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BIFMSMTK Volume 3 Chapter 62

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Chapter 62: Attacking Separately

In the end we split into 3 parties.

Tamaki and Mia with 2 other students who can use Fire Magic, formed the Giant Wasp interception party.

Arisu and Shiki-san and a few guards formed the team to level the new people to level 1.

The rest remained at the Cultivating Centre to protect it with me.

Though I said so, my main job is to use 《Summon Weapons》 and 《Summon Armour》 of
Summon Magic and use《Hard Weapon》 and 《Hard Armour》 to strengthen my companions’ combat power.

And to use the resting time to recover my MP.

「Since the enemies that can fly are here, actually I really feel like training up people who could use bows…… but it seems like we do not have the time.」

That was what Shiki-san said.

Hence I had to summon out a lot of throwing spears.

Throwing a spear belongs to Spear Skill.

The javelins summoned using Rank 4 《Summon Weapons》 is better than the orcs’, and the distance they flew is not bad.

If they throw it with all their might, it can even reach the top of the trees.

And with 《Hard Weapon》, it should be very effective against the giant wasps.

Though I said it, just summoning 10 javelins and adding 《Hard Weapon》 on them will use 80MP.

Now I am level 18, so recovering so many MP requires about 45 mins of rest.

But that is not all, I still have to add 《Hard Armour》 on everyone’s gym clothes.

And prepare other armours. Especially for those who are heading to the frontlines……

After doing a bit of the work, it is time for breakfast.

Using the electricity from the generator, the cooking society prepared hot rice and miso soup.

They added dashi so it is very delicious. (TL note: dashi = japanese stock for soup)

Then after that, everyone headed out.

I gave the large shield to Tamaki who came to the lounge after getting dressed.

This is a giant type of shield which can cover the whole body, called Tower Shield

「Tamaki, take this. When the giant wasp shoot their stingers, you can use this to protect everyone.」

「Wow, what a big shield…… Should I learn Shield Skill?」

「No need to, test if you can use it. Since this is just a test, Tamaki who has Physical 1 is the most suitable to do so.」

While saying, I saw Mia who was hugging her arm when Tamaki answered with a “Mmm”

After a night, the arm that was attached back for Mia does not seem to have any problem.

Seems like we can relax.

Mia understood games very well.

No, although in reality we are left at the side, but her gamer thoughts are still very reliable.

We could get many ideas and hints from them.

「Kazu-san, this shield is not made of wood.」

Mia knocked on the Tower Shield and raised her head to look at me.

「But it is still quite light. Then this kind of material should be fine. And I added 《Hard Armour》 , so it should be able to guard against the stingers. 」

「Mm, so we will hide behind to release Fire Magic.」

「Then we will follow this. Mia, I will depend on you to lead everyone.」

Mia nodded strongly with a “Mmm”.

「Leave it to me」

While Tamaki tilted her head and said “ah, isn’t Kazu-san anticipating my leadership ability?”

No no, that, mm.

「Tamaki is rash and gets carried away easily, so she is not suitable as a leader.」

Ah, Mia is really straightforward.

Tamaki became down in an instant.

Hence I had to console her immediately.

「There is no need, Kazu-san. I understand it myself.」


「Keeping work and private separated is the noble part of Kazu-san.」

Tamaki raised her head and smiled lively.

Not being down is also considered as one of her good points.

I scratched the back of my head and smiled bitterly.

「Yes, if you are biased on such stuff, then you may kill someone.」

Until now, in these 2 days, I have realised this point clearly.

To the extent that I hated myself.

Today I have to do it better than yesterday.

On the other side, the party that has Arisu and Shiki-san as the core, was very quiet.

There are 6 level 0 students, including the 2 spear-user girls that had been guards before, along with the 2 of them.

Although the total is about 10 people, but they set off from the lounge with alot of discipline.

「Ah, Arisu.」

I called out to her without thinking.

Currently Arisu is holding a javelin that I summoned in her left hand.

That is the counter measure against the giant wasps.

The rest of the girls, took the remaining 9 javelins.

This javelins could be used to kill the orcs, and just in case, they could also be handed over to Arisu and the others for dealing against the giant wasps. This is that kind of plan.

「What is it, Kazu-san?」


I turned my sight to Shiki-san who was beside with a troubled look.

