BIFMSMTK Volume 4 Chapter 78

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Chapter 78: Battle of the Fortress City 2

I peeked out from the shadows of the buildings slightly and observed the Giant that is standing on the pavement that is about 15m away.

It is really huge. His full height is about 4m, like a certain giant robot which is like an iron coffin, although I knew that in my heart, but…… It is indeed different when you look at it from up close. The pressure it emits is completely different from the orcs and Giant Wasps.

When I was younger, I looked at the elephants in the zoo. When the elephants walked, even the ground will tremble. I was dumbfounded as I gaze at the elephants across the fences. That time I knew I was safe, I will not be attacked by the elephants, because there is a wall that will never be broken.

But now it is different, there is no such thing as an unbreakable wall.

But I clenched my fist. Now we need to defeat this, and get rid of the others too.

The battle began as Mia released 《Stone Bind》 at the Giant’s feet.

The Giant’s feet sunk into the ground and was stuck by the pavements.

Okay, we succeeded!

「Mia, the sound erasing…..」

「Nnn.《Silent Field》……《Poison Smog》」

First is to use 《Silent Field》 to prevent the Giant from making any noise.

Then the green clouds with tints black will completely surround the Giant’s body.

The painful screams of the Giant….. There should be some, but you would not be able to hear anything as he is in the 《Silent Field》.

《Poison Smog》 is a magic that creates poison smoke. There is something similar in Rank 3 Water Magic, but this is in Rank 5 Wind Magic. It is a much faster acting magic.

This venomous poison will corrode the skin once contact is made. If a normal human is in the smog for about 15 seconds, then he will die.

This is a magic that is very effective in group battles. Together with restraining magic like 《Stone Bind》, we will be able to display its vicious nature to the utmost.

Now our assumption is being proven.

The us who are outside the smog can understand the Giant’s pain.

But the Giant’s feet are unable to leave the ground, so he is unable to escape……

It should have been like that.

The Giant’s roar rang. Even we, who are far away, can feel the impact. The houses in the vicinity are shaking. Yes, 《Silent Field》 has been broken.

「It can destroy magic just like the General!」

But even though 《Silent Field》 is destroyed, but the 《Stone Bind》 is still intact. The Giant’s feet are still stuck to the ground.

Then the smog that was created using magic, is still lingering in the surroundings of the Giant.

This……《Silent Field》 is Rank 2, 《Stone Bind》 is Rank 4, and 《Poison Smog》 is Rank 5?

So as to say, even if this guy has something like 《Dispel Roar: Rank 2》 so it can only destroy magic that are Rank 2 and magic that are above Rank 2 can’t be destroyed?

No, there is the possibility that it can destroy Rank 3 Magic.

If it is really like that, then we don’t have to worry when we are escaping.

This guy can just be killed by the smog just like that.

But just now that roar has probably warned the other Hobgoblins.

So it may not be as smooth from now on.

No, actually….. Suddenly the sound of the ground cracking began to sound.

The Giant has lifted the pavements with just his brutal force, forcefully taking a step.

This guy is really strong!

Luckily the resistance of the enemy ended there.

Under the effects of 《Poison Smog》, he spent all of his strength. The fact that he is on his knees while powerless, proves this.

That is only natural. Being inside the poisonous smog for a minute, he can’t be fine. Or rather it can be said that his vitality is about 4 times as strong as a normal person.


Mia’s merciless lightning strike hitted the weakened Giant. And then immediately.

「《Stone Blast》」

The stone pellet rain that was used to end the Giant’s life, landed on his head.

The Giant’s body began to melt and disappear, leaving 3 blue gems.

Then Mia and I entered the white room.

Mia leveled up.

「It is obviously just a small fry, but it is quite resilient.」

Mia and I began a battle conference in the white room immediately.

I sat down on the chair in front of the computer, and Mia like a rabbit, hopped onto my thighs.

「Hmm. This is a tip.」

Mia raised her head in a smile. Just like an elementary school cousin. But my cousin is more proudful.

「Conducting skinship, will increase Kazu-chi affection values.」

「Like a game.」

Mia’s tilted her head.

「Is it better to be like the CG in a gal game?」

「What are you saying? The me who is normal, completely does not understand.」

「There is no other choice….. If your mind doesn’t understand, then I will let your body teach you.」

Mia turn toward my head and I flickered her forehead.

I had actually used more force than I had expected, and Mia grabbed in her forehead with tears brimming.

「This pain is also love?」

「Ah ah, anyway back to the original topic.」

I grabbed Mia’s shoulders and forcefully turned her in 180 degree towards the laptop.

But what the screen showed is the normal email and skill point window.

