BIFMSMTK Volume 3 Chapter 67

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Chapter 67: The Northern Forest Battle 3

We have safely passed our first battle.

Shiki-san immediately hid and began her investigation in the northeast side.

I also tried releasing my crow in the east direction.

But the connection with the crow was cut off a few minutes later.

It was probably killed by the giant wasps.

So there are giant wasps at the east side……

It was probably just luck when that the crow was not killed by the giant wasps when we investigated initially.

Maybe not, since we had flown low this time.

「I am really worried about the high school section.」

「Hmm, brother.. probably .. has some methods.」

Mia faced it calmly.

Indeed, if it’s that person, he will have some sort of methods……

「What brother is worried about, is if he can raise the base level of the people, and once he can pass that wall, then he will be able to depend on himself.」

「Yes, ninjas are incredible.」

Tamaki tried her best from laughing.

At that time, the fake ninja did feel funny.

While Mia just frown with an 「ah—」.

After waiting for about 10 minutes.

Shiki-san came back.

She had left from the north east side, but yet when she returned, it was from the west side.

「The deeper we go, the security gets even tighter, so we should aim to hit the solo groups. I will led the way.」

With the dependable her as a guide, we move towards the base of the orcs from the west.

There are 3 archer orcs keeping guard.

If there are no giant wasps then it will be easy.

With a surprise attack, we swiftly wiped them out.

Our party killed 2 while Shiki-san’s party killed 1.

「If it is just this number, then we can do it. The problem is from now there is no more troops that can be dealt with easily from now on.」

「What is the total number?」

「I should say it’s due to precise placement. The defended place happened to be able to obtain cooperation from the other troops at the sides.」

They really did use their brains well.

No, probably not?

Maybe it is because we are too near the enemy’s base, so the guard has become smaller.

「As for if it is close to the base, I am not sure. If I dived too deeply, then I wouldn’t be able to escape if I was discovered, so I didn’t proceed too deeply.」

「That’s correct.」

Forcing Shiki-san here has no meaning.

But if anything happens, we could just retreat.

The next battle is attacking 2 giant wasps and 3 archer orcs.

And this party A is near to other parties.

Party B has 2 giant wasps and 3 archer orcs.

If a battle occurs, there is no way we wouldn’t be discovered.

Other than that, there is another party near party B.

That will be Party C.

The only thing worth celebrating is that there are only these 3 party, there are no more further chain effects.

「Let’s change the method. I feel that we should invest in some combat power.」

Of course this will cause the enemies to scatter when they are retreating.

If there is only Shiki-san, perhaps we will not be able to deal with all the escaping enemies.

Because there is that sort of suspicion, so this time Mia is moving together with Shiki-san.

Their role is to kill the escaping enemies for certain.

She has all sorts of wind and earth restricting magic, which are suitable for halting enemies.

Because other than Mia, there are no more other members to choose.

No choice, we could only let the fire magic users hide behind Tamaki’s tower shield and use fire arrow attack and had my familiars stand at the front to prevent our companions from getting injured.

Hence I summoned 2 more Wind Elementals.

A total of 3.

The part without Mia will be covered by the familiars.

The battle began.

We moved forward slowly under the protection of Tamaki’s tower shield.

The archer orcs discovered us who are approaching and released their arrows.

The battle of hiding behind the tower shield and attacking, did not have the intended effect as the 2 girls who uses fire magic are scared of the arrow rain.

The 3 Wind Elementals that I summoned, attacked the archer orcs from the air.

With this, we finally managed to disrupt the arrow rain successfully.

With the arrows no longer flying over, the fire magic users finally raised their heads and shot fire arrows at the giant wasps that Arisu was having trouble with.

The wings of the giant wasps are burnt and they fell to the ground.

「Party B came here!」

Arisu cried out.

When I looked up, there are 2 giant wasps that flew over first.

Then before, I can see 3 nimble archer orcs approaching by flying between the trees.

Even behind, I can see the figures of Party C.

Although I want to do something before getting into the archer orcs’ range……

「I will be bait.」

With that, Nagatsuki Sakura took the javelin and moved.

Ah, shit, don’t tell me!

Sakura climbed up the tree and threw the javelin at the giant wasps.

The javelin missed.

The movements of the giant wasps are too fast, to someone who is not used to throwing, it is hard to aim at it.

But that is already….. enough.

The 2 giant wasps changed their direction and went after Sakura.

With their butt aimed at her, they got into a shooting position.

Then in just an instant, the monsters stopped moving defenselessly.

「Arisu, NOW!」


Although Sakura acted recklessly, but a chance is a chance.

The javelin that Arisu threw, pierced a giant wasps and caused it to fall to the ground.

The other one was barbequed by the fire magic users.

In a place slightly further away, the archer orcs from Party B began shooting.

At the same time, the 3 archer orcs in Party A were finally defeated by the familiars that I summoned……

Mia’s level increased.

In the white room.

We began reporting the current situation to Mia who has been hiding.

「Ah~ Without doing anything, and yet I can level up. I feel that I had got a freebie.」

「Don’t mind it, I have always gotten such a feeling.」

In actuality, only the support magic that I used and the summoned familiars are active on the battlefield.

I am basically just looking.

「That, Mia. Can you raise the Rank of Earth Magic?」

Now Mia’s skill point is 6.

