BIFMSMTK Volume 3 Chapter 73

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Chapter 73: The Girls who Became Sacrifices

Adding the total number of people in the Middle School and the High School, at least 100-300 females are missing.

According to the survivors from the middle school dormitory, the existence of the Mage Orc had commanded the orcs to bring the girls away.


Perhaps they are in this cave.

For what?

The scene before my eyes, is the answer.

The creepy mass of flesh, which is a reminiscent of a human internal organs that are about 5m long, are constantly wriggling in the corner of the room.

Around that flesh, hand-like things are growing out while wiggling and stretching towards the ceiling.

If it is under the sunlight, probably it will be bright pink in colour.

Because the brightness of 《Night Sight》 is around evening time, so now it seems like it is dyed in blood which feels disgusting.

In the lump of flesh, the missing female students are imprisoned within.

No, being eaten. This should be a more accurate way of saying it?

People who are groaning breathlessly, with only their face sticking out while the majority of their bodies are submerged within the flesh.

People are twitching in convolution with their hands and legs outside.

People who revealed their pale coloured breasts.

From where we are, we can see about 5-6 people.

Before the figures of the students who became sacrifices, Mia’s body and mine turned stiff.

Mia swallowed her saliva……

「Ten..tentacle play.」
This girl……

My nervousness disappear in an instant.

「Behind that Shoggoth-like thing! Tamaki, Arisu, something is nearing on the left side! Mia, use magic to attack the Archer on the right side!」(TL note: Shoggoth = a creature in Cthulhu Mytho)

「Mmm, leave it to me!《Lightning》」

Mia released her lightning and like an arrow, the Archer on the right side is pierced.

The Archer’s body became numbed and fell backwards.

Tamaki used her backup dagger against the Archer who is nearing.

Arisu stabbed towards the Archer who is slightly at the side.

The 2 of them turned away after seeing what is inside in the left side.

To kill the Mage Orc, there are many enemies, but they are not that strong.

The trap here, has made the Iron Golem powerless but this fellow will be fine even if we fry it in oil.

But time is of utmost importance.

The 10 Archers closed to Arisu and Tamaki, and threw down their bows and took out their swords.

Even though they can’t defeat the 2 of them.

Though Tamaki also has a dagger, but even so Arisu still took out her tachi. (TL note: Tachi = a type of Japanese sword)

The Archers are defeated one by one.

When the 3 Archers are defeated, Tamaki’s level increased.

We entered the white room.

In the white room.

The 5 of us faced each other.

Yes, 5 of us.

When Shiki-san saw my paled face, she had a confused look.

We began to explain the situation before us respectively.

「I see…… that kind of scary thing……」

Shiki-san crossed her arms before her chest and began to think.

After a moment, she raised her head and looked at me.

「Is that fellow’s name decided to be Shoggoth?」


No, names are important.

Everyone gave a bitter smile.

At the same time, their shoulders also relaxed.

Shiki-san winked at me and grinned.

Ahhh, it was deliberate.

「If there are more suitable names.」

「Globster or something. A grotesque blob monster. I guess it is like a type of UMA, a creature with a body of flesh.」(TL note: Globster = an unidentified organic mass that washes up on the shoreline of an ocean or other body of water, UMA = unidentified mysterious animal)

Woah so dependable.

This isn’t a monster in a game but a UMA?

No, but I can say that this is something that Cthulhu Mytho does not have.

「Globster…… There are many explanations for that as a whale’s corpse.」

「Mia knows this.」

「UMA is a NEET’s hobby.」

Mia raised her thumb.

Maa… but how should I say it…… it is actually nothing much.

Thanks to Mia, the mood became better.

Just now thanks to her acting dumb, I had stopped to look.

She is probably not naturally dumb, but rather she had calculated it.

A rare talent.

「Just mentioning, Globster is not a UMA, but actually it is just an unknown piece of meat found at the beach……」

「Thi.. This time, I will listen to what you are saying.」

Mia began to describe it delightfully, while Shiki-san was considering to interrupt or not to.

Maybe she is already doing it.

「Then if it’s that Globster….. Kazu-kun, what do you think?」

「What huh…… I wouldn’t want to say about the situation that those girls are in.」

「They are really unfortunate, but it is about the nature of things. In the worst situation, perhaps killing them is also a good thing.」

Arisu and Tamaki deliberately gave out sounds of suppression.

Shiki-san announced the heartless decision directly, she must have wanted the girls to use their own words to leave their impressions.

The reason is very simple.

I, Kaya Kazuhisa, is a symbol of love and mercil, a leader should have the brilliance to light everyone up.

To Shiki-san, it is controlling everyone strictly, and at times overbearing.

Ah, though saying being merciful is myself, it send a chill down my spine.

No matter what this is necessary.

Hmm, my mind understands it.

A carrot and stick.

The 2 different ends in an organisation.

Even if Shiki-san got the short end of the stick, but this is what we have decided on.

Though I feel that Arisu and Tamaki are being lied to, and that my heart is aching…..

But it is important that both of them have to understand it.

For instance, when helping those that should be helped, like saving the lives of the girls who went crazy. If 《Cure Mind》 cannot heal them…… then at that time.

Those who lost their 4 limbs, right.

There is a need to use《Cure Deficit》 to recover the lost parts.

It is fine during normal times, but now in the Cultivating Centre, there isn’t any excessive ability to support those kind of people.

No matter how merciless the decision is, this is something to be expected.

At that time, even if it is her own orders, Shiki-san will also raised her chest proudly.

Because no matter when, she has her power and her duty.

I will also definitely accept her courage.

Then perhaps this will be after this battle.

