BIFMSMTK Volume 3 Chapter 74

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Chapter 74: Globster’s Ability

There are about 11 Archers left.

To the current us, there are no real opponents here.

But the problem is the Globster that is deep in the left side.

It has been quivering eerily like a pulse since just now, and in the end, will we make a move against it?

My.. my senses are warning me against that.

「Mia, we are going to advance!」

「Mmm, okay.」

After avoiding the trap, we ran in quick pace towards the centre of the square.

The 2 Archers at the right side quickly shot arrows at us, but they were obstructed by the wall of 《Whirlwind》 created by Mia.

During this, Arisu had shortened her distance with the enemies on the right side.

The Archers began to retreat while shooting arrows at Arisu.

Then we noticed that the 5 Archers which are fighting with the 2 Wind Elementals on the left, are gradually moving deeper into the cave.

Are they intending to meet up with the Globster?

「Mia, focus your 《Lightning》 on the left.」

「Mmm, are we preventing them from getting there?」

She understood me well.

Mia, for the sake of restraining the Archers on the left, let out a few 《Lightning》.

Luckily as we had moved to the centre of the square, we could prevent the movements of the enemies on the left effectively.

Then, to the enemies, our movements have hastened their decision.

Suddenly all of the 5 Archers on the left ran deeper into the cave.

The 4 opponents in front of Tamaki too, ran towards the Globster at the same time.

「Oi! Oi! Wait! Don’t run!」

Tamaki chased after them in a hurry.

Her dagger had slashed open an Archer from the back.

There is no other choice, since it was not her usual weapon, although there is still a bit of distance, but it is still enough.

The Archers after abandoning their bows, their battle strength has decreased significantly, but yet they did not think of picking up their bows.

One of the Archer, stood in front of Tamaki to block her path.

「Don’t….. Block the way!」

A flash was created by Tamaki with the short sword.c74p1

The Archer’s throat was severed with that blow.

Before she was sprayed by that blue blood, the body of the Archer flew away like a pole while spinning, then Tamaki continued to chase after the remaining 2.

But in that instant, the remaining 2 Archers had put quite a bit of distance between them.

The Archers on the left, one was defeated by Mia’s 《Lightning》, while the Wind Elementals defeated one each, respectively.

Even so, the remaining ones continued to run towards the Globster.

The 2 on left side, and the 2 that escaped from Tamaki.

That moment.

The whole body of Globster, began to tremble like a shelf.

Then it began to give off a bluish white light.

With that lump of flesh as the centre, a 10m wide white round circle-like thing began to surface on the ground of the cave.

「Indeed. Kazu-chi, that is a magic formation!」

Mia panicked.

「Ah, I know! Tamaki!」

When I noticed, Tamaki had ran out again.

When the Globster had trembled, she had taken her first step.

I began to cry out while running.

「Tamaki, stop your pursuit!」

「Ah, what! Really…… this……」

Tamaki did not hear my commands.

Forgetting it, she began to approach the Archers and then defeated another one.

But then, Tamaki’s body also entered the white circle.



Tamaki turned her vision towards her feet.

That moment, she finally noticed something strange.

But it’s just that.

I noticed.

The meaning of the circle on the ground. Although Mia and I understood but Tamaki did not.

So Tamaki was just standing there.

I ran towards her who did not know the situation, and grabbed her hands.


「Ah, Kazu-san?」

There is already no time left.

I pulled Tamaki’s body back.

「Ah, wah!」

Tamaki lost her balance and was swung out of the white circle.

Reversely, I, because of the force, flew into the circle.

The white light within the circle, began to shine even brighter.

Ahahahahahah…… Is this already useless?

I gave up……

I looked towards the entrance.

To Shiki-san who was shouting over there.

「2 hours later!」

Surrounded by white light, while falling down, I shouted.

「2 hours later!」

Shiki-san, at first, looked towards me while in shock……

But then she gave off an “ah” look.

Her ability is really good. She nodded.

Good, she understood.

If it is that, it will be fine.

