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BIFMSMTK Volume 2 Chapter 48

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Chapter 48: Decisive Battle at the Middle School 1

I support my upper body up while maintaining a fallen position, looking at the general orc

The gigantic black-coloured orc, lifted the sword that was glowing with silver light easily, and stood sternly like a statue. It looked at me, as though praising its own victory.

Shit, this fellow is really bad news.

Yesterday during the evening when I was fighting with the elite orc, I was so scared until I decided to retreat immediately. But what I had felt now, completely surpassed that, a difference that was enough to make one despair.

Yesterday, Arisu and I were in a bad state. But thanks to my timely level up, then we could come up with a strategy. Luckily everything went well, hence we barely managed to attain victory.

This time, I just leveled up. Even if we defeat the hellhound, the next level should be quite far away.

No, this is determined by the experience given by the hellhound.

Perhaps Arisu can level up? Then Arisu’s spear skill can rise to Rank 5. But the general orc in front of us is too scary, so scary until I feel that Rank 5 Spear Skill may not bring able any change in the battle situation.

With a roar that can even break 《Silent Field》, it is not a joke. This also means that the effect of magic is not an absolute, right?

Which is to say, it scattered the magic away?

If it is like this, then Mia’s other magic—— like 《Heat Metal》, will they be uneffective too?

That sword is still glowing with silver light, is it enchanted with some magic? Other is it something like a magic sword that is commonly seen in fantasy stories? The blade should be pretty sharp? Other is there some other effect?

Magic Sword. I had suddenly thought about it, a certain novel had mentioned something like being able to devour the opponent’s soul, or destroy the world…… That, even if that sword is not of that level, it will also have some sort of effect…….?

Arisu and Tamaki have to fight with an opponent with that sort of weapon……?

My important lover Arisu; Although Tamaki is not my lover, but she is also an important comrade of mine. Must I command them to move forward?
Now that it has come to this, I have began to regret attacking the main school building. I had knew that if we made a wrong move, it will become like this.

No, Shiki-san isn’t wrong. She only gave the best method currently, and I also recognised that the gamble was necessary, but…….

I kept thinking, with an extremely fast speed on such useless things.

No, concentrate. Now what should I do? Anyway, we must take care of the situation currently…….


Mia used magic. Wind Magic Rank 1 《Smog》, is a magic that conjures smoke to block vision. The magic smoke quickly covered the surroundings, blocking everyone’s view.

Yes, we cannot face both the hellhound and the general orc together, so there is only 1 thing that we can do.


「Shiki-san, we are going to run, use that!」

Will Shiki-san who has entered the forest hear my voice? No matter what, I stood up, and ran towards the forest haphazardly, Arisu and Mia also followed me.

Tamaki who is facing the hellhound, also gradually move towards the direction of the forest.

「We are going, Tamaki, put some distance!」


Shiki-san who came out from the forest gave the signal, and Tamaki immediately retreat away from the hellhound. The black giant dog arched its body, intending to chase after Tamaki……

Shiki-san opened the can and threw it out with its contents. The things inside the can splashed onto the hellhound’s face.

The hellhound struggled in pain, giving howls in rage, shaking its head left and right vigorously.

That stench followed with the wind and drifted to our side. If I must describe it, that smell is like the sour smell of a rotten egg. Anyway, it is just an extremely smelly stench.

「Fermented fresh fish is really smelly……」

Shiki-san said like it didn’t concern her. She had came out from the signal that we, who have been shocked due to the surprise, have given out.

「Come, walk this way. I have already called the other girls to head back to the Cultivating Centre first.」

「The girl that you are carrying?」

「That very fat girl? Sumire-chan right?」

Ah, you actually said it, I had tried to use some polite way of describing in my head.

Ah forget it, anything is fine, she will be able to get enough exercise like this.

「We will lure those guys to the traps region.」


Then again, why are there such cans? Later I really want to ask Shiki-san. No, I have this feeling that I do not really want to ask, after all it is about why she prepared a stinky can……

Anyway, we—— the 4 people from the elite party, together with the familiars and Shiki-san, are running in the forest. For the sake of luring the enemies to the traps, we tried our best to pull the distance away from our enemies.

After all the hellhound will catch up immediately, so if we are too slow, then it will lose its meaning.

As expected, a howl came, and the forest behind us began to burn.

Isn’t this fellow too reckless. Even if it is just guessing, but flames caused by magic should be hard to extinguish. The phenomenon created by magic seems to require magic to counteract it. But reversely, it must also extinguish after a certain time.

Even so, if the seeds of flames causes the flames to spread…… is it trying to induce a huge scale forest fire? This is destroying nature, beast.

No, it is useless talking to a dog about destroying nature. Then again, that dog’s movements are strange. There are sounds of crashing coming from the back.

Ah—— could it be because its sense of smell is abnormal now? This should be a good chance?

Even so, there is still another general orc behind. Even if we head back and fight, it will be hard to attain victory.

In this situation, it is indeed correct to lure the enemies to the area with traps.

As long as there are traps, there will be some way. Calm down, now is not the time to panick.


Arisu while running beside me, used her hand to touch my shoulder.


Right, I was burned. After that, I remembered that I was blown away by the general orc’s roar, then I was hitted in the head by the shattered asphalt pieces. I used my hand to touch my forehead, ah, I seemed to have been bleeding.

I had this feeling that this sort of injury, is no longer considered as an injury…… After my level surpassed 10, my body seemed to have become more firm.

