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BIFMSMTK Volume 3 Chapter 64

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Chapter 64: Giant Wasp

After many minutes.

The first to return, is the party of level 1s and 0s led by Arisu.

First of all, all 6 of them seemed to have leveled up to level 1.

「On the way we meet a giant wasp.」

Shiki-san who acted as support reported to us.

「Arisu-chan deliberately got stung once, the wound seems to have a numb feeling, as though paralytic toxin is in it, so it is better to avoid getting stung.」


Oi, what did you make my Arisu do?

I say something like a rogue unconsciously..

I hurriedly shut my mouth.

「No, it is not like that, Kazu-san. It was me that wanted to try it, after all if it’s me, I can recover quickly.」

Arisu hurriedly added on.

Indeed if its Arisu who is higher level, she will be able to take most of the attacks…… but.

If she who has Rank 4 healing magic is unable to move, then the ones who will be inconvenienced will be everyone.

But Shiki-san is also right.

Did she from the start judge that nothing will happen?

Maa, that is it.

It is hard for her to have not consider the possibility of Arisu being unable to move.

「Paralytic toxin can be cured with 《Cure Poison》, then the stab wounds can be healed using normal methods, and just as I predicted, no shock symptoms appeared.」

《Cure Poison》 is a Rank 2 healing magic.

Mmm, seems like we need to train a few Rank 2 Healers.

「But there is the possibility of having shock symptoms.」

「Although it has been commonly mistaken, shock symptoms does not occur immediately after being stung by bees, that is nothing but an allergic reaction.」

「Oh, is that so?」

「Unlike you, the few of us have been living the mountains, so regarding the information about insects, we do know a few.」

Shiki-san said so and looked at Arisu.

Arisu also gave a bitter smile「Yes Kazu-san…… I had quite a repulsive feel against bugs initially.」

Is that so, so that is the reason……

「If I had the giant wasp enter Arisu’s javelin range, then we need only 1 strike to finish it.」

「That is an encouraging report.」

「If I using my Rank 2 Throwing Skill, then I need 2 small knives.」

Shiki-san and Arisu seemed to have formed a party.

Arisu defeated 2 giant wasps in the first battle and leveled up to 16.

While Shiki-san leveled to level 4 in the second battle.

「If the experience point that you heard from Arisu isn’t wrong, then the experience for a giant wasp is about 3 orcs.」

「I understand it, very good.」

「And Arisu’s skill point also reached 7, although I judged it…… but it is still great.」

「Raised what?」

「Healing magic, considering the future, it will be convenient to have 《Rapid Heal》」

I see, so I nodded.

The instant that Rank 5 Healing Magic 《Rapid Heal》 activates, the healing effect is 3 times stronger than the normal healing magic.

But the normal heal only need 1MP while 《Rapid Heal》 needs 5MP, the MP efficiency is not good.

But we who have battled until now, clearly understood it.

In the battlefield, we need fast and highly effective healing magic.

That moment, the usage of MP is not a problem.

That’s right, with 《Rapid Heal》, then we can fight stably.

「Other than that in Rank 5 Healing Magic, there is 《Sustain》. So if anything goes wrong, we can still be easy.」

「Even though we say that…… I hope we won’t need to use it.」

《Sustain》, is a magic that can prolong life.

During Q&A, example: if someone’s head is chopped off, if we need that magic immediately, then we can avoid direct death.

A magic that maintain the false death state, can we say that it isn’t good?

But the effective time for this magic is only 30 seconds, even if our Rank increases, the time will not increase.

If we do not use《Rapid Heal》 within these 30 seconds to heal the injured part, then the person will definitely die.

As a insurance for the head being chopped off, it is still unreliable.

But with this magic, we can be at ease for a bit more.

「I feel that this is a good decision, Shiki-san, thank you. Arisu will be in your care from now on.」

「Yes, please leave it up to me!」

Arisu nodded happily.

The 2 persons brought the other 6 members and set out again.

Like replacing the Arisu and Shiki party, the Tamaki and Mia party returned.

Using Fire Magic to hunt giant wasps seems to be very effective.

Compared to Mia’s Earth or Wind Magic, Fire Magic caused more damage.

「Fire is the weakness of the giant wasps.」

Mia said.

They defeated a total of 6 giant wasps.

