BIFMSMTK Volume 3 Chapter 56

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Chapter 56: Degozaru

Why a ninja.

If I must use a sentence to express my feeling, then that will be it.

Tamaki was also dumbfounded beside me.

Could a guy who dressed as a ninja really exist……

「Don’t give out too loud a noise degozaru. We will be discovered by orcs degozaru.」

After speaking like this, he faced his back towards us.

「Please follow degozaru. Let’s talk in my hiding place degozaru.」

We followed the guy who self-proclaimed himself as a ninja.

It may be a trap, but just like that, we did not even considered it.

Or rather, we have completely fallen into the other party’s pace, so we did not even have the mood to consider such a thing.

Hmm, from that motive, I had to say that the power of dressing as a ninja is really powerful.

To take away the thinking and judgement ability of our side, what fearsome power.

Is it just a joke or is it serious, although now I could not understand it completely……

The「hiding place」that the ninja said, is a small house that was abandoned.

The outside is pretty broken down and it seems like it will collapse at anytime now.

But once you entered, it seems to be properly cleaned.

There is a table and there are 4 chairs surrounding it.

This is just like a commonly seen society. (TL note: for those who forget/don’t know, a society is something like a club)

Or rather it is a society.

After I had the familiars wait outside for orders, I entered with Tamaki.

The ninja shutted the entrance tightly then after that, opened the fluorescent light at the ceiling.

The inside that was lighted up by the fluorescent light, had written「Welcome to Ninja Department」.


「That is so.」

The ninja raised his chest in pride.

「I am the head of Ninja Department degozaru.」

「What about the members?」

「The so-called ninjas are always alone degozaru.」

Mmm, hmm.

No, but, so as to say this person is a student of the high school section……?

Then it means, a young…… but I can’t tell.

He was masked.

A mask? (TL note: the ones that cover the mouth and nose only.)

No, not very clear, anyway it was a clothing that covered everything but the eyes.

「That. If you are a student from the high school section…… Then do you know who I am?」

「Year 1 Kaya Kazuhisa degozaru. I know degozaru.」

I froze up due to my nervousness.

Noticing my situation, Tamaki held my hand.

But the ninja circled around the table and turned towards me……

And lowered his head.

A nice 90 degree, it was a perfect bow.

「How you were treated in the high school section, no one won’t know degozaru. It is not hard to tell about what kind of feelings that you have for the people in the high school section, including me, but can you please endure it for now?」(TL note: the you here was said in a old fashion way. おぬし = Onushi = you. )

No, even if you said such a thing to me.

Or rather, now that I came to the high school section, is also not to cause chaos……

After I asked the ninja to raise his head and sit down, I explained the reason about why I came here.

The thing about Arisu.

The thing about Shiba.

Then about the situation at the high school section, mostly gotten from the investigation by the crow.

「I see, so Kaya-tono had wanted to help the girl he likes and stand for to battle degozaru.」(TL note: tono = another type Mr.)

「That, well, you can take it as that way. And Kazu is fine. Everyone calls me that.」

「Me too. Tamaki is fine. Please take care of us, Ninja-san!」

Tamaki said happily.

What, you got familiar with him so easily, Tamaki.

Hmm, being adaptable is a good thing…… how should I say it.

「I understand degozaru, Kazu-tono, Tamaki-tono. Indeed, if it is the 2 of your strengths, then orcs or anything, there is nothing to fear degozaru. After all……」

「No, wait a moment, why did you know about our current strength?」

This time, it was the ninja that tilted his head.

「The familiars waiting outside, are the Elementals summoned by Rank 5 Summoning Magic. Also to be able to move nimbly in the darkness where there isn’t any light, it also means that one of you has Support Magic at Rank 5. This can be confirmed from the use of 《Night Sight》
. While Tamaki-tono has the sword as her main, from her power at killing those orcs, she is at least having Rank 4 Sword Skill…… Perhaps her skill may have even reached Rank 6? Such a thing, can be easily understood by observing awhile degozaru.」

Tamaki and I faced each other, dumbfounded.

No, although it may be so.

Although what he said was not wrong.

「Ninja-san, I had only thought that you are just a cool-looking ninja.」

Tamaki actually pointed out such a hard to say thing directly.

She really does not know how to see the mood.

Maa, this time because the other party laughed so it is fine.

But that is some powerful observation.

Pointing that out calmly, although it is the same as he said, but even so it is too…… From our small movements, it seems that we will be completely seen through.

