BIFMSMTK Volume 2 Chapter 49

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Chapter 49: Decisive Battle at the Middle School 2

The general orc is unable to throw small rocks to attack us because the thumb on its left hand is fractured.

But the price is——

We lost Mia’s left hand.

No, actually it is not a permanent lost, after all we still have healing magic.

A normal 《Heal》 will not be able to rejoin broken limbs, but if we are using Rank 4 Healing Magic 《Cure Deficit》, then it may be possible to heal broken limbs.

But Arisu’s healing magic is only Rank 3 currently, it seems like there is a need to raise it to Rank 4……

Even though we can’t use 《Cure Deficit》right now, there is still another magic called in 《Stasis》in Rank 1 Healing Magic, which can stop the time in an object. For instance if it is casted on food, it can prevent rotting.

As long as we cast this on Mia’s hand, then we can stop it from being damaged, and preserve it until Arisu raised her Rank.

Compared to that, the problem now is, how should we salvage this situation.

Arisu and Tamaki are shakened badly, and the general orc is right in front, but they don’t dared to attack.

《Haste》 has already ended, although the other supporting magic are still effective, but even if the 2 of them work together, it will also be hard to go against the general orc.

Moreover, the hellhound is approaching.

This is like a dead end.

At this time, what should we do……

「Kazu-san, you should head over to Mia.」

Shiki-san who is behind me spoke.

「If it is this side, I will do something to salvage it.」

Shiki-san said so and walked to me.

She used a sharp voice and instructed Arisu and Tamaki, and the 2 of them regain their senses due to it, barely managing to avoid the slash from the orc.

「Quick, now.」

「Ah, okay.」

I casted 《Haste》 that was amplified by 《Deflection Spell》on everyone , Arisu and Tamaki’s body is surround by red mist, and their movements speeded up because of that.

Even though it took alot of MP, but we can’t waste the time now.

Next, I went beside Mia who was blown away. She was pressing on her left shoulder that was covered in blood, rolling continuously on the ground.

I carried the petite girl.

「Mia, it’s me, are you still conscious?」


Mia looked at me with a pale face, her lips which has turned purple, kept trembling, and breathlessly mumbled out「Kazu-chi」.

「Ho..w is ev…ryone……」

「They are all fighting, but it will still take awhile.」

「He..lp me.. Sup..port my body… I… will.. assist……」

What foolish words are you saying—— that was what I thought.

But I recalled the reason why Shiki-san sent me to her side.

She probably wanted me to fire up Mia’s spirit.

As long as I gave the order, Mia will do her best to fight.

Today, I recognised that we have built up a certain level of trust between us.

Shiki-san made use of this trust, wanting me to exhaust Mia, until she dies.

Ah, Shiki-san, you are really a remarkable schemer, good enough to cover what I was lacking.

Damn you.

Mia panted in pain and stood up under by support. Even though she is covered in blood, she still pressed her wound with her right hand, and head towards the battlefield.

Arisu and Tamaki are locked in a deathmatch with the general orc.

No matter it is the physical, strength or endurance, the gap between them and enemy is like the difference between a child and an adult. Every time the general orc swings the silver sword, the 2 of them will be blown into the air.

They landed heavily, but still they clenched their teeth and stood up, facing the general orc again.

This sort of fighting is too reckless.

But the 2 of them can only do it like this, this is only buying for time. The 2 of them are waiting, they are waiting for Mia’s magic.

「《Heat Metal》」

Mia used her trembling voice to say out the words, and opened her palm facing the general orc.

The reddish black light shoot out from Mia’s palm, and hits the general orc’s sword.

The general orc gave a weak groan and stopped moving. Even though it is forcing it, it is not willing to let go of the sword that it is holding on to……


Shiki-san shouted. Arisu and Tamaki did not miss the big chance, and attacked the general orc together.

In that instant, the general orc gave a roar.