I had forced myself and smiled towards Tamaki who fell outside of the white circle.

Before long.

My vision was dyed white by the strong light.

Then I felt dizzy.

My surroundings seems to be a huge whirlpool that is rampaging around.

I felt disgusted.

I had to use my hands to block my mouth to prevent the intense vomiting feel.

In the next instant.

My conscious turned into nothing.

I heard music.

A strong female voice.

An unknown language.

At least it is not Japanese.

The melody is gentle like a love song and yet sad.

I don’t know why, but my tears began to flow out.

I opened my mouth as though guided by that voice…..

Is there anyone, and shouted——

My body is weak, and unable to use any strength.

I heard sounds of grunting.

It must be the voices of the Archers.

The enemies are nearby.

If I don’t get up now.

I raised my head and forced my eyes opened……

How piercing.

That was what I felt in the beginning.

I shut my eyes immediately, and fell down in reflex.

Luckily, the enemies did not attack.

But without doubt, they are nearby.

Damn, where are they.

There are 3 Archers left.

Right, the Wind Elementals, should also be around with me.

I instructed the 2 Wind Elementals to protect me.

A feeling of strong wind began to swirl around in my surroundings.

I relaxed and raised my upper body before slowly opening my eyes.

The sight of the blue sky and a wide grassland came into view.


I was shocked and then I saw the Wind Elementals beside me.

The 2 familiars looked at me and nodded as though “your orders please”.

No, even if you said so, I am……

I stood up shakily.

I relooked my surroundings again.

Our position seems to be on a cliff.

The 3 Archers ran down the slope quickly, thinking of escaping.

And there don’t seem to be signs of enemies nearby.

Then….. shall we kill these Archers?

Hearing my order, the 2 Wind Elementals chased after the Archers.

Though there is quite abit of distance, but the Wind Elementals who flies in the sky, have an overwhelming speed.

Hence, once they caught up, the Archers have no chance of victory.

After defeating 2 Archers, my level rose.

I stood in the white room.

Until just now there are still 4 of my companions, but now I am alone.

I gave a loud sigh.

Maa….. I understood.

When I became Tamaki’s substitute, I understood.

I was transferred.

I was embroiled in the transfer of the Globster, and sent to who knows where.

Yes, that disgusting lump of flesh has something that can send things.

Honestly speaking when I chased after Tamaki, I had thought of “wouldn’t it be good if both of us are transferred?”.

If that is so, even now, we can avoid thinking in loneliness when alone.

Although that is so, maa….. My body had moved involuntarily.

「No choice….. Ah……」

It echoed lonelily.

That voice was absorbed by the walls in the white room.

……Ah, I am about to cry.

I shook my head, chasing away my timidness.

2 hours.

Yes, didn’t I make an agreement with Shiki-san?

Shiki-san should be able to accurately understand the meaning of that sentence.

After 2 hours.

I will use Rank 6 Summon Magic 《Summon Circle》 .

The base of 《Summon Circle》 is drawn at the Cultivating Centre.

The things that are placed there, the people who are standing there, when this magic is used, will be transferred to my side.

Will Shiki-san do the things that I requested for?


Will I be abandoned.


When I thought of it, an intense pain was felt in my heart.

My heartbeat increased.

Ah…… again.

I had thought I overcame it a long time ago……

I bit my lips and shook my head intensively, chasing away my timidness.

And shouted with a loud voice.

I got my senses back forcefully from the me who was about to sink into confusion.

I am fine.

Shiki-san will not betray me.

On the whole, towards the decision of abandoning me, Arisu or Tamaki, will not permit it.

Probably, hence Mia too, and Arisu and everyone will have similar thoughts.

But if the 3 who have the highest combat strength are persuaded by Shiki-san……

……somehow it seems possible.

After all it is Shiki-san.

No, there will not be a problem…… probably.

I repeatedly prayed.

「Ah…… what huh, I did not progress at all. In the end, I……」

「Mmm, if you want to cry, you can also cry?」


I turned behind in a panic.


Mia was standing behind me.

