BIFMSMTK Volume 3 Chapter 61

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Chapter 61: The Beginning of the Third Day

The 3rd day in the other world began from the sound of the glass breaking.

Waking up in reflex, I looked at the glass window in the room.

The glass is fine.

It seems like it is not in this room.

I walked to the window and opened it to put my body outside.

The glass in the room beside mine was broken.

There seems to be something moving inside it.

A monster probably.

Although I do not know what happened, but I have to hurry up and confirm it.

「《Summon Elemental: Wind》」

A translucent naked female appeared beside me.

Arisu also got up.

Just like when she got to bed, she was wearing gym clothes as her pajamas.


「Probably an enemy.」

After Arisu was stunned for a moment, she hurriedly and picked up her iron spear that was on the side of the wall.

「Hmm—mmm~, what’s going on?」

Tamaki is still half asleep, so I will let her stay here.

「Tamaki, remain here. But at least pick up your sword.」


The half-asleep Tamaki waved goodbye to us with her hand. I had the Wind Elemental act as the shield and walked into the corridor on level 3.

On the other side of the corridor, we could see Shiki-san who was dressed in gym clothes.

I ordered Shiki-san to remain there for standby.

From the room at the side, we could hear sounds of seemingly something knocking against the wall with a dong dong.

「I will open the door. The Wind Elemental will enter first, and Arisu will follow behind.」


When facing unknown enemies, we will use the familiars as the shield, I guess that will be the direction of our battle plans.

I turned the doorknob and pulled open the door.

The Wind Elemental rushed in. Arisu also followed immediately.

「It’s a bee!」Arisu shouted.

「Kazu-san, it’s a bee-shaped monster!」

I look into the room. The Wind Elemental is struggling against a creature with black and yellow stripes.

The size is about the same as a human.

Just like Arisu said, its shape is like a bee of the insects.

This.. this is a super big bee.

The compound eyes which are about the size of a human’s palm flashes with a red light that causes discomfort.

This thing flew in the air, with its wing giving the uncomfortable woo woo sound.

As the giant bee stop, it bended its lower body and extended its lower body, shooting out a sharp needle

The needle that was thicker than an antenna flew, and stabbed into the body of the Wind Elemental.

The face of translucent female twisted in pain.

But the loyal familiar did not bother about the needle that was stabbed into its abdomen, and used both her hands to hug the body of the giant bee.

Forcefully sealing the other party’s movement.

At this time, Arisu rushed in.

The stab from the iron spear pierced through compounded eyes of the giant bee, and it sprayed blue fluids around its surroundings.

The giant bee fell onto the ground, and cutting metal-like shrill was heard.

After a few shivers, finally……

Its body faded and disappeared like smoke.

Just like the orcs.

Indeed this fellow is a monster just like the orcs.

After the giant bee disappeared, there are 3 red gems that fell onto the ground.

The time is just nice past 6am, the sun has risen not long ago.

But even so our waking up time was later than yesterday’s……

When we slept last night, it was about midnight.

I am still abit sleepy.

But I can’t say such words.

Shiki-san and I entered a small room, and had Arisu and the others guard the surroundings.

From what Mia who went to the rooftop said, the forest in the northeast direction had a few similar bees flying around.

The northeast forest of the middle school.

2 days ago, when the entire mountain is transported to the other world, that is where the orcs came from.

What is hiding in the forest.

In the 3rd day, what does it mean with the attack of the new monster.

「I had wanted to give you this today in the morning, as the wedding gift for your newly-married life with Arisu-chan and Tamaki-chan.」


「Really. Yesterday your burdens are root cause. I don’t regret about the decision about attacking the main school building. But it is my mistake for not seeing that you are much closer to your limits than you seemed to be.」

Shiki-san said so and looked at me from the bed while crossing her legs.

「Or is it that 2 is not enough, and that it will be better if Mia-chan to enter as well?」

「Don’t joke.」

「You do not have obsessive disorder right. If your mental state is not stable, then I can’t create strategies properly.」

Regarding this, it is all my problem.

Seeing my expression twisted in bitter, Shiki nodded her head in satisfaction.

「It is good if you can reflect on it. No matter what, now we can’t seem to let you relax.」

「Yes, that bee…….」

「Is from the north side of the mountain, which is the point where the orcs came out from. 」

Shiki-san and I faced each other and nodded.

Our predictions are the same.

Without any surprise, the thoughts of the commanders being the same will only bring joy.

The real problem would be the aligning the thoughts while the situation getting worse.

「Kazu-san, Although I have to give you more burdens……」

「No matter what, there is the need to search for the students who are taken away. As long as we cannot confirm their survival, the situation is still continuing, then we have to end it before it gets any worse.」

That’s right, until yesterday, I have experienced it myself.

Being depressed doesn’t help.

The only way to survive is to keep on attacking.

「Then again the strength of that bee…… Kazu-san, how do you feel about it during actual combat?」

「Arisu defeated it in a blow…… Though she said that, it feels that it is not as strong as an elite orc, but it is above that of a normal orc in strength.」

「Giant Wasp is level 2 or 3, while skill is Wasp 2 or 3, how does that sound.」

So the name of that bee is Giant Wasp.

No objection. Then so be it.

「I feel that is probably level 3. The Rank 5 Wind Elemental is about the same in strength as it.」

「If the guess is correct, then the experience point is about 3 orcs, but its strength does not compare.」

「And it flies in the sky. If there is a weakness, then it will be different.」


Shiki-san placed her hand at her mouth and begin thinking deeply.

