BIFMSMTK Volume 3 Chapter 58

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Chapter 58: Battle at High School Boys’ Dormitory

Our formation is in an arrow shape.

With Tamaki as the vanguard and me in a slightly behind position.

Other than that, there are 4 Fire Elementals around me.

Tamaki who is the tip, striked at the group of orcs.

Her silver sword danced, and brushed past before speeding away.

It seemed just like a periodic drama killing.

Not even the elite orcs are a match for Tamaki who has Rank 6 Sword Skill.

The bronze-colored orcs scattered once they crossed.

Tamaki pressed forward with the momentum.

「Oi, gather before me! I will finish everyone of you!」

Oi oi.

You are too far in front.

She had already rushed into a position where I could no longer help her……

As there is a group of orcs in between us, I could no longer see Tamaki’s figure.

Ah ah, really.

At this rate, I can’t even send the Fire Elementals to guard her back.

The Fire Elementals swing their scimitars to defeat the orcs, and open a path.

The orcs that got closer to the Fire Elementals, groaned in pain as they are wrapped in the flames that burnt them.

But these flames are completely not hot to me and Tamaki.

And it was before we added 《Resist All: Fire》.

I wonder why is this……

The flames from the Fire Elementals does not seem to affect its companions.

Perhaps this is like the preventive friendly fire in MMORPG.

Now this is something that benefits us, so anything is fine.

Surrounded by the flaming men, I proceeded.

Hence I leveled up. And we reached the white room.

Only Tamaki and I were in the white room.

If Arisu is still in the party, then she will also be around……

Indeed, she left the party.

Forget it. This must be what Shiba wanted. We shall not talk about this.

「Oi, Tamaki, you are too forward.」


Tamaki used both her hand to cover her face, and laughed like she was very shy.

Forget, she seems to be reflecting… yeah right.

This girl has been getting carried away.

「If it is at normal times, then it is fine. You have Arisu following you, she will help to clean up after you.」

「Mmm, I know. I know that Arisu has always been helping me. So I want to thank Arisu more than anyone. Perhaps I may even treasure Arisu more than Kazu-chi.」

Hmmm, maybe that is true.

Tamaki seems to have always been in Arisu’s care.

And Arisu also seems to like taking care of Tamaki.

Perhaps they have the relationship of being of the same mind.

Maybe I was the lightbulb between them.

Forget it, even if it is so, it is fine, moreover they don’t seem to mind it.

Bringing Arisu back, this time I must make her mine.

Other than that, there is one more thing.

I must also declare that Tamaki is mine too.

That is a definite.

It is a very greedy and immoral act, but if it is just 2, it should be acceptable.

And for us to maintain our current state, we can only do this.

Just how much do we rely on each other.

Both Tamaki and I are weak people.

That’s right, through this, I gradually realise just how weak a person I was.

I can’t do anything alone.

So in conclusion, if it is for Arisu, for my sake, and for Tamaki, I will no longer be lost.

So saying that……

I looked at Tamaki.

「If you fell before Arisu returns, then it will be putting the cart before the horse. You may be strong, but now there are no healing magic among us. And Arisu who could protect your back is not around. Don’t forget to coordinate with the Fire Elementals, understand?」

「Understood, Kazu-chi.」

Tamaki nodded energetically.

Nnn, being energetic is a good thing, but she……

I sighed……

Without learning any skill, I pressed the return button. And hence we returned to the original place.

Kazuhisa: Level 17 Support Magic 5/ Summon Magic 5 Skill Points 4

After we return from the white room, the sea of orcs was cut apart before long.

Or rather Tamaki returned and cut down the orcs that were blocking the way.

Then we got into formation again and advanced.

A very tall Fire Elemental told me Arisu’s position and once in awhile we will have them fly up to observe the situation around us.

Arisu’s position is around the left front.

The bad thing is that there is a huge black shadow approaching from the right corner.


I was very anxious.

If Arisu who did not have resistive magic, get hit by the breath of the hellhound……

「Tamaki, there is a situation, open the path in a go.」


I used 《Haste》 that was coupled with 《Deflection Spell》.

