BIFMSMTK Volume 3 Chapter 69

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Chapter 69: The Northern Forest Battle 5

Shiki-san who went to investigate, came back after a few minutes and had noticed that there is a cave a bit further in.

Is that place their base……?

「A cave huh.」

Arisu touched her mouth and began thinking.

「Such a thing in this area…… I haven’t heard of it.」

「Arisu and Tamaki, including this area, have you already searched all the forests around the school?」

「Yes, although we said so, it is just on the surface, without going to the deep parts that are restricted.」

The middle school and the high school are situated at the back of a mountain, which is a non-entry area by itself.

In the past there are even wild boars, and they seemed to have used guns to hunt them.

The hunting rifle that Shiba has, perhaps is the thing that the board was keeping.

So the school have prohibited the students from entering the deep parts of the forest.

Isn’t it too late to worry about the students’ safety after you have built a school in the forest, you should have thought about it before building.

Hence, other than students like Arisu and Tamaki who likes to「adventure」, most of us knew nearly nothing about the mountain that we lived in.

「Seems like that cave is the orcs’ gathering place.」

「I think so too. Nearby at the entrance of the cave, there are over tens of orcs gathered, seemingly very nervous as though knowing that we are approaching.」

According to Shiki-san, there are 2 elites in the orcs that are commanding.

I see, they did have a gathering place.

「In the trees near the cave, there are 4 archers, and in the surroundings, there are 2 giant wasps patrolling.」

The total combat strength is nothing as compared to the past.

The problem is how many enemies will appear from the cave when the battle begins.

This time we cannot attack without any hesitation.

Since we are already here, then we can’t just head back like this.

Next time, the enemy will be more vigilant.

And we may not be able to break through it again.

Then, what should we do.

After considering, I suggested this.

「Mia, can we use 《Create Stone》 from Earth Magic to seal the cave?」

Mia hesitated for a moment before saying「should be possible.」

But then she continued with a「but」

「Then why not let Tamaki hold the tower shield before the cave and let me shoot lightning from behind.」

Her reply was a more sinister suggestion.

Although it is a suggestion that was very aggressive in nature, but it may succeed.

Even though it is so, if we are facing the huge orcs, only Tamaki can be their opponent.

The tower shield will be very effective towards those small fry which uses throwing weapons, but once it is against those huge sized orcs, then it will only be a burden.

If that is so……

「I will call out an iron golem and have it hold the tower shield, then Tamaki will stay by its side.」

「That’s not bad. But Kazu-san I am worried about your MP.」

「It is already much better as compared to just now.」

Maa, I am also a burden that is tossed about during battle.

Well with my reflexors, even if I want to fight, I can’t.

With this, our battle plan is decided.

I used Rank 6 Summon Magic to summon my familiar, the iron golem, and give it 《Physical Up》,《Mighty Arm》 and Tamaki’s tower shield.

The iron golem which needs us to look up in order to see it clearly, used its left arm to lift the tower shield easily.

「The iron golem will be the vanguard. It will block the cave first and those that gets in its way will be eliminated by Arisu and Tamaki.」

I gave the signal.

Tamaki and Arisu nodded.

Heavy footsteps were heard from the iron golem.

Though its looks seems to be very slow looking, but because its strides are wide so its running speed is not slow.

The iron golem that walked out from the forest, got the enemy’s attention.

The archers on the top released their arrows at the iron golem.

The iron golem raised its tower shield and blocked all the arrows.

「Now, attack!」

Tamaki, Arisu and Sakura, the 3 of them ran out from the golem’s back.

Arisu and Sakura took care of the small fry orcs, while Tamaki made a beeline for the elite orcs in command.

「I will prove that I am useful.」

Tamaki split an elite orc’s head open for me to see.

At this time, Mia leveled up. Since there is nothing special to be done, we returned to the original place after discussing a while.

Mia: Level 12 Earth Magic 4/Wind Magic 4 Skill Point 4

After returning from the white room.

The orcs that suffered the surprise attack, gave out warning cries towards the cave.

And sounds of panicking echoed from inside the cave.

