BIFMSMTK Volume 3 Chapter 75

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Chapter 75: The World Outside

We are standing on the cliff with our backs facing the sun. Towards the north, we can see a fortress city. The distance from here to there is unclear, but it is probably above 5km in distance.

That fortress city is currently under siege by the monsters.

Mia took out a binoculus from the bag and handed it to me.

Just how many things did you put in your bag?

I used Mia’s binoculus to survey the city.

The fortress is facing the mountain in the east, and the monsters are attacking from the west.

The 4m tall Giants who are temporarily named as Giants, are currently throwing rocks to attack the city walls. There are 6 Giants in total.

We don’t know if the city walls can hold on, and don’t know what will the people inside do when it falls.

There are at least 100 pea-sized creatures around the Giants.

Those are monsters. Over hundreds monsters. Among them, how many are at the same level as the small fry orcs.

And how much power does the soldiers protecting the city have.

I returned the binoculars to Mia. After Mia looked at them, she turned her vision away from the binoculus.

We faced each other. Observed each other’s expression and peeked into each other’s intentions.

Mia kept a poker face as usual, and I don’t know what she is thinking……

Mia’s eyebrows slightly curled up.

I see

「Do you want to go and help?」


「In the end, we don’t even know if the people in that city are enemies or comrades.」

「But, an enemy’s enemy may be a friend.」

A correct logic. This is a common way of thinking.

Or rather, that was what I have been saying to myself since yesterday.

The high school section which battled with the orcs, should be the enemy’s enemy in our view.

Even so, I still dealt with Shiba.

An enemy’s enemy may not be a friend.

Though that is so, I should not use a biased view to look at an enemy’s enemy.

But now, Mia is correct. I am unable to make such a clear judgement. It is really great to have her along.

「But, anyway.」Mia said while pulling my hand to sit down.

I followed her and sat on the grass. The soft feeling feels very good.


「Ah…… Mmm.」

We are already exhausted due to the unfamiliar battle in the cave. We have kept ourselves in an high-strung state throughout.

And, now my MP is nearly all gone.

Mia probably have more than half, but, facing that number of enemy, we will need to think of a perfect way to resist them.

Now if we ran over and assist them, we are just courting death.

I ordered the 2 Wind Elementals to wait. The link with the Iron Golem in the cave has already been severed.

《Depotation》 can recover MP, but if the target is not nearby, it can’t be used. What a pity, I could only throw away that whole 36 MP.

Mia slowly climbed onto my body. While sitting on my lap, she looked back and closed her eyes.

The brilliant glare from the sun at the back is really bright.


「You can sleep for awhile too.」

「Hmm…… it is a pity, so I will not sleep.」

「What is a pity?」

「Being alone with Kazu-chi.」

Ah, mm, that huh.

Just now in the white room, there was only 2 of us too.

And from now on, when we are fighting with the monsters, we will also go to the white room.

「Then, what should we talk about? …… about the direction on how we should fight our next battle etc.」

「Kazu-chi, that is not something when you are alone with a girl.」

「Don’t expect that I can accompany a girl like a gentleman.」

Then Mia followed with「Then it is fine with battle plans.」

「The first aim is to get information?」

「Yes. Although I feel sorry about the people in that city, but the most important thing is to know what had happened. Even so, we cannot hope to communicate with the people in this world……」

「At least we must know what is their relationship with the monsters and if they are friendly towards us?」

「Mmm. Then in consideration for now on, we must at least know if the humans of this world, or creatures like them, can accept us.」


Mia seems to want to say something but her words did not come out.

No, I know what she had wanted to say. And I probably know the reason why she remained silent.

Then it is up to me to say it. This sort of possibility must be considered sooner or later.

「The possibility of having to stay in this world forever, or at least the possibility of staying here permanently.」(TL note: for those who are confused, the difference is the first is stuck in this world, second is choosing to stay in this world.)


Mia bit her lips tightly.

What is the thing that tied her down, I have yet to understand her to that extent.

If I try to consider for a bit, Mia, me, Arisu and Tamaki’s situations are all different.

The me who had self-abandonment and then giving up on everything.

Arisu and Tamaki, who are orphans and adopted, but yet they have bad foster parents.

The difference with the 2 of them, is that Mia has a proper family. And her elder brother is concerned about her.

She must be wanting to return to the original world.

For Arisu, Tamaki and me…… well.

Indeed, comparing our world to this world. Japan is better.

But as for who is waiting for us in Japan……

My parents have gone silent after throwing me to this school. They must have forgotten about me already. That was my family.

From Arisu’s and Tamaki’s words, they are similar.

While escaping from the dangerous places that will be attacked by the orcs, the feelings of returning to the place where we don’t have to worry about electricity and food will get stronger, and if the feelings of wanting a safe life gets stronger…… what will happen?

