That out of the norm sword skill of the Centaur Knight is terrifying.

Maa, he has the skills of a Rank 5 Sword Skill, of course it will be like that…..

Two wolf monsters disappeared.

And a blue gem was left respectively.

「Mmm, leveled up」

Mia said.

Then just like that, finally we can buy 《Many Tongues》.

「What should we do? Let Mia learn it? After all there are alot of MP left over there.」

The Resist Magic of the 4 attributes Rank 2 Magic, 《Resist Wind》 and 《Resist Earth》is not really needed by us.

So we should use their capacity to learn 《Many Tongues》, that is my view.

But Mia shook her head.

「Kazu-chi is our leader. So this magic should be learnt by Kazu-chi.」

I see, that has its meaning too.

After asking the computer, I understand that the effective time of 《Many Tongues》 is a whole day, which is 24h.

The effective time will not change even after leveling or ranking it up.

Just a mention, 《Read Language》 is the same too.

The effect of the 《Read Language》 used yesterday is still effective now.

But after that, I didn’t even read any more other world language so it is useless.

Then if I am to learn this magic, then what should I abandon……?

「《Summon Puppet Golem》 is probably not needed anymore.」

「There are many familiars who are specialised in combat. Although the MP used is small.」

「Well it is a Rank 2 summon afterall.」

There are still alot of uses for the Rank 1 crow.

The Rank 3 wolf will probably be of use too.

But Rank 2……

「Finally we can also communicate with the people of this world?」

「The 3rd contact, and understanding each other, finally giving birth to the fruits of love……. hohoho.」

Mia seemed to blush deliberately.

I did my best to ignore her.

「And, another thing.」

「Probably the next wave of enemies will reach immediately. We have to decide whether to intercept the attack or escape.」

Ah, right.

Just now those wolves are leading the way.

The enemy camp probably had wanted to use the wolves to attack us first, and restrain our movements, then finish us off with the main troops.

But our combat ability exceeded their expectations.

The wolf vanguards are wiped out by us.

In the end……

「Seems like we can take down them one by one.」

「Or perhaps, we maybe wrong.」

At least, there are no sounds of the Giants approaching.

If there are only Hobgoblins, more or less we can finish them off.

「I will raise Wind Magic, then with this, our ways of covering each other will increase.」

「Ah, the 《Lightning Arrow》 of Rank 6 Wind Magic.」

《Lightning Arrow》 is the first attack magic after Rank 3 Wind Magic 《Lightning》.

《Lightning Arrow》 is a directional magic, like Rank 2 Fire Magic 《Fire Arrow》

Only after reaching Rank 6 then the magic that is similar to Rank 2 Fire Magic can be used. No wonder Fire Magic is specialised in attacks or should I say Wind Magic is not suitable for direct attacks.

Indeed, no matter what the power is stronger than 《Fire Arrow》 and it is almost a certain hit.

It seems like we can decide on the individual direction of the 《Lightning Arrow》 , making full use of its effect against the small fries.

「Escaping is fine too, but when we need to weaken the enemy, we still have to do so.」

「Hmm. While we still have the leeway.」

We created a flawless plan.

After considering all sorts of formation, we decided on it after discussing.

It will also change depending on the different tactics that the enemy chose.

That is probably not important, and after planning, Mia raised her Skill.

Mia: Level 16 Earth Magic 4/Wind Magic 5→6  Skill Point 7→1

Mia pressed the return button.

We returned to the original world.

Returning to the alley, and preparing for the enemy’s attack.

After the wolves appeared, the alley seemed to be very cramped.

If they appeared here……

Finally 2 Hobgoblins ran out from the narrow alley with their shields.

Seeing our figures that are 10m away, they gave out a warning cry.

In the next second, one of them fell with an arrow in its throat.

With the figure of the Centaur Knight releasing his bow, an arrow has already flew out.

Then I leveled up.

There is nothing special that we needed to discuss.

Hence we returned to the original place immediately.

Kazuhisa: Level 23 Support Magic 5 / Summon Magic 7 Skill Points 3

The single Hobgoblin left, decided to return to the narrow alley after seeing his companion got shot down.

But as he retreated urgently with his shield, the Centaur Knight has already shot an arrow through its calf.

The Hobgoblin rolled around while crying out.

Even after hearing this voice, the rest of the enemies did not appear.

This…… did they feel that a direct confrontation is dangerous?

A sudden discovery.

Probably it was because of the warning just now, if I had used 《Many Tongues》 just now……

Ahh ahh, stupid me!

Why didn’t I notice such a simple thing!

I bit my lips

「Kazu-chi, you can regret later. Now we must focus on the battle.」

After hearing Mia’s reprimand, I got my senses back.

Yes, I can reflect on it later.

I used 《Many Tongues》 on myself.


The Hobgoblin who was rolling on the round, gave out a final cry after being hit with a follow up arrow by the Centaur Knight.

「For the Glory of Garuga Nigu! Maou Army, banzai!」(TL note: banzai has a meaning of a hooray and saying that it will last for a long time!)

The Hobgoblin died while shouting that.


Huh, what.. What are you all saying?

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