BIFMSMTK Volume 2 Chapter 53

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Chapter 53: Tamaki, the Faithful dog

Once we reach the white room, Tamaki hugged me. Her hands were locked around my neck and her body was stuck tightly on mine.

「I did it, I won! I won! Kazu-san, thank you! I did it right. I did not betray Kazu-san’s expectations.」

「Mmm, mmm, well done, Tamaki has done it well……」

If Arisu saw this—— once I thought of it, I survey the white room immediately……

Arisu is not around, and I don’t see Mia as well. Right—— I suddenly remembered one thing.

When the party members are too far away, then they will not be able to share the experience, this situation probably satisfied that condition.

When Tamaki and I were battling with the general orc, we pulled quite far from the others.

「Huh, funny? Everyone is not around.」

Tamaki who just realised this, looked left and right and I explained it to her.

Tamaki opened her eyes wide and after her surprise, she gave a naughty smile.

「Then, I can now date with Kazu-san without any limits.」


Tamaki hugged me tightly innocently. Your breasts are touching, they are touching. But they are not as big as Arisu’s.

「Eh—— Kazu-san, can I whine to you?」

Tamaki’s cheeks are grinding on me. It kind of feels like playing around with a cat, not like facing a lover. Actually, perhaps it is so. Tamaki wants the existence of a pillar of support, while I happened to play that role.

I remember what Arisu had said in the afternoon, Tamaki’s craziness and what happened later. Have Arisu even thought of the possibility of us being alone together?

In case, if Tamaki’s mentality went out of control——

If something happens, please hug Tamaki, don’t be concerned about me. No matter what you must live on together.

The meaning of Arisu’s words, perhaps did they also have this meaning? Or is it that I am thinking too much?

Ah, forget it. The 2 of us sit side by side with our backs against the walls of the white room.

There is a period of time where we just chatted, and kept on it for very long.

I felt that there were endless topics like about Arisu, Tamaki and their classmates.

And the girl we just saved—— Sumire. Her full name is Suginomiya Sumire, with a gentle nature and likes reading.

「If she likes reading, then she should be good friends with Arisu?」

「Mmm, they often chat in the library. And Isa-chan and Tsukimi-chan……」

Tamaki’s expression turned dark and she stopped halfway.

「The 2 of them……」

「Tsukimi-chan was at the girl’s dormitory, Isa-chan was in the level 1 classroom just now.」

I see—— I nodded. Mentioning them in the conversation, does not mean that they are still alive. And if their friends are among the survivors, then Arisu and Tamaki will be more happy.

At the girls’ dormitory, Arisu is only focused on helping the survivors, and no longer cared about those who died.

Among those, so there is a girl called Isa.

Arisu has healing magic, and she could use this power to save others. She must have firmed her will, and if she has the time to cry while looking at her friends’ corpses, then she should have used that time to help the survivors.

That is a very sad will, and I have actually helped fueled it.

But I do not regret it.

Since Arisu is willing to support me, then I will also support her in return. No, not only Arisu, even if it’s Tamaki or Mia, I will do the same.

We are one.

It is because we worked together, support each other, that’s why we can defeat the general orc. So this is everyone’s victory.

But it is enough for me to know this. Now, I hope that Tamaki can remain happy, confidence is what she need the most now.

I caressed Tamaki’s golden hair and she smiled shyly.

「Even if it is only now, it is fine.」

Tamaki leaned her head on my shoulder.

「Just for now, let me lean for a while. When Arisu is around, it is okay for her to be prioritised. But once in awhile, share with me too.」

I continue to caress Tamaki’s head.

Kazuhisa: Level 12 Support Magic 6/ Summon Magic 3 Skill Points 3

◆ ◆ ◆

We returned to the original place.

In the next 30min, I was stuck in the barrier of 《Repel Sphere》. We had discussed in the white room and decided that Tamaki should return first.

Tamaki quickly picked up the 4 gems that were about to fall down the cliff.

After that, she climbed the slope. After reaching the top, she looked in my direction……

Then she tilted her head in confusion.

