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BIFMSMTK Volume 3 Chapter 68

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Chapter 68: The Northern Forest Battle 4

Although we broke through the second defence line with nearly no injuries, but the price for it was the loss of 2 Wind Elementals.

Summoning a Rank 5 familiar need 25MP, this loss to me who is level 19, can be recovered with a 30min rest.

But now we are in the midst of the enemy camp.

We can’t possibly rest 30 min.

So we have to go just like that.

Although I said so, we have to prevent our combat power from decreasing.

So I summoned another 2 new Wind Elementals.

Arisu used her excess MP to heal the injured Wind Elemental.

Now my MP will requires about 60 min to recover.

Perhaps the MP left does not even reach 70.

Now we don’t even know where the main camp of the enemy is at, so we have to reduce the possible loss of the familiars here.

Shiki-san returned after investigating a while.

「In front, the security is too tight, we don’t have enough firepower.」

「How many enemies are there?」

「There are 8-10 archer orcs, at least 6 giant wasps, and there are still 20 small fry orcs on the ground.」

Quite a big number.

Should…… we give up here?

No, since we are already here, no matter what we do, it doesn’t matter if the enemy detects that they are attacked.

The base of the orcs is no doubt somewhere near here.

Then we could be wiping out the vanguards of the enemy.

「We will let Arisu and Tamaki conduct the wiping battle.」

「Wait, Kazu-kun, that is too dangerous.」

Shiki-san panicked.

But when I turned towards her……

Shiki-san showed me a pranking smile.

Ah ah, so it is like this.

She took the role of stopping while I have the role of explaining.

Such an irritating fellow.

「Mia’s 《Whirlwind》 can create a tornado, and seal the archer orcs’ arrows to a certain extent.」

Mia’s newly learnt Rank 4 Wind Magic 《Whirlwind》, is a magic that create tornado.

Like before, it can create strong wind below the archer orcs.

If it is successful, we can make them fall to the ground just like that.

「And Arisu and Tamaki can use 《Fly》 to attack, then whether it is an archer or what not, they will not be their foes.」

「Although you say that…… but there are still giant wasps and small fry orcs.」

「The opponents of the small fry orcs, will be Sakura-san and my familiars.」

Nagatsuki Sakura can level up to level 5 in the battle just now and her Spear Skill has been raised to Rank 3.

She is the same as Arisu, a pure warrior.

With small fry orcs as her opponents, she perhaps may even think that they are too slow.

「As for the giant wasps, then we will leave them to Shiki-san and the 2 fire magic users who specialised in long distance attacks, I believe that you can do that very well.」

「That…… including me, when facing enemies that are escaping…… what should we do?」

「Hmm, just now we had a tough battle is because we can’t let any enemy go, so if we don’t do that, I guess we can obtain victory easily.」

In that sort of situation, the escaping enemy may call reinforcement……

Since they will not escape out of the forest, then we can just attack the gathering point of the enemy directly.

It will be good if a BOSS appears.

Our Tamaki will be your opponent.

Anyway if Tamaki who is fully prepared with my support magic, is unable to win against him, then it means that currently we are unable to win against it.

And this is a gamble……

If we meet an enemy that is above that, then we can only retreat away from this place.

Troops can move freely, are probably all used on attacking our gathering place, the Cultivating Centre yesterday.

Of course, more powerful troops which can be moved could appear, just like the giant wasp that appeared this morning.

If we meet that sort of situation, then there is nothing we can do.

Then my eyes crossed with Shiki-san, and we both understand such a thing like that could happen.

Then we nodded to each other.

「I understand, although there is some risk, but this is something that we have to take.」

After a while, Shiki-san nodded again.

Seems like we have decided to fight.

In the area where the archers are alert in, a tornado suddenly appeared.

At the same time, a giant wasp is struck down by a fire arrow, falling to the ground.

But the orcs reacted quickly, and sounded the alarm that the enemy are attacking.

Then Arisu and Tamaki began their attack from the sky.

After using 《Haste》 with 《Extend Spell》, with a red trail left behind them in the sky, the 2 of them rushed towards the archers.

The archer orcs shot arrows at them but due to the interference from the tornado, they missed their target.

This time, Tamaki does not have her tower shield.

Because even if it is just a second faster, reaching the enemy is more important than anything.

That tower shield, is currently being carried on my back.

It is extremely…… heavy.

While chasing my companions who are in front of me, I fell.

Sakura turned behind and said 「let me carry it」.

「No, you still have to take care of the orcs, After I used support magic, other than giving out instructions, there is nothing else that I can do.」

After completing my words, I saw the small fry orcs jumping out from the woods in front of us.

Sakura noticed that, and advanced with her iron spear.

「The rear guard will be my familiars, Sakura you can just move freely……」

Before I finish, Sakura had already rushed out.

With a spear she jumped into the group of orcs, then from that moment, that area was dyed in the colour of fresh blood.

The orcs who got attacked suddenly, panicked immediately.

On the other hand, the giant wasps who flew over, are the opponents for Shiki-san and the 2 fire magic users.

Shiki-san did not hide and used her throwing to attract the enemy’s attention.

The main firepower are the fire arrows.

When the giant wasps showed an opening from the attacks by Shiki-san, fire arrows are released from the tower shield behind me.

Ah, there are still 2 more people hiding behind me.

No matter what their figures can’t be seen……

Maa, that is good.

I am currently level 19.

Nearly 5x the level of Shiki-san.

