BIFMSMTK Volume 3 Chapter 76

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Chapter 76: Mia’s Wish

「I have always looked at my brother from the side.」

Mia said while showing a sarcastic smile.

「What a real incredible person is like? That kind of example was shown before me. Because of that, I have always held severe inferiority complex.」

I see, if it’s Yuki-senpai’s sister, maybe it will turn out like this.

Although I do not have siblings, that was what I thought.

「Brother has always been very bright. No matter what he did, it is always the best. Mmm, super best. But his hard work is always wasted in the wrong direction, hence there are almost zero good reviews about him.」

「Yeah, I understood that point very clearly.」

「But I don’t even have that kind of ability.」

Comparing yourself with that guy is a mistake.

Although that is my thought, but I can’t just say it out like that.

Such a thing, Mia is clearer about it than anybody else.

Growing along with a genius, that…… is indeed a type of misfortune.

I am not clear about this.

What I understood is that, Mia had sincerely told me everything that perhaps she have not even told anybody before.

「Chuuni is really good」

「What do you mean?」

「Your chunni thoughts saved the heart that was about to collapse.」

Mia looked up into the sky.

I followed too.

The vast sky, it is as if I was going to be sucked into it.

「If I can fly in the sky, then I will definitely be better than my brother, that was what I thought. That sort of delusion is supporting my inferiority complex. No matter whether it is beside my parents or after entering this school.」

「So you hated going to the same school as Yuki-senpai?」

Mia shook her head.

「I don’t hate my brother. Or rather, I love him.」

「Huh…? Is that so.」

I was whacked with a hard blow.

Mia stared at me silently.

Huh, why.

「Being said so by others, makes me feel angry.」

「That’s too unreasonable.」

「Unreasonable violence is also an essential part of a moe character.」

Mia gave a carefree smile.

「This essential huh. If I have anything that can win my brother, that will be because I will save others.」

「So…… you want to be a hero?」

「Brother won’t save anyone. …….No, not like that. Being respected or what, Brother thinks that it is completely meaningless.」

Mia spoke while choosing her words.

Just from the conclusion, she like Yuki-senpai very much, and is mesmerised in chasing his shadow.

I really feel that they are a troublesome pair of siblings.

「Brother can tell the thoughts of others but he cannot understand their thoughts」, that was Mia said.

Actually that is a mistake. Yuki-senpai perhaps could understand other people. Probably it is because Yuki-senpai understood them too well. Hence after that he cannot accept his own feelings about them

He is a monster that is how I feel.

That self-proclaimed ninja is a person whose eyes will glow in the darkness, in a certain meaning, he is an existence that is more unique than the orcs. Mia…… such a little girl, perhaps to him, is the person who understand him the most.

「That, you……」

「Ah. I probably wanted to be praised by my brother and acknowledged by him. I hope that something within myself, is a thing that my brother does not have.」

「Even if Yuki-senpai does not wish for it?」

「That, is my stubbornness.」

So Mia shook her head and stared at me continuously.

「A companion with a wish to be a hero, will only call upon danger. Rejecting me is fine too. Or rather, in Kazu-chi’s case……」

「There is no need to mind my situation. Mia, what do you wish to do.」


「If it is not possible, I will say no. If you think that my thinking is unreliable, there is no need to hold back and just say out your opinion. So you can say out your wish without any hesitation.」

Mia closed her eyes quietly.

「Kazu-chi is so gentle.」

Mia mumbled while smiling. Then she opened her eyes and looked at me.

「Kazu-chi. Will that city fall?」

「Probably. If we don’t do anything, it is almost for certain.」

「Although I don’t know if I can use a lot to describe them…… there are quite a number of people, desperately fighting.」

「Ah, if it is like that….. I wish to protect those people. Even if it is tough saving everyone, even if it is tough defeating all the monsters, even if I can only help 1 person, I will also want to help him…… that kind of wish, is it impossible?」

「The standard is quite low. Defeating all the enemies and protect the city, can’t you just say it like that?」

Mia shook her head.

「We shall not talk about the case where we are fully prepared, with our current states….. It will be difficult.」

I see, this was analysed carefully. Currently other than us, there is nobody else. The 2 of us are both rearguards. Moreover before arriving here, my MP is been completely used up. Other than the 2 Wind Elementals, if I want to recover all of my MP, it will take about 70mins. Then since I have rested for about 40mins, so there is still around 30mins…… After 30mins, the situation at the fortress city will deteriorate even more. The city walls maybe broken through. If it’s that, then perhaps, it will be impossible to protect the city.

But the state of the monsters swarming into the city like an avalanche is also a chance. Even if it is impossible for us to face the entire army at once, if its us, it is possible to take them down one by one.

