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Chapter 59: For Everyone, I chose Summoning Magic

Arisu told me about Saso Shiba.

She told me everything about Shiba who was her cousin.

From the start, she was very hesitated on it, because I forcefully asked her to say it.

But I cannot not know about him.

I wish to know everything about him who I wanted to kill, hence I decided so.

「I have also said before that I was adopted. My family after adopting me, became cold to me soon. At this time, Cousin Shiba who lived nearby in a relative’s house treated me like a family. He told me to become his underling, then he will not let me become lonely. He would caress my head and hug me tightly…… By doing so, Cousin Shiba made me feel very safe.」

Ah, I see.

I understand.

This action completely fits his character.

Shiba that guy will still care for those who will become his.

Or rather he hate to become someone who will not own everything.

So those who obeys him, will also surprisingly admire him.

This is also the reason why the organisation with him as the center can work.

I disliked the organisation with him as the center.

So I gave my opinion.

In the end, I was glared at severely.

Next was just like I had said before.

「Cousin Shiba was also very trusted by my foster parents. When entering middle school, Cousin Shiba also said that if I entered the same school as him, then he will help pay for me, no matter how much it would have costed. My parents felt that if Cousin Shiba who always take care of me is around, then it will be fine. So they sent me over. But I did not rely on Cousin Shiba after I entered. I decided to work hard by myself. It is not good to consistently rely on him, that was what I thought……」

Saying so, Arisu lowered her head.

「Nevermind, continue.」

Arisu raised her head. There are quite abit of tears in her eyes, and she looked at me with a relying expression.

「But, Kazu-san.」

「I will not hate Arisu. Definitely. So continue.」

Arisu sighed and continued speaking.

She will meet once with Shiba once a month.

Shiba seems to mind Arisu.

A quiet cousin who is cute and admires him.

A smart cousin who is obedient.

Before him, Arisu has always been an ideal cousin.

To the ideal cousin Arisu, he will also repay by being the ideal cousin.

This relationship sustained from when he was in elementary school section until the high school section.

Although it is like that, but Arisu has never been to the high school section.

Sometimes he will go to the middle school section to ask Arisu if she has any troubles, or if she wants anything.

Sometimes he will give some gifts.

This is an ideal situation.

Just looking at that, it seems to be a very good cousin relationship.

It should be only these. Arisu had avoided his dirty side.

What caused everything to change was the thing that happened in the white room last evening.

The thing after my body and Arisu’s became one.

Arisu who heard the name from me, had felt danger.

If her relationship with Shiba was known by me.

「Because Kazu-san said before, so I wish to release the Cultivating Centre. Although that will cause Kazu-san to hate me, and it will be painful but there is no choice. This was what I deserved. But if I abandoned everyone…… Because of me, then everyone will die, Tamaki-chan will also die.」

「So you lured Tamaki to my side?」

「That, luckily Tamaki-chan also fancied Kazu-san……」

Arisu shifted her sight shyly.

I used my fingers to pinch Arisu’s cheeks and pulled outwards.


「Nn, leave it to me!」

Tamaki pinched Arisu’s other cheek and pull in the other direction.

Then we let go together.

With a pat sound, Arisu’s cheeks turned red.

Arisu teared with “pain”.

「That will be considered your punishment, Arisu.」

Tamaki stretched and stared at Arisu.

「Even if you don’t do so, I will also end up liking Kazu-san. Moreover if Arisu had talked with Kazu-san, Kazu-san would also have considered about the matter with us.」

The words that I had wanted to say, were mostly said by Tamaki.

Then again I am also at fault. And it was much worse.

For instance, even though it is a joke, I had said that I will die with Tamaki if Arisu is not around.

No matter what, that was too much.

After seeing the secret meeting between Arisu and Shiba, then imagining the worst situation is also my own fault.

Considering what had happened before, although I was in confusion, in the end it is still because my inner heart is weak.

I have to face my own weakness.

Then to win against it, I have to rely on others.

Although it is hard, but I need Arisu and Tamaki’s help.

「Maa, with this, there is no more secrets between us.」


「Ah, don’t tell me there are some secrets?」

「Th..that……basically none.」

Arisu looked to the side while blushing.

Hey, what is going on.

Is there more.

「No, that…….there is no need to say……」

「Aーriーsuー! No hiding!」

「B..but. Th..then I can only tell it to Tamaki-chan.」

Arisu and Tamaki walked to somewhere slightly further to begin their secret talks.

So lonely.

Sighing with a ha, I was lost.

