BIFMSMTK Volume 4 Chapter 77

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Chapter 77: Battle of the Fortress City 1

Indeed I am still not good at flying. Once I circled, I will lose my direction. I can’t even fly in a straight line without wobbling around. Mia who can’t seem to take it, pulled my hand.


「Ah. There is something called the right man in the right place. We can’t expect much from Kazu-chi who is bad at physical stuff.」

No matter how she commented, I can’t rebate because my flying skills are that unreliable. It is so irritating until I am about to lose sight of my target and use my MP to summon the griffin. After all if I am on the back of the familiar then there will be no problem.

…..there won’t be any problem right?

That was what I thought.

I shall not mention about that for now as we lowered our altitude slowly at around the speed of a car and glide about 1m above the grassland. The grass that grew tall moved like surging waves. It is during such times that we can enjoy the joys of flying.

The 2 Wind Elementals and the crow flew together with me.

Currently we are on the south side of the cliff, flying toward the north, so to the enemies, we are flying with the light behind us. It will be hard for our figures to be discovered. But to us, it is very easy to observe our enemies.

I used one of my hand to hold the binoculars to observe the city’s surroundings. The city wall that is destroyed is on the west side of the city.

The Giants have broken through the city walls until the other side, while crushing the soldiers along the walls with their hands. After the 6 Giants passed through, there isn’t any figures of the soldiers protecting the walls left.

Are they completely wiped out or did they run away? Well defending the city wall that is like that, is like asking for death, so they probably ran away.

The green skinned humanoids took the chance to approach the wall. Using rope ladders, they worked together to scale the wall. The green-skinned are helping each other, showing the spirit of cooperation.

These fellows are smarter than the orcs. This is not good.

Until now we have been using strategies of fighting against those whose brains are not that good.

This time, it will probably be different from the past. No, if we acted like in the past, we will, no doubt, suffer a strong counter attack.

「It feels like the ending of beginner tutorial.」

I don’t even wish to think that the intense battles that we had until yesterday were nothing but some tutorial for beginners, but our will to fight probably still exist.

Currently there is only the 2 of us. And our vanguards are weak. Since we don’t have our strong cards, Arisu and Tamaki, we have to be more careful with our actions.

If necessary, we may have to decide whether to abandon the battle. The worst situation is to ignore the city and escape. Of course we are still trying not to move towards such a direction……

「Kazu-chi, let’s take a detour.」

Mia changed our route slightly to the right. That is a place where it can’t be seen from the area where the walls have collapsed. I am guessing Mia is intending on approaching the outer walls first.

At the first glance, there is no sign of any soldiers on the city walls. Are all of them out to engage the enemies that appeared on the interior? Such a rash and desperate battle. But to them, this is a battle to protect their home.

Even if we took care to fly carefully, there was enough time to fly there. We finally reached the city walls.

The walls created by stones seems quite easy to be destroyed. There are even moss on the walls. Are they properly maintained? Or they don’t even have the concept of maintaining? Or perhaps this have existed in the past and they are just continuing to use it.

After we approached, we discovered that there are moats dug around the city walls. The moats near the collapsed wall are probably filled up with rocks thrown by the Giants previously.

The monster army is probably moving according to a plan.

Then what exactly is happening on the other side of the wall…… Let’s use the crow and 《Remote Viewing》 to investigate the interior first.

There are completely nobody from our side of the city walls until the other end. There should be some reason for this distance battle. It seems like there is nobody assigned to this area.

Such a formation, what if the enemies feinted them. Or they believed that feints are impossible?

「Or perhaps they don’t even have the spare manpower.」Mia mumbled in a small voice.

I see, that is also possible.

Actually just now when I used the crow to scout, the number of soldiers that I discovered was around that much too.

We are able to tell the number of soldiers, there are many people who we can’t differentiate from civilians or soldiers…..

Or rather it should be said that the equipments of the soldiers are quite messy. It is to the extent that they numbered above 100 but below 200.

Ah, even if we continue to think, nothing will happen. Mia recast the flying magic on me and herself. Then we fly up the city wall.

We surveyed the city on the city wall. From a high point, we looked at the area where the wall collapsed.

What is happening there, is a massacre.

The 6 Giants crushed the houses and sent both the soldiers and the roadblocks flying.

But the soldiers are not just waiting for death.

Dozens of arrows flew towards a Giant.

The Giant used his hand to protect his head and with a light swing of his arm, the arrows that flew over are knocked down.

The arrows are completely unable to penetrate the Giant’s skin. The archers on the buildings have witnessed the overwhelming difference in strength.

At this time, the green skinned soldiers shot arrows over. The human archers were shot dead.

「Those green-skin used the Giants as shields and defeated the surrounding enemies. Their cooperation is not bad……」


My reaction is 「huh?」.

「Hobgoblin. They are the superior species of the goblins that commonly appears in games, in the same class as orcs.」

「That is……Hobgoblins? Or rather the goblins haven’t even appeared yet!」

「Just a temporary name only. If we call them goblins, it feels unsuitable as goblins are usually portrayed as small-sized.」

Indeed, that was very true!