「The time when the walls are broken through and the monsters began to attack the interior, that will be our chance. We will defeat the Giants sequentially, decreasing their combat strength. At the same time, we can level up, we will get to kill 2 birds with 1 stone.」

Indeed Mia’s thoughts are also like me. While she says her wish to become a hero, she is also steadily planning her steps properly.

She is really reliable.

「Attacking at this area is a good plan.」

「If you are finding proper plan, shouldn’t you negotiate with me?」

「Negotiating on things that concerns your life and death, that is a thing that only idiots do.」

That is reasonable.

Just as she said, planning strategy is suitable in that area.

The only problem is, the natives that we have found, maybe massacred.

「If we managed to secure just 1 person, we need to see if we can converse?」

「Yes. The monsters that changes into gems, the skill system. This entire world is a mystery.」

「If we can converse, then majority of the mystery will be solved.」

Then there are also questions like where we have been transferred in this world.

At least if we know the general direction, then as long as Mia raised her Wind Magic to Rank 9, then she can use 《Shape Lightning》. But this magic only allows the user to move at the speed of light……Then using laps or dozen of laps or even hundreds of laps around the world, she will be able to discover the mountain where our school is at. At least she will be able to return to the mountain.

The problem is, raising Wind Magic to Rank 9 is already very tough. Even if we wiped out the huge army in front of us, it will probably be impossible. If there are reinforcements…… then this side will be wiped out.

Indeed, the better method is to wait until after 2h, then Shiki-san will send support over. After the city is completely destroyed, then we can defeat the enemies individually after they are relieved about their victory.

But with that situation, the hero that Mia wished to be…… will be impossible.

So the crucial part is the initial phase.

「If it’s flying, at around the speed that the crow flew at? Mia, how long did the crow take to fly to the city?」

「I didn’t count it, but it should around 5 to 10 min.」

The effective time of 《Fly》 increase 2 to 3 mins for every Rank.

If it is Mia, it will last around 10 to 15 min.

If there is any delay during the journey, there is the possibility of the magic ending during the flight.

In that situation, we will gradually fall to the ground, so there is the time to recast the magic……

「Just in case, we should recast the magic at around 8min?」

「If we approached at a certain distance now……」

「Forget it. If it is like that, there is the chance of us being discovered by the enemies. After the city walls are destroyed, the timing to move is when the monsters and the people in the city clash. 」

Indeed, it became like this. We are using a despicable method of fishing for gains….. But there is only 2 of us, so there is no other choice. Especially since our vanguards are the familiars only, so we are restricted in our combat methods.

「We will move after the city wall is destroyed…… Then when we reached, the enemies would have all entered the city.」

「Just right, it will be easier to take them out one by one.」

During that time, there will be a lot of people who will die. Perhaps, the majority of the people wouldn’t be saved.

But even if it is so, it is better than being completely wiped out right? Although I don’t know if the other party will think of it the same way.

After all we don’t even know if the humans of this world are friendly towards us……

To investigate such stuff, contact is a must. At least one of us must survive.

Mia can control her wish to become a hero, so I don’t have to mind it too much.

……No it is not like that.

Mia must have said it out through her story, and curb the weakness of a coward within my heart, isn’t it?

She probably wouldn’t tell me the truth.

But I have such a feeling.

If that is true, then she is really an incredible Year 1.

But Mia has always been such an incredible person since the beginning……

「Kazu-chi, just saying, I really wanted to get my elder brother’s approval.」

「Ah, is that so?」

Just how did Mia read my inner thoughts?

But Mia’s little hands continued to hold my hands.

「Before that, Kazu-chi is very important. I don’t wish to put Kazu-chi in danger because of my willfulness. So yesterday I hated myself very much.」

「That….. Is just a lot of different misfortune clashing together.」

Surrounding Mia’s arm, was a bunch of commotion. Arisu’s actions, and my misunderstanding of it….. Lastly Tamaki linked everything together. Through all sorts of fortune and misfortune, in the end it moved towards a positive direction.

No, it is not like that.

Although we are proud, but in the end the trust between our companions linked us together.

「Ah, I know. But Kazu-chi, you have to remember this.」

Mia looked at me with a serious face. Her peach-coloured lips slowly moved.

「I, to Kazu-chi……」

At that time. Even though we are so far away, we could hear the loud crash.

We turned and saw a corner of the city wall collapsing.

「As long as we don’t set any death flags then it will be fine.」

「Oi oi.」

Mia stood up with a jump.

「Let’s go, Kazu-chi.」

「Ah, ah ah.」

Mia reached out. I held her hand and stood up.

Really, this girl.

Mia casted flying magic on me and herself.

The 2 of us fly into the sky. The 2 Wind Elementals also followed.

I took out my watch from the bag to check the time.

After coming here, we have rested about 45min. Our MP have yet to recover fully…… Roughly about 95 points are recovered. No, after using my familiar to scout, actually, it is about 90.

We can only use these MP and do our best.

To prevent being discovered by the enemies, we flew to the city at a low altitude.

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