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BIFMSMTK Volume 3 Chapter 72

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Chapter 72: The Secret of the Cave

We returned to the original place, and gathered the gems before heading into the interior of the cave to group up.

The cave is not something that was dug out but a stalactite cave that was formed naturally.

The stalactite above dripped water droplet with a Ta Ta.

A stench that could destroy our sense of smell drifted out from depths of the cave.

This proves without doubt…… that the orcs have already stayed in this place for a period of time.

「Let the fire magic girls and Sakura-san stay guard outside.」

Shiki-san proposed.

Mmm, that is good too.

If a hellhound appears in front in this narrow passage, then we could be wiped out with a breath.

No, if we meet with the hellhound, then the kids who are using fire magic will have a method to deal with it.

But if we met with the attack magic by the Mage, then they whose levels are not very high, will be at a disadvantage.

If possible, I hope that Shiki-san could stay further away, but……

「If I left Kazu-kun, then you probably can’t even do scouting.」

Being said like that, I had to lower my head.

But to let Shiki-san who is one of the commanders, conduct scouting, is hard to be justified ……

We still need to increase our party members, then had that person to undertake the role of scouting.

And there is still another candidate, that is……

A man who is dressed in ninja garb flashed across my mind.

Of course, Mia’s brother is the best choice.

The problem is that he, Tagamiya Yuki-san is also another choice as a leader.

Now, perhaps a conclusion has already formed in the high school section.

He, himself also showed no interest in standing above everyone…… But now that things have come to this, he had to take up that role.

Maa, that is good too.

Anyway we have to move to break the stalemate now.

「Shiki-san, join the party here temporarily. In the dangerous situation, you can calm down and think, and also to get more experience.」

「Yes, sorry that I don’t want to die too, so I will listen to your words and be spoiled.」

Shiki-san joined our party.

A party with 5 people.

The students who had fire magic gave Shiki-san 《Resist Flame》.

Because sometime had passed, my MP recovered about 10 points.

Then I gave everyone 《Deflection Spell》.

With this, then we don’t need magic to light up the place.

Comparatively, my MP is empty again.

「Kazu-chi, can I take this magic staff?」

Mia who gained night vision, picked up the magic staff left behind by the Mage.

It is a magic staff that was even taller than me.

At the tip, a crystal or something is embedded within.

Using the lantern to light it up, the crystal reflected a blue light.

A tool of magic… what?

「Anyway we should just take it first.」

「Actually it is not that important……」

「If it is a hindrance, then I will throw it away.」

From Mia’s body size, the size of the magic staff is quite huge.

It gives off the feeling of being excessive.

Maa, if there is no special problems from taking, then it will be okay.

After we separated from the other 3 member party, we head towards the depths of the cave.

Slightly after we entered a bit, Shiki-san moved forward.
After about a minute, Shiki-san returned, saying that there is a Y-shaped intersection in front.

「The depths at the right side seems to have sounds of girls.」

「Could it be that there are other surviving students?」

「It could be a possibility. Or perhaps it is a trap, or something the orcs made using Wind Magic.」

When Wind Magic reaches Rank 4, it has the skill to create sound.

It can create any sound.

Using this skill, you can imitate anyone’s voice.

Earlier when we met with the orcs, Rank 3 《Lightning》 was used as a main attacking move.

When Wind Magic reaches Rank 4, there is no such attack magic.

But we cannot remove the possibility of the orcs using Rank 4 Wind Magic.

If the orcs could do it.

Of course this could be a trap.

But what should we do.

「A strong attack then, please Shiki-san, keep watch behind.」

The theory is simple, just jump into the trap and destroy it with power.

If we use such a tactic, the low strength of Shiki-san could become our greatest weakness.

Hence I had her wait behind.

We let Shiki-san remain at the Y-intersection.

I feel that as long as Shiki-san hides there, she will be very safe.

We prepared to intrude without any preparations.

「I have casted 《Silent Field》 on the Iron Golem.」

If there are traps, my familiar will be the scanner.

Although this is a simple tactic, but currently it is the most effective.

Okay, time to battle.

The Iron Golem with 《Silent Field》 as the vanguard, we followed about 10 steps behind.

