BIFMSMTK Volume 3 Chapter 63

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Chapter 63: The Leftover Members

As Shiki-san said, currently there are 31 students who are using the Cultivating Centre as a stronghold.

Among those, including Arisu and I, there are about 10 people who belong to the 1st day group, and the rest of the 21 people are those that we saved yesterday.

Majority of them suffered intense treatment under the orcs.

After saving them, Arisu had used 《Cure Mind》 to heal their hearts.

After a night, the majority of the fatigue in the students are all gone.

And among them 12 new recruits displayed strong intents to fight.

Including Nagatsuki Sakura from yesterday, among the 21 people, 16 of them had the will to fight.

The remaining 5 are still hesitating, even after using 《Cure Mind》, they still succumbed to fear.

As for Arisu and Tamaki’s friend, Sumire chose to be supporting member, because she knows that she is not suitable for fighting.

「I am not like Arisu who can keep guard at her surroundings, or be careless like Tamaki.」

What kind of combination is that.

Indeed if such a creature appeared in the frontline, it will be bad news. (TL note: referring to Tamaki)

Being a rearguard may be good too, but once I imagine the scene of her randoming shoot earth and fire magic without any distinction when she is in panic..

And she does have the intention to level up to level 1, after everyone finished it, she attempted to defeat an orc.

She learnt Healing Magic and Summon Magic.

A role to create food and water, and also to conduct healing when there are not enough people.

Having someone who can take on this role is also not bad.

If there are time, I hope I can level her up to level 3.

Then Nagatsuki Sakura came over to discuss about the matter with defense gears.

First I summoned a leather armour for her.

「So heavy, I can’t move.」

After wearing it once, she judged that the armour was not suitable.

Yesterday evening when we are fighting the general orc and the hellhound, she was of great help.

Although her actions are rash, but because of that courage she showed in that situation, we could obtain victory.

That was due to her physical ability that she had gotten from her daily life that managed to distract the hellhound.

Using her skill as combatant is very important.

「Hmm, so to say, what kind of defense equipment do you need?」

「Something light, sturdy and yet not obstructive.」

Yes, if there is something like that, then it will be good.

「That is something that seems too much.」

「If it is not possible, just gym clothes will do.」

For her who is raring to fight, no matter what I wanted her to wear some equipment, but……

If it affects her movement, then it will be worse.

Do we really have to sacrifice her defense?

「Yes, how about only equipping the upper armour?」

Her signature mobility, is due to her trained lower body.

So we could just have her endure with just bloomers for her lower body……

I took the armour that she had, and cut the connections with a small knife.

Leaving only the chest guard and the shoulder pads and returned it to Sakura.

If it is like this, then it can at least protect the important parts of the upper body.

After testing it, Sakura nodded with satisfaction, and her expression warmed.

「Thank you, Kazu… senpai.」

「You don’t have to call me with senpai, I did not do anything worthy of respect.」

Sakura shook her head silently.

Surveying the surrounding, after confirming that there is nobody around, she continued saying「there is no such thing」.

「You are a person who could endure adversity, now what we need, is such a leader.」


「Because I often trained at the high school section…… So I know about you.」

I see, and nodded.

She has always been seeing how I looked like.

The me who had been mercilessly bullied for a long time.

「You did not give up on yourself. Instead you sharpened your fangs, waiting for the time to retaliate. You have that sort of eyes, so I remembered it clearly.」

「Was I like that during that time?」

Sakura nodded.

「As long as you are at the peak of the fight in the sports world, you will be able to understand it. People with that sort of eyes, are very strong.」

I see, so it is like that.

I myself, am not very clear about it, but perhaps because I had that sort of eyes, that caused even more rage within Shiba.

She looked at me meekly, not knowing what she is thinking. Sakura lowered her head in panic.


「Huh, what?」

「I do not have any intention of ridiculing you.」

「Oh oh, I see……」

Indeed, the memories at the high school section are all about being bullied.

Just seeing Arisu and Shiba meeting, make me panic without any reason.

But, Shiba died.

He was killed by me.

「That is all in the past.」


「After that guy died, I am satisfied.」

The actual situation until we reach the high school.

And meet those people from the high school section.

But once they look at me with those mocking eyes.

I won’t know what I will become.

But really, my heart tells me that I don’t want to think too much about that.

And probably.

Arisu is always by my side.

And Tamaki, Mia.

So I believe it will be fine.

That is how I feel.

「Ah, then again, after Shiba died, did you hear about the situation at the high school section?」

「After you fainted in the bath, Arisu-senpai explained about it slightly.」

Is it, I nodded.

Shiki-san, left everything about this to Arisu huh.

Yesterday during the late night, Shiki-san had indeed only explained it simply, and it seems that Arisu had searched in the surroundings again.