The 2 of them came back very quickly. Tamaki was laughing with a gi gi.

Arisu pulled the sleeve of Tamaki’s PE shirt with a half crying expression.

「That, Kazu-san, quick come and listen to this.」

「Wah——Wah——! Tamaki-chan, you lied! I have already said not to say it out!」

「Nevermind about it, Kazu-san will definitely not hate it.」

Ah, I probably understood what it is.

Or rather from seeing Arisu who had turned beet red, and using her hands to cover her mouth and yet peek over, I can probably imagine what it was about.

「That, Kazu-san. Because Arisu had wanted to do it so much with Kazu-san, so in the daytime…..」

「Mmm, okay, enough.」

I used my hands to lift up Tamaki’s head, and knocked it with a pat.

「Although there shouldn’t be any secrets, but I did not say you can disrespect others’ privacy.」

「Mmm, I understand!」

Tamaki nodded coolly.

Arisu remained using her hands to cover her blushing face and squatted at the side.

This is too much.

Changing the topic, we begin the discussion before we leave the white room.

As to what I have to do from now on, I proposed the general idea and the 2 of them did not have any opposing view.

「Then I will raise Summoning Magic.」

Kazuhisa: Level 5 Support Magic 5/ Summon Magic 5→6 Skill Points 6→0

After completing it, I press the return button and we went back to the original place.

After returning to the battlefield, we began moving for the sake of hunting the orcs.

Currently the orcs are in confusion. We should defeat as many as possible.

I really want to thank the people in the high school section for providing these experience points.

Arisu and Tamaki fought together in the frontline.

I had 2 of the Fire Elementals stay by my side, and sent the 2 left to the frontlines.

Before long, Tamaki leveled up.

Level 15. With this, Tamaki will have 8 Skill points and could raise Sword Skill to Rank 7.

Tamaki: Level 15 Sword Skill 6 → 7/Physical 1 Skill Point 8→1

After defeating another 6 orcs, Arisu leveled to level 15.

It seems like the difference in experience between Arisu and Tamaki is around 120.

Arisu must have also experienced battles similar to myself.

Arisu have already raised healing magic to Rank 4 in the battles.

She must at least be able to heal Mia’s arm, that must be what she had hoped.

The leftover skill points are 5.

Now she should save it, and raise Spear Skill to Rank 6 as soon as possible.

Hence we left the white room immediately.

Arisu: Level 15 Spear Skill 5/Healing Magic 4 Skill Point 5

Hence the spirits of the orcs are broken badly. The orcs are fanatically escaping.

Then, as though replacing the small fry orcs, a giant with a body that seems to melt into the darkness appeared.

The sword in his hand shone with silver light.

General Orc.

And there is a hellhound awaiting its command beside it.

There is still one more of that damn dog.

Then again, general orc, you are not around at the beginning right.

Are you waiting for the resistance force of the high school section to be destroyed?

If this time is similar to that of the middle school section……

I began to think.

In the evening, if we did not attack the main building of the middle school section, then we would have suffered the attack of the general orc in the situation whereby we have yet to level up.

Forget it, anything is fine, I shook my head.

Now what we must do, is face the strong foes in front of us.

I immediately cast 《Clear Mind》 on Arisu.

Straight after, the general orc roared.

This is a roar that will cause people to shiver, but it did not have any effect on the 3 of us.

Before the enemy that had once caused the entire party to have tough fight, Arisu and Tamaki looked at me calmly.

「Tamaki, take on the general orc alone. It will be fine. Arisu, restrain that hellhound.」

「Understood, Kazu-san」

「Yes, I understand.」

The general orc and hellhound attacked.

Both Arisu and I had 《Resist All: Fire》.

Arisu rush towards the hellhound.

While Tamaki head towards the general orc.

It is fine even if Arisu gets burnt.

She stabbed accurately at its front paw and leave a wound.

The hellhound who gave a groan, pulled apart, and Arisu chased after it without giving it a break.

I had only used the minimum support magic, but Arisu was in a completely suppressing position with just her battle skills.

This is a battle that was more imposing than previously.

I looked from the back and it seems like the tides are turning for the better.

「Arisu, I will let the Fire Elementals support you! Cooperate.」


I sent 2 Fire Elementals towards the hellhound.

As the bodies of the Fire Elementals are wrapped in flames, the flames from the hellhound is just like a gentle wind.

Although they are unable to cause harm effectively, but they are able to attract the hellhound’s attention. It is enough to just use them as distractions.

Hence Arisu became more advantageous.

Tamaki and the general orc are having an intense showdown.