「I, to become a first-rate ninja, has been training daily degozaru. The instant when I defeated the orc, when I entered that strange white walled room, I did my best in obtaining information degozaru.」

「How did you defeat the orcs.」

「After hooking the rope around the neck, then using the branches with the principle of pulleys then kill it degozaru. I learnt it from Hissatsu Shigoto Hito degozaru.」(TL note: Hissatsu Shigoto Hito is a popular drama in japan.)

Winning with just that, or rather why did he have such preparations……

But I could only stare blankly, unable to speak.

With the orcs and their unrealistic strength, it is surprising his ninja method did not fail.

No, wait.

In fact the guy dressed as a ninja, is more realistic than the issue that happened to the school, isn’t it?

Compared to the orcs, the ninja is still more stranger, right?

If it is this, then the magic we used here are non-existent, then the orcs are the real students……

「Kazu-san, your eyes are swimming around, it is dangerous, calm down!」

「Ah, ahah…… it is fine, Tamaki, I calmed down.」

「Please wipe your sweat degozaru」

The ninja took out a heart shaped handkerchief.

How should I say this, thinking in fact made me become like an idiot.

「Anyway whether you are real or not, let’s do this. What level are you now!」

「Level 9 degozaru. Detection 3, Sword Skill 4, Physical 1 degozaru.」

The ninja revealed his card so casually.

Is it because of the consideration that it won’t be a problem even if it was known? Or is it because he needs me to trust him so he revealed his cards?

To me, I have already been swallowed into his ninja space.

Hmm, but this is really incredible, it is really built like a ninja.

And it is also very strong.

If he focus on surprise attacks, could he even defeat the elite orcs?

Without any waste for the sake of coolness, it is not bad.

Saying about ninjas, it is the shuriken, so you will think of taking Throwing Skill, but that can be replaced using Sword Skills to throw daggers.

If you use Fire Magic then it will be Fire Release-jutsu, if you use Wind Magic then it will be Divine Wind-jutsu. So he must enduring it when choosing and focused on style and strength. (TL note: jutsu = usually called as techniques)

Including the 1 Skill point left, it can be seen that he obtained his skills based on planning.

Including the fact that he saw through our Skill Builds in an instant, at least his judgement skills are trustworthy.

But, really, this skill build is really not bad……

「What is it, Kazu-san, you seemed very happy.」

Ah, I was discovered by Tamaki.

Is my part as a gamer revealed?

Forget it, I shook my head and faced the Ninja-san.

「But you have Detection Skill Rank 3 and yet you were discovered by Tamaki. Tamaki’s Sword Skill is Rank 6.」

「Indeed that is so degozaru. For the Skill holders with 2 times higher than the Detection Skill, they will discover it degozaru, that kind of consideration is more appropriate degozaru.」

Oh~, I see.

We had wanted to exchange information on this area.

No, wait a moment, I thought about it.

「When my companions had Detection Skill Rank 1, my Support Magic is already Rank 3. But yet I cannot discover that person, so as to say……」

「Then this rule is only applicable to the people who have Weapon Skills, then that will be fine degozaru. Using Magic Rank, you will not be able to discover their presence, or perhaps they will have less favourable conditions than Weapon Skill holders……」

I see, if you considered it like this, then it makes sense.

But that is really troublesome, later we will need to test it with the familiars.

In the Cultivating Centre, other than Shiki-san, nobody else took Detection Skill.

It is too dangerous to let her conduct experiments alone.

If we can obtain information regarding to Detection Skill, more or less we can provide some information on our side.

I am no longer confused.

After taking Arisu back, then I will return to the Cultivating Centre.

For this goal, I must make sure of the things that I need to do.

「Did someone with Shiba take Detection Skill?」

「Saso Shiba, he himself has Detection Skill degozaru. Perhaps he has the aim of fighting as a sniper degozaru.」

Indeed so that is it.

Detection Skill can let the user increase his ability to seek.

So as to say even if we try to sneak up to him, we will be discovered.

According to Shiki-san, you will know it even if you are seen from faraway.

Even it is used as a countermeasure for assassination and scouting, it is quite remarkable.

Other than that, Shiki-san seems to have discovered the fact that I had observed her breast region from faraway.

Such a scary ability.

「Even if I want to sneak into the male dormitory and snatch back the arm is also…… hard?」

I spoke in a soft voice.

The simplest method without any future troubles, for taking Arisu back is that.

If Tamaki is right, Arisu went with Shiba because Mia’s arm has been taken as a hostage.

Considering Arisu’s gentleness, and her character which does not allow her stop and think of the lost and gain, this is highly possible.

Removing her shackles, even if it means using a forceful method, we have to bring Arisu back.

