BIFMSMTK Volume 2 Chapter 50

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Chapter 50: Decisive Battle at the Middle School 3

Saying that it’s a battle, but actually the things that we need to do is very simple.

「《Smart Operation》.」

I casted the support magic for raising the power of magic attack on Mia who is in my arms. Because Mia hardly attacks with magic, hence there isn’t much chance for this magic to showcase itself.

But now it is different, her magic is the main force.

Mia quickly pointed out the index finger on her right hand and aimed it at the hellhound who is chasing after Nagatsuki Sakura.


A ray of light linked Mia’s index finger and the hellhound together.

I smelled the stench.

That was a lightning strike. The hellhound stopped moving for a moment, with its body paralysed. It seems that the electric magic attack by Mia, gave it great damage.

It’s effective, then once more.


Mia continued to use magic. The hellhound took it head on and gave a groan.

Enemies are not fools, once it realised that Sakura who was jumping around is only a bait, it turned towards us.

There is about 20 metres between us.

The hellhound kick off, and dashed towards us. It accelerated in a short time, and closed the distance in an instant.

「《High Jump》」

Mia casted magic on me. As 《High Jump》of Wind Magic Rank 2 says, it is a magic that increases jumping power. I got the power of the wind and jumped.

Mia and I were flying in the air.

Then we landed on the branch nearby, with a close brush with the hellhound.


Mia moaned in a low voice, the intense shaking had tortured her weakened body. The petite girl clenched her teeth to endure the pain.

I could only increase the strength of my arms that are carrying Mia, what I should do now is to depend on her.

Damn it—— I cursed at myself in my heart.

The hellhound stopped quickly, and glared hatefully at us who escaped above. I was initially afraid that it will jump or touch here, but it seems that I over worried.

Then that fellow stopped below us. Completely not moving.

「Mia, bind it.」

「Nn, 《Earth Bound》.」

Seeing the grass near the hellhound becoming like animals, binding its 4 limbs. The hellhound kept struggling, attempting to pull its legs out from the magical vines.

「《Stone Blast》」

Just at this timing, countless stones flew down from the sky. These stones rained on the hellhound’s body, and every one of them is bigger than a fist.

The hard stones smashed on the hellhound’s head and body, it could not escape, nor can it protect its weakness, and could only be hitted one-sidedly.

A stone hit the eyeball on its left side.

Blue blood sprayed out, and turned into flames before scattering, lighting up the grass around it.

The hellhound gave out a groan.

The beast glared at us and took a deep breath, the sac below its throat also swell up along with it.

Very good, it took the bait. I snickered to myself.

The hellhound’s breath had me half scared to death initially, but it actually has a big weakness.

Before it could spew, it must do preparatory work. A deep breath, in order for the sac at the throat to swell, just that is already very obvious.

As long as we know its preparatory moves, then we can catch the timing.

My physical is not very good, but if it is only that, even I can make it, hence I can use that move accurately.


A rainbow shield appeared below me, and the flames spewed by the hellhound was reflected back by the reflection magic that I casted.

The demon dog was covered in the red flames that it spewed, after all the fire belongs to it, so there shouldn’t be any effect……

But that time it is completely defenseless, so of course we will not let the chance go.


Mia used electric magic to attack the hellhound. No matter whether it hits or not, she gave another shot.

The hellhound could not endure it after taking 2 hits and it jumped off from the spot.

Ah, the binds from the grass are gone. I see…… they were burnt off by the fire.

The hellhound is already full of wounds, with one eye destroyed, its body unstable, and all the black fur on its body are burnt, and its skin is even festering, giving off charred meat smell.

Ah—— even if it is its own flames, it will also get injured? So even if it can breath fire, it does not mean that its body is immune to fire? That was lucky.

The hellhound will probably be afraid of《Reflection》, so now it will be unable to use its breath attack.

Then what the enemy can do to us who are in the tree……

As I had expected, the hellhound indeed gathered its strength, and used its body to ram the tree we were on.

A pity that its moves are completely seen through.

「《Stone Blast》」

Mia released numerous stones, and rained them viciously on the entire body of the hellhound. At the same time, the hellhound used its head to ram the tree we are on, causing the tree to shake vigorously, but I have already jumped.

The effective time of 《High Jump》 is increased by 1 minute for every Rank, with Mia’s Rank, it should be 3 minutes which is enough.

I landed on the seemingly very sturdy branch on a nearby tree, and Mia gave out another groan in pain.

Each time I do an intensive movement, Mia’s life is diminishing, but I killed my emotions and ordered Mia.


「Mmm, 《Lightning》.」

Mia cast who know how many lightning strikes at the hellhound, and this blow finally……

The black giant hound lost strength in its 4 limbs.

The hellhound collapse on the spot and the monster’s body disappeared quickly.

2 blue gems were left on the scene.

I see, there are actually 2 gems, is it because it is different from the orcs? Forget it, we can think about this later. Anyway——

「Well done.」


Then we are sent to the white room. Arisu leveled up.

◆ ◆ ◆

Once we reached the white room, Arisu rushed to our side.