As the 《Silent Field》 covered the entire passage of the cave, so the opponent cannot hear our footsteps.

But we also cannot tell what happened in front of the Iron Golem, so we can only look in front though the slits of the Golem.

The Iron Golem suddenly stopped after walking a while in the right side.

A giant square appeared in front.

The Iron Golem’s body began to shake.

I knew what happened immediately.

The ground suddenly disappeared.

The Golem dropped into the trap.

Thanks to this, we saw the situation at the square.

There are countless of Archer Orcs and there are at least 10 arrows flying towards us.

This is bad.

My heart stopped.

I gave the order to attack to my 3 Wind Elementals.

「Arisu, Tamaki, follow behind Mia and attack, use 《Whirlwind》.」

「Yes, 《Whirlwind》」

Mia released Rank 4 Wind Magic and at the corner, a tornado is generated at the square, blowing away the arrows that flew at us.

The Wind Elementals followed the tornado and entered the square.

Of course, the arrows were launched towards the Wind Elementals.

Nearly 20 arrows flew at the Wind Elementals.

But the tornado in front of the Wind Elementals changed the direction of the arrows.

Dozens of arrows flew in the wrong direction.

I ordered the Wind Elementals to separate towards the left and right side.

2 on the left and 1 on the right.

「Arisu, Tamaki, the 2 of you will rush inside.」


「I understand.」

Immediately Arisu and Tamaki went around the trap, and rushed behind the archers.


「Wah! Woah! Hot, hot, silver sword.」

Tamaki dropped the silver sword in a panic.

Arisu surveyed the surroundings.

「In the deep parts at the right side, there is an orc in long robes.」

「I know! It is 《Heat Metal》.」

Although it is too late, but I finally understood what happened.

It was the strategy that Mia had thought, to deal with the Elite Orc yesterday.

To heat up metallic weapons.

Some of the robed orcs can use Earth Magic.

Rank 2 Earth Magic – 《Heat Metal》.

Tamaki got hit with this blow, but this is worse than dealing with the Elite Orcs.

If she has no weapons, her skills is nearly the same as an ordinary student.

「Mia, take away the vision!」

「Mmm, 《Dark Sphere》」

When Mia reached the square, she used 《Dark Sphere》 to hide Arisu and Tamaki who were at the right front.

Rank 4 Wind Magic 《Dark Sphere》 is akin to Rank 1 Magic 《Smog》.

But 《Dark Sphere》and 《Smog》is different. What it summons is not smoke but darkness, itself. A complete darkness cube.

The size can be adjusted, with the largest size at 125metre cube.

The inside is a pure darkness with no vision.

It will not be scattered by wind and it will last about 10 minutes.

Mia used this magic continuously, attempting to restrain the Mage on her right hand side.

At the same time, I got to Mia’s side.

It seems that I can see the entire square.

It has about 30m of space.

With some pillar supporting the ceiling.

The height was so high until one cannot see the limits.

Other than the path we walked into the cave, there is no other route.

The path on the right and led to this dead end.

The deepest area in the right hand side is already owned by the dark cubes.

With a tornado rampaging in the front.

And on the other side, there are 8 bodies of the Archers’ bodies with Tamaki and Arisu.

On the left side, 2 Wind Elementals and the 5 Archers are having a bout.

The Wind Elemental on the right side is facing 4 Archers.

And outside the battlefield on the left side.

Arisu and Tamaki has yet to notice it due to the battle.

That is really lucky.

At there, there is a lump of flesh quivering.

It is a lump of flesh that is about 2~3m tall, and 5m wide, moving around like intestines.

「Wha..t is that?」

A chill went up my spine.

My body froze involuntarily.

Mia too, her hands stopped and looked at the flesh.


Mia’s finger pointed to it.

Looking towards the direction she pointed at, in the middle of the flesh, I saw it.

A human face.

From the space of the hole, the flesh is growing.

A girl’s face was spreaded out, and at the same time she was giving out shrilly screams.

Ah! I understood.

I am sure that this were the sounds heard by Shiki-san.

A live sacrifice.

This phrase appeared in my mind.

That is the ending of the middle school girls who were kidnapped to this cave.

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