「From its strength alone, it is indeed above the Elite Orcs.」

「The experience point is at least above 10 orcs. I still need about that much experience to level up.」

Really?…… Indeed, it is a “Giant”. A fellow that is 4m tall, when he comes attacking, we will be destroyed. So just 10 orcs is considered cheap.

「Other than that, 《Silent Field》 is also broken.」

「It has a similar ability like the General.」

This part is also included in the questions.

I began to type in the keyboard of the laptop.

First, regarding the real name of the Giant, it replied with “it is Giant”.

Regarding the real name of the Hobgoblin, it replied with “it is Hobgoblin”.

Indeed, if we just name them, then the system will register it.

「Kazu-chi, Globster?」

「Anyway, just try it.」

From the answer, it did not tell me the actual name for Globster.

This……is slightly different. Interesting.

If there is a chance, next time I will name the monster “Suzuki Dogezaemon”, and see the reaction. (TL note: translation of 鈴木土下座衛門)

It did not reply regarding the special ability to dispel magic by the General and the Giant.

But for the question on whether if all the higher rank monsters have such an ability, the answer was “no”.

「If that is so, then that is indeed a special ability. So there is nothing crazy like ranking up will cause them to be able to resist magic.」

「Comparatively, if we do not have the ability to destroy magic, we could be checkmated.」

It is just like Mia said.

If there are some magic users in the Hobgoblins, then we must be cautious about that.

Even if we noticed it, there is nothing we can do…… or not yet.

「Mia, is there anything else we want to know?」

「About the natives.」

Ah, mm. Yes, it probably will not answer, but we will just ask?

I asked a lot of things like the soldiers that are facing against the monsters now. And the matters regarding the city.

Surprisingly, there is an answer.

The name of the city is as called Hesshu・ Reshu・ Nashu by the natives. (TL note: ヘシュ・レシュ・ナシュ.)

The natives claimed themselves as human. And the language they spoke are common among all of them.

Currently we cannot communicate with the humans that have a common language.


「Hmm, how do we cooperate?」

「No, how?」

Mia and I faced each other, troubled.

I suddenly thought about the question. The content is “the method for us to learn about the common language”.

The computer answered. And the answer made both Mia and I speechless.

「Just use the magic provided by Mia Vendor……」

Mia’s movement was very fast. She slided down from my knees and ran to the Mia Vendor in the middle of the room and confirmed the list.

「Ah I totally overlooked it……」

「Even though it is this great me」

While grabbing Mia’s head from the back, I peeked at the screen of Mia Vendor.

Indeed, it exist.

In the list provided by Mia Vendor, a few things that did not exist when I was level 20, appeared.

Most of the things are useless. There is only one thing that is important.

Rank 2 Magic, 《Many Tongues》. (TL note: メニー・タンズ)

The required tokens are 200,  half of the other Rank 2 magics.

Even though it is like that, but we don’t have enough on our hands.

「Currently we have 150 tokens altogether. And defeating the Giant gives us 30, so……」

「If we kill another Giant.」

After calculating, it came to this?

The problem is that we have to level up before we can come here again.

「No matter what, if we don’t defeat the enemies, then we cannot communicate with the people.」

「That is indeed true……」

Just as Mia said. What we needed to do, has not change. Anyway we can only weaken the enemies’ strength for now.

If so, then the troublesome thing is the roar just now? Now the enemy army has already know that a strong enemy exist.

No…… can it be considered so?

That roar is probably a warning right?

Just giving out a warning will cause the whole army to become alert, and stop attacking…… it can’t be possible.

「Mia, how do you think the enemies will move?」

「Send a scouting party?」

「How is the scale like?」

「Around 10 Hobgoblins and 1 Giant.」

Hmm, it is probably like that.

If it is so…… it will be troublesome.

But can the current us win?

If there is anything, then I will used my MP, and summon the Iron Golem……

「We should just save Kazu-chi’s MP.」

Mia shook her head and said.

Indeed currently Mia has alot of MP, while I don’t even have half of mine. It will be good if I can save my MP……

「But if we die, then it will be putting the cart before the horse.」

「We won’t die. Basically we will separate the enemies and finish them off.」

Mia smiled and gazed at me.

「If it is a defensive battle, we have Kazu-chi’s special combat method.」

Trap huh!

Mia nodded.

「We will use 《Earth Pit》 to make traps.」

Mia: Level 14 Earth Magic 4/Wind Magic 5 Skill Point 3

We asked a few more questions and then returned to the original world.

Using Wind Magic to blow away the poison smog, we picked up the gems.

At the street when the Giant died, we began our preparations.

Minutes later.

The next wave of enemy is approaching.


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