BIFMSMTK Volume 3 Chapter 66

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Chapter 66: The Northern Forest Battle 2

When we caught up, Tamaki and Mia is already in battle.

The trees beside Mia are directly cut in halves.

When the green coloured orcs fell, they are cut apart by Tamaki’s silver sword, now they seemed to have already begin disappearing.

I was waiting for this moment.

We entered the white room.

Although we have entered the white room, but the battle has only just began.

There is nothing special that we needed to do.

It should have been so……

Mia gave a chilling smile, and put down the bag on her back.

And took out hand cuffs, ropes and candles.

While Shiki-san had prepared something sturdy and long.

Oi, you…

「Next, is to give Arisu her punishment.」

「I had brought these for the sake of punishment. Shiki-san, is the rope ready?」

「Is there a need to tie all the members? Since it is rare that we are in the white room, so we should enjoy it thoroughly.」

What exactly is the meaning of this?

「There are whips.」

「Your preparations are quite well done.」

「I had worked hard on it.」

Mia raised her chest.

Seeing Mia working hard on this unknown thing, I felt that I saw Yuki-senpai.

But if I said it, it will be just like stepping on a landmine, so I will not say it.

「Incredible, Mia-chan, just like ninja-senpai.」

But there are still people who are willing to step on it with all their efforts.

Mia turned towards Tamaki and threw the ropes at her.

「《Control Wind》」

It is a Rank 3 Wind Magic, a magic that is able to control airflow. Then the ropes circled around Tamaki.

「Waa waah, wait Mia-chan, wait a moment.」

「Mmm, using this magic to tie someone up, is very difficult…… I need more practice.」

「Don’t treat me as a practice target——」

In the end, after the rope swirl around Tamaki a few round, it dropped powerlessly on the ground.

Mmm, I had thought that it was a good idea……

「Are you feeling better, Mia?」

「Nn, a bit.」

Mia looked at me very a bored expression.

But since I had already accompanied her for a day, I could notice it more or less.

She seems a bit lonely.

Then again, the battle last night, it can be said that we excluded Mia from the result

Although Arisu, Tamaki and I have been struggling, but not only did Mia not see her brother, we were missing, and yet she is unable to search for us…… I guess that she must have been anxious.

Then when the 3 of us returned, we are already tied with a deep bond.

「Mia, come here.」


I caressed Mia’s head after she ran over.

Mia closed her eyes in comfort.

「The fact that you are an important companion will not change, from now on too.」

「Then you will not hug me?」

I lightly flicked Mia’s forehead.

「Kazu-chi, bully……」

「Don’t pursuit me too much, because I am just another weak human.」

「Mmm, I know but I am not that strong too.」

「Are you very pressured? If you are in pain, I can lend you my power any time, but if possible, I hope that it is only when there is no other way.」

Mia’s mouth turned into a「へ」shape, and after considering……

「And one more thing, I am fine.」

So fortunate that it is this answer.

I relaxed.

She made this judgement herself calmly.

Myself, Arisu and Tamaki are probably abnormal.

Can we still remain normal.

After so many cruel battles.

But Mia, this girl who has only changed slightly, is absolute serious.

Although she seems to be messing around usually, and pretends to be blur at times, but I should say it is more like an act.

Ah ah really, both siblings are the same.

It is because she is like that, that’s why after stepping back, she will be able to observe us calmly.

Thinking of the situations that nobody has discovered and what traps will we fall into.

Mia will discover those traps beforehand, and tell us that「there is danger over there」and ask us to take note of it.

So almost I am embarrassed about it, but I still relied on her.

「Our brakes had some problem, Mia what will you do?」

「Hmm, what brand is the brakes that Kazu-chi use, how can it spoil so easily, it shouldn’t be used.」

「Will there be a better brake than you……」

Mia tilted her head adorably with a「Is it」.

Then she handed out the ropes and handcuffs.

「I am not a M, so forget about bondage or what.」

「That sort of thing is fine.」

I flicked Mia’s forehead again.

After that, we formed a circle and began talking.

An aimless chatter.

But it deepens our bonds and removes the generation gap.

The topic was what happened last night.

And also to say about Mia’s brother.

Saying about how incredible he is and how shocking it was.

I also revealed the bullying that I suffered in the high school section, but……

「I know.」

Mia casually said it out.

Including me, everyone was shocked.

「For the sake of defeating my brother, I had often gone to the high school section, and once in a while I will see Kazu-chi being bullied.」

「This sort of thing, you should have said something yesterday……」

「Kazu-chi can put his differences aside and make calm decision, so he is a good leader, it has nothing to do with his past.」

Is it, perhaps it is really like that.

She had known everything in detail, and still raised both her hands and put her own life in my hands.

Damn, just where did her courage come from…..