The general orc seems to have noticed the meaning of Tamaki wielding the silver sword, and smiled as the 2 swords clashed.

Each clash creates intensive sparks.

This is a sword dance which is enough to make one hold their breath.

Both parties gave out a strike which had their sharp cries in it, this is a struggle of presence against presence.

From the looks of it, Tamaki and the general orc’s strength are similar.

But because of my support magic, even just by a bit, Tamaki’s movement is better.

Then the general orc is gradually forced into a passive.

The battles on both sides ended almost at the same time.

Arisu’s spear lodged itself deeply in the throat of the hellhound.

The chest of the general orc was pierced by Tamaki’s silver sword.

The 2 enemies both gave out their death cries, and collapsed onto the ground before gradually disappearing.

「I won, Kazu-san! I defeated the general orc alone!」

「That’s great Kazu-san! We are already so strong!」

Arisu and Tamaki turned towards me together and smiled.

The excitement of the battle cooled.

The 3 of us and the 4 familiars turned behind.

The people in the high school section stared at us blankly.

Maa, this is that.

Suddenly appearing from the side, seeming to be together with Arisu who is their trump card, and defeating the orc army which had overwhelming power, it is the situation whereby they don’t know what is happening.

Among them, one person noticed me.

That person seems to be saying something under the spotlight.

Why I, the one who was bullied, am together with the people from the middle school section. He seems to be unable to understand what is going on.

And he seems to realise that our attitude is not very friendly. The students from the high school section are confused.

Then at this moment, a shout came.

「What the heck is this!」

Shiba walked out of the broken down road block and put up his shotgun, then his echo came over. (TL note: seems like the hunting rifle he had, was a shotgun type)

Shaken huh. Maybe. Shiba couldn’t have moved after planning everything.

And his plans were completely destroyed after the appearance of the general orc.

Nothing can go smoothly in this world.

I experienced this personally in these 2 days.

But Shiba did not know.

He tried to control the orcs’ movement like dealing against humans, and then failed.

His failure was easily covered by us effortlessly.

To him, this perhaps is a great humiliation.

Maybe he is thinking that it can’t be possible that it is so different from reality.

Suddenly I realised, to people who do not act according to his wish, there will be the fear of revenge.

Because he is afraid having situations which he is unable to control, just like how I was in the past, he will completely abuse those who are outside of his calculations.

「Arisu, why are you beside that guy! Get back here!」

Arisu shook her head lightly

And held my hand tightly.

While my other hand is held by Tamaki.

After holding both of their hands, then I noticed that I am trembling.

Shit, don’t tell me I am falling into panic again.

But this is different from the past.

Arisu and Tamaki are beside me.

「No. I want to fight together with Kazu-san and everyone from the Cultivating Centre.」

「Is that really a good idea, your companion’s arm……」


Arisu looked at me in doubt.

Hmm, if you don’t confirm it with your own eyes, you will be unsure.

After all who will believe in ninjas.

But there are indeed ninjas.

「An..anyway I wouldn’t listen to cousin anymore! I am returning to the middle school!」

「Don’t joke! You are mine! Not that trash’s, hurry up and come back, Arisu!」

「Kazu-san is not trash!」

Arisu roared. She held my hand and shout with her chest out.

「Just like Kazu-san said, he liberated the Cultivating Centre. Those who survived from the middle school section are only the people from the Cultivating Centre. But because Kazu-san is around, about 30 people survived. Because of Kazu-san’s commands, everyone is able to grow to the extent that we can win against the elite orcs easily. Even the general orcs are defeated, same for the hellhounds. Even as per your promise, the general orc is defeated. This is all because of Kazu-san’s hard work. Other than Kazu-san, no one else can do it.」

As she was saying this, Arisu took a step forward and looked at the high school people who are dumbfounded.

「Just when you are busy crushing the other powers in the day, we went to the girls’ dormitory and saved the people who are trapped inside. Then after that, we suffered an attack by about 100 orcs and we finally defeated them. In the evening at the main building of the middle school section, we defeated the general orc there! Kazu-san was the one who commanded all of these. If there is anyone who dares to belittle him, stand out, I will be your opponent!」

Suddenly it was quiet.

No one gave a sound.

Hence…… the first one to speak is……


「I will not admit it!」

Shiba pointed the shotgun at me while shouting.

I completely panicked.

Nearly shocked.

Was Shiba such a person who solve things by force?

He should not be such a short-sighted person.

Or is it that our actions are just that way out of expectations?

My, Arisu and Tamaki’s battle must have completely overturned his plans.