I still have the problems with Shiba over here……

Even if I face off with Shiba completely, it will only be beneficial to the orcs only.

It was hard for Shiba to gather the entire high school section.

I hope that they will fight with the orcs.

Hoping that it will buy us some time.

I have discussed that topic with Shiki-san before and got a conclusion on it.

Facing off with the high school section is a bad decision.

Now what we need, is time……

「Hey, arm, what does that mean degozaru. It sounds like a secret message degozaru……」

I was suddenly questioned by Ninja-san.

Ah ah, this means I have yet to explain this thing to him.

「The left arm of one of our companions was torn off during the battle with the orcs. As we casted 《Stasis》, after we raised Healing Magic to Rank 4, then we will be able to attach it back……」

I explained our battle with the general in a simple terms.

At the peak of the intense battle, the matter that we splitted up.

And the matter that the support party had recovered the arm.

But the person that was holding on to the arm was assaulted by Shiba.

The matter of Shiba snatching away the arm.

Considering from this situation, the reason Arisu will stay with Shiba is to get the arm back.

Ninja-san listened to the words that I said silently.

But we can understand that the face that was hiding behind the mask, gradually revealed a hated expression.

The last blow was when I said it.

「Luckily, the girl that had her arm taken was not in any real danger. Even without her left arm, she can still move happily. But Mia, she……」

「Wait a moment! What is it with Mia!」

Ninja-san shouted and banged the table intensely, even forgetting his role-play.

Tamaki and I was so shocked until we shrunk back.

Ninja-san, suddenly came to his senses and scratched the back of his head.

「So..sorry degozaru.」

「That, Ninja-san, can I ask…… your name is?」

Ninja-san, lowered his shoulders powerlessly.

「I, am called Tagamiya Yuki. Please keep the thing about the ninja secret from Mia……」

So that’s it, it is that.

Mia’s family name is Tagamiya.

She has been searching for her elder brother in the high school section.


Ninja-san = Mia’s elder brother.

Tamaki and I had our mouths opened, as the ninja is Tagamiya Yuki.

Maa, I had wanted to say that they have similar atmosphere around them.

In short he is a normal talented person, but he is wasted on such places.

Before long, Tamaki pointed while shouting.

「Kazu-san, this pair of siblings are too much! Although Mia is also like that, but this brother is even worse!」

「Tamaki. If you want to talk bad about someone, you should say it in a place where he can’t hear, okay?」

Or rather, the school has already become like this, compared to the feelings of wanting to see her little sister, the feelings of wanting to keep this role play a secret from Mia is greater?

This fellow, normally, just what kind of attitude is this brother moving with.

He seems to want to know everything, but yet do not want to know, such a complicated feeling.

「No, not that, as to Mia being alive, I am very happy about it degozaru. From how it seems, it was you who saved Mia degozaru. I am very grateful on this degozaru.」

「I have already heard this from the beginning, about Yuki-senpai who was transferred to this school because he brought eroge games to his elementary school.」

「M..mia she, even said this……」

Yuki-senpai, after trembling abit, collapsed on the table.

Then again, this person, if we believe what Mia had said, he is already a Year 3.

A ninja get-up or what, really, what is he doing……

No, thanks to his ninja skills, that is why he is able to survive.

Just like the words, using his skills to save himself, that is worthy of respect….. I think.

I shall not raise up the thing of him acting alone since the beginning, as he reached level 9.

Oh wow, level 9……

「If he had raise 1 more level, then Mia’s sacrifice would have not been in vain, Kazu-san!」

Tamaki stabbed in the real final blow.

This girl is really merciless.

And she is a natural……

「Wh..what is going on degozaru.」

「Hmm, after you leveled up to level 10.」

I said to Yuki-senpai, about the item vendor that you can use once you reach level 10, and how Mia named it Mia Vendor, to tell him that Mia is still alive and how she had been fighting.

Yuki-senpai, grabbed his head and mumbled.

「I, had Mia’s hard work…… Gu gu gu ugm but even leveling up to level also took quite alot of effort degozaru……」

「Maa, it is just something like an insurance, don’t mind it too much.」

I shall not mention about that first.

I proposed something to the ninja-dressed guy who had suffered a huge blow.

A proposal.

If he is Mia’s brother, then he will have to accept it.

「Please help us. To get Mia’s left arm back together. Then Mia will also acknowledge Senpai. Regarding the ninja thing too, we can also do something about it.」

「This proposal, do I have the choice to reject it degozaru.」

「Nope, not possible, right?」

I revealed an evil smile.

Yuki-senpai collapsed on the table again.

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