BIFMSMTK Volume 3 Chapter 57

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Chapter 57: What Shiba and co has done

According to Mia’s brother, Yuki-senpai who is in the 3rd Year in high school, there seems to be 3 surviving student bodies until today noon.

One of them is the boy’s dormitory led by Shiba and the rest is the 2nd girls’ dormitory and the people from the Society Building.

They have been fighting alone.

They did not cooperate because their thoughts were different.

The 1st boys’ dormitory is a one man dictatorship by Shiba.

Using a hunting rifle from who knows where, to defeat the orcs and level up very fast like a hurricane.

It seems that he and the other 5 people began to do whatever they want with the other students due to their fast leveling.

A part of the teachers also enter the Shiba’s camp.

The 2nd girl’s dormitory had tried to negotiate with that kind of Shiba at the start.

But the girls who went to negotiate were kidnapped.

They seems to have been used to comfort the elite members of the boy’s dormitory.

Although this is quite nasty, but I know the girls in the high school section had accepted Shiba’s actions usually.

So to me, this was just as I wished.

I had wanted to tell them “look at yourself now, bitches”.

The Society Building group have planned to increase the number of sports society members who are at level 1 as their core force.

They gathered together with a few sport teachers as their center.

Until the second morning, the number of people who are level 1 and above should reach 2 digits.

I see, everyone has been working hard. That was what I had thought.

Which was unpleasing.

But at least they are defeating the orcs.

That is a good thing, I tried to convince myself forcefully.

「But wait, Ninja-san. What is with the until noon.”」

「This is what happened after noon degozaru. A huge number of orcs gathered and attacked the 2nd girls’ dormitory and the Society Building group degozaru.」

This was perhaps was slightly before when I used the crow to scout.

A few hundreds orcs and small amounts of elite orcs.

It is around the same time as the Cultivating Centre.

We used the terrain of the Cultivating Centre, and barely managed to win.

Although there are some sacrifices, but it can be said that the loss are kept to a minimum.

But the 2nd girls’ dormitory and the Society Building group, should have tried to set defense lines using the terrain.

And if they do not have people who can fight like Arisu and Tamaki.

Even if they defeat the orcs, if they did not have a way to resist against the roar of the elite orc.

In actuality, the enemy trampled over them overwhelmingly. The students who resisted were almost all killed.

「The orc groups did not go to the 1st boys’ dormitory?」

Tamaki opened her eyes and asked.

「The ones who lured the orcs to the 2 places is the 1st boys’ dormitory.」

「Huh? Wait. So as to say……」

「Shiba that guy, in order to crush the people who does not obey him, send his subordinates to lure the orcs and let them discover the 2 places. In net games, this is called train degozaru. This is quite the troubling act.」

No, rather than troubling, how should I say this, this is just like……

I was shocked.

Yesterday I was about to kill Shiba, and I could still be shocked to this extent……

It is too incredible.

Tamaki seems to be unable to follow and kept blinking her eyes.

Hence I explained what is a train.

「Wah, wait wait wait! Aren’t the surviving people all friends? Why is there a need to harm our comrades? This is too strange.」

「This is not strange, Tamaki. Shiki-san and I have already considered the possibility of meeting such a matter.」


「She also understand about Shiba very well. She had said that if it’s that guy, he may really do it.」

Because of that reason, we have to be very cautious about interacting with the high school section.

To crush everyone who oppose him, that is the character of Shiba

No matter what, I suffered due to facing off against him.

That is just like wandering in the depths of hell.

After Yuki-senpai heard my words, he understood Shiba’s character and sighed after crossing his arms.

The expression behind the ninja mask, must be bitter.

「From the results, after noon, 2 of the gathering points out of the 3 have been destroyed degozaru. The surviving people hid in places where the orcs and Shiba could not find degozaru. I have some connections with those places and am currently moving around to support the hiding survivors.」

「How many people survived.」

「If you did not include those who joined Shiba…… then there are around 20 people degozaru. Among them, there are around 3-4 people who are above level 1 degozaru.」

Should I say it is more or lesser than I expected.

This number will further decrease in the future.

They, and them, could they survive pass tonight?

「Now, how many people are with Shiba?」

「Including the girls that are used as slaves, then there are about 50.」

There is quite alot.

The total numbers of people who are above level 1 are unknown, perhaps their number of combatants may be even more than the Cultivating Centre’s.

If they are our comrades then it will be reassuring.

But in reality it is impossible.

They are the hidden enemy.

If Shiba is only the leader, then it may not be so.

But once they become the lap dogs of Shiba, even if Shiba is not around, they will also do the same thing.

If they do not do so, they will never grasp authority.

If they haven’t made their move on the Cultivating Centre, it means that it still have some value.

If they can defeat high ranking orcs, then leaving them alone is fine. The enemy’s enemy is the friend.

But Shiba made a move on Arisu. He made a fool out of us.

Using his gun to threaten Shiki-san, snatching away Mia’s arm, all of these are perhaps used as a threat.

Using all my abilities to summon familiars, then attack the 1st boys’ dormitory, then from Shiba, I will kill off every of the surviving students and the teachers.

And I must get Arisu back. If that can be done, then it will be great.

But it is not realistic in reality.

A trade, but a trade will definitely be rejected, however if it’s a fake trade.

Then using that time to made secret movements…… once the talks break down, we will finish it in a go.

Hmm, there are still some other moves that we can consider, but that’s about it.

I explained the majority of my plans to the 2 of them.

Both agreed.

Especially Yuki-senpai who was especially keen.

