BIFMSMTK Volume 2 Chapter 51

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Chapter 51: Decisive Battle at the Middle School 4

After returning to the original place, I grabbed Mia and jumped down, then I placed her on the ground that was filled with fallen leaves. I feel that it is tough for her to even keep her eyes open.

「Leave the rest to us, you can take a nap first.」

「Hmm, Kazu-chi.」


「You must win.」

「Leave it to me.」

I gently caress Mia’s hair while she smiled weakly.

「And one more thing.」

「What is it」

「Kiss me one more time.」

I meekly kissed Mia’s cheeks. She smiled.


Finally she turned towards the general orc and Arisu and the others who are having an intense battle……

Used her trembling right hand and pointed.


A emerging smog covered space surrounding the general orc.

Arisu and Tamaki retreated in the smog, and ran here.

At the same time, I had the 2 wolves enter the smog to buy sometime.

Mia finally used up all her strength, and silently closed her eyes. Her pale face seems very illusional, seemingly making others feel that she may have stopped breathing.

I will not let you suffer anymore pain—— I promise that in my heart.

At least I must confirm your safety.

「《Repel Sphere》」

Mia’s body is covered by a rainbow coloured ball that a bubble.

Support Magic Rank 5 《Repel Sphere》, is a barrier that can isolate something. This barrier seems soft, but it is said that even if a truck rams it, it will not have a single crack.

The barrier changed colour and blended into the surroundings.

Like a chameleon, the barrier became one with the surroundings. If you are slightly further, then probably you can’t even tell that Mia is there.

The effect of this magic is different from the light show of 《Invisibility》, it is like protective coloring. Although you can see the colors if you observe closely, but it is better than nothing.

According to Q&A, you can see the outside clearly from the inside, as though it is just isolated by a glass. So it is like a magic mirror, this function is really convenient.

Just that this barrier has its weakness, it can isolate everything in matter——even sound.

Don’t even mention impact, even sound will not be able to enter it.

Since it is a closed space, then what about the air inside? I targeted this to ask in the white room, and the computer answered that air will automatically form inside. When I saw this, all I can say is hooray for magic.

The biggest problem is that the time for the barrier is set at 30 minutes, which is not too long nor is it too short. Even if you want to get out earlier, it can’t be cancelled.

During the duration when the barrier is active, the wounds of the people inside will recover slowly, which is the one of the few healing methods outside healing magic.

This magic has already invaded the territory of healing magic, no wonder the restriction is so strict.

But this weakness is not a problem in the current situation. Anyway as long as it can let Mia relax and keep her safe, then it is enough.

Mia slept in the safe barrier, I looked at her and stood up while satisfied.

Next is to defeat the general orc, and all of these will end, we will then be able to achieve complete victory in this battle at the main school building.

I raised my head.

At this timing, Arisu and Tamaki ran towards me.

Both of them are completely wounded everywhere, but thankfully they are not lethal injuries. In the route here, Arisu used 《Heal》 to do basic treatment for Tamaki and herself.

「The 2 of you really did your best.」

I casted 《Haste》 on Arisu and Tamaki. During the casting, I felt the link between me and my familiars broke.

The 2 gray wolves are dead.

Thank you—— I expressed my thanks in my heart.

The general orc rushed out from the smoke.

No problem, Mia’s last magic has bought us enough time. Although it is only a few seconds, but it is very precious.

Now we should reorganise ourselves.

「Everything has developed according to strategy, let’s go.」


「Leave it to me, Kazu-san!」

I lightly patted their back.

Arisu and Tamaki who were surrounded by the red light of 《Haste》, rushed at the general orc.

This battle tactics maybe reckless, but I could not think of other methods to win. From our current strength, this is the few victory chances that we have discovered, we have to change this to become a fact.

Now that the general orc has injuries on its left hand, the long distance attack using the rocks are now sealed. Those rocks not only killed the familiar crow, but also took away Mia’s left hand. Just by not being worried about this attack, will cause one to be more relaxed.

This is a rare chance, so we will not choose to run.

Because we have this will, that is why I left Mia here.

To defeat the general orc, we can only take the chance now—— I had everyone prepared their hearts.

Just based on the determination to not retreat, Arisu and Tamaki rushed towards the general orc in a go.

If my judgement is wrong, the both of them may die—— this weakness is slowly creeping into my heart.

It will be fine—— I shook my head.

Even so, I will not regret making this decision.

Since I have set my determination, then I wouldn’t turn back.

Arisu gave a thrust from outside the general orc’s attack range, and it repelled the attack with the silver sword. This sweep became a gust, assaulting Arisu and Tamaki.

Arisu’s black hair and Tamaki’s golden hair danced in the wind.

