BIFMSMTK Volume 3 Chapter 71

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Chapter 71: What is Waiting Ahead

In the white room, I questioned Arisu on the looks of the enemy.

I feel that the size of the Mage Orc is different.

「Although I saw it with the light from the torch for an instant, but I can’t see it properly, I guess it is because the orc is wearing a robe. Other than that, it is holding a staff in its right hand.」

「It is the same as the previous report. That staff….. Does it have an increase in effect like games?」

「Something like attack of Wind Magic will increase……」

Mia looked at me without any expression.

That face seems to show an expression of「I want」.

Maa maa, since there is that sort of special effect, I don’t see why we can’t give it to Mia immediately.

「What kind of magic did it use?」

「It used 《Lightning》 once, but I endured it. It is quite painful, but it did not affect me very much. Then the orc tried to escape by becoming invisible……」


But once you used that, you can’t run.

「After swinging around the spear suitably, I seemed to have hit the orc’s head, and he fell rolling on the ground. So I directly stabbed down on the head to kill it.」

No doubt she is Arisu, a true warrior.

She is completely merciless.

With a splendid judgement.

「What about the enemies nearby.」

「There aren’t any. They could be hidden in the deeper parts…… or all the orcs are already dead, probably changed into gems.」

That is also possible.

I don’t know how many 《Lightning》 Mia had released into the cave.

I don’t even know the effects of it.

Until now, I don’t even know the level of the General.

It could be level 15 or so.

If I am not wrong, it could be from level 15-20.

As for the Mage’s level….. I guess it will be around level 10.

Hence it can use Wind Magic, and until Rank 3.

From a game’s consideration, orcs are not good at magic, with such settings, there could be a slight difference in this area.

Maa, if those guys appear again, then we will understand it.

To deal with this sort of situation in the future, should Arisu focus on raising her Spear Skill?

Ah, the one that should focus on leveling should be Mia.

「When you have 6 skill point, Mia, for Wind Magic and Earth Magic, which one do you want to raise?」

「Such a headache……」

Mia groan while crossing her arms.

She was so troubled until she frowned.

「Kazu-chi. What do you think will occur from now on?」

「First of all, I am curious about what is going on in the deep parts of the cave…… And another question is why did the Giant Wasps appear in huge numbers.」

「Hmm, and the stone pillar that we found around the bottom of the mountain.」

「Don’t tell me it is connected to some other places like a gate?」

Mia and I looked at each other’s face.

「Ah ah? Kazu-san and Mia seemed to have understood something? How come I completely don’t understand anything?」

「I understand, so I will explain it for you. Since new enemies have appeared today, so perhaps new powers could be born here, which could be due to a hidden item, like a certain something that I saw with you.」

「Only me and Kazu-san…… Ah, the stone pillar! But that……」

「Yes, that was something there that we could not read. But after using 《Read Language》 to read it. The content is 『fixed coordinate, space search, restrict scope』.」

Mia was groaning that「no matter how you see it, it is a transfer gate, but still thanks.」

「Since there is something like a transfer gate, what should we do Kazu-san, destroy it?」

「No, if it is possible, before making such a decision, we should investigate what is on the other side of the gate. Using familiar and 《Remote Viewing》, we could conduct a somewhat safe investigation on the other side.」

「Is it, a suicide special attack scout is really convenient.」

Yes, after summoning then granting support magic to it. When it is fighting with enemies of the same rank, it is a great strength.

The only problem is, if there are countless of the same-ranked enemies, then there is nothing we can do.

Hahaha, as the parasite of the party, I must also work hard from now on.

「If it is just like Shiki-san said, since there is the existence of a transfer gate, then there is 2 possible goals now.」

「2? Huh, Shiki-san?」

「During yesterday…… That person has already considered all sorts of scenario.」

Even Mia mumbled 「Where did the Anego come from」in shock. (TL note: Elder Sis = Anego, indicates respect. Used for female gangster boss too)

Anego huh, oi, where is the gangster part.

「Although we say that there are 2 goals, which is to send or to be sent. Just now we have been working on the premise that the enemies have been using a transfer gate at a certain location and sent their combat strength from another base, but it is not limited to that. Perhaps we could activate the transfer gate and send the orcs’ combat strength to another unknown place, that was what Shiki-san had considered.」

Other than that, I need explain a bit more in depth.

Perhaps to the orcs, this mountain that appeared, is something that is out of their expectations.

Maybe they are moving in order to escape from this mountain.

For example, to open the transfer gate, they need to offer up sacrifices, so that is why they kidnapped the schoolgirls.

But the orcs are a bunch of idiots who do not listen to the General and the Mage’s orders……

So when the commander achieved his aim, they just occupied the buildings of the middle school and high school as their base and then they stopped their invasive movements.

With this, we will be able to explain the weird actions of the orcs.

Anyway, we saw that the movements of the orcs are too chaotic.

But that is the intel we have gotten from the orcs, we need to further confirm it and find the timing for the ritual……

Then how did the Giant Wasps appear.

