BIFMSMTK Volume 3 Chapter 60

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Chapter 60: The End of the Second Day

Shiba died.

I killed him myself.

Thinking about it did not bring about much emotions.

No intention of any murder.

It is just, ah, it has finally ended, that kind of sigh.

I have only done what I needed to do.

I had too strong a blow during the day when my companion died.

Shimoyamada Akane-san.

The girl who trusted me, and died for me.

As I thought about her, so as to not let anymore people become sacrifices like her, I realised that I can be as heartless as possible.

For the sake of protecting the Cultivating Centre, killing Shiba is a must.

Mysteriously, this feeling is much stronger than the hatred towards Shiba.

In my heart, compared to the things that happened until now, the things that happened in these 2 days are much more important.

At least not counting the panic when Arisu was taken away.

As to whether this is good or bad, I am still unclear about it.

I do not know why I am happy.

Compared to hating Shiba, although it is not as serious but I am still happy about the me who is more willing to reflect about Shimoyamada Akane-san’s death.

I changed. Or should I say, this is the real me.

Although I do not understand it too much, but the current me is better, that was what I thought.

We did not have anything that we needed to do in the white room.

We returned very quickly to the original place.

Tamaki: Level 16 Sword Skill 7/Physical 1 Skill Point 3

Good, the other students ran away.

Perhaps there are somebody in the boys’ dormitory who are looking towards us, and because of the glare by the light, we just couldn’t see them.

With this degree of brightness, 《Night Sight》 is not effective anymore.

Forget it. I gave Arisu and the others the order, and began gathering the gems.

Almost all of them were defeated by us.

So we will take everything.

If we left some, and if they are used by the people in the high school section to strengthen themselves, then it will be bad.

As long as the high school section can oppose the orcs suitably, then it is fine.

In the process, if their number decreases by a bit, then it will be even better.

And just in case, we have to take Shiba’s gun away.

Since replicating bullets is possible, perhaps this thing may be of use.

After asking Arisu, his bag and the pouch at Shiba’s waist both contains bullets so they are both taken.

「Then again where did Shiba get the gun.」

「It seems like a board director had secretly brought it in. He had bragged that he had stolen it before to play with it.」

I see, indeed, this entire mountain is owned by the school.

If the students entered inside, then even if they use the gun illegally, it would not be exposed.

There are still about a hundred bullets. He should have used quite a bit but yet there are still so many left.

Just how much did this director hid……

Forget it, if this director is not around, it probably means that he is dead. Or he is just not around.

No matter what, there is nobody that we could ask.

After we collected the gems, the 3 of us left the courtyard in front of the 1st boys’ dormitory without looking back.

After a distance, Tamaki stopped.

「What is this fellow! Freak! Nnn! Nnn!」

This girl’s emotion is really high.

After what happened just now, Arisu and I were both quiet, perhaps she did this in consideration of us.

And she even gave a hehehe laughter.

Arisu kept knocking my hand and looked towards me with tears in her eyes.

Ah it’s that, you do not know it yet.

「It’s me degozaru!」

The man dressed in ninja wear appeared before us from behind the trees.

Tamaki stopped Arisu who panicked and tried to use her spear to attack.

The 2 of us explained who he is.

「Ah…… Mia-chan’s brother huh.」

「That’s me degozaru. This is Mia’s arm which was retrieved degozaru.」

Yuki-senpai gave Mia’s left arm back to me.

Although it is very light, but Senpai treated it with a lot of respect and as though it is very fragile.

Senpai retreated a step and bowed deeply.

His greetings are really polite.

No, that’s not it, he must……

「Mia will depend on you degozaru.」

「Yuki-senpai, you are not coming to the Cultivating Centre?」

Even if it is futile, I have to try.

But the guy dressed as a ninja shook his head in rejection.

He had said it before, he is busy contacting all the evacuation areas.

To able to find him who has Rank 3 Detection Skill, probably only Tamaki or the General Orc could do it.

But…… Tamaki still looked at him worriedly.

「I have a wish degozaru.」

「What is it? Is it about Mia?」

「I wish to have that hunting rifle degozaru. With that, we can raise the people who wish to fight in the high school section to level 1 degozaru.」

I see, I had thought so.

As long as you learn how to shoot, then you can kill the orcs easily.

「You know how to shoot?」

「I learnt it secretly degozaru. I can teach the safe way of shooting degozaru.」

A ninja is really incredible.

No, it should be that Yuki-senpai is incredible.

The problem is, the people who he used the hunting rifle to strengthen to level 1, will they become our enemies.

「I have a condition.」

「What is it degozaru.」

「If Yuki-senpai wants to increase the students who are level 1, then you have to deal with those students.」

Yuki-senpai crossed his arms and sighed.

Is this something he has to be troubled over.

I feel that he has the brains, sense and ability to be a leader.

With this, to our Cultivating Centre, if it is the organisation that Yuki-senpai leads, we could ally ourselves with ease.

To me, I do not have much opinions towards the normal students in the high school section.

Yuki-senpai seems to have some concern..

「A ninja is a person of patience degozaru.」(TL note: Tbh I don’t understand this)

「Is it just because of that!」

「No, but from an objective viewpoint, it is also because I have something that I wish from you degozaru.」

It seems like he could understand the situation properly.