Ah, of course, when you are that faraway, you can’t see me anymore.

The camouflage ability of the barrier is very strong. But Tamaki seemed to have remembered and waved her hand casually then dash off.

The figure of the golden haired girl disappeared from my sight. Really—— I leaned on the wall of the barrier, breathed out relaxly. I did want Tamaki to return after 30 min, but……

Will she be able to return? After Tamaki is quite blur, will she get lost?

Forget it, even if we are faced with that situation, as long as I summon a few familiars, then I can guarantee my own safety, then just walk back. I relaxed my shoulders and continued waiting.

From the sunrise until now, I finally have the time to rest. Today I seemed to have been battling since morning. The truth is, I did have a short nap and also done many other stuff, but I felt that I have been consistently on the battlefield.

So tired, I am really tired from the bottom of my heart, if I don’t concentrate, I will zone out.

My eyelids are about to shut……

On the cliff that was dyed red by the night, a human shadow appeared.

I got a shock, because that was a guy.

That youth has slit-like eyes like a cat, a figure that was tall and yet humpbacked, his nose that was high, coupled with a evil-intent smile, that completes a completely unique look.

It’s Saso Shiba.

I can’t be wrong, that is the guy who once bullied me. Shiba surveyed the surroundings with a happy expression, and lightly shrugged his shoulders.

I know he hasn’t realised my existence.

But my body keep sweating.

My teenth can’t stop chattering, giving off an annoying sound, and my heart is beating like an alarm clock.

Ah, so I am actually so afraid of him? So I feared the person that I wanted to kill this much?

The scenes in the past flashed one by one before me.

During Judo class, Shiba suddenly attacked me, then pulled me to the ground, with his entire body pressing on me. I gave out a cry like a frog being squashed, everyone was laughing, even the PE teacher is also laughing.

When I want to retaliate, Shiba’s loyal lackeys stepped on my hand. It is too ridiculous—— Shiba used that as an excuse, and continued bullying me.

When it was my turn to clean the classroom, both my hands and legs are tied behind, and I was on the ground like a caterpillar. He wanted me to clean the classroom like that. I bit the cloth in my mouth and clean the floor and the walls. When my performance isn’t good, he will kick and beat me up, and the surrounding students are all laughing. Shiki-san just took a glance and walked out of the classroom without any expression.

Shiba used the wet cloth to throw at me, and then everyone began to step on my body.

After school, I will be on my fours at the corridors, completely naked. Shiba will ride on me, and make me walk like a horse in front of all the students and teachers. When I stop, Shiba will hit my butt. He will pull my hair and laugh at me to cry out like a horse, and I will follow his instructions. The younger female teachers will only smile at my state. I will be wounded on my 4 limbs and even bleed. But yet he will get angry at me for dirtying the floor like that, and kick me with his feet, causing bruises all over my body.

The past experience kept on surging without an end. Even if I tried to stop thinking, it won’t stop. I gave out a groan.

Is this a type of PSTD? I rolled in the sphere, while thinking about my condition.

Haha, what, I don’t even have the right to laugh at Tamaki, and my wounds are not something serious.

Luckily I am within the 《Repel Sphere》. In Shiba’s hands, he has the hunting rifle, and now I don’t even have my summoned familiars, I can’t fight against him.

That’s right, I can’t win, if it is just me, I can’t win against him. So please, don’t let him find me.

Then…… I stopped rolling.

Shiba suddenly turned around. What is going on? Is somebody there?

Another shadow appeared and stood beside Shiba.

That person seems to have not noticed me too.

But the instant I saw that person, my breathing stopped.

It’s Arisu, the person standing beside Shiba is Shimozono Arisu.

Arisu looked at Shiba and seemed to have said something softly. The distance between the 2 of them is about 5 steps.

Arisu readied for battle for an instant then Shiba spoke to her.

Arisu put down her spear, and Shiba also put his hunting rifle on the ground.

Arisu shook her head with a troubled expression, while Shiba got closer to Arisu slowly.