As for me, I have killed someone. I have used my hands to kill Shiba. Even though it was Shiba who attacked first, that situation must be mentioned.

Even so, once all of these is exposed when we returned to the original world, what will the people around us think.

After that for me to get an easy life, I don’t feel that it will happen.

Maa, even so we cannot consider living in this world.

After all, I know nothing about the matters of this world……

Mmm, even if we consider now, there is no other way?

「Hey, Kazu-chi.」

I don’t know if she had guessed my thoughts, Mia reached out and touched my cheeks with her hands. Her icy-cold hands.

But the calm feelings began to spread throughout my body.

How should I say it, being with Mia feels peaceful.

This sort of mysterious thing, the atmosphere of making one feel at ease, is what she is good at.

「Ma is a healing type.」

While saying, the petite girl gave her opinion.

「That is what a moe character said.」

「A self-proclaim moe huh」

I shrugged my shoulders.

Half an hour has past. It is about time to start investigating.

I called out the crow and as per usual I added 《Remote Viewing》, hence my sights changed to that of the crow.

The crow flew in the sky and head towards the fortress city.

Before long, the signs of battle began to show.

The 6 red-skinned Giant who are tanned by the sun, kept throwing rocks at the city walls.

Taking a closer look, cracks are forming everywhere around the city walls and it seems like it is going to be destroyed.

There are green-skinned troops in the surroundings of the Giants. They are wearing leather armour and had a helmet so I can’t see their face clearly, but they don’t seem to be human. The green-skinned soldiers carried their sharpened swords and shield and had bows. It seems like there are about 200 of them.

The existences of others like gray-skinned wolves like hellhounds and figures wearing black long robes have also been confirmed.

The crow circled in the sky, and turn towards the direction of the fortress city.

And confirmed the figures on the city walls.

Yes, humans.

Not monsters.

It’s humans.

The figures of muscular men desperately controlling giant crossbows with a depressed expression.

There is a commander-like person shouting with all his might.

The troops put huge arrows into the giant crossbows and then shot it.

But before those huge arrows reach the Giants, they are intercepted by the countless flame arrows released by the monsters in black robes.

The huge arrows are destroyed in the air.

That is…… the release of 《Fire Arrow》

One black robed can release 3 of them. So their lowest is at Rank 3 Fire Magic……?

There are at least 5 of those black robed. Perhaps they are more troublesome than the Giants.

This time it was the black robed that released fireballs in together.

Perhaps that is Rank 3 Fire Magic 《Fire Bomb》.

《Fire Bomb》 hitted the giant crossbows and they began to burn.

Many of the soldiers’ bodies are also wrapped in flames and they fell from the city walls.

Probably they are groaning but 《Remote Viewing》 cannot transmit sound.

That is really good, I should not talk about the situation, but this is a scene without realism, just like an hollywood movie.

The soldiers who managed to remain safe are escaping in a panic…..

Then the city walls began to shake.

The rocks that the Giants threw, seem to have hit the weak points of the city wall.

The wooden planks stacked on the city walls dropped and the footings of the soldiers collapsed.

They fell and are swallowed by the darkness.

Then the giant crossbow exploded. In the end, a part of the city wall which is the upper portion collapsed.

Luckily even if part of it is destroyed, that is not a height that humans can climb……

Ah, the Giants advanced.

I see, if it is the 4m Giant, then they can enter from there.

This…… is bad.

The crow could not feel my thoughts and entered the city walls.

Inside the walls, the tiled houses are lined up in rows. And the soldiers are escaping on the paved roads.

Though it is a fortress city, it is smaller than expected, it is only about 500m.

In the middle there is a sturdy house. That is a 2 storey house surrounded by walls.

There are people gathering in that courtyard.

There are men…… Women seems to be there too.

Normal humans?

Although I don’t understand, are they working?

The crow began to circle around and return.

Ah, I wanted to observe a bit more……

But that can’t be helped.

Cutting the connection with crow, I told Mia what I had saw.

Mia nodded with a 「Mmm」, then kept shaking with a confused and hesitant feeling.

「What is it, Mia.」


Mia used an expression that says she wants to say something, but very politely, to look at me.

What is going on, just what does she want from me?

「Mia, if you have something, just say it. I will not ignore your views.」


「Or is it to say that you cannot trust me?」

This is such a despicable method, that was what I thought.

First of all, maa I don’t even trust myself completely.

But in order to make Mia speak, these words are useful.

Indeed Mia nodded slightly, then after opening her mouth a few times, she became determined and this time she nodded strongly.

「Kazu-chi, that ah, I, actually……」

Then Mia told me her real thoughts.

「I, Tagamiya Mia, admires, heroes.」

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