BIFMSMTK Volume 2 Chapter 52

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Chapter 52: Decisive Battle at the Middle School 5

Now it is evening.

Tamaki is moving through the forest that is dyed orange while having an intense face off with the general orc.

Tamaki held the silver sword with both hands while the general roc held the giant axe with its injured left hand, and crossed arms like this a few times.

Both parties seems to be similar in strength.

Every time they clash, they forced each other back, and sparks scattered around the battlefield.

This is possible, we can fight.

I clenched my fist, looking at their battle.

I had cast reinforcing support magic on Tamaki, even through《Haste》 is used, then she could barely match up against the general orc.

And this happened just before 《Haste》 lost its effect, at that time Tamaki suddenly gave of an 「ah」 sound.

「Level up……」

I understand her meaning immediately. Then we are sent to the white room.

Arisu and Mia were waiting for us in the white room.

Mia was temporarily released from 《Repel Sphere》. Although it’s support magic, even such restraining magic will also lose its effect in the white room?

Mia fell onto the ground with a do, and her breathing was very rush, Arisu quickly casted《Heal》.

Mia’s complexion turned rosy in an instant

Perhaps it was due to 《Repel Sphere》 having some recovery effect, Mia’s state seems to be better than when we just left.

「Arisu-chi, thanks.」

「Mia, thank goodness you are fine, I can finally relax.」

Okay, with this Mia’s skill point should be 4.

Should she raise wind magic or keep it to raise earth magic?

No, before that, I had better confirm it.

「Arisu, how many orcs did you defeat?」

「Mmm, 2 elites, 2 normal. The sequence is normal, elite, elite, normal.」

Argh, she actually defeated 2 elite orcs in such a short time!

Re..really incredible.

Seeing me with a shocked expression, Arisu was panicking.

「They are not defeated by my own power only, Shiki-san and Sakura also helped…… It was Sakura who smartly attracted the elite orcs’ attentions so I can kill them easily.」

Wow, before that when facing the hellhound she was also like this, this girl Nagatsuki Sakura is only level 1 and she dared to lure the elite orcs, that is quite reckless of her.

Seems like she is hurrying to her death.

No, maybe because her hatred towards the orcs are so deep so she could only do so.

So scary, I felt that someday she might do some suicidal action. Hopefully Shiki-san could help her before she becomes like that……

「But Sakura suffered serious injuries due to this, so I wish to heal her before finishing off the orcs…… Can I?」

「Ah, mmm, help her recover.」

In other words, she would not be able to come and assist Tamaki and me.

But no matter what, we are already quite far away from Arisu.

I remember the Q&A mentioned before, even if we formed a party, once the distance between each other gets too far, we will be unable to share the experience. I had also thought before that this situation may perhaps fulfil the criteria.

We can no longer hope for the support of Arisu and the others.

Even so, the general orc now is about the same as Tamaki. Luckily Arisu defeated all of the reinforcement of the general orc.

I guess it is my responsibility to turn this situation into our victory.

I also roughly knew how much exp is the hellhound, it is about 12 orcs.

Then hellhound should be level 12.

If from simple calculation, then it is Demon Dog Rank 6……. Even so, there should be some skill point left over.

I don’t feel that the hellhound is that good at close range combat.

Excluding flame breath, Arisu with Spear Skill Rank 4 is able to keep up with the hellhound. As for Tamaki who has Sword Skill Rank 5, she because of being afraid of the breath, and the situation is not stable, so I can’t judge it.

Hmm—— perhaps there are many ways of calculating.

Perhaps I should not think that the enemies have a similar skill system as us.

Leaving this question aside, anyway we no longer have any other worries.


「Leave it to me, Arisu! I will obtain victory.」

Tamaki raised her fist in spirit and turn towards me.

「Kazu-san, just watch me, this time I will make myself useful.」

Is that so…… Tamaki.

You still felt that if you are useless, you will be abandoned by me?

N, this is already a similar instinctive idea. I remembered the conversation I had with Shiki-san during the daytime when I was resting.