Even if I had support magic to resist fire, after been swallowed by that scary flame, I actually could say that there wasn’t much damage…… I am really a monster.

Forget it, a monster is fine. No matter what sort of changes happens to my body, as long as I can survive, anything is fine. If Arisu and the others can be safe due to this, then that will be even better.

The area that was touched by Arisu, gradually warmed up, and the pain also slowly disappeared.

「Thank you, Arisu.」

「It is great that you are fine. When Kazu-san was covered by the flames spewed by the dog, I thought that my heart had stopped.」

「It is fine, but my heart also almost stopped beating physically. It is great that magic could protect us from a certain level of damage.」

If there is no support magic, will I die on the spot? No, I am currently level 11, which means I have something like a HP, perhaps I could endure it……

But I do not have the wish to do some human experiment, and I do not wish to let others be killed from that sort of breath. If Arisu were to be surrounded by that flame, and exposed burnt skins—— that sort of scene, I absolutely do not want to see that.

Hence I have to make my decision, to finish off that hellhound quickly. If possible, when it falls into the trap and unable to do anything, then Arisu will finish it off……

「The general orc circled to the front.」

Shiki-san who is in front said so. Oi, why did you know that? I did not say my doubts out, but Shiki-san turn towards me slightly.

「As long as you focus and listen, you can identify from the sound. When Detection Skill is raised to Rank 2, the ability is also became stronger, just that you will need abit of skill.」

Wow~ Detection Skill is really good, although that「skill」part is making me abit uneasy. Don’t tell me she did some strange practice inside the white room……

「I can use my left and right ear to change the accuracy. Positions and adjusting the frequency of the sounds can be done with Rank 1, as long as you train diligently on it.」

Ah—— she is indeed doing something that normal people is unable to understand. Because of this, fanatics of MMO are…… Forget it, it’s fine since that skill is quite useful now.

「We can only drop the general orc into the hole, then everyone will deal with the hellhound together.」

「That’s right, then we will do it like this.」

Just in case, while running, I casted 《Resist All: Fire》on Shiki-san and Mia. At this time, I wish to use 《Deflection Spell》 and divert the effect to the entire party. But I do not have that excess ability, hence this is something that can’t be helped.

With this, even if everyone is hit by that flame, then they will still be safe…… No, will it be difficult for Shiki-san whose level is lower?

「After bringing us to the trap area, Shiki-san should keep away first.」

「I will. Forcing yourself forward even though you can’t be of help, this act is nothing but that of a fool. Even if you die in battle, it can only be said that you asked for it. I have to use my life more efficiently.」

I really hope that you can say that you don’t want to die honestly. You are not going to say it? You awkward girl.

「It is just in front, follow me.」

Shiki-san stopped, and then turned left into the animal trail. All of us followed behind her. After circling around the big tree trunk, our position is on the other side of the trap.

At this timing, the general orc just chopped down the tall wild grass, and dashed out. The distance between us is only a few dozen steps. Mia, Shiki-san and I retreated to the back, while Arisu and Tamaki readied their weapons.

The general orc revealed a smile, and attacked with the sword that was glowing with silverlight. It did not even care about Arisu and Tamaki who are already ready to intercept, and dashed over in a very carefree way.

Did it have absolute confidence in its ability? Or is it just a simple fool? Or both? Anyway, the general orc rushed over directly.

In the end, it fell into the trap immediately.

「Very good.」

Mia clenched her fist tightly

「It’s a success, next is to defeat it, Arisu!」

「Mmm, Tamaki!」

Arisu naturally looked into the hole…

A bad feeling came over me.

「Arisu, stop!」

I used my magic in reflex.


A rainbow coloured barrier appeared before Arisu, and reflected something. A heavy sound echoed out from the trap.

A spine-chilling roar echoed through the forest, the surrounding falling leaves danced around like a tornado. Arisu and Tamaki could not help but retreated a few steps.

The big-sized black orc jumped out from the hole. When I realised it jumped out, the general orc is already at the ground beside the hole.

It actually escaped the hole just by jumping, this scene left me in shock. Just in a instant, the invincible trap has been broken.

And…… what was reflected just now…… could it be—— although I did not see anything, but if my gut feeling is correct, the thing that killed the crow during the investigation……

Regarding the attack by the general orc, I have some sort of prediction, which is to say—— the general orc is now taking out something from a pouch on its waist with its left hand, and that action……

The attack is coming.

Who will it be? No, no matter who the target is, who will be in the worst situation if they get targeted?

The answer is simple, among the members, the only one that had the danger of dying in a single blow is……

I stood in front of Shiki-san as like I was protecting her.


The answer is only half correct. Something flew out from the general orc’s left hand, towards us.

Forget it, I better say it clearly, that thing is a small rock. The general orc used some unknown method and threw out the small rock at a high speed.

That small rock assault me who is protecting Shiki-san, then it will reflected by the rainbow-coloured barrier.

But there wasn’t only 1 small rock, the general orc had threw 2 small rock continuously. And the second rock is aimed at Mia.


Mia gave a shocked sound.

Then her body is blown away by the impact.

At the same time, the small rock that was reflected by me, hit the general orc’s left hand, causing its thumb is bend in an awkward direction……

This also represent that, that attack has that sort of power.

I was too careless. If the place that it was reflected to, wasn’t right, other people may also die.

Then again——

Beside Mia, something thin flew in the air.

That was an arm.

Just a small rock, caused Mia’s left arm to be torn apart and blew it away.


Mia fell to the ground with a consternation expression on her face.

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