Now her Earth Magic Rank is 4 while Wind Magic Rank is 3, so she could raise whichever.

「Hmm, the distance Kazu-chi level is getting further so I had wanted to catch up in a go…… but.」

Mia hugged her arms and groan.

Ah, she is still troubled until now?

「According to today’s situation, Wind Magic is better.」

「Ah, indeed is is 《Fly》.」

Rank 4 Wind Magic, is the much awaited flying magic 《Fly》.

The effective time is 2 to 3 min for every rank.

So for Rank 4, it is about 8 to 12 min.

The other flying magic is the Rank 6 support magic..

The magic to grow out wings to fly.

This one will last 20-30min for every Rank, but you have to move the wings on your back like your limbs, so it has all sorts of problems.

While 《Fly》, as long as you are conscious of floating, then you can move around freely, which is more advantageous for combat.

Indeed rather than fighting the archer orcs in the forest, I would rather fight with the giant wasps in the air.

Although that is so, but I don’t dare to suggest this.

「Earth Magic has 《Blood Boil》which can boil the enemy’s blood and《Rockfall》which drops huge rocks, so it is better to get some methods which can kill the enemies for certain.」

「Although《Blood Boil》 works on small fries, but it is just like putting on some corroding agent. If it is like that then it will be the same as using 《Sleeping Song》 to make them fall off the tree. Attacking Magic does have its uses, but if Arisu and Tamaki are attacking in the air, it will be more advantageous.」

A wonderful logic that one cannot refute against.

Then again, that, Mia.

Are you really a Year 1?

You are probably still an elementary school kid half a year ago right?

Just from your age, I feel that you are not inferior to your brother……

Whoa this, it is better not to delve too deeply into this.

The most important thing now, is whether to trust Mia’s judgement.

「The best method yesterday, may not be the best method now, just that.」

Mia said it like it was nothing, while Arisu and Tamaki was surprised at her.

Hmm, maa, because it seems reliable so we shall do it this way……

Hence Mai raised Wind Magic.

Mia: Level 11 Earth Magic 4/Wind Magic 3→ 4 Skill Point 2

After Mia raise the Rank of Wind Magic, we returned to the original place.

My familiars have wiped out Party A, and now they are raining arrows at the archer orcs from Party B.

They are targeting one of them, so it will receive quite heavy damages.

Then I had all of my familiars retreat.

「Arisu, Sakura, hide behind Tamaki’s shield! We will shorten the battle line!」

If you are lured in by the enemy now, it will usually result in something bad.

We retreated quickly.

In this period, the survived 2 archer orcs from Party B had mixed with Party C.

Party C has 3 archer orcs and 4 giant wasps.

A total of 4 giant wasps and 5 archer orcs.

Till now, this is the biggest number.

If we still have to break through this group, then it will be tough.

But luckily, we are the ones receiving the attack.

3 of the archer orcs shot arrows at the tower shield, making the front of shield become like a hedgehog.

The other 2 attacked the familiars which are not under the protection of the shield.

The original injured Wind Elemental finally could not take the damage and is destroyed.

A shriek like female grief cry sounded, and the Wind Elemental disappeared.

Damn, this feels bad!

No matter…… it is still better than a living human being killed.

While we are being held down by the arrows of the archer orcs, the giant wasps attacked with us as the targets.

They stopped in the air and pointed the sting at their tail at us who are below.



I gave the signal, and Arisu threw the javelin.

At the same time, the girls who can use fire magic also release fire arrows.

But there are still 4 giant stingers aimed at us……

Following my orders, the leftover 2 familiars intercepted from the air.

One of the Wind Elemental is shot with a poison stinger and retreated due to the damage.

The other was pierced in the head and shoulder and disappeared.


I expressed my gratitude for the Wind Elementals that protected us with their flesh in my heart.

The last poison stinger flew at our heads.

But if there is only 1 stinger, then there is Tamaki.

With her powerful cry, Tamaki swung the silver sword from the top and split the poison stinger into 2.

No doubt she is Rank 7, it is completely different.

With this, we broke through the lethal attacks of the 4 giant wasps, and the giant wasps under our concentrated fire, fell one by one.

Good, with this it is just the 5 archer orcs……. huh?

Those 5 orcs turned and began escaping.

「Ah, why, they escaped.」

Tamaki shouted.

It can’t be, escaping just like that.

Among the 5 which escaped, 1 is defeated by fire magic.

The other 4 ran out of our range.

Now is the time for our ambush to show its effects.

Shiki-san threw a dagger from the shadows.

In the Rank 4 Wind Magic that Mia just learnt, there is a magic 《Whirlwind》 that can create a tornado. She created a tornado at the front of the 3 archer orcs.

While they are unable to retreat, then she used 《Sleeping Song》 to make them sleep.

The sleeping archer orcs fell to the ground.

An irritating sound of something began split open came.

The last one escaped from the side of the tornado.

At there, my familiar, the Wind Elemental chase after it.

A fist wrapped in lightning was swung.

It hit the back of the archer and before the archer orc could jump, its body is already paralysed.

After losing its balance, it fell with its head directed at the ground.

「Finally we wiped them out.」

Shiki-san gave out a relaxed sound.

Everyone had the same feelings.

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