Arisu stood there in shock. Shiba, he…… ah, Shiba——

He hugged Arisu tightly.

Arisu relaxed her body, the 2 of them quietly maintained this posture for a while, having some secretive conversation.

The sun has already set, and I can’t see their expression. No sound can enter 《Repel Sphere》, hence I also can’t hear their voices. But they can communicate with each other.

Then Shiba raised Arisu’s hand.

Arisu lowered her head like tamed and did not resist. Shiba picked up the hunting rifle and left, pulling Arisu’s hand.

Their shadows disappeared in the other side of the forest.

◆ ◆ ◆

The surroundings are covered in darkness while I was stuck on the same spot.

Not even moving an inch.

Even if I want to move, I can’t.

《Repel Sphere》 is released.

My body rolled down the slope, and I was not obstructed by any branches, and kept on rolling.

My body is powerless and my brain is not working.

My body finally reached a flat area, and I fell into the grass patches.

I stood up. My mind is groggy like it was surrounded by fog and I can neither to think properly nor organise my emotions. I looked at my fingers on my left hand, and the red ring representing my party has already disappeared.

Now I do not have any companions, just alone.

So troublesome, what should I do, how should I do it?

Yes, protect myself.

I cast 《Summon Gray Wolf》 4 times and the 4 gray wolves lined up before me. For support magic I should just cast 《Keen Weapon》, then add 《Haste》 if needed.

Then, argh…… where should I go? I looked at the cliff that I fell from.

So dark, I can’t see properly, I don’t even know where the Cultivating Centre is.

Argh, forget it.

Enough, I don’t want to go back, and I don’t want to consider any other thing.

I walked in the direction down the hill with an unsteady gait. The road is dark, and I tripped over a root, and fell. Ah, it cannot continue.

「《Night Sight》」

I cast night sight magic of Rank 5 support magic on myself, and my sight became as bright as the time during evening.

I walking through the grassland unsteadily, and discovered a group of orcs in midst. Seeing 3 orcs scattered around something like stone pillar, staring around absent-mindedly.

What is this? Ah, who cares.

Just kill.

I cast 《Deflection Spell》 on myself then used 《Haste》. Because the effect became 《Haste》 for everyone, all of the wolves and myself glow red. I had the wolves do sudden attacks on the orc group.

When the orcs noticed, my wolves have already suppressed them individually, and bit down on the aimed necks. Before long, the orcs died after they had their windpipes torn apart.

So, this stone pillar…… what is it?

Mmm, who cares. To the next place, the next place.

After walking a distance, the stone pillar appeared again. There are 3 orcs too, and I killed them too.

The next stone pillar had 4 orcs, one of them wasn’t killed in time, and dashed at me, and swung its axe down.


I lure it to the limits, then reflected its attack. Because I have been quietly observing the axe’s movements, so I did it abit more leisurely. Mmm, actually if I was chopped, it is also fine.

That’s right, it is fine even if I die. No matter if it is others, me or everything, anything is fine.

After the axe that was reflected due to 《Reflection》 cut the orc face, it fell and I leveled up. I was sent to the white room.

◆ ◆ ◆

I stood only in the white room dumbly.

I stood in front of the computer.

Next, what should I do? What can I do?

There are 5 points in my skill points, support magic or summon magic, which should I choose?

My mind is foggy, I wasted a few hours in front of the computer. Ah, so troublesome.

I made my choice.

Kazuhisa: Level 13 Support Magic 5 / Summon Magic 3→4 Skill Points 5→1

◆ ◆ ◆

I returned to the original place—— before the stone pillar. Ah then again, just now I did not pick up the gems.

I should pick them up now.

Mmm, better forget it, it is too troublesome.

「《Summon Soldier》」

Rank 4 Summon Magic《Summon Soldier》, allows a swordsman dressed in black armour to appear. This familiar has a knight feeling, and it seems strong.

I casted 《Keen Weapon》and《Physical Up》 on the black knight.