Shiki-san smiled and said something to Arisu beside her ears.

Arisu mumbled with an “ah”, and ran to my side.

She stopped before me with her hands behind her, and slightly leaning her body to the side, and looked at me with a face full of smiles.

「That, I am heading out, Kazu-san.」

「Take care Arisu…… Be careful.」

「Yes. Please relax. I wouldn’t disappear like that again. So, that.」

「Hmm, I believe you.」

Shiki-san who was behind Arisu, is smiling now.

My thoughts of whether if she will disappear just like that, when I saw Arisu’s figure that is about to leave, was completely seen through by Shiki-san.

Really, this irritating girl.

But forget it.

Arisu quickly kissed my cheek.

We look at each other for a short moment.


「Okay then. 」

I know that everyone in the surrounding who said this passionate scene will have a bitter smile that has “what should I do with you two” in it.

Tamaki and Mia too.

So troubling, although it is kind of bad to Tamaki…… Hmm, really uneasy about it.

Although it is troubling, all of you can just laugh.

I have already decided to accept myself who is like this.

No matter how embarrassing or how ugly I will seem, I have decide to continue on my chosen path.

That is the path where Arisu, Tamaki and everyone in the Cultivating Centre will move forward together.

Arisu and Tamaki will heal my broken inner heart.

Everyone from the Cultivating Centre warmly welcome us who had disappeared.

They will not betray me.

As for what happened yesterday night, they have already told me in their own way.

So I will move forward together with them.

Arisu and Shiki-san set off first.

Tamaki and Mia had moved out first before turning back to me again…… they ran back.

「What is it, Tamaki, Mia.」

「Indeed Kazu-san, I want it too.」


Tamaki and Mia kissed my 2 cheeks and ran off to the entrance.

Then waved at me before leaving.

The rest of the girls gave me an ah ah expression while looking at me.

I lowered my head in apology to them.

「Seems like the person also realised that this is a big problem in ethics.」

「Regarding this, I wish to hear about it. About what happened yesterday.」

Some girl came over for a conversation.

I had thought who it was, when I took a look, it was a girl called Suginomiya Sumire.

A common friend of Arisu and Tamaki.

She is a slightly plump girl, and her hair had reached her chest, with a frameless glasses.

From a look, it makes one think that she is a literature girl and in actuality she is a frequent guest of the library.

Then it is normal for her to be close with Arisu.

As for Tamaki…… Maa, as long as you can give Tamaki a good impression then it will be fine.

From her point of view, I am a person who became the lover of both her good friends at the same time.

It felt that I have became the bad guy.

From an objective point, it can’t be helped if I am targeted.

Sumire laughed bitterly.

At least it seems to me that she does not have any ill intentions.

「Kazu-san. You are acting just like the hero in the story. I feel that you will be better if you are slightly more positive and confident.」

「The hero in the story huh?」

This time, it was me who laughed bitterly.

If she said what I was like yesterday, she probably would not have said so.

Struggling desperately, then in the end, because of some misunderstanding, then abandoning everything and escaping.

No matter what, such a person can’t be called a hero.

「Even so, you are still back. And with Arisu and Tamaki.」

「Tamaki grabbed me by the neck and told me to just save Arisu.」

「Then that proves that you 3 are inseparable. Maybe if you include Mia, then it will be 4.」

Sumire said while hiding her laughter.

「Since Arisu and Tamaki loves you, then I can only give my well wishes. I hope that they can become happy.」

「Is that so.」

「As for the others, I don’t know about that. But that is what I feel.」

That was what Sumire said.

A confident reply that was unlike her jittery self yesterday.

Hmm, with their relations, she should have know something that the others don’t.

No, if you considered what was said yesterday, then it would have been so.

Arisu is connected to Tamaki is some ways.

Both of them have some careless parts, but when it is at the crucial moments then they will both consider the other party.

I feel that when Arisu betrayed us, that was what Tamaki thought.

No matter what happens, Tamaki will always believe in Arisu.

In the end, Tamaki woke me up.

I am slightly envious.

I do not have friends that I can trust like that.

Until now, I have always been betrayed.

So I am especially envious of the bonds between them.

Sumire lowered her head.

「Perhaps I am over worrying, then Arisu and Tamaki will depend on you.」

Saying, she smiled.

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