「Then, the problem is whether the Globster is eating the girls or is it doing something.」

「Hmm, Kazu-kun, what do you think of it when you were there?」

「To be honest, Mia will know more details.」

Everyone’s sight focused on Mia, while she deliberate coughed and looked around with a clueless expression.

「Anyway, is H included?」

「If possible, don’t let the mood settle down.」

Then Mia used her hands to cover the edge of her mouth, temporarily in thoughts.

「In games, things that are summoned out with sacrifices, for example like Mana or monsters…… like evil gods 」

「Monsters……the wasps?」

「Girls who are trained by the monsters…… let alone giving birth….. Then raped forever…… gulp.」

Really, I don’t feel grateful to the monsters.

Just now we have also mentioned it, the large number of wasps that appeared this morning. Could it be that something happened?

But….. what is it?

Currently in the place we are battling, there are no Giant Wasps.

If this is a nest, but yet there are no traces of it. What exactly is going on.

It could have just been a coincidence, but..

「It seems that the highest possibility is that the Globster is using Mana to transfer targets?」

「So it is there?」

Shiki-san and I looked at each other.

We shall not talk such strange developments for now. Isn’t there someone who is conducting such a ritual? That was one of the scenario that Shiki-san and I have assumed for now.

Yesterday, I had discovered another stone monument.

As for why the orcs are coming out from this cave, things about these.

「I don’t wish to think about evil gods being summoned.」

「If evil gods appeared, can we win?」

「If Spear Skill and Sword Skill are Rank 9…… then maybe.」

Anyway, for Tamaki who has been only raising Sword Skill, she still needs to level up another 5 levels before Sword Skill reaches Rank 9.

Today, since the beginning, Giant Wasps and Archer Orcs have been appearing one by one, perhaps there is really such a possibility.

Such a possibility, to be honest, I don’t even wish to think about it.

「Anyway, we shall move with such a basis first. I will move over there immediately too.」

「Shiki-san, before the battle ends, it is fine to not show yourself too.」

If that is so, then it will be a great help.

Without Shiki-san’s leadership, the gathering at the Cultivating Centre will disappear immediately.

Just by myself, I am unable to lead 30 female students.

If it is possible to let Shiki-san’s power increase here, it will be beneficial to the entire group.

After we discussed some more things, we returned to the original place.

Tamaki: Level 18 Sword Skill 7/Physical 1 Skill Point 7

We returned to the battlefield immediately.

The Wind Elemental on the right side is fighting alone, and after suffering a concentrated range attack from 4 Archers, it fell to the ground and disappeared.

But the Wind Elemental also brought an Archer down along with it when it died.

Then Arisu leveled up.

And used the skill points to rank up Spear Skill.

Arisu’s Spear Skill is now Rank 6.

Arisu: Level 18 Spear Skill 5→6/Healing Magic 5 Skill Point 6→0

After simple discussion, we came out of the white room.

Immediately afterward, Mia’s 《Lightning》 killed another one.

Then there are only 2 Archers left on the right side.

The Archers without anyone to disturb them, began to release arrows with Mia and me as the targets……


Mia created a violent tornado along the line of sight as a hindrance.

At the front, Arisu and Tamaki began a rumble with the Archers who had a sword in their hands.

The 2 of them took down the Archers one by one overwhelmingly……

At that time, a Mage Orc appeared from the dark side on the right.

The Mage Orc’s staff pointed towards Arisu.

No, more accurately saying, it is the Arisu’s iron spear.

Shit, that is coming.


「It is fine……!」

Arisu grabbed the spear tightly with her 2 hands.

And bit her lips strongly.

She is desperately holding the spear that was heated red with 《Heat Metal》.


Arisu used magic on her spear.

Rank 3 healing magic 《Dispel》 can cancel any effect of magic.

This time, the heating effect of 《Heat Metal》 disappeared.

But it also charred Arisu’s hands black..

Even so, the Mage Orc seemed shocked.

Not only was its magic resisted, but it was even scared of the 《Dispel》 .

This was the plan that Shiki-san had thought out.

《Heat Metal》 being removed, does not have much meaning.

But if it is a cancelling magic, then it will be useless for the enemy to use the same move again.

This is a psychological attack, that was what Shiki-san said.

Mia also nodded in agreement.

Such a dirty gamer, I scolded in a vulgar way in the white room.

「Words of praise.」

「Hmm, words of praise.」

Both of them raised their chest proudly.

Though I feel that it is not acceptable.

But I will leave it be.

Just as Shiki-san’s prediction, the Mage Orc changed to other magic.

《Stone Bullet》 of Rank 1 Earth Magic.

As it is only Rank 1, it does not have much destructive power.

Taking advantage of the gap, Arisu took the javelin on her back and threw it towards the Mage Orc.


The javelin pierced through the Mage Orc’s chest beautifully.

The Mage Orc vomited blood out from its mouth violently and collapsed.

Then we entered the white room again.

This time it was Shiki-san whose level rose.

「Just nice my skill point is 4, let’s raise Detection.」

Shiki-san’s survival is a priority.

Of course it will be good with that. We nodded.

「Arisu, the plan after returning is to cover this side just like that. Settle the Archers on the right side.」

「Yes, I know.」

Over half of the monsters in front are killed by the 2 vanguards.

Tamaki should be fine alone with the 4 left.

The 2 Archers on the right side wanted to get pass the tornado to get into a shooting position.

To deal with the Archers’ plans, Arisu and I have decided to move.

On the left side, 5 Archers are fighting with 2 Wind Elementals.

It will be fine at here.

「Then, we will leave the white room.」

Shiki controlled the computer.

Shiki: Level 8 Detection 3→4/Throwing Skill 3 Skill Point 4→0

The battle heads to its ending.

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