He accepted the order to secretly get his sister, Mia’s arm back.

「As her brother, I must at least have such a motivation degozaru!」

Yuki-senpai laughed.

「Leave it to me. In actuality, there are ‘grass’ in the 1st boys’ dormitory degozaru. If I make contact with them, then we can lure Shiba out degozaru.」

「Hey Kazu-san, what are ‘grass’?」

「That is a covert, a secret agent etc. Which is a spy.」

I see, so the people in the 1st boys’ dormitory are not all working together.

Using this point, he could proceed well with his spy activities……

Although his get up is abit that.

Although his tone is abit that.

Or rather it is abit of that in everywhere.

Then, the well-planned tactic was wasted.

When we got closer to the 1st boys’ dormitory from the ninja house, sounds of battles could be heard from there.

We looked at each other.

Although it is late in the night, but 《Night Sight》 was also used on Yuki-senpai, so we can see each others’ faces clearly.

To Yuki-senpai, I casted as many support magic as I could on him.

His ninja wear was added with 《Hard Armour》, and his various types of ninja weapons are also added with 《Hard Weapon》.

Other than that I used 《Summon Weapons》 to summon a long sword, and gave it to him after adding 《Hard Weapon》.

After his battle prowess was significantly increased, Yuki-senpai gave me his heart-felt thanks.

「There seems to be quite a number of orcs degozaru.」

That was what Yuki-senpai who had Detection Skill had said, after he heard it.

At this moment, a huge roar from faraway echoed to our area.

Ah it seems that there are elite orcs.

「This is in the scale of hundreds .」

「That, is the 1st boys’ dormitory easy to defend?」

I searched for the areas around the boys’ dormitory in my memories.

From a bird-eye’s view…… how should I say it.

If they had detected the attack early, if they had dug holes to impede the advance of the army, or cut the army’s march…… then probably?

I asked Yuki-senpai if they did any similar battle preparations.

The answer is indeed “no”.

「They are busy in the daytime,trying to harm the other gathering points, or busy leveling up.」

I see, so when I saw Shiba, it was not at the 1st boys’ dormitory but near the 2nd boys’ dormitory.

Probably hunting orcs there.

But if it is like this……

I bit my lip.

The destruction of the gathering points for the high school section does not matter to me.

If Shiba is met with danger, I will only say “ look at that pathetic look of yours”.

But Arisu will definitely also be there.

She will be battling at the foremost frontline.

The battle in the daytime, to kept her from being surrounded, Shiki-san and I have commanded to our utmost.

Even when we are about to get surrounded, our comeback assault was done after seeing that the orcs are in chaos, and that they are unable to prevent an organised retaliation.

There have always been trustworthy companions beside Arisu and Tamaki.

Mia and I will also be at positions where we can provide support.

And now it is already night time.

The support magic on her body should have already expired.

If Arisu blocks the orcs by herself now……

It’s impossible.

「Go help.」

I said without any hesitation.

Arisu’s smile flashed in my mind.

I smiled bitterly, indeed I still like Arisu.

「It is fine for Shiba and the people in the high school section, anyway we will go to save Arisu. We will enter the battle for this.」

「Understood, leave it to me. I don’t understand the complicated stuff, but if it is saving Arisu, then it is fine.」

「I see…… degozaru. Okay, then leave Mia’s arm to me degozaru.」

We nodded and began moving.

After Yuki-senpai separated from us, he entered the 1st boys’ dormitory after circling a few times.

Tamaki and I climbed the slope behind the orcs.

We peeked at the courtyard in front of the 1st boys’ dormitory. It was completely filled with orcs.

Nearby the boys’ dormitory, there are tables and chairs used as a roadblock. There are spotlight illuminating the roadblocks.

They are probably powered by the generator to light them up.

Inside the roadblock, some students are throwing, some are using spears to stab at the orcs from the gaps.

Among them. There was a little girl, with a spear, rampaging at the roadblock.

It’s Arisu.

Arisu is fighting alone with a group of orcs.

Everytime she swings her spear, a few orcs will fall before her.

Every time her spear stabs, an orc will die.

As she is peerless, only her surroundings is empty with no orcs approaching her.

Even so, Arisu’s endurance is not infinite.

Eventually she will be exhausted.

By then, she will be unable to resist against that number.

And there are numerous elite orcs behind that orc army.

The worst is that there are hellhounds. Other than the general orc, all of them are here.

The orcs are serious.

If Arisu is not around, the 1st boys’ dormitory will collapse immediately.

No, even if Arisu is around…..

「Let’s go!」

「Mmm, leave it to me!」

I summoned my familiar and casted the Support Magic.

Among the Rank 5 familiars, I summoned 4 Fire Elementals this time.

The naked men that are wrapped in flames appeared.

Their head and lower body is wrapped in flames, with a scimitar in their right hands.

There is the atmosphere of the middle-east.

All of suddenly my MP is just left with 60. But that is enough. As long as we have these, it is enough.

Using 《Deflection Spell》 to spread, 《Keen Weapon》,《Physical Up》,《Mighty Arm》,《Resist All : Fire》 are casted on the 4 Fire Elementals, Tamaki and myself.

I casted 《Clear Mind》 on Tamaki and myself.

Last, we indeed need 《Deflection Spell》 and then 《Haste》.

Nearly all the members are wrapped in red light.

The MP left is 22.


I shouted loudly.

We rushed down the slope together, and attacked the orc group from behind.

The battle in the late night begins.

This is the battle to save Arisu.

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