It could be the result of another ritual or maybe they are kept in reserve until now.

「Or perhaps the students are used as a seedbed.」

Mia mumbled.

「As the seedbed for the bugs. It is a common setting in ero games.」

「You really understand the detail, Mia-sensei.」

「You can call me as the All-Knowing.」

Mia puffed out her flat chest.

That is the words of a person who was still an elementary student half a year ago.

But I have more or less considered the possibilities of this.

No matter what, the Giant Wasps that appeared today is a sort of sign.

Is it a sign that means that they are ready or a sign that they are preparing?

Then we have to hurry up even more.

No matter where the orcs are going to.

Even if we have to bring our newly-added members, we still have to attack now.

If we leave them to their devices, I feel that it will not be beneficial to us.

No matter what, we have to stop what they are doing first.

This was the conclusion that we have come to when Shiki-san and I had a short discussion this morning.

We have the evil intentions of completely destroying the orcs’ schemes.

As for that, I only roughly explained it to everyone.

「Hmm, so as to say…… We will leave the battlefield which is the forest, and go on a world tour?」

「If possible, we will enlarge our combat area.」

Although we are making our moves, but now we are basically still doing a defensive battle.

We don’t have the naive thoughts like the self-defense force. It is just that we are focusing more on defending than attacking, anyway we have to protect our living place first, which is the Cultivating Centre.

As for other things, currently it is still too much for our current combat strength.

Though I said so, according to the situation from now on, maybe we cannot stay like this.

The important thing is to see through such situations even if it is just a bit earlier.

So that is why I am gathering intel.

For the sake of explaining it to everyone.

And just as expected, Arisu and Tamaki still does not understand it.

Only Mia gave the expression of being unable to accept it.

「It is just like Russia or Turkey’s opening, the situation whereby they can’t avoid being invaded by the black sea?」

「That is probably some game right. Really, that brother and this sister, do the both of you like being preached to?」

「Please don’t lump me with my brother……」

Mia lowered her head in disappointment.

I caressed her head when she is like that.

「Okay, Mia. According to the situation above, Wind or Earth Magic, which one will you choose?」

「Should be…… Wind Magic.」

After considering it carefully, Mia replied.

「That is natural.」

「Since we do not know where we will transferred to, so you want 《Wind Walk》?」

《Wind Walk》 is a magic of Rank 5 Wind Magic.

It is not like 《Fly》 which allows you to fly in the sky but run in the air like being on the ground.

The effective time is 20 times the time of 《Fly》, and each Rank increase the time by 20 to 30 minutes.

「If it is just that, 《Vibration Sense》 of Earth Magic will be just as effective 」

Rank 5 Earth Magic 《Vibration Sense》, it is a magic that can sense the vibration on the ground and wall.

It will be very useful when searching in places like caves.

「If we want to stay in the air for very long, I can just summon out the griffin.」

「Hmm, I have thought about that too. Wind Magic has another magic 《Poison Smog》which will be useful, the smog that is poisonous will be able to deal with a large number of small fry orcs.」

《Poison Smog》 is just like what Mia had said.

It is quite useful when having a huge army as your opponent, a very irritating magic.

Although poison gas is something that violate the world’s agreement in our original world, but luckily we didn’t sign that agreement. After all we don’t even have an army and there is no meaning in that world agreement here.

More importantly, why did Mia choose 《Poison Smog》.

「What if we meet another situation where we have to battle against hundreds of orcs like yesterday?」

「We should be prepared for that, it is fine if we leave the elites to Tamaki. Then I will be in charge of group battles.」

I looked at Tamaki.

Tamaki raised her chest.

You… I don’t supposed you forget that you made a fool of yourself just now……

「…..Probably it will be okay.」

Mia’s tone is weakened.

「Oh, I will do my best?」

「Mmm, Tamaki will do her best, mm.」

「No matter what it feels strange.」

Because it is Tamaki, maaa, it is Tamaki huh.

「You don’t have to mind your weakness, as long as you show your good sides. The rest will be up to me, so you don’t have to worry.」

「Ah ah ah mm. If Kazu-san is around, then I can relax…… ah, why do I sense a look of pity?」

「You can be with me forever.」


Tamaki smiled shyly.

While Arisu and Mia revealed a bitter smile.

「Mmm, then again, once I obtain the reminding Wind Magic, I wish to try them out. But honestly speaking, if we have the ease, I wish to obtain 《Create Metal》 to play……」

「Even if you can summon out metal, you cannot directly increase our combat strength.」

「That’s right.」

Since she had already considered until there, I have no other opinions.

Mia decided to raise Wind Magic.

And from now on she will also prioritize raising the Rank of Wind Magic.

「Gravity Control or Lightning Speed, hurry up and appear……」

「Stop, don’t become a female knight.」(TL note: Reference to FF13)

What you want to do, I probably already know, but Mia is very not suitable for close combat.

Mia: Level 13 Earth Magic 4/Wind Magic 4 → 5 Skill Point 6 → 1

We ended our discussion and Mia raised Wind Magic.

So we came out from the white room.

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