Every member glowed with red light. And we dashed into the sea of orcs.

Tamaki strikes, the space is then opened by the Fire Elementals, I also tried to attack strongly.

I only placed a Fire Elemental behind us to ensure my safety.

In the midst, Tamaki leveled up once. I had her save her skill points.

I wanted her to reach Rank 7 Sword Skill asap.

Once she reached Rank 7 then she should be able to fight with the General orc.

We exited the white room immediately.

Tamaki: Level 14 Sword Skill 6/Physical 1 Skill Point 6

After reaching level 14, we continued to cut the orcs endlessly.

And the beasts also began to panic due to their heavy losses.

Part of them began escaping after being in a fear state.

Our attack from the back was very effective.

The enemy army was caught in a pinch attack situation.

Hence, the awaited thing appeared.

A bright firework was launched from the roof of the 1st boys’ dormitory.

It was a rocket firework that you can buy in a convenience store.

But this firework split the sky with the 2 moons in this other world, and the bright explosion also scattered in beautiful flares.

Directly below the fireworks, is a man’s figure.

The man dressed in a ninja wear, give a slight pose.

He waved something like a rod high up.

It must be Mia’s arm.

Okay! Many thanks, Yuki-senpai!

I feel that he should change that spiderman outfit.

Then what happened is……

The orcs who took the fireworks as a new magic and sunk into confusion.

The odd shaped monster escaped.

In this instant, we rushed into the empty space among the orcs.

We could see Arisu’s figure.

When Arisu saw us who are approaching, she gave a shocked expression.

「Arisu, return!」

After saying, I ran towards Arisu.

「Ah, wait, Kazu-chi.」

Tamaki’s panicked voice came over.

Who cares.

Although the one who got angry at Tamaki’s reckless movement was me, but when I saw Arisu, my legs began moving by themselves.

Depending on 《Physical Up》 and 《Haste》, I broke through the orcs.

The orcs could not keep up with the sudden intrusion.

I rushed into the encirclement the orcs had for Arisu.

Then I noticed it.

The hellhound separated from the orcs and came over.

The sac below the hellhound’s throat inflated like a balloon.

This is the sign of the breath.

Not good, it is coming.


I hugged Arisu. Then my vision was engulfed by red flames.

The hot breath scalded my back and I groan out in pain.

But in my arms.

I lowered my head and saw Arisu who was in my arms.

I gave a gentle smile.


「Mia’s arm has already been taken back. You can return.」

「Bu..but I……」

「I hope that you will come back, come back to us.」

「Sh, yes!」

The breath ended.

Turning back, the figure of the hellhound running here appeared.

The huge dog jumped off the ground.

I hugged Arisu and said, let’s party and she did not resist.


It’s Arisu’s voice.

I nodded and agreed.

Nearly at the same time, Tamaki who rushed out from the orcs also jumped high into the air.

In the air, her figure crossed with the hellhound.

The silver blade cut open the hellhound’s body.

「Arisu, Kazu-san, don’t get injured.」

The hellhound which was 3m long was blew away by Tamaki in a blow and roll onto the ground.

Suffering such serious injuries, but it’s still attempting to get up……

Tamaki gave a follow-up attack immediately after landing.

The sword flashes across the head of the hellhound who was attempting to get up.

The silver trace cut down the demon dog’s head.

This silver sword is too shocking.

Even if you account for the effect of 《Haste》, it is still very powerful.

No, of course Tamaki’s skill is also very shocking.


The sound of leveling echoed in my ears.

Seems like I leveled to level 18.

The white room.

Including me, there are a total of 3 people here.

Me, Tamaki and Arisu.

Arisu looked at us with an uneasy expression.

First it was Tamaki who rushed over, and hugged Arisu tightly.

「Arisu! Stupid, I was worried sick!」

「Ta..tamaki…… Sorry, I」

Tamaki who was rubbing on Arisu’s face.

Arisu who look at her while smiling bitterly.