「Indeed there are enemies in the cave.」

「Still within predictions. Before the reinforcement reaches, let’s try to reduce the number of enemies here.」

On the other hand, the 2 fire magic users and Shiki-san began their attacks on the giant wasps.

The 2 giant wasps which suffered heavy attacks and got confused, are already on the ground.

Mia used the advantage of the surprise attack and used 《Sleeping Song》 on the archer in the tree making him fall down from the tree.

The archer dropped down with its defenseless head pointing to the ground.

After giving out a SPLAT sound, it stopped moving.

「Hmm, sleep is justice.」

Just like she said in this situation, sleep is a strong magic.

The difference in levels between Mia and the enemy, coupled with my support magic, until now, none of the small fry have resisted against it successfully.

This magic has been casted a few times on the elite, but all of them resisted against it.

Even in the small fry, there are some who are slightly stronger, but because of the difference in Rank, they are still unable to resist against this magic.

But when used against bug types like giant wasps, it has not succeeded even once.

Q: The brain structure of bugs are different from other organisms, what should we do if this magic is useless?

A: Just deal with it directly.

Tamaki has already finished off an elite and the iron golem has also reached the entrance of the cave.

It raised the tower shield towards the cave.

The archers released arrows at the back of the iron golem.

More or less it got hit with the arrow but it is still well.

I feel that if we continue in this state, it will not be good……

Mia had other jobs in the front.

「Mia release lightning towards the cave, leave the archers to me.」

「Hmmm, leave it to me.」

When Mia ran out, I ordered the 3 Wind Elementals that remained as rear guards to attack the archers on the trees.

Once the archers sees that there are enemies flying over with them as target, they ignored the iron golem.

The Wind Elementals are Rank 5 familiars that will go down with 1 or 2 shots.

The archers and the Wind Elementals began close combat.

At this moment, Arisu finished the last small fry orc and my level rose.

Level 20.

This time we also discussed slightly before leaving the white room.

Kazuhisa: Level 20 Support Magic 5/ Summon Magic 6 Skill Points 4

After returning to the original place.

4 giant wasps left the cave and rushed towards the place where the rearguards are at.

Even though I had resolved myself, but it is still scary seeing bees with giant poison stingers.

But this is the natural reaction of my body.

The girls took a step forward first.

No matter what timing, 《Reflection》can be used immediately……

「Now, 《Burning Ray》!」

With Shiki-san’s cry, the 2 fire magic users used magic together.

The rain of fire landed on the approaching giant wasps.

Even though I was a distance away but I could still feel that hot flames and the hot air that rushed over.

That hell-like flame burnt their 2 wings, and the 4 giant wasps fell onto the ground.

But the flames wrapped around their bodies did not disappear, and the giant wasps are burnt alive like this.

Wah, so disgusting……

Although I had thought about it before, Fire Magic after Ranking up, their destructive power is really huge.

And there are still flames burning on the ground so I summon alot of water to dose it.

Just a mention, 《Burning Ray》 is a Rank 4 Fire Magic.

They probably learnt it from their level up just now.

While we are doing various things on this side, the Wind Elementals have released wind blades to defeat their enemies respectively.

When the other small fry orcs tried to escape, Arisu and Sakura chase after them and finished all of them off.

Thanks to us blocking the escape path into the cave, we could eliminate all of them easily.

Although we say that, but now it is officially beginning.

Mia continue to release lightning towards the inside of the cave.

Groans can be heard from inside the cave.

At the same time, there are something collapsing.

But that is not all.

「Something is coming out.」

Mia shouted and retreated slightly.

I also had the iron golem retreat……

After that, something ran out from the cave.

That fellow’s weapon is something that is swung with a rod, and on the other end of it, is a metal ball shining with silver light attached with a chain.

That is the so called flail.

The black orc holding the flail, threw the metal ball at the iron golem.

Before that, something stopped it.

Tamaki used her smooth movements with her silver sword and hit the silver coloured metal ball away.

「General, your opponent is me!」

As though replying Tamaki, the General Orc gave a roar.

Even the Iron Golem is blown away by the shockwave.

Okay from now on….. Is the real battle.

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