BIFMSMTK Volume 4 Chapter 79

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Chapter 79: Battle of the Fortress City 3

This alley was just wide enough for 2 person to walk side by side. And the footsteps of the Giant echoed through it.

At the corner of the building, the huge body of the 4m tall Giant appeared. Behind the Giant, there are green-skinned soldiers, the Hobgoblins, following him.

At this time, Mia and I revealed ourselves. There are about 20m between us.

Before the enemies noticed, Mia used her magic.

「《Stone Bind》」

A strong suction power appeared below the feet of the Giant, stopping the Giant’s movements. The Giant gave out an anxious cry.

The Hobgoblin group noticed us and rushed over. 10 Hobgoblins attacking in 2 rows with their shields. That is pretty impactful.

We endured the thoughts of escaping desperately.

When they reached the area about 5m from us. The first 4 fell into the trap. The stone pavement which has always been very sturdy, suddenly caved in and a big hole is revealed.

This hole was created by Mia using 《Earth Pit》 previously and then using the illusion magic, Rank 5 Wind Magic 《Refraction》, to hide it. The combination of the Earth Magic and Wind Magic, made a beautiful impromptu trap. There is no longer the need for me to dig holes. No, in the situation where I don’t even have the shovel, it is impossible for me to dig a hole in the stone pavement.

The trap is about as wide as the small alley. We can be sure that the first 2 will drop in.

But it is really lucky that 4 of them dropped in.

「《Poison Smog》」

Mia release poison smog into the hole. The painful cries of the Hobgoblins echoed from the hole.

The leftover Hobgoblins discovered the trap and got stuck in the situation of being unable to retreat or advance.

Then the 2 Wind Elementals flew out from the roofs of the buildings at the side.

The role given to the familiars is to create chaos, making more enemies fall into the hole.

Another 2 more Hobgoblins fell into the trap. It is lucky that the road is small, and the Hobgoblins rapidly died off.

No matter how strict their training is, to them, this sort of attack should be something unexpected. Although it was the scream from the Giant that attracted them here.

Mia flew up slightly and used magic to attack the Hobgoblins.

First she used 《Whirlwind》 to cut off their retreat path, and used numerous 《Lightning》 to attack them who are lined up.

It looks like an easy victory, but actually it is a match against time.

We don’t know when the Giant who is 10m away, will get out from its restrains.

Before that, we have to take care of the Hobgoblins first.


There are still 4 more that haven’t fall into the trap, and I already leveled.

So as to say, I leveled up from the experience given by the 6 that fallen in……?

「Then, then」

After I entered the white room, I head to the computer immediately.

And told Mia that I am raising the Rank of Summon Magic.

I guess it can be considered that our preparations are ready.

The problem is that we have yet to take the gems from the defeated enemies, so we cannot buy the magic 《Many Tongues》 yet.

Now it is more important to finish off the enemies in front of us.

Kazuhisa: Level 22 Support Magic 5 / Summon Magic 6→7 Skill Points 8→1

We returned to the original place.

Returning to the battlefield, Mia released more lightnings and finished off a Hobgoblin.

「These fellows are not strong enough.」

With another lightning, another Hobgoblin lied in his blood pool.

Mia leveled up.

「Hmm, hmm, I leveled up with just 8 Hobgoblin.」

In the white room, Mia and I calculated the experience points. 8 Hobgoblins are defeated…… The experience from the Hobgoblins are scary.

「It is nearly worth 4 orcs」Mia said.

I agreed.

Indeed, the more enemies there are, the easier to calculate the experience points.

We will keep Mia’s skill point to raise Wind Magic to Rank 6 first.

Mia: Level 15 Earth Magic 4/Wind Magic 5 Skill Point 5

We returned to the original place.

Just 2 Hobgoblins left.

But these 2 Hobgoblin began cooperating, attempting to break through the tornado wall. One attracted the attacks of the Wind Elementals, the other held his shield and tried to break through the tornado. Although he was in tatters, but that Hobgoblin appeared on the other end of the tornado.

At the same time, the stone pavement attached to the Giant broke.

The Hobgoblin shouted some orders to the Giant. The Giant nodded in agreement……

But the Giant did not obey. The Giant began running. No, escaping.

Shit, not caring about the Hobgoblin, if the Giant returned to the main force……

Mia who is in the air, grabbed my hand tightly and flew towards the Giant.

The reason why flying magic could support both of us, is because I had casted 《Mighty Arm》 on Mia first. Even so, because the total weight increased, the speed decreased.

「Kazu-chi, one of us should go and chase.」

「Ah, I know.」

Mia used 《Fly》 on me and threw me out.

I screamed while spinning, desperately trying to control my direction. I flew pass the 2 Hobgoblins, chasing the Giant……

「《Summon Centaur Knight》」

I summoned the male familiar who has a muscular upper human body and a horse’s lower body below me.

He is armed with a spear in his right hand, a shield on the left hand, a backup sword around his waist, and bows and arrows on his back, wearing iron armour including a helmet.

The Centaur Knight began to increase his speed immediately to catch up with me after being summoned. And even after he caught up to my speed, he seems pretty at ease.

「Defeat that Giant!」I ordered it.

The Centaur Knight shouted out something that I can’t understand and rushed at the Giant.

The distance between us shortened……

The Centaur Knight jumped.

His entire body rammed the Giant’s back.

The sharp spear pierced through the Giant’s heart from the back in a single blow.

The Giant gave out his final cry and fell.

The Centaur Knight let go of his spear and took out the sword at his waist and beheaded the Giant.

The Giant’s body faded.

Then my body crashed into the building’s wall and I finally stopped.

Ouch ouch, it’s so painful.

I didn’t suffer any injury, but the skin on my back tore.

When I stood up, I happened to see the 2 Wind Elementals finishing off the 2 Hobgoblins left.

Finally we wiped out the enemies.

The poison is not effective against the Wind Elementals. That is the answer that we have gotten.

The poison smog has already disappeared, but the gems are still in the hole, so I left it to the Wind Elementals to retrieve them.

Just a mention, each Hobgoblin dropped 5 red gems. 10 Hobgoblins means 50 tokens. With a Giant, 30 more. We collected 80 in this battle and now we have a total of 260 tokens.

With this, we can buy 《Many Tongues》.

The problem now is that both Mia and I have just leveled up. If we don’t go to the white room, then we can’t use the Mia Vendor.

Ahhhh, when is the next level up……?

「Think of it in this way, Kazu-chi. There are still alot of enemies left, so we can level up easily.」

「That is extreme……」

Maa, considering in such an unrealistic point, how shall we face this opponent. There are still 4 more Giants. And at least 125 Hobgoblins.

Moreover there are those that we have yet to face before. There are at least over 5 of the Mage Hobgoblin that can use Rank 3 Fire Magic.

And there is a wolf like monster that is different from Hellhound.

「The most troublesome thing is the degree of the cooperation that Hobgoblins have…… Although they failed this time, but if they worked together at a crucial timing then it can be very dangerous to us.」

「Hmm, I don’t think that it will be as smooth next time.」

Our opinions are the same.


「Anyway, we need to lead the enemies by their nose.」

「The pace is important.」

We, the elite few, must continue moving to get the upper hand.

We did not rest and began moving to our next battle location.

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