She made a victory sign, proudly.c74p2

「Wh..why is Mia here?」

「I was a bit careless.」


Saying this, when I turned behind just now.

Mia who should be there, was not there.

Although it could be that I did not notice her……

Don’t tell me, at that moment, immediately after me, she ran in?

If that is true, she is really fast.

「Kazu-chi is alone, so I worried.」

「Mmm….. That, thanks.」

「Thanks to that, I saw the weak Kazu-chi.」


I remembered my ugly sight.

Now my face, must be very red.

Mia, opened her mouth and laughed.

「Don’t mind it, everyone has their dark past.」

I raised my head and gave out a weird cry towards the ceiling.

Due to shame and depression, I rolled around on the ground in the white room.

After my chaos is resolved.

I began to confirm the situation with Mia again.

「Anyway…… we have to investigate the location of the transfer.」

What the monsters have planned and what will happen from now on, we have to understand them all.

Actually, I have considered using the crows to enter with 《Remote Viewing》.

Although my plans have been disrupted slightly, but towards the plans of the monsters and impeding their actions that will clash with our benefits, this decision has not been disrupted.

「Hmm, I guess Shiki-chi will send Arisu-chan and Tamaki-chan over after 2 hours.」

That was what Mia said.

「Where did those thoughts come from?」

「Haste is better than being slow.」(TL note: 拙速は巧遅に勝る)

Indeed that is so.

Mia and I nodded to each other.

Then I closed my eyes.

My mind recalled the scene when I surveyed the surroundings.

From the cliff, I can see a place, there is a city.

That is the common fortress city that you see in a fantasy world.

A place with people.

The natives in this world.

If we are to contact them, some risk should be tolerable.

Other than that, we can obtain information to some extent.

Our directions for the next few hours, will be decided by it.

I took a few deep breaths and calm my feelings down.

Currently I have 6 skill points, but these are to be saved.

If I am to move alone with Mia, then the next one to level up should be Summon Magic.

「Then shall we go?」


I pressed the return button.

And returned to the original place.

Kazuhisa: Level 21 Support Magic 5/ Summon Magic 6 Skill Points 6

After exiting from the white room, we focused on the battle of the Wind Elementals chasing after the Archer.

There is only 1 Archer remaining. If there is no special problems, then it should end soon.

Mia and I came down from the cliff and recovered the red gems by the Archers.

……Ah, shit.

Now we just have to keep the gems properly.

Currently I hold roughly about 7 blue gems and 20 red gems.

After asking Mia, she has roughly around 3 blue gems and 30 red gems.

Raising our head, once again, we looked at the faraway city.

At there, we noticed something by coincidence.

「Hey, Mia, that city……」

「Mmm? Wait a moment, I am taking out my glasses.」


「If it is normally, then it is fine, but.」

Mia took out a old fashion black frame glass from her chest and look towards the city with a “hmm-”c74p3

A few seconds later, she gave a “ah”.

「Black gas…… no it’s smoke.」

「Hmm, and there is something on the left.」

「Although I wore glasses, I can’t see it properly…… is it a monster?」

「Ah, I guess it is. Although it is a type that we have never seen before……」

A monster that is tanned with red skin.

Without any hair, it is carrying huge rocks and throwing them at the city’s wall.

Although if it is just this, it feels like the orcs can do it too, but the biggest problem is that, when you compared the monster with the city walls……

「So big……」

Mia said out that point simply.

Is it about 4m tall? That was what I estimated.

Probably, that rock too, it can be considered as a huge rock.


「It feels like that.」

Mia groaned in a small voice like in “Shingeki no Kyojin”.

No, I can just pinch her.

「Around there, there are monsters too.」

「Although we cannot see it clearly from here.」

We understood the situation a bit.

Mia and I looked down.

「That city seems to be under attack.」

「It …… seems so.」

Then what should we do.

I held my breath.

No matter how the residents in the city are like, the enemies of the monsters, to us, are all possible companions.

But currently, I have spent most of my MP, if it’s just Mia……

The 2 hours is going to be long.

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