「The bugs in games are mostly afraid of fire.」

「You gamer!」

「That’s right, but things that this gamer’s mind has considered are mostly shortcut, which is a big problem.」

Shiki-san smiled.

Since it is true, I sighed.

「It is a pity that Mia can’t use fire magic.」

「Yesterday there is a girl who raised Fire Magic to Rank 2. Let her try.」

Oh is that so, I nodded

With this, perhaps we can let Tamaki be the guard and head to the forest once.

「The kids that we saved yesterday, a few of them wanted to fight. So there is the need for the preparation to help them increase to level 1…… Attacking the north side now is not a good idea.」

「There is the need to strengthen those kids’ gym clothes and weapon with 《Hard Armour》 and 《Hard Weapon》」

Then I also briefly explained the magic that was newly learnt.

Especially the Rank 4 Summon Magic 《Summon Weapon》and Rank 5 《Summon Armour》.

These are the magics that can summon a certain weapon or armour.

The effect is permanent.

But the types of weapons and armours are slightly little.

The weapons summoned are long sword, long spear, pole, bow, 20 arrows etc, if you increase arrows, then there are 12 types.

For summoned armour, there are leather based to metal based, including shield, there are 7 types.

But the size can be chosen.

For example, it is possible to give the petite sized Mia a metal based armour.

But if Mia wears such a heavy armour, she probably would not be able to move a step.

But if she has physical skill, then she will probably be able to wear it with ease.

No, we could let Mia learn Shield Skill, and hold a large shield.

Or we can have a formation with Tamaki holding a shield based on the situation, then have Arisu or Mia attack from behind.

Other than that, there is a magic worth noting.

Rank 6 Summon Magic, 《Summon Circle》.

This is a magic that needs prior preparations.

First it is the formation that is used as the base point.

The place can be anyway, for instance we could draw a formation on the floor in a room of the Cultivating Centre, and put in a human or object inside it.

Then I will leave and use 《Summon Circle》.

Then all the object and people inside the formation at the base point will appear before me.

This is that kind of transfer magic.

The range of the base formation is 3m.

If we use it properly, it is possible for us to set a bomb in front of the enemy’s building.

The premise is that we have a bomb.

We could also put supplies inside, and summon it during the appropriate times.

Actually, the best use is the transfer of personnels.

Even so, since there are no communication device like and phones, we could only transfer things according to time.

And we could set at most 2 base points.

One will be at the Cultivating Centre, the other we should use it as the situation requires.

「This is a magic that makes one eager to try out.」

「Ah ah. Perhaps we can have a method of me flying up the cliff then begin the summoning.」

「Currently there are no ways to fly…… Ah, Kazu-san your Summon Magic is Rank 6. So you can summon griffons.」

Indeed she is Shiki-san.

She remembered the magic for all the skills.

《Summon Griffon》 exists in the magics for Rank 6 Summon Magic.

Although I haven’t use it before, but it seem to be able to summon out a huge vulture-like familiar for my control.

The fact that we can ride on this griffon creature to fly has already been confirmed.

Although it is abit excessive, but other than this method of flying, there are 3 more methods under Rank 6.

First is the Rank 6 Support Magic 《Wing》.

This is a magic that will cause angel wings to grow out from your back, you can use them like hands to dance in the sky.

The effective time is 20-30mins per Rank, which is very long.

But moving the wing uses considerable energy.

Then it is Rank 4 Wind Magic 《Fly》.

You can float in the air based on your willpower.

And can move up, down, left, right freely.

The effective time is 2-3mins per Rank.

The effective time is short but at the same time it is convenient.

The Rank that you learn it, is lower than 《Summon Griffon》 and 《Wing》 by 2 Ranks.

And there is still Rank 5《Wind Walk》 of the same Wind Magic.

This is a magic that can let you walk in the air like there is a ground.

For people who are not used to flying, this may be more practical.

The effective time of 《Wind Walk》 is the same as 《Wing》 of Support Magic, 20-30mins for each Rank.

Both are Wind Magic, but the uses can be separated.

No, because it is Wind Magic, so there should be a few methods for flying.

Although it is excessive, but a few of the combat familiars can fly too.

Like Wind Elemental is forever floating in the air.

Same for the crows.

There are many ways of flying.

So as to say, there should be the need to fly from now on.

If you considered it from a game’s point of view.

Then our main party just have to raise our Ranks then we can obtain all these methods of flying.

We will choose which magic to use based on the situations.

But the current problem is, with the giant wasp as our foe, we should also be able to fly to gain advantage.

「What level is Mia at currently?」

「Level 10. I had her save her skill points, so there should be 4.」

Should we use these 4 point to increase to Rank 4 Wind Magic?

Or should we increase Earth Magic, and obtain stronger attacking magic as our priority.

No, this is hard.

「Then how about adding Mia-chan to Tamaki-chan as an experimental intercept party. If she feels that there is a need, then she can just increase Wind Magic then.」

Well I shall not bother with the naming, but this is probably the best method…… I think.

The gut feeling of Mia as a gamer is trustworthy.

Compared to my casual thought, she may have better conclusions.

「Hmm, then we will do it like this.」

I nodded.

Just like this, the 3rd day in this other world began in a panic.

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