I think it should be like that, I calmly considered it.

Just merely hours ago, our whole party had barely obtained victory against the general orc.

Now facing the same enemy, even if Mia is not around, we can fight easily.

But Shiba, this is also because of you taking Arisu away.

I had abandoned my life, and began training without any aim.

Then Tamaki also joined in the battles for the sake of chasing after me.

This is retribution.

Shiba’s action is very logical, but he did not know that I was present at that time.

He was unable to predict my self-abandonment. Tamaki’s devotion and Arisu’s thoughts are not something that he could predict.

Which is now.

I had once desperately tried to kill him who did not show any openings in the past, and just as we are thinking why he is beating around the bush, he lifted his gun with a lot of openings.

This irony made me want to laugh out.

In this instant, Arisu and Tamaki had wanted to block the line of fire, but I stopped them.

「I dare you to shoot!」

I suppressed my trembling, and stood before Arisu and them. The Fire Elementals retreated to the back.

I have to end this.

Although I am coward who likes to hide behind women and tremble, but at least in the end I must come out.

「Try if your shotgun is effective against me now. I want to see if it is effective against me whose level is much higher than you, see if you can still make me submit with force. Shoot if you can!」

「I am not kidding you! I am going to shoot! I am really going to shoot!」


I roared from my diaphragm.

Shiba pulled the trigger with a cry.

This action is like in slow motion. Under the situation which I had seen everything clearly, I called out without any hesitation:


The bullets were reflected by the rainbow barrier that appeared before me, the bullets flew back towards Shiba, piercing through his body.

「This guy attacked Shiba! Finish him!」

The rest of the students attacked together.

Throwing, fireworks, stones.

But before this I used magic again.


Rank 6 Summoning Magic can switch myself with another companion.

My companions naturally also includes the familiars.

The effective range is 5m for every Rank.

Now is possible for me do a swap within 30m.

This is a magic that has many uses.

Now I shall use it as an emergency escape.

I switched positions with the Fire Elemental that had retreated to the back, and the students’ attacks ended up on the Fire Elemental.

To the strong Fire Elemental, the attacks from the low leveled students are as useless as shit.

Seeing the majestic Fire Elemental, the students went into panic.

For an instant, I had wanted to send all 4 familiars in……

I shook my head.

I cannot do this.

The high school section is an important battle strength.

As to whether I hate them, I do.

I really wanted to kill them.

But if we kill so many students here, then it will be a pity.

At least we must let them able to restrain higher ranking orcs.

Then we will be able to move freely.

No matter what, counting the kids that we saved together, the people in the Cultivating Centre did not even reach 30, and we will need at least 1 more day before we can liberate the entire middle school.

And the favourite is definitely not there.

The orcs brought a portion of the students into the forest, so there must be something there.

If these fellows from the high school section continues to drag our time……

I looked coldly at Shiba.

The Shiba who was hitted by his own bullet, the Shiba who is half-dying.


I shouted.

Yes. I looked at how to reply her, and said……

「I will kill Shiba. He will directly harm the people in the Cultivating Centre. Only he is of real danger.」


Arisu nodded calmly.

「I will work hard.」

「No, it is better for me to do it. Arisu, you just have to watch it.」

That’s right, this has to be done by me.

This is not something that should be left to others.

Shiba lifted his body, thinking of escaping. His body suddenly disappeared.

Detection Skill huh.

So troublesome.

If I leave Shiba who is a sniper with Detection Skill and Shooting Skill alone, it will become very troublesome.

So I have to finish it here.

I returned 2 Fire Elementals and recovered my MP.

「《Summon Iron Golem》」

Rank 6 Summoning Magic, gave birth the new strongest golem.

The iron giant that was over 3m tall walked toward the road block.

The spirits of the students are already broken, scrimping away while crying.

The ground shook violently. The road block was destroyed and Shiba’s scream rang.

He was indeed hiding in the shadow of the road block

Turning towards the direction where the sound came from, I could see Shiba’s figure.

The hand that was holding the shotgun was clamped by the tables, and he was panicking because he is unable to escape from it.

There is no one beside him

Everyone has fled

There is only us and Shiba who is crying continuously.

I gave an order to the Iron Golem again.

Toward Shiba who is alone, the Iron Golem swung his fist down.

There were the sounds of meat being squashed.

Finally it has ended.

My revenge has ended.

Hence we went to the white room.

Tamaki leveled up.

Ah, this.

One of my doubts also got its answer now.

We can also level up when we kill a human who is level 1 and above……

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