「If 《Sonic Edge》 is used near the giant wasps, then they will be unable to control their wings and fall to the ground. So Wind Magic is enough.」

《Sonic Edge》 is a Rank 2 Wind Magic.

Just like its name, a magic that uses wind to release a wind blade.

A magic that often appeared in fantasy games.

Other than that Mia also said that science has disapprove that Kamaitachi which can hurt people exist. (TL note: Kamaitachi = wind blade)

Seems like the magic in this world, is completely different from the laws of the physics in the other world.

Magic is indeed incredible.

When we asked in Q&A, the attacking magic are further separated in mana oriented types and mana directed types.

Although a lot of random information are restricted in the white room.

Currently explaining from what we understood, 《Sonic Edge》 is a move that adds mana to wind and attacks.

When mana is added into wind, it will cause a condition whereby violent wind will blow.

The giant wasps are interrupted by the violent wind, and hence unable to control their body.

I guess Mia’s experiment have already considered until that step.

In conclusion, Mia is really smart.

Tamaki also have the same feelings as me.

「Mia is really incredible, your thoughts are exactly the same as your brother.」

「Ah, Tamaki please bend over slightly.」

「Huh, what what?」

Tamaki squat obediently before Mia.

Mia flickered strongly at Tamaki’s defenseless forehead.

Tamaki pressed on her forehead with her hands and kneeled.

「Ou..ouch, Mia, what are you doing.」

「Having a fight with you.」

「I don’t wish to fi..fight, why are you angry? Wah wait wait, Mia is serious.」

I quickly got between them.

「Mia please don’t blame Tamaki too much, she is a natural idiot.」

「I know, but I must still punish her abit.」

Mia clenched her fist tightly and looked at me expressionlessly.

Although it does not look too different from usual, but she still seemed to give off a very angry aura.

「But Yuki-senpai also said so, he often praised Mia for being smart.」

「No, that is different.」

Mia shook her head.

「Brother is smarter.」

The petite girl turned her face away.

「Although it makes one angry, but my brother is a real genius, I am at most a smart ass.」

Said it.

She said that she is a smart ass.

Haha, this girl.

「But brother used his talent in the wrong place.」

「I can understand that from last night.」

「As a family, I am very angry.」

From the side, I could only see Mia’s hate towards her family.

Indeed such things can’t expressed with words.

I also don’t wish to step on someone’s landmine early in the morning.

But Mia seemed to have see through me, and glared at me unhappily.


「May I know if you have any problem, Mia-san」

「Why did you use honorifics?」

「Because currently Mia-san is unhappy.」

Mia sighed and relaxed her shoulders.

「Brother is really a genius, I cannot be compared with him, so I feel even more inferior.」

「Is it until that stage……」

Indeed, I can’t understand why he needs to use a strangling method to kill an orc.

A mysterious passion that I felt.

I feel that digging another trap will be more relaxing.

「Kazu-san is also abit naive.」

「…….Is it?」

Facing Mia’s tsukkomi, I was shocked..

At this moment, Arisu and the others came back.

In total all 12 of them reached level 1.

With this we can began our original plan.

At the corridor.

「Please rest a bit to let your MP recover, then we can began to attack the northern forest properly.」

Shiki-san looked at all the members and announced.

「The attacking party will be 8 members which are divided into 2 parties.」

The names that Shiki-san mentioned are:

The 4 of us from the elite party, Shiki-san, Nagatsuki Sakura and the 2 Fire Magic users.

Shiki-san will be in charge of the supporting party, the aim is to support the elite party which lacks long distance attacks.

「Then first, Kazu-san please use the crow to investigate.」

Following Shiki-san’s words, I summoned a crow and use 《Remote Viewing》 to connect to it, then surveyed using the crow’s vision.

The crow went to the northern forest.

After a simple investigation, we confirmed one thing.

「In the northern forest, the orcs are hiding in the trees with bows.」

This is bad news.

Our elite party is formed with close combat as a premise.

We did not expect the enemies to shoot arrows from on top of the trees.

「Perhaps we have to let the support party become the attacking party.」

「Hmm, indeed, but……」

After Shiki-san considered slightly, she raised her head.

「Then we will change the parties slightly, I will be the vanguard to scout.」

Towards such a daring proposal, we could only feel shocked.

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