Just as their bodies are about to be blown away by the wind……

「Tamaki, lower your waist!」

「Mmm, mmm! I understand!」

The 2 of them lower their center of gravity and tried to hang on desperately.

Just like how we discussed, then……

「Now, Tamaki!」


Tamaki charged into the attack range of the general orc without any regards to her body.

She swung down her giant axe while giving a big cry.

The general orc immediately used the silver sword to receive the giant axe……

But this moment Tamaki threw down the axe and lowered her body, grabbing the fruit knife in the bosom.

This unexpected movement, stopped the general orc’s movements for a moment.

Tamaki stabbed the fruit knife into the back of the general orc’s right hand.

Blue blood sprayed out from the burly orc’s right hand, and while the general orc struggled in pain, the silver sword in its hand also dropped.

Very good, it is effective!

Taking the chance when the general orc cannot move his left hand freely, and sealed his right hand as well……

This is a reckless gamble that cannot be considered as a strategy, but we won the gamble.

「Now, Arisu!」


Arisu immediately gave a stab and plunge the spear towards the general orc’s body. Even if its the general orc, without weapons, he can’t avoid this.

That was what I had thought……

But before the axe that Tamaki threw, hits the ground, the general orc kicked up the handle, and used its injured left hand to hold the giant axe.

I could only give the sound「huh?」, Arisu and their feelings should be the same as mine, probably also wanted to shout「what is going on」.

The general orc used the edge of the giant axe to block Arisu’s strike, the tip of the spear clashed with axe edge, and a high shriek rang throughout the surroundings.

Arisus gave a troubled sound, and her upper body also floated up.

If it is comparing strength, it is natural for the general orc to win. With just 1 left hand, and it was under the state of the thumb being injured, it was able to give a decisive strength to its wrist to shatter Arisu’s blow.

Seeing the general orc bending his back greatly…… No, that burly orc is using its lower body and took a strong step.

The general swung the giant axe with its left hand and the air gave out a groan, and violent wind assaulted Arisu and Tamaki.


Tamaki gave up the fruit knife and turned to pick up the silver sword on the ground.

She just held the silver sword and kept rolling on ground due to the strong wind. Damn, that wind was not caused by the silver sword, but from the general orc’s natural ability.

Even so, we have destroyed its right hand.

And took away his main weapon.

Comparatively, Tamaki also has her weapon snatched away, but that is still beneficial to us, it should be slightly weakened. Next is to kill it even if it takes alot of time……

At this moment, the school side started to get noisy. Shiki-san came running panically, with Mia’s left hand in her arms.

「The orcs are here, there are quite a few small fries, there are at least 1 elite orc. Sakura-chan said that she will restrain them, I tried to stop her, but……」

I frowned. Stopping Nagatsuki Sakura’s reckless move is correct, she did well during the face off against the hellhound, but if this continues then it will be messy.

I looked at Arisu and Tamaki who are still having an intense battle with the general orc.

At least they gave it alot of injuries, even though it is not severe, but the 2 of them got the upper hand, and the general orc does not seem to be as strong as previously.

Especially when facing again Tamaki who is holding the silver sword, it had a tough battle. Looking at it carefully, every time Tamaki swung the silver sword, it seems like some lights are dancing in the surroundings.

What is that? Is it scattering some weird powder?

No, the feeling does not seem to be that. Seeing Tamaki’s attacks are…… getting faster and also sharper.

「Kazu-san! I feel super good in my current state! I feel that I can continue to fight like this!

I guess that is something like 「a runner’s high」, but, that can’t be……

「There are magic weapons in this world?」

Shiki-san looked at the intense battle that Arisu and the others are having with the orc, and said it softly.

I see, magic tools…… Since there are monster, skills and magic, then it isn’t strange for weapons to have special effects just like RPG.

If it is that, then that weapon has the ability to heighten combat sense? Or is it the recovery of fatigue? Or is it some other effects……

Anyway, we gotten something good. If it’s that, perhaps we have a method of dealing with the general orc.

「Arisu, the enemy’s reinforcements are about to arrive! You should go and deal with that side! Tamaki, You and I will lure the general orc! We are going to break away from the small fry!」

When hearing it, the 2 of them have a troubled expression……

But they nodded immediately and began moving. If it become a rumble then it will be bad—— regarding that, our thoughts are the same.

Since we have already proceed to this extent, then we can’t let the general orc escape. Arisu and Shiki-san will head towards to the side where the enemy’ reinforcements are coming from.

While Tamaki and I will pretend to run away, luring the general orc away from the reinforcements. Luckily the general orc did not seem to able to make tactics, so it was successfully lured away by us.

We splitted up, and began our last battle.

The sun is about to set.

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