As expected of him, but……

「I have no choice degozaru. Since you said so, I better take the role of leading the organisation. Is this fine.」

「Mmm, if Yuki-senpai said so, then I will have a peace of mind.」

I smiled and handed the hunting rifle and bullets to him.

「Then tomorrow, I will try to make the high school section more normal degozaru.」

「Is it the people other than the boys’ dormitory?」

The ninja nodded.

「Perhaps some survivors will bring their people to the Cultivating Centre, then……」

「Yes, of course we will welcome them.」

We shook hands with Yuki-senpai.

Then we separated. The 3 of us walked towards the middle school section.

So tired.

After we returned to the Cultivating Centre, it is already past 11pm.

We walked while dragging our exhausted bodies.

As we raise our head and look, the 2 moons seemed to be bigger than yesterday’s.

It seems like it is going to rush out.

Although I don’t know about the months of this world, but if this continues, it will only be a few more days until full moon.

Back to the Cultivating Centre.

The girls who are on watch, informed loudly that we are back.

I landed on Shiki-san’s body.

Hmm, this time it is all my fault, so I will accept my beating obediently.

Then Shiki-san hugged me tightly.

「That, Shiki-san, contact with man……. Is it fine?」

「Of course it is impossible, but I am worried about you.」

Shiki-san cried.

It seems like she is really concerned about us.

I did something bad.

Maa, perhaps Shiki-san is someone who is very calculating.

Just by her actions, the girls in the Cultivating Centre are in a very happy atmosphere from our return.

Mia came out.

I let her see her arm.

Mia strolled out to my side and gave an angry expression and said “okay, give up and shut your eyes.”

I closed my eyes.

My lips were kissed.

Opening my eyes, Mia raised her head and smiled at me.

「Welcome back.」

「Ah, I am back」

Arisu attached back Mia’s arm immediately.

Although I had wanted to say many things, but I decided to say it tomorrow.

Then I found Shiki-san and told her about what happened at the high school section.

「I see, indeed it became like that.」

「You probably predicted it right?」

「Yes. Including the worst case scenario, which is the possibility of you disappearing due to going crazy. If that happened, what I should do etc, it is quite troubling.」

I really did something bad.

And after Arisu and I disappeared, Shiki-san formed another party with Mia as the center and assaulted the main building of the middle school section again.

Clearing the top floor, and saving 2 more girls who are trapped by the orcs.

In the main school building, a total of 11 person including Sumire, were found.

The total number count in our Cultivating Centre has risen to 31 people.

Even so, there are still more people in the high school section……

「Now they can do what they want. Just solve the problems in front one by one. Since you did not wipe out the entire high school section, then that will buy us some time to rest. That’s good.」

While Shiki-san said it, she revealed an evil smile. Indeed, she is a talented commander.

I told Mia about her brother.

Mia gave a very irritated expression.

「That stupid brother.」

Mia who was not good at expressing her emotion, showed an emotion which could not be seen normally, and became red with anger.

Because Mia being like this is too strange, so we laughed.

「Ah ah, this is a scandal……」

「Indeed there are many places to be shocked at.」

「But Mia shook and smile that it was good that he survived.」

With a very shy smile.

Finally we could bathe.

The few who woke up got the generator and made some hot water.

The few of us went in without hesitation.

All 3 of us.

Arisu, Tamaki and me.

As a mention, the one who suggested it was Shiki-san.

「You can flirt properly. If the bonds between all of you thickens, then it will be more convenient for me.」

Hence for the sake of flirting, the 3 of us bathe together……

As my whole body is soaked in hot water, my conscious gradually fade.

Ah, isn’t this bad!

I am lying on the cold ground of the bathroom.

Ah, so comfortable.

Because I am too tired, I am unable to control my body properly.

Hence my lower half also can’t be controlled.

When Arisu and Tamaki had tried to carry me out, they were bathed in my thing. (TL note: you know what it is *smirk. Had a hard time trying to figure out what it was)

Ah, I have accumulated too much.

Ah ah, this is so embarrassing.

「That’s great, Kazu-san」, I could hear Tamaki’s laughter.

「Today we both have been seen by Kazu-san in our worst parts. Finally we could see Kazu-san in a slightly bad state. With this, we are even.」

No no, Tamaki.

I have already let you see my worst side……

This girl, don’t tell me you forgot what I said when I was on your bosom.

While considering these, my conscious gradually fade……

When I opened my eyes, I am lying on the bed.

This is a room whereby the moonlight can enter, I am sleeping in the middle of the king-size bed.

On my left and right, I could hear the sounds of Arisu and Tamaki sleeping.

I sat up, and fearfully looked into my underwear.

It’s already wiped clean.

Who wiped it……

No no, it’s fine.

This is all my fault.

I sighed and then raised my head to look through the window.

The greenish white light of the 2 moons gradually enter the bedroom.

This is the second night in this other world.

That’s right, this is only the second day since we came to this world.

It is a really long day.

The second day in this world has finally ended.

I collapsed onto the bed again.

I had wanted to wake Arisu and Tamaki up, and cuddle properly this time……

But waking these 2 who are deep asleep, makes one hesitate.

And my body is also exhausted.

Although I slept for awhile, the majority of my fatigue still remains.

Before long, my conscious fell into the darkness again.

Finally the long 2nd day ended.


The earth-shaking 3rd day begins.

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