BIFMSMTK Volume 3 Chapter 65

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Chapter 65: The Northern Forest Battle 1

The time is around 10am.

We have moved toward the northeast direction of the Cultivating Centre for about 10+ mins.

We are currently standing at the entrance of the northern forest.

Myself, Arisu, Tamaki and Mia, the members of the elite party, along with Shiki-san, Nagatsuki Sakura, and 2 Fire Magic users who are useful.

The party that will be attacking the northern forest that are filled with giant wasps and bow-wielding orcs, are the above 8 people.

Our defensive equipment have also been changed completely.

Arisu and Tamaki are armed with metal-based armour summoned with 《Summon Armour》 on top of their gym clothes, such as helmet, breastplates, shoulder and leg armour.

As for the waist, because it is too heavy until it affected their movements, so they are removed.

Even if you wear 2 more defensive gears on top of the gym clothes, the effect of the 《Hard Armour》 will not be doubled.

《Hard Armour》 ‘s effect is to raise defensive power, so they will only be effective on the outermost layer.

Even so, if they suffered an attack that could break Mia’s arm, they will be able to protect their chest properly.

Nagatsuki Sakura just chose the leather armour that protects her chest.

She is only using mobility to obtain victory.

The others are only wearing gym clothes.

As Shiki-san said, wearing gym clothes is the easiest to do convert actions.

They will be able to escape easily, and in the end perhaps they will be the ones who will survive the easiest.

Other than that, all the members are carrying the same bag when they are attacking the main school building yesterday.

Inside are containers that hold hot food and drinks, compass, lighter, ropes and torchlight.

Seeing the road that leads into the forest, it seems like nothing has changed from the past.

But after observing awhile, they noticed a big difference.

「I can’t hear the cries of the insects and birds at all.」

Shiki-san said.

That’s right.

The forest is unnaturally quiet.

You can only hear the leaves rustling left and right.

A chilling silence.

Just as said, Shiki-san entered the forest alone.

After entering a slightly darker region, just as they thought, that fellow disappeared.

It probably the hiding effect of Detection Skill.

「Shiki-san, is everything fine?」

Tamaki mumbled in a small voice.

Maa maa, everyone is thinking so.


「Other than the new members, Shiki-san is the only one who has Detection Skill. And the others do not have weapon skills that are above Rank 2.」

The words that Mia said made everyone speechless.

Until now, even when the party is lesser than 10 people, all of the members are belittling the person that is conducting the investigation, even though they have the ability to realise the strategies, and the power to strike effectively.

But from now on, how will they view it?

There are 12 more new members that are level 1, now there are a total of 26 people who are level 1.

With so many people, Shiki-san can retreat to the rear line, and command safely.

After this battle end, I was thinking of saying out this suggestion.

But is regarding the matter of her saying that「I do not want to fight.」

Perhaps she had similar thoughts.

From yesterday until today, our organisation is gradually changing.

Although I said that, I don’t know if the attack from our enemy is as simple as we had thought.

We have to take that risk……

Well, that is the problem in the future.

Now we should concentrate on the battle in front of us.

Before long, Shiki-san returned.

「In the near front, there are 4 orcs with bows on top of the trees in a fan shape, and there are 2 giant wasps flying in the surroundings.」

She said in a nervous voice.

「There are orcs holding bows with green skin, as though they have blended into the forest.」

That was what Shiki-san said.

I see, it was not just a mere small fry orc holding bows.

I feel that it is a special type unlike other orcs.

「Although it is quite simple, in the future we will call these bow holding orc, Orc Archer, is it okay, Kazu-kun.」

「If we follow the naming rules, then isn’t it better to call it Archer Orc?」

「Although that is…… it is right, but I can’t endure that laughable English.」

I remember that in usual situation, both meanings are the same.

Well this can’t be helped, since we named it Elite Orc since the beginning.

Seeing that I was unhappy, Shiki-san laughed bitterly.

「Guess it can’t be helped, let’s call it Archer Orc.」

「Sorry ah, Granny」(TL note: oba-san)

「Well it can be talked over, Gramps.」(TL note: oji-san)

Joking with each other, between us, there isn’t a distance that is present between leaders.

Mia glanced over, and laughed with a “it can’t be helped” expression.

Ah, did this girl noticed……

Yesterday I had thought that she was just a Year 1 who had matured early.

But after seeing Mia’s talented brother, I understood.

You can easily understand the matter between those siblings.

「But the problem is how should we deal with the setup of the archers and giant wasps.」

「The giant wasps are baits.」

Mia announced swiftly.