「I am not as decisive as you thought.」

Nagatsuki Sakura quietly lowered and slowly began to shake her head.

Her ponytail, swung like a tail.

「From the day before yesterday until yesterday, before Kazu-senpai saved us, we have always been relying on a thin strand of hope, all our friends are messed up by the orcs. Perhaps based on my negative desire, I survived, and those who gave up on surviving, are all dead.」

Then Sakura raised her head, and looked at me straight.

With her clenched fist on her chest, her edge of mouth revealed a sarcastic smile.

「I am different from Kazu-senpai, my feelings can’t be stopped, until I wiped those orcs out, if not I don’t think the negative rage in my chest will ever be extinguished.」

「You… if you continue to fight with those emotions, you will die.」

I have been thinking since yesterday.

Or rather, I have been hesitating.

But now I could only tell her.

In the end Sakura turned her face slightly away, showing a troubled smile.

「If I died, I will definitely feel more easy.」

「Mmm, I know, everyone of us more or less have something similar, but because that I don’t wish for you to die. It is too sly if you run away alone.」

「Then I have to suffer more pain?」

There are no emotions in those words.

As though saying tomorrow’s first lesson is Japanese? Or Math? A monotonous tone.

So I also copied her replying as neutral as possible.

「Mmm even if you struggle uglily on the ground, no matter how much blood is shed, we must all survive.」


「Because this concerns about the numbers, if you assume that we cannot save any more students from the orcs, and we break away from the high school section, from now on if anyone of us dies, the leftover people will have to struggle in a harder hell. So for the sake of our companions, not one of us can die.」

Sakura looked at me with a troubled look.


「Isn’t it? At least I recognise you as my companion.」

「I had thought you needed pawns for battle, so that is why you saved us.」

「Regarding that , I can’t refute it.」

I could only laugh bitterly.

Actually when Shiki-san and I are formulating strategies, we tried to keep our emotions out.

Using emotions to discuss, cannot convince the other party.

To convince Shiki-san, I had to organise my logic.

To refute me, Shiki-san had to organise her logic.

Hence we know that we are always calmly creating battle strategies.

We both know that, if we do not do so, then we will be unable to survive in this place.

But this and that are 2 different things.

Now I have close feelings towards all 31 people in this Cultivating Centre.

If not when Shimoyamada Akane died yesterday, I would not have suffered such a huge blow.

Ah ah, this is the reason.

In the end, I am too naive.

I don’t want anymore sacrifices like her.

「Or is it that Nagatsuki Sakura-san, you don’t recognise us as your companions?」

「I don’t have such thoughts…… but」

Sakura seems to be at a loss, but if you look carefully, her cheeks are slightly red.

It seems that my childish words are quite embarrassing.

Well this can’t be helped, I pouted slightly.

Actually I do not have to see anymore people dying because of my commands.

No matter how many enemies there are, I will kill them all.

If the people from the high school section wants to interfere, then they will all be killed.

But, companions are special.

If possible, those that came to seek protection, I do not want any of them to get hurt.

I had used an unfamiliar tone to say something like this.

What is regretful is that it is a very childish thought, even saying it out, makes one embarrassed.

That’s not right, aren’t I the kid who wanted to proclaim such childish thoughts, but……

This made me embarrassed due to the common sense that I had developed over the years.

I don’t know if Sakura-san is also the same, after I finished, she shrugged her shoulder cutely.

「Senpai gets shy easier than I had thought.」

「Mmm, I know, so give me a break.」

「But that sort of character, I think it is quite good.」

Sakura who rarely shows so many emotions, actually smiled.

Like flowers blooming, a beautiful smile

I was shocked, then I shook my head quickly.

After Sakura saw me who was like that, she began laughing again.

「Please don’t misunderstand, that is the meaning of respecting you. Then again I don’t have the courage to fight with Arisu and the others.」

「I know, don’t……」

I scratched the back of my head.

Ah ah, really, my image is gone.


Sakura used a stern expression and looked at me.

「I feel that senpai’s thoughts are not bad, but even so, it is better not to invest in too much emotions in us.」

「Are you afraid if you die…… my heart will break?」

「Yes, senpai should get used to the deaths around us.」

That is something that is hard to do.

I must have revealed a bitter expression.

Sakura lowered her head apologetically.

「For the arrogant words.」

「No, thank you for being so worried about me, I am very happy about it.」

「Please remember this carefully, everyone thinks so too.」

「Everyone huh.」

「Yesterday those who were saved from those beasts, kept seeing the sights of their friends dying around them, we are already used to people dying in our surroundings, perhaps the next one could be us, so that is why we are more worried about senpai.」

I could only sluggishly look at the girl who said those words.

Ah ah…… I sighed.

As though absorbed by that sight, I could not say anything.

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