Shiba is the wound that is deeply carved into my heart.

For Shiki-san it is the fear of men.

Similarly, in Tamaki’s heart, there is something inside.

Just like me and Shiki-san, Tamaki must face this. After that, for the sake of all of us surviving, she must also make peace with that.

As the responsibility of us being her comrade, we must at least help her through this.

「Don’t worry, I won’t abandon you.」

I said so, and lightly caressed Tamaki’s golden hair.

Tamaki smiled, as though she was itchy.

After Mia said it, she run over, and stuck out her head with a「mm」.


「I also worked very hard, give me some encouragement.」

「How many encouragement do you want……」

Even though I said it, I still roughly caressed Mia’s hair.

「I felt that my treatment is different from Tamaki’s」

「That is your illusion.」

「So after using finish, then throw it away after it has no more value?」

「Don’t said it until it is so nasty.」

I glanced at Arisu, seeing her standing slightly further away, looking at me with a lonely expression. I reached out to call Arisu over, and caressed her head after Mia.

Arisu closed her eyes, seemingly feeling very comfortable. In this time, my other hand has always been on Tamaki’s head.

Now I have to concentrate on the mental condition of Tamaki.

I glanced at Mia, and she also nodded in agreement.

I always felt that Mia is the person who understood the situation the most. Mmm—— how should I say it, it just makes me feel relaxed. Indeed it is relaxing.

「Sorry, Kazu-san」

Tamaki said in a soft voice.

「I am troubling Kazu-san.」

There is no such thing—— saying out such words are simple, but to her, this is not considered as a consolation.

I understood clearly, the me who have talked with Shiki-san about our pain, should also be able to understand her pain.

Even though this thought keeps running through my mind, I am still unable to say it to her……

But, maybe I can show it with my behaviour.
I could help her for her sake. For this aim, the best method is to trust her, and leave it all up to her.

「Y..yes, Kazu-san, now what skills should I used my skill points on——」

「Didn’t we discuss it before?」

The skill points that Tamaki has yet to use is 4, if she used it on one skill, then she can raise a Rank 0 skill to Rank 2.

Even if she don’t do it, I feel that just by raising Physical to 2, it can also make her battle with the general orc much safer.

But we have already discussed before, and would not do so. I believe in Tamaki’s current strength, and Tamaki also believes in my ability.

「It is fine not raising any skills.」

So I announced again.

「If it is you, you can definitely win, so we will save the skill points first. You do not need to care about a mere general orc, and raise your Sword Skill to Rank 6 as priority.」

In actuality, the general orc is not that weak until we can describe it with 「mere」. Even now, fighting against it, is actually quite forced.

Even so, I desperately endured it.

For Tamaki.

For the sake of all our future.

We must win this battle with our current strength.


「It’s okay, I know you are strong.」

Hence, I nodded full of confidence. No matter how uneasy my inner heart is, I still smiled as though there is no such thing.

After that we discussed Mia’s skills, and decided to let her prioritise raising Earth Magic to Rank 5.

After the combat with hellhound, we had once again realised the importance of long distance magic attacks.

Rank 5 Earth Magic 《Rockfall》 , is a magic that can make a big rock drop from the sky, actually it can be considered as a strengthened version of Rank 4 Magic《Stone Blast》. No matter how strong the hellhound is, as long as we squash it biologically, it will be fine.

「Raise Skill Rank, then attack based on logic.」

Mia who has only 1 hand left, give a smirked expression. Forget it, she is mostly correct, just that firepower is more important.

Then we made the promise of meeting again. We swore to definitely win this battle and gather back together.

「Just wait, Arisu, Mia, I will definitely return with Kazu-san.」

Tamaki regained her spirit and clenched her fist in front of her chest tightly with a「hmph」 sound. The twin-tails, as though they are alive, kept shaking with her movements.

We left the white room, and returned to where the general orc was waiting.