「And elder brother had mentioned about Kazu-chi before.」

「That person…… Yuki-senpai…… what did he say?」

「That person who was being bullied, had the eyes of a wolf, one of these days, he will definitely kill Shiba.」

Incredible, he actually understood to that point.

Just who is that guy.

No, isn’t he a ninja.

Kazuhisa: Level 19 Support Magic 5/ Summon Magic 6 Skill Points 2

After we returned to the original place from the white room.

Two giant wasps are shooting poison stingers at Mia and Tamaki.

Tamaki raised the tower shield to protect Mia, and the poison stingers bounced off.

Although she does not have shield skill, but to Tamaki who has Physical 1, such an extent is still tolerable.

Three green orcs who has their bows pulled appeared in the surrounding trees.

With Tamaki as the target, they shot simultaneously.

No matter how sturdy the tower shield, it could only defend in a single direction.

The archer orcs had set up a 3 direction net surrounding Tamaki.

No matter which direction, they could shoot Tamaki easily.

But that is only in the situation if Mia does nothing……

「《Air Blast》」

Mia’s Rank 1 Wind Magic 《Air Blast》 flew towards one of the orcs.

The airflow in the surroundings are disrupted and the direction of the arrow changed.

One arrow is lodged in the ground not far from them.

The other is dealt with by Tamaki.

She used the tower shield on her left hand to protect Mia and hit the arrow away.

And the last arrow…..

Tamaki stood before the last flying arrow and swung her sword.

With a silver afterglow, she cut the arrow into halves.

Wah, incredible.

Cutting the flying arrow in 2 halves, which manga is that from.

Is this the power of Rank 7……

It doesn’t feel like a human.

No, I am very clear too.

We have all become very strong since yesterday.

Because of the reality of having the general as enemy, the tough battle with general in the evening, then defeating it again without any fear in the late night.

The gems are also gathered at an astonishing pace.

Why are we growing at such a fast pace, and given such a powerful power.

Every day that we spent in this world, our body gradually became more adapted for this other world.

In our future, just what is waiting for us.

No, now is not the time to think about such stuff.

We are currently in battle now.

Shiki-san is still hiding, so I have to give the next instruction.

「Takahashi san and Mogami-san, use fire magic to attack the giant wasps and Arisu, deal with the orcs in the trees with javelins. 」


The 2 with fire magic, released Rank 2 Fire Magic《Fire Arrow》.

This magic will increase the arrow with each Rank.

They who have Rank 3 Fire Magic, release 3 fire arrows at the giant wasps.

Before Arisu throw the javelins, the orcs have already hid back into the forest.

Arisu stopped in regret.

This is something that can’t be helped.

Q: If you throw a javelin, under the same Rank, a person who has Spear Skill compared with a person with Throwing Skill, who will be more advantageous?

A: A throw with Spear Skill can only be consider as a support.

Compared to a professional, there is a difference, this is the answer.

Seeing Arisu and Tamaki, they seemed to have become like a Rank 2 familiar.

This is a simple truth, the javelin that Arisu threw, does not have the same piercing power as compared to stabbing.

When facing sly enemies who hides, the burden is too heavy.

Then again these orcs are really smart……

I guess they are different type from those who are in love with raping and becoming defenseless.

Ah, their skin colour is also difference, perhaps they are of a different race in the beginning……

Contrastingly, Mia is quite active.

She ran to the trees that the archer orcs are hiding, and use 《Stone Shard》mercilessly to create a big hole in the tree to cut it into halves.

The fallen orcs are then easily dealt with.

This is not a game.

When the enemies are hiding, then just get rid of the hiding place.

Mia’s battle plan is very reasonable.

After defeating 2 archer orcs, the 2 left began running away.

They flew between trees, intending to disappear into the deep places of the forest.

One of them is killed by Arisu who has been waiting with the javelin.

But the last one had gone to a place faraway where it can’t be hit with a throw……

Suddenly that figure was stabbed by a small knife.

The archer orcs fell onto the ground.

It’s Shiki-san.

It seems that she was worried that they may escape, so she was prepared at the back of the forest.

A wonderful position.

Nagatsuki Sakura ran to the fallen archer orc, and gave it the last blow with her iron spear.

When she killed the orc, Sakura gave a crazed smile.

That’s abit terrifying.

At the same time, the small group that was dealing with the giant wasps also ended.

Although the giant wasps will die after taking 3 blows of fire.

But since flying targets are hard to aim at, so this can’t be helped.

Perhaps if they use Rank 3 Fire Magic 《Fire Bomb》, then they could end it earlier.

But releasing 《Fire Bomb》 in the forest is kind of scary.

The sight of burning grass scattering in the wind with the burning mountain appeared before me.

Time to collect the gems.

The giant wasps is the same as before with 3 red gems.

The archer orc is also 3 red gems.

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