Ahhhh really, Arisu is just like Tamaki’s mother.

I called Arisu and slowly walked over.

Arisu looked at me, slightly afraid.

「Welcome back.」

「Th..that…… Kazu-san, why, are you here.」

「Many things happened. But now, it is because you are here. Just because of that.」

After being slightly conflicted, Arisu looked straight at me.

「Something happened. When…… I was not around.」

「Arisu. I saw that you met Shiba. In the 《Repel Sphere》」

With just this sentence, Arisu realised the current situation.

Her face turned pale.

「No it is not like that. Th..this is a misunderstanding. I..I because Cousin Shiba took away Mia-chan’s left arm……」

Cousin Shiba huh.

I felt pain in my chest.

In order to not let my feelings show, I desperately pretended to be calm.

「I know. That time I did not know. But now I finally know. You are Shiba’s cousin.」

Arisu lowered her head. Her cherry colored lips are bit tightly.

「Sorry. If only I had explained about Cousin Shiba yesterday…… Cousin Shiba said. As long as I followed him, then he will return Mia-chan’s arm. As long as I helped out during the time when they defeated the general……」

I see, that kind of condition.

But that guy would not keep his promise……

No, perhaps he will.

I remembered.

Shiba that guy, although he will do evil stuff, but he will keep his promises.

That is where he is sly at.

As long as you become his companion, then you can trust him

Gradually you will listen to him.

Just like a drug.

A person who listens to Shiba, will gradually tend to over rely on him.

Arisu must have also fallen into this trap.

But the trap is broken, It was broken by me.

「There is no need to say. Just being like this is fine, we will forget about what happened in the past.」

I placed my hands on Arisu’s cheeks.

Arisu raised her head and looked at me with her eyes brimming with tears.

I lightly placed my lips on Arisu’s lips.

Even though Tamaki was just beside us, Arisu and I began to twirl our tongues and kissed.

After releasing, Arisu panted for air. With her cheeks blushed, she looked at me.

「Kazu-san, I…」

「You are mine. From now until eternity」


Then I glanced at Tamaki.

I rubbed Tamaki’s head violently, who had looked over uneasily.

Arisu was shocked to see us like that.

We have to explain it clearly now.

If we do not explain it clearly now, then it will become a situation where we have to keep on hiding it.

Although it was hard to say it, but I told her everything.

About how I wandered in the forest aimlessly in self abandonment.

About killing the orcs one by one.

About Tamaki searching for me alone.

About how I was saved by Tamaki.

About what happened after that, everything.

And also about what was conversed, everything.

「This is also all my fault.」

「This is also because my heart is too weak.」

「But that is great. I…… I am slightly happy. That……」

I hugged Arisu and Tamaki.

With alot of strength.

Even so I still wished to use more strength to feel their warmth and scent.

「I can’t do it without the both of you. So please, both of you, please love me together.」

I said it.

I said something that was too much.

I said something that was like a devil.

But probably, that was what we need currently.

If everyone is not together, we will definitely be unable to survive from now on.

Today we have gone through numerous tough battles.

To be able to attain victory in that kind of disadvantageous situation, what we had depended on, was the bonds between us.

For the sake of strengthening our bonds, I will do anything.

Of course among them, is also for the sake of covering the weakness in my heart.

To be honest, the moment when I saw the secret meeting between Arisu and Shiba was the worst.

I never expect myself to be so weak.

I must accept my own weakness and find a solution to it.

For this, both Arisu and Tamaki are necessary.

One person is not enough.

After understanding this, next is to see their thoughts on it.

Finally after the 2 girls looked at each other, then they turned towards me and nodded together.

「We belong to Kazu-chi.」

Arisu said.

「We will both give ourselves to you together.」

Tamaki said.

「Our weakness, and Kazu-chi weakness must be slowly filled.」

「Ah yes. I am weak, too weak. I cannot leave my weak self just like that.」

「We will support you. Forever~ and ever!」

I kissed the 2 of them in sequence. Then I hugged them again strongly.

We continued hugging in the white room.

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