I widened my strides. The black knight was obviously wearing very heavy armaments, but yet he could moving at my speed and almost did not give out any sound.

And I did not give it 《Physical Up》.

If that is so, if there is a need to escape then we can’t escape.

Hmm, who cares, so annoying.

These stone pillars to be positioned radially around that entire mountain.

I continued forward in the grassland, then I continued to find stone pillars. There are always a few orcs at every stone pillar.

I killed everyone of them.

Occasionally the familiars will be retaliated, and hence my wolves disappeared.

Every time I met this situation, I will summon a black knight. Just how many orcs have I killed? And how many stone pillars have I passed? My mind is very confused, although I am very tired but I just can’t stop moving.

When I rose to level 14, the familiars by my side became 2 black knights, 3 wolves.

When it is level 15, it is 3 black knights and 2 wolves.

Ah, with this I can raise my summon magic.

Let’s raise summon magic. This is good, from now on, I will just raise summon magic.

Kazuhisa: Level 15 Support Magic 5 / Summon Magic 4→5 Skill Points 5→0

◆ ◆ ◆

When summon magic reach Rank 5, I got a magic called《Depotation》. This is a return magic, it recovers 90% of the MP that the summoned familiar uses.

I used 《Depotation》 to return the 2 surviving wolves. Casting《Depotation》 also needs MP, so in reality, each time I used it, I can only recover around 3 MP. Hmm, that is enough.

With this as an exchange, I called out a Rank 5 creature.

「《Summon Elemental: Wind》」

A half transparent naked girl appeared, she is the Wind Elemental.《Summon Elemental》 is a magic that can summon out elementals of the 4 attributes.

After all calling out the Fire Elemental in the forest is quite dangerous.

Calling out the Water Elemental on ground is quite uneffective too.

Although Earth Elemental is not bad, if I want a reliable vanguard, I already have the black knights, they are really useful.

Hence, I called out the Wind Elemental.

Ah, but——

Seeing that big breasts on the naked girl.

I began to have a headache, this caused me to remember something irritating.

I used 《Depotation》 to remove the Wind Elemental.

To replace her, I called out the Earth Elemental. A giant made out of rock is born like this.

Mmm, this fellow should do it. This fellow is better.

I had the Earth Elemental walk in front, towards the next stone pillar.

Huh. why should I follow the stone pillars?

Argh, forget it.

My head feels painful, and my legs are not listening to me.

I nearly fell, and could only stabilize myself by forcing it.

Suddenly I raised my head, then I realised I am surrounded by enemies.

Ah, this is natural. No matter how stupid the orcs are, after repeating so many attacks, they will eventually discover it, moreover I did not hide the sounds of the battles.

And I wanted to fight back naturally, I ordered the familiars to kick away the surrounding enemies.

Not caring how much MP I had left, I called out another 2 Earth Elementals.

The black knights used their elegant sword skills to cut down the orcs, the Earth Elementals used their rough hands made of rocks to sweep the orcs away.

Then one of the black knight fell. Looking at it carefully, the elite orc is approaching me from there.


Mmm, who cares.

Dying here is fine.

Kill me. Facing the elite orc that is shortening the distance, I raised my hand in a relaxed manner.

「Hello, thank you.」

I smiled, smiling at the giant axe that was swung down at me. I had a calm feeling, receiving the evil weapon that is about to split my head open.



It’s Tamaki’s voice. The high shriek of the iron clashing echoed in our ears and the giant axe of the elite orc is repelled up into the sky.

Tamaki brushed past me, with the silver sword in her right hand, and a torchlight on her left.

Tamaki used the torch to shine at the elite orc. The strong light shone on its face, causing some fear to appear on the bronze coloured orc.

Tamaki took the chance to shorten the distance between her and the elite orc, a trail of white light flashed before me.

The elite orc after it has its chest cut opened deeply, fell to the ground.

Then I was sent to the white room.

What is going on? I didn’t hear the music from the level up. Ah the red ring returned to my left hand.

I see, hmm, Tamaki leveled up. I raised my head.

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