She and Tamaki are covered in wounds, and their gym clothes which were enhanced with magic are all torn and tattered, and areas revealed are full of bruises or cuts.

Even so, Arisu did not care about her own injuries, only kept casting 《Heal》at Mia in tears. She kept using 《Heal》, continuously casting it alot of times.

「Sorry, Mia. You must be in pain. It has been tough for you.」

「Mmm, its… fine.」

Mia smiled weakly, and raised her head and looked at me.

But in such a short time, her eyes became sunken, her cheeks are thinned, and her face is paled, like the many dead people that we saw today.

「It is worth it to be hugged so tightly by Kazu-chi.」

I bit my lips tightly.

I know Mia admires me. At least, she trust in me who is the leader. Because of that, I must tell her that, must decide our direction after today.

「Wait a moment, Mia. I will raise my healing magic and use 《Cure Deficit》to fix your arm back.」

「No, Arisu.」

I announced and shook my head firmly.

I stared at Arisu who was in shock.

「Your skill point is now 6, I cannot allow you to raise healing magic, you must raise Spear Skill to Rank 5.」

「Why! Then, Mia’s arm……」

「Wait after the battle has ended, then we will retrieve the arm, then cast Rank 1 Healing until your next level up, then we will raise Healing Magic to Rank 4. Now we can’t do it, right now what we need is your spear skill.」

I lowered my head and looked at Mia. Mia who is in my arms looked at me, and smiled warmly.

「Mm, Kazu-chi, well done.」

「Sorry, Mia.」

Mia shook her head.

「It is a calm and correct judgement.」

「I guess you know Kinnikuman Soldier lost very badly later.」(TL note: Kinnikuman manga reference)

Mia and I looked into each other’s eyes and forced our laughs. We wish to make use of laughter to get rid of the unease.

「Why, Mia, how can this……」

Arisu look at me and Mia in turns while bewildered.

「All of this is for the sake of victory.」

「For victory, this is a must.」

This is how Mia and I told Arisu.

We are both very clear about it.

If we followed our feelings here, then we are all finished—— that is how we judged it.

No, Arisu should also understand it logically, just that she chose to follow her feelings.

In other words, she did not feel that she 『have to do this』, but rather 『want to do this』, then she acts.

That is her weakness.

Sometimes, humans will display great powers because of emotions, but that is mostly situational, in a battlefield, being moved by feelings is mostly bad.

So I have to restrain Arisu’s movements, and guide her properly.

「Arisu, we are doing this to ensure everyone survives, that is why we did it. If we don’t win the battle in front of us, then Mia’s life will be in danger. Compare to other things, we have to ensure defeating the general orc is our priority.」


「This is an order, Arisu, if you want to hate someone then hate me. For the sake for letting everyone survive, I can only choose the most suitable orders. Listen to me, okay?」

Arisu glared at me. She tightened her lips and looked at me, her clenched fists trembling.

Then she lowered her sight as though she gave up, and breathed out.

「I… know.」

She spoke in a whisper.

「But I have a request.」


「Kazu-san, please hug Mia tightly now.」

What kind of request is that? I lowered my sight and looked at Mia.

Mia’s complexion has improved greatly due to Arisu’s 《Heal》, and now she is blushing while looking at me.

「To be able to stay in Kazu-chi’s arms, I am very fortunate.」


「Since the main wife has given her permission, I am going to get cosy with you.」

Mia used her right arm to lock my neck, and after raising her body slightly, she kissed my cheek. The touch from her soft lips causing me to tremble uncontrollably.

I looked at Arisu and she gave an uneasy expression while looking me.

「Kazu-san, is Mia fine……?」

Arisu seems to be very worried about Mia.

She seems to have completely ignored the matter of me and Mia flirting around, that really makes one feel abit lonely.

「Don’t worry.」

Even though I am not sure whether Mia is fine, but I still nodded with confidence, and hugged Mia’s soft body tightly.

Mia was squeezed until she gave a「nn」sound, it sound very constraining.

「Just that we are no longer able to use magic, so you and Tamaki have to handle the rest by yourselves.」

I took turns looking at Arisu and Tamaki. Tamaki looked back at me, seemingly very uneasy.

「Can we do it with just us?」

「I will also support you two. Just that I wish for Shiki-san and the other to escape further.」

「That’s right, it is too dangerous after all.」

General orc is different from the enemies that we have met until now, although the difference in strength is one of the reason, but more importantly it is the roar attack that is troublesome.

In a game, that is an AOE attack.

If it’s Arisu and Tamaki, then they should be able to barely withstand it…… But, that is because their level has surpassed level 10. If it was Shiki-san or Sakura whose level are low, if they suffered a close range attack, they may possibly die in a blow.

「Arisu, Tamaki, next we can only gamble……」

「Leave it to us, Kazu-san, we will leave our lives in your hands.」

Tamaki slapped her chest with a pat, and revealed a fearless smile.

「This is nothing. Just one left, one left, let’s quickly defeat it.」

After discussing the tactics, Arisu raised her spear skill to Rank 5. Then we left the white room.

Arisu: Level 11 Spear Skill 4→5/Healing Magic 3 Skill Point 6→1

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