If I was hit by a few poison stingers or arrows, I will not die.

After all, I can’t do anything on the battlefield.

Then at least, let me be a meat shield.

The worst situation is the companions that I was protecting died.

Compared to the deaths of my companions, I will just feel some pain only, quite a worthwhile trade.

I don’t ever want to experience the feelings that I had when Shimoyamada Akane-san died.

The giant wasps are fallen by the fire arrows one by one.

After Mia created a few more tornado to restrain the archer orcs, she also participated in hunting the giant wasps.

The archer orcs are killed by Arisu and Tamaki, with them intending to kill one target before moving on to another.

When they are using 《Fly》, they are able to use it with familiarity.

Actually they have practised once in the white room, but they could hardly control their first flight in their lives.

「Wah wah, wah ah, I can’t stop.」

Although I said so, when Tamaki flew towards an archer orc, she missed it and flew into the sky, and disappeared from our sight.

……Oi, that.

Arisu reduced her speed and defeated the second one, then turned her direction.

She is a safe driver.

It will be fine even if she get her license in the future.

Tamaki will probably be a driver that will cause one to worry.

Ah, Tamaki came back.

Advancing towards the 3rd archer orc with a scary aura…… and her direction is off.


Tamaki kicked the tree nearby and forcefully changed her direction.

After spinning in the air, she crashed into the 3rd orc.

As the words mean, she anyhow stabbed her sword through the archer orc.

This time Tamaki leveled up.

In the white room.

Tamaki lowered her shoulder expressionlessly.

Arisu revealed a troubled smile and comforted Tamaki.

While Mia laughed loudly while grabbing her stomach.

「Awesome. Tamaki is too interesting.」

「Don’t laugh too much.」

I knocked Mia’s head lightly.

And also caressed Tamaki’s head.

Tamaki raised her face in tears.

「Uuu, Kazu-san. I…I…」

Ah, her “I can’t do it” kid mode has appeared.

Looking at me with eyes like an abandoned puppy.

I kept saying「it’s fine, it’s fine」to comfort her.

「To prevent that from happening, let’s practise here.」

「Mmm, I will work hard on practising.」

「Let me practise abit too. Mia, you too.」

「Mmm, leave it to me.」

Everyone began practising flying.

Judging from the result.

Among the 4 of us, the one who is best at flying is Mia.

「So interesting~」

Then again, this girl said that she like sports……

Then of course the one who is the worst at flying is me.

Tamaki as though she is worried, kept spinning in the air.

「Kazu-san, don’t mind it too much. Actually even if you can’t fly in the sky, Kazu-san also don’t have to be that troubled.」

「That may not be so, perhaps we will meet a cliff that needs everyone to pass……? Maa, we shall treat flying as a necessary skill for now.」

Rank 6 Summon Magic 《Summon Griffon》, is a summoning magic that can summon a mythical creature with huge wings.

This griffin familiar, though his battle strength is low, but we can sit on his back to fly.

Just mentioning, I tried summoning the griffin.

A white and dark brown striped huge bird appeared.

It is bigger than a horse.

If it opens its wings, then it will be around 8m long.

The griffin looked at me with its round eyes, and cried out with its sharp beak.

Just by slightly moving its wings, a strong wind is generated in the white room.

「Wah, incredible. Hey hey, Kazu-san, I wish to sit on it.」

「Sure sure but…… Thinking about it carefully, from the size of this room, basically we can’t let the griffin fly.」

「Argh, that’s true…… Such a pity.」

Maa, lets leave sitting on the griffin to next time.

After caressing the soft and warm fur, I returned it.

The period after that, everyone began their flying practice.

By giving each other suggestions, they learnt the secrets of flying, and finally got familiar with flying.

But even till the end, I am still not good at flying.

「When flying in the air, I will lend my hand to Kazu-san.」

Tamaki who was in a good mood, laughed while saying it.

Although in the beginning she was the worst, but she got used to the movements in the 3D environment soon.

Her direction sense wasn’t bad.

But I was belittled for no real reason.

Maa, forget it.

Tamaki being back is better than anything……

Seeing me sigh, Arisu laughed.

「To not let Kazu-san be embroiled in the battles, we will fight.」

「That’s true. If I have to fight with the enemies, then it means that we have already lost.」

「Kazu-san, to utilise our potential, please use your brain as much as possible.」

I nodded to express that I know.

After practising, we returned in the original place.

We will keep Tamaki’s skill points for now.

Tamaki: Level 17 Sword Skill 7/Physical 1 Skill Point 5

After returning to the original place.

Arisu’s strike pierce another archer orc’s throat.

This time Arisu leveled up.

There is really nothing needed to be done in the white room.

So we left it immediately.

Arisu: Level 17 Spear Skill 5/Healing Magic 5 Skill Point 4

Then we continue the wipeout successfully.

Everyone in Shiki-san’s party level up by 1 level.

Sakura’s Spear Skill has reached Rank 4.

All the vanguard orcs are nearly killed by her alone.

And it was 2 orcs that came near me and got defeated by my Wind Elementals.

An instant kill.

We are indeed too strong, the leftover orcs escaped.

We did not force ourselves to chase after the enemies that disappeared into the forest.

Since we don’t intend to wipe them out, so it is not good to extend our party too far.

Tamaki finally defeated an archer orc while flying stably, and that is the last spoil of this battle.

「The escaped enemies are 3 archer orcs and 7-8 orcs.」

Shiki-san who has the best eyesight reported..

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