Tamaki: Level 10 Sword Skill 5/Physical 1 Skill Point 4
Mia: Level 10 Earth Magic 4/Wind Magic 3 Skill Point 4

◆ ◆ ◆

Then, we began the final battle that is horrifying enough to kill someone.

After we returned to the forest from the white room, Tamaki gave a sharp cry and swung the silver sword.

An intense blow, enough to force the general orc back. Very good…… now.

「Return, Tamaki.」

「Mmm, Kazu-san!」

Tamaki took the opening when the general orc retreated, and sped to my side while I began casting magic.

「《Extend Spell》」

Rank 5 Support Magic《Extend Spell》, can increase the effective time for the next magic casted. I touched Tamaki’s shoulder.


Although 《Haste》 has yet to lose its effect, I still replenish it fast. As the effective time is doubled, Tamaki maintain the intensive attacks. At least she wouldn’t fail due to 《Haste》 losing its effect.

The general orc got closer.

Tamaki gave a strong attack then moved around, searching for the best spot. Argh, oi ~ your position is not good!

「Tamaki, that side is the cliff!」


Tamaki shouted in surprise. The next second, the general orc gave a strong blow. Argh, that kind of strength again?

At the edge of the cliff, Tamaki fumbled. Ah, really, why did her clumsiness happens at such a time!

I rushed to the battlefield……


I reached out to try and support her who lost her balance.

At this time, the general orc swung down the giant axe at me.

Hoho, I have already seen through this attack! If such a simple fellow rushes in, then I will not let the chance go!

So I cast this magic.


In the end, my action became a bait to lure the enemy’s attack. Even the timing of the attack, I also knew it clearly, hence it was easy to set a trap.

The barrier appeared before me and reflected the blow from the giant axe. The general orc stopped and its back bent even more than Tamaki……

The position between us has swapped, the general orc rolled down the cliff just like that.

Thought I said it was a cliff, it is actually just a slightly steep slope only. If it worked hard, it should be able to climb up. Moreover it is that extremely stubborn general orc, it will not die. Hence ——

「Tamaki, let’s go.」


We jumped down the cliff without hesitation.

And slided down the slope.

We are going to follow up and attack and end the general orc here, there isn’t any scrap of doubt in our intent.

As I expected, the general orc used its leg to hook on a tree on the slope and stopped sliding.

Tamaki and I slided over.

The general orc who was kneeling on a knee turned over here……

It’s expression has twisted due to surprise.

「Kazu-san, this is very dangerous……」

「No, just maintain it like this.」

I held hands with Tamaki and rush down the slope. I stood at the front pulling her, giving her encouragement.

「Don’t need to worry about me, you must finish it with a blow.」



The general orc lifted the giant axe in an imperfect posture. Is it coming?

Even so, this time I can’t see the accurate timing.

If we include the time when the general orc fell into the hole, I have already let it see 《Reflection》twice, no matter what it will be vigilant towards it. And I do not have a pair of eyes that can see through an opponent’s slash.

If this carries on, I will be chopped into 2.

Perhaps, even Tamaki who was behind me will be chopped into halves as well.

But that is if I do not do anything.

After I placed Tamaki behind, I entered the last safe zone nearest to the general orc and then……

「《Repel Sphere》」

I casted a barrier on myself.

The surrounding sound disappeared.

The general orc swung the giant axe down diagonally.

From the trajectory of the axe, that blow is enough to cut Tamaki and me together, and we who were moving at that speed would not be able to avoid it.

But that perfect cut was repelled by the barrier.

The giant frame shook.

And its now, go!

My voice cannot be send out, and I am not sure if she saw my hand sign.

But Tamaki made a move.

She jumped out from my back and lunged towards the general orc.

She swung the silver sword over.

This blow cut off the enemy’s head.

The head of the general orc separated from its body, and danced in the air.

Then that head kept rolling down the slope.

The body fall on the spot.

And gradually disappeared.

Leaving 4 blue gems.

Next, a sound rang in my mind.

I leveled up.

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