If not for her keen instinct, we wouldn’t have noticed the plot.

「B..bait? What is going on?」

Tamaki who was holding the Tower Shield, questioned weakly.

「When the invaders of the forest are concentrating on dealing with the giant wasps, the archer orcs will take the chance to snipe then they will be able to kill the other party.」

But really, if we are sniped, then it will be very dangerous.

「Argh, isn’t that troublesome.」

「But we already knew what they wanted, rather than guarding against it, how about making use of them.」

That’s right.

Then how shall we destroy their formation?

「Mia, if it’s you, what would you do?」

「If this is a game, then we will move to the side or back of the archers, then snipe them in return, then we will erase them from the map in sequence from the top to bottom.」

Answered as though it was an echo.

Indeed, Mia-sensei.

「But this time, it is better to give up on such a plan.」


「Even if those troops have no leaders, there is the possibility of ambushes, plus this is not a game, we don’t know the total count of the orcs, and of course it is impossible to find the boundary of the battlefield.」

There is a big difference from reality and game.

So since we are unable to avoid a direct confrontation with the orcs……

「Then we will use the normal battle plan, we will put out baits and expose the enemy’s location, then kill them from afar.」

Mia looked and said.

Ah ah, I understood, bait requires my summon magic.

「Normal battle? You mean there is an abnormal battle?」

Mia gave a dark smile.

「I will ride the gray wolf and get near the trees where the archer orcs are, then I will use magic to make the tree topple, and the orcs will fall from the trees.」

I heard a battle plan that was dirtier than I had imagined.

Other then that the gray wolf can be coupled with 《Invisibility》 and 《Silent Field》.

It is a derivative from the plans made when we attack the middle school.

「But if it is that, wouldn’t it be better to use 《Rampage Plant》?」

Arisu said.

《Rampage Plant》 is the Rank 3 Earth Magic that we use in the defensive battle at the Cultivating Centre on the morning of Day 2.

Controlling the rampaging trees and attacking everything around it.

「The activation time for 《Rampage Plant》 is too slow, when the trees began to move, we will be exposed, we will in fact waste the advantage of our surprise attack.」

Just like Mia said, 《Rampage Plant》 is a magic that shows its greatest potential when it is used as a trap.

Initially the trees will sway like being blown by the wind, then it will gradually become more violent.

And the older the tree, the more time it will take.

「Just a mention, the trees that the archer orcs are on, are quite thick, after all they are that size.」

Shiki-san added on.

Indeed, if it is like that, then it will be harder to use 《Rampage Plant》.

But probably we can still make use of it to expose the trees that the archer orcs are on…….

I looked towards Shiki-san to seek her opinion.

After Shiki-san considered for a while, then she said「let’s use Mia-chan’s plan, but we need someone to protect Mia-chan.」

「Tamaki-san, can you stay by Mia-chan and be the shield to protect her?」

「Okay leave it to me!」

I see, let Tamaki be the shield like the familiars.

Like the battle tactics in a RPG.

「Then Kazu-kun, we will trouble you.」

This time, I tried to reduce the number of times I use Summoning Magic.

Because we have enough combatants.

Now we have to let Support Magic do their work.

First we gave all the members 《Physical Up》 and 《Clear Mind》.

Then I gave Mia and the 2 Fire Magic users 《Smart Operation》 to increase their magic’s power.

After that, 《Mighty Arm》 to the vanguards.

Until now, I used 22MP.

To me who is Level 18, if I rest slightly, then I can recover the amount.

Then I used 《Summon Elemental: Wind》.

I will let this familiar be my guard.

Couple with the crow and Wind Elemental I summoned just now, that is all the familiars I summoned.

As usual, I am the one who used the most MP.

After reaching a certain distance in the forest, Mia used 《Invisibility》 and 《Silent Field》 and Tamaki and herself.

The effective time for 《Invisibility》 and 《Silent Field》 is only about 3 to 4 minutes.

Hence at this time I used my Rank 5 Support Magic 《Extend Spell》.

The effective time of this magic is around 6-8mins.

So we can extend the combat time by alot more.

Other than that I used 《See Invisibility》 on myself.

「Battle begin! The 2 of you, don’t panic.」

The invisible Tamaki and Mia should be holding their hands and have began moving.

This time, Tamaki kept her silver sword in her sheath, and had her left hand holding the shield and the right hand holding Mia.

Shiki-san’s figure also disappeared.

According to plan, she is hiding behind the 2 of them.

Anxiously waiting for the time.

After about 5 min has passed.

Sounds of battle came from the front.


Arisu ran out.

While we chase after her shadow.

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