That was a horrible shout that could freeze a person’s heart.

The sound spreaded out like a shockwave, sending Arisu and Tamaki flying. Even Mia and I who were faraway, have to lower our bodies in order to endure the wind pressure.

The roar ended.

The general orc gripped the handle of the silver sword tightly again. The movement of gripping seems normal, making one question if this fellow is no longer feeling the heat.

No, actually it may not be feeling it. My instincts tells me that this is the same the time when 《Silent Field》 was broken.

The general orc’s roar has the ability to destroy magic.

「What is with this fellow, how should we deal with this kind of opponent?」

「Shhh, Kazu-chi.」

Mia raised her head and looked at me, and whispered in a low tone in an denouncing manner.

「You cannot show your weakness.」

I was actually reprimanded by Mia who was heavily wounded, I could only feel ashamed for my carelessness. I glared at the general orc, thinking of what we can do.

The worst is, we can already see the shadows of the black giant hound behind the general orc. That hellhound is rushing over with an alarming speed.

Ah, damn, why at such a timing!

But, a spear suddenly thrusted out towards the side of the hellhound, a girl had dashed towards the hellhound recklessly.

Even though the thrust was repelled, but the hellhound’s attention is diverted to the side. The black giant hound turned to the side and faced the girl who attacked it.

The one who went out recklessly to mess with the hellhound is the ace of the track club, Nagatsuki Sakura of Middle School Year 2.

「No, you can’t handle that fellow!」

I shouted out loudly.

Sakura ignored my warning, and turned her back towards the giant hound as though luring it, and the hellhound pound towards her……

Then seeing Sakura nimbly turning her body, and she jumped up.

She used her left hand to grab the branches of a nearby tree and used it to turn her body.

Her body was dancing in the sky.

Nagatsuki Sakura landed on a seemingly very sturdy branch.

What is with her? I remembered she is from the track club, but that action is like a gymnasium athlete.

She was so impressive that I was shocked.

Is this the power of the Physical Skill? Or is she already capable of this initially? When all of these ended, I really wanted to ask her this, but now we do not have that time.

「I am here, damn dog.」

Sakura challenged the hellhound.

The hellhound should not be able understand the human language, but it seems to have noticed the meaning from the actions, hence it breathed flames at the tree that Sakura was on in anger, the entire tree is covered in red flames.

But Sakura has already jumped to the tree beside. She kept scolding「stupid」,「slow」while continuing to jump to the next tree.

The hellhound focused on chasing her.

She is good, her level is only 1, but yet she could fool around with the hellhound that even Tamaki had trouble with.

But just playing around is not enough, I kept thinking, wanting to think of a strategy to turn the tables.


Even though her body is still shaking, Mia still opened her mouth to say.

「Let me.」

「You said to let you, which is……」

「Even if we die together, I must also defeat that hellhound.」

If we use her magic without reserve, perhaps we can win against the hellhound.

But her wounds are not healed, to do that with her current body……

「My magic… is useless… against the general orc, so……」

So even if she collapse now, it will not be a problem.

That is true.

Although it is true but she is still badly wounded…..

Mia leaned on me tightly, and looked at me with a serious plea. I looked into her eyes, and prepared my heart.

「Understood, don’t you dare faint in the middle.」


She should have lost quite alot of blood, but her conscious is still so clear, it wouldn’t be surprising to call it a miracle.

No, she is already level 9. From my logic, her HP should have raised quite a bit. Even though she looks weak, actually she should be very strong.

It’s fine, the Mia now should be able to do it. I kept repeating it in my heart, as though I was convincing myself.

「Sakura, listen to me!」

I shouted out loudly to Nagatsuki Sakura who was playing around with the hellhound.

I judged that that dog will not understand our language and told her the content of the plan directly.


She gave me a short reply.

Okay—— I nodded.

Then I carried Mia in a princess carry and stood up.

From now on, it is our time.

Time to fight back.

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