After all it is just a name. If it is successful, we will know its name.

But the white room did not tell us the names of the Hellhounds and the Giant Wasps.

N…no? It is because we named it first, so that is why it didn’t tell us?

Regarding this assumption Mia mumbled「perhaps it is like this」in a small voice, then she raised her head and looked at me.

「But anything is fine for now. It is not important anyway.」

「Ah, ah ah, yes.」

「Even in Atreim., it is about monsters. There are even more amazing monsters.」(TL note: アトリーム= Atreim, apparently its a planet from Super Robot Wars K)

「I understand that you are trying to use the feeling of a game, but I am sorry as I don’t know it.」

Mia was saddened.

Then she keep shaking her head.

Oi, hero volunteer, how do you live in a game?

「Nn. I have buckled up…… what should we do, Kazu-chi?」

I looked at the city which had become a battlefield again, and this time the west side caught my eye. One of the Giants have strayed away from the main battlefield while chasing the escaping human soldiers. This is a chance.

「There is one who strayed away.」

「So we can help the others too, it can be considered a stone with 2 birds.」

「It is better not to place your hopes on their thanks. Perhaps the humans may even attack us.」

Mia was dumbfounded for a moment and then she clapped with her hands.

「Suspicious people who can use magic. They must be witches, that’s right.」

「Even if they don’t think of it in that way, our dressing is also……」

Currently we are wearing gym clothes with a backpack. In Japan, we will look like normal students, but as for the people in this world…

I roughly looked at the people in this city, their clothes are made roughly from a piece of cloth. Their clothes is one that needs to tie a knot around the waist, and even the males also wear skirts. Currently the soldiers that are escaping are still wearing leather armour.

No matter how you look at our dressing, we looked weird. It can’t be helped if we are judged.

No, even before they judge, they would have escaped.

「Moreover I am bringing monster familiars.」

Turning back, the Wind Elementals are half naked females made of wind.

Even to me, if someone without any knowledge were to see this, they will also treat it as a monster.

And me who is leading multiples of those, is even stranger.

Even so, I don’t wish to go and defeat the Giant without even using the Wind Elementals.

The protection by the familiars is a must.

After all this battle is just a warm up.

I wish to win with minimum expenditure in MP.

「Mmm, I agree with Kazu-chi in preserving the MP and wait until Summon Magic reaches Rank 7 and then summon a new familiar.」

The strength of a summoned familiar is roughly 2 Rank lower than a student with Weapon Skill.

If it is the Centaur Knight summoned with Rank 7 Summon Magic, it is about as strong as Arisu when she has Rank 5 Spear Skill.

But Arisu is smarter so her battle methods may also be better.

Regarding the strength of the Giant, from how it looks, it should be possible for Arisu when she has Rank 5 Spear Skill…… that was what I felt.

Of course, the Giant has an overwhelming amount of strength, and his attack range is wider. So a contrasting battle plan is necessary.

But until now, all our battles have been like that. Be it the Elite orcs, the General, their figures are overwhelming stronger in strength. Arisu and Tamaki have always battled with the premise that their opponents are stronger in strength. Using ranged and melee attacks, they overcome the differences in physical. Just that with the Giant as an enemy, it is just like the difference is only bigger than usual. This caused the situation to be very troublesome. But the general flow will be like that. Then since the enemy is a simple idiot, they are more or less the same.

「First, let’s try this.」

Mia casted flying magic on me and herself. Together with the 2 Wind Elementals, we invaded the city.

We flew in the shadows of the buildings and got closer to the strayed Giant who is heading south. The Giant that is chasing the escaping soldiers did not notice us. And it is too far from the main troops.

「Mia, use 《Stone Bind》 first.」

Rank 4 Earth Magic《Stone Bind》 is a magic that is used on stones.

Luckily part of the streets in this city is made of stones. Now the Giant is passing through such an area.

Stones which are casted with 《Stone Bind》are very sticky. If they are casted on the stone pavements, then the soles of the Giant will be stuck to the ground.

If it is done well, we can just depend on Mia’s attack magic to finish of the Giant directly.

If it is not possible, then we will use the Wind Elementals to stop the Giant’s movements, then indeed we are still going to use Mia’s attack magic to kill the Giant.

No matter what, we are still relying on Mia’s attack magic……

Before I summoned out the Rank 7 familiar, there is no other methods.

Luckily there are magic to kill him when the Giant is trapped.

At the next turn, we found the figure of the Giant. The Giant with an ugly face is stepping on the discovered soldiers. Just like a tomato being squashed until it burst, darkish red fluid sprayed everywhere.

Although I am no longer shakened by such a scene….. But I was angered, and clenched my fist tightly.


Mia bit her lips tightly. Just like me, Mia is also angry.

We landed behind the building around 15m away from the Giant. Then we peek out to look at the Giant. Until now, the enemies have yet to discover us.

The Giant smiled in satisfaction at the crushed soldiers. Just like a toddler.

Neoteny, should I said that?

The face is really ugly, that was what I thought.

「Let’s go.」